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Asta and Yuno vs. Two Elves is a fight that occurs within a hideout of the Eye of the Midnight Sun.


As Asta and Zora Ideale retreat with Mereoleona Vermillion, Rhya catches up to them and grabs Asta, pulling him into a portal. Asta tosses Mereoleona to Zora and promises to survive.[1] Rhya drops the boy into the dungeon's central room where the elves possessing Klaus Lunettes and Hamon Caseus have defeated and bound Mimosa Vermillion to a cross.[2] Asta notices Mimosa and plans to free her but the elves stop him from doing this. Asta sees whose bodies that elves are possessing and wonders what is going on.


Asta tries to get Yuno back to his senses but two of the elves attack Asta with spells. Asta manages to block the spell and tell Klaus to stop this since they are comrades. The elf notices something with his body and proclaims that their grudge is strong then their bonds.[3] The elf launches some more spells, which Asta counters some of them but is still wounded. As the elves prepare more spells to attack with, Asta says that he will get back to his friends and that he will become the Wizard King. An elf says that Asta will now die and the elves launch a spell at Asta. Suddenly the elves' spells are destroyed and Yuno tells Asta that he will be the one to become the Wizard King.

Asta asks if Yuno truly his himself, but Yuno replies that Asta to shut up and that he is himself.[4] The elf says that Yuno is one of them and that he should come to their side. Yuno ignores the elves and explains what is happening to Klaus and Hamon. Yuno also proclaims that he his himself and no one else, which that the human is a powerful one. The elves plan to kill the human behind Yuno in order to reawaken the elf within Yuno. As the elves launch spell, Yuno easily destroys the spells and says that the elves will give back the bodies since they belong to his comrades.

Asta and Yuno defeat Klaus and Hamon

Asta and Yuno destroy the elves' combined spell.

The elves get angry and says that they will show them what they are truly capable of. As Yuno tells Asta to take a break since he will handle this, Asta says that he will not let Yuno handle this alone. The elves combine their magic for a single powerful spell, which Asta and Yuno counter by entering their modes. Asta and Yuno then easily destroy the elves' spell and defeat the elves.[5]


Licht sees that the elves have been defeated and remembers the scene from his wedding.[6] Licht grabs the elves and places them on the ground.


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