Asta and Yuno vs. an Elf is a fight that occurs in the village of Hage.


Digit Taliss, a Purple Orca, is patrolling the Forsaken Region when he is possessed by an elf spirit.[1] The elf wanders into Hage and attacks the villagers.[2] As the elf makes his way through the village and infects the citizens of Hage with his Poison Plant Magic, Sister Lily attacks the elf but her Holy Fist of Love crashes harmlessly against the plants. The elf commends her strength and launches an attack, and Nash steps in front of Lily and holds some Fire Magic out in front of him.[3]


Asta and Yuno defend Lily and Nash

Asta and Yuno come to Lily and Nash's defense.

Asta and Yuno arrive in time to destroy the attack and save their foster family. They compliment Nash's bravery and declare that they will handle the elf.[4] As the elf compliments the two boys for handling his attack, he blocks their vision with a smokescreen and launches another attack from behind, but Asta and Yuno easily destroy the incoming attack.[5]

Hearing that Father Orsi is poisoned, Asta splits off and leaves Yuno to handle the elf. Asta is unable to remove the poison with his Demon-Slayer Sword, but when he draws out his new sword, Anti Magic flows out and absorbs the poison in all of the citizens, which gives Asta an idea.[6]

Asta frees Digit

Asta exorcises the elf spirit.

The elf is surprised that the sword removed his poison's effects, and Yuno takes advantage of the distraction to slice through the elf's plants. Distraught at losing to two humans using elf magic, the elf claws at his own face and releases control of his magic power. Yuno recognizes that they must stop the elf before his suffering turns him into something else, so he creates two tornadoes to open a path for a third one to propel Asta. The Black Bull jabs his sword into the elf's chest and the Reincarnation Magic is dispelled.[7]


Asta realizes that the sword could be used to save everyone and shows it off to Yuno. Their siblings then rush up and hug the pair.[8] Shortly after, Asta and Yuno depart with Digit to save the kingdom, while the villagers all bid them good-bye.[9]


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