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|chapters= 2
|chapters= 2
|location= [[Seabed Temple]] maze
|location= [[Seabed Temple]] maze
|outcome= Interrupted
|outcome= [[Noelle Silva]] and [[Kahono]] interfere the fight
|damages= *[[Asta]] is heavily injured
*[[Kiato]] is heavily injured
*[[Vetto]] is uninjured
|magics= '''Asta''':
|magics= '''Asta''':
*[[Anti Magic]]
*[[Anti Magic]]

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Asta and Kiato vs. Vetto is a fight that occurs in the maze within the Seabed Temple.


Vetto goes to finish off Magna and Luck, but Asta blocks the blow.[1] Vetto is glad to see Asta and tells him that he will pay Asta back manifold for the harm that Asta inflicted onto Licht. Asta replies that his seniors are not insects, and that he will now take up the role of defeating Vetto while taking out his second sword and landing a blow on Vetto.[2] Vetto comments about how strong Asta's Anti Magic attack was and how it was stronger then the combined attack of Magna and Luck's spell.[3] Asta asks what they are planning to do with the magic stones, and Vetto replies that he will not tell Asta anything. Vetto tells them to come because he will crush them like the others. Kiato notices his father and thinks about how much power Vetto has. Vetto continues to say that he will attack everyone in the Seabed Temple until he gets the stone, but Kiato says that he will not let Vetto do that.[4]


The fight begins when Asta and Kiato charge at Vetto. Asta and Kiato clash with Vetto, but Vetto easily blocks, evades, and counters their attacks.[5] Kiato and Asta are pushed back, and Asta thinks about how Vetto is reading their movements. Asta comments about how Kiato was holding back in their fight, and Kiato says that Asta was doing the same too.[6] Vetto comments about how weak the two, and they say that they are going to get serious and charge at Vetto. Asta and Kiato continue their assault and are thinking that they can win when Vetto easily tosses them into a wall. Vetto tells them that those kinds of attacks would not effect him, but Asta stands back up and tells Vetto that he is not down yet.[7] Vetto continues his attacks against Asta and explains all of Asta's weaknesses.


Vetto grabs Asta's arm and lifts him up. He tells Asta that a miracle was not going to happen just because Asta continues to battle him.[8] He also says how Asta does not deserve to have those two swords and starts to crush Asta's arm, wanting to hear Asta scream in despair. Asta bites Vetto's arm and says something, which Vetto does not understand. Noelle and Kahono show up and hit Vetto's arm, causing him to let Asta go. Noelle and Kahono tell Vetto what Asta said.[9]


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