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Asta vs. Eye of the Midnight Sun Members is a fight that occurs within the Witches' Forest.


As members of the Eye of the Midnight Sun begin to capture witches in order to makes them their slaves, Asta shows up and frees some of them. Asta asks if one of the witches is okay, but the witch attacks Asta and flies away. Asta wonders what was that for, which Vanessa explains how the witches thinks that they are the greater sex. Noelle Silva starts to put out the fires, while Vanessa Enoteca gets angry and says that she will protect her home. The squad leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun manages to get a hold of some witches and expresses how he cannot wait to have fun with them.[1]


Asta asks Vanessa if she can throw him towards the enemy, which Vanessa says that she can but she will not be able to pull him back. Asta tells her that he is fine with that and Vanessa throws him towards that enemy. One of the members sends a spell towards Asta, but Asta easily cuts through the spell. Asta lands on the mage and slams his sword into him. Another member tells the others to kill Asta, but the boy jumps towards the other members and easily defeats them all, using them as stepping stones to get closer to their leader. Shidan attacks but Asta negates the spell and brings Demon-Slayer Sword down onto Shidan's head, knocking him unconscious.[2]


Asta tells the witches to escape, as Fana suddenly shows up and says that she is going to kill him.[3]


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