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Asta and Yuno vs. Licht is a fight that occurs within a hideout of the Eye of the Midnight Sun.


Asta and Yuno defeat the elves possessing Klaus Lunettes and Hamon Caseus. As the elves are propelled backwards, Licht is reminded of the massacre after his wedding. He catches the two elves and lays them on the ground.[1]


Licht steals Demon-Dweller

Licht steals back his sword.

As Licht pulls a sword from the floor, Asta and Yuno prepare to fight with Yuno noticing the magic power coming from the sword. Asta draws his Demon-Dweller Sword and Licht suddenly closes the distance, which Asta and Yuno are unable to sense and predict. Licht takes the Demon-Dweller Sword from Asta, restores it, and then repels the boys with a series of swings. The flying slashes send the boys crashing into a wall.[2]

Asta is heavily injured and loses his black form. He thinks how powerful Licht is and that his body cannot move. However, Yuno is still able to fight and launches a Spirit Storm at Licht. The elf absorbs the spell with a swing of the Demon-Dweller Sword and returns the magic with a single slash, which cuts through the walls of the dungeon.[3] Yuno dodges the attack and weaves through another series of slashes as he charges at Licht. In an ambush attempt, Yuno uses Mana Zone to create another Spirit Storm to attack Licht from behind, but the elf once again absorbs the spell. However, before Licht can release the spell, Asta regains his black form and the two boys charge at Licht.[4]

Licht blasts hole in dungeon

Licht blasts the three humans out of the dungeon.

Licht deflects their attack with his second sword, which is knocked out of his hand and grabbed by Asta. Licht then unleashes a magical blast from the Demon-Dweller Sword. Asta, Yuno, and Mimosa Vermillion are sent crashing through the bottom of the dungeon and down into the water below. Yuno protects himself and the others with his Wind Magic.[5]


Rhya questions Licht's decision to send his swords and grimoire away, and Licht responds that the grimoire is no longer his. Ado appears and uses his Spatial Magic to teleport the other elves in the base to their location. The dungeon is then steered toward the Clover Kingdom and their revived brethren.[6]


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