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Asta and Mars vs. Fana is a fight that occurs within the Witch's Forest.


Asta, Mars, and Fanzel prepares to take on Salamander, when Mars notices that Fana is within the flames.[1] Mars then remembers what had happened to Fana and what he had done in her name after getting his memory back. Mars charges at Fana while yelling her name, but Asta holds Mars back.


Fana says that she does not know Mars and fires fireballs at him.[2] Fana says that she just wants everything to disappear and releases a large amounts of mana. Finral and Vanessa notice that Fana is going to blow up everything just like Vetto tried to do. Fana fires more fireballs, which Asta counters the fireballs but Mars takes the hit. Fanzel tells Mars that he has to stop Fana, but Mars replies that he does not have the right to stop her since he is the one that had killed Fana in the first place.[3] Asta hits Mars and tells him that this Fana is someone else. Mars grabs Asta and says that he knows that this Fana is his childhood friend, which Asta tells Mars to continue to live and to bring Fana back to her senses. Mars agrees with Asta and both say that they are not going to let her die.

Asta and Mars charge at Fana, which Fana fires fireballs at them. Asta and Mars counters the fireballs and continue to charge. Asta thinks about how he will stop Fana by thrusting his sword at Fana, but both Asta and Mars are suddenly heavily burned. Mars heals both himself and Asta by using a healing spell.[4] Asta and Mars then asks each other if they can continue, which they both tell each other that they can keep going. Asta and Mars make it to Fana, and Asta uses his sword to dispel the mana. Fana says that their hatred will never disappear. Mars rushes in and hugs Fana. Mars tells Fana that it is him and asks for forgiveness for back then, which Fana remembers Mars and the village that was attacked.[5] Mars tells Fana that they have now met in the outside world and that they should go see it together. The mana dispels along with the third eye on Fana's forehead, and Fana says that its a promise.


Mars starts to cry and both Mars and Fana hug. Mars walks over to Asta and says that Asta has his gratitude, which Asta shakes Mars's hand and says that it was through his own strength that he was able to save his childhood friend.[6]


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