Asta and Lil Bowamoltie vs. Gueldre Poizot is a fight the occurs at the Magic Knight Headquarters.


The captured members of the White Night Eye say that the captain of the Violet Orca, Gueldre Poizot, is the traitor among them.[1] Gueldre says that he would never betray his kingdom, and Charlotte responds that she had heard rumors about him. Gueldre then accuses the prisoners of false information, but Marx says that the prisoners are under his magic and that his magic is absolute.[2] Yami tells Gueldre to let Marx look into his mind if he has nothing to him.


The fight begins when Gueldre says that he is going to clear his name and turns invisible.[3] Yami says that things are going to get serious, and Charlotte explains how Gueldre's magic works. Gueldre uses his magic to create Invisible Soldiers to attack the captains. Gueldre thinks about how he has used his magic to obtain his success and how he will not let it end like this.[4] Asta suddenly appears and cancels out Gueldre's magic with his swords. Lil Bowamoltie then uses his magic to restrain Gueldre.


Nozel asks why Lil did that, to which Lil replies that the other captains would have taken down the building.[5] Yami comments about how they could not let Gueldre do as he pleases, but yells at Dorothy for being asleep. Nozel says that they could have just used stuff not made of magic to attack him. Charlotte says that Gueldre is pathetic, and William says that Gueldre might be under someone's spell. Julius comments about how he is glad that everyone is here, because he does not know how to hold back.[6]


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