I'm going to be the Magic Emperor! This is something I'll never give up on!

— To himself in The Boy's Vow

Asta 「アスタ Asuta」 is an orphan left under the care of a church in the village of Hage.[1] He is the wielder of the five-leaf clover grimoire[2] and a member of Clover Kingdom's Black Bull[3] and Royal Knights squads.[4] He is a 3rd Class Junior Magic Knight.[5]


Asta is a young man of short stature with a muscular build. He has green eyes and messy ash blond hair with a single strand protruding upwards from the center of his head. He keeps his hair together with a black headband, which has the gold-colored Black Bull insignia and has a red-colored four-sided star with three stitches on the back of it.

Asta's common outfit consists of a plain-white tunic with a V-shaped collar underneath a dark blue jacket whose sleeves extend only up to his elbows. He sports a pair of matching shorts which has a stitch marks on the left side. His pants also extends just below his knees. His shoes is made out of two different cloths, the parts covering his ankles, the soles the same color as his jacket and pants. The parts covering his toes are white, a vertical stitch mark going from the bridge to his toes. When he's sending his anti-magic in his body, it surrounds the right part of his body with black matter and he gains a partial demon transformation.

After receiving his grimoire, Asta wears a pouch strapped to a brown leather belt. Additionally, as a member of Black Bull, he wears his squad's signature robe, which is black and short with gold trimming and covers the upper half of his torso. It also has a hood and a gold-colored button located at the right-hand side to hold it together, while the left-hand side displays the squad's insignia.



Asta shouting at Noelle

Asta's explosive nature.

Asta generally is cheerful and hyperactive.[6] He tends to shout to express his thoughts and expresses his goals, regardless of other people's opinions, as seen when he expressed his goal on becoming a Magic Emperor during the Magic Knights entrance exam, where he tells other people who disagree with him to be quiet.[7] His strong tenacity interests Yami Sukehiro enough to recruit him into his ranks.[8] His strong determination also leads him to have a strong will to never give up and keep standing during a harsh battle, as acknowledged by Magna Swing.[9]

Because of his upbringing at the Forsaken region, Asta frequently receives harsh opinions and insults from almost everyone he meets. This makes Asta have a slightly sarcastic nature as he tries to defend himself.[10][11] But, having received harsh opinions from others, Asta has developed an immunity to them as he could easily brush them off without getting overly annoyed.[12] However, Asta is still annoyed when others deeply insult his comrades; he will not hesitate to confront them as he tries to defend his friends.[13]

Origin of Asta and Noelle bond

Asta accepts Noelle as his comrade.

Asta also has a very strong sense of justice, which is shown during his fight against Heath Grice, as he believes that everyone deserves to be protected.[14] It is also not limited to only his comrades but his enemies as well, as noted when he asks his fellow squadmates to take the unconscious Mars along with them while the dungeon is collapsing. He argues that their mission is only to explore a dungeon as they are not ordered to kill any enemies.[15] Therefore, Asta seems to see the positive side of everyone and never takes an insult too seriously, as seen when he still befriends both Yuno and Noelle Silva even after both given him harsh opinions.[16][17]

His open, friendly and non judgmental attitude and indomitable will and stubborness has earned him the respect of almost everyone he meets, even nobles such as Klaus and Fuegoleon Vermillion. It has also earned him the affection of numerous girls, though due to having his heart set on sister lily he is largely ignorant of this fact.

Battle Prowess


  • Anti Magic: Asta uses this form of magic to nullify other magic.[18]
  • Black Form: An advanced ability gained after Asta is healed by the Witch Queen. Dubbed the Black Form, it has Anti Magic enter Asta's body in a more condensed form, allowing him to channel the energy at a much faster rate and gain a partial demonic transformation. It also increases Asta's physical abilities and enables him to generate Anti Magic more effectively. By the time of the Royal Knights Selection Exam, Asta can enter this form twice a day.


  • Expert Swordsman: Asta displays the ability to wield a sword, although still only at a level in which he swings it only in his opponent's direction[19] and with the addition of his second sword's different shape and abilities, his tactical usage of his swords has improved. After having been trained by Fanzell Kruger, Asta's swordsmanship has improved.
  • Enhanced Strength: Asta possesses an above-average physical strength, able to do a thousand single-handed handstand push-ups, to swing his sword single-handedly,[20][21] and to punch holes in rock walls with no injury to himself.[22] Asta can swing his swords with inhuman force, able to damage powerful magic-wielding opponents.
  • Enhanced Speed: Asta is capable of moving in an above-average speed, which causes William Vangeance to think that he has used magic to aid himself.[23]
  • Enhanced Durability: Asta possesses a high durability, as seen when he is able to keep standing up, despite receiving numerous attacks from Heath.[24] He is even able to emerge from Licht's attempted cave-in relatively unharmed alongside Yami.[25]
  • Enhanced Instinct: Asta possesses a heightened level of instinct, as demonstrated when he can unconsciously move his body in the best way to defend himself.[26]
  • Ki: A principle originating from Yami's homeland, this allows Asta to use a sixth sense and to perceive and react to unseen attacks and people.[27]
  • Indomitable Will: His exceptionally strong willpower allows him to never give up, no matter how tough or impossible the situation is. Even when losing the use of both of his hands, he determinedly refused to surrender. When facing his inner Demon, Asta was able to overcome its temptation. Later, he even temporarily resisted the control of the overwhelmingly powerful Witch Queen's Puppet Bloodflow. His stubbornness is a huge inspiration for people around him, constantly pushing them beyond their own limits.

Cleverness Willpower


  • Grimoire: Asta wields a five-leaf clover grimoire, which he receives during his fight with Revchi. The grimoire is tattered and covered in dirt, a black five-leaf clover insignia at the center of its front cover.[28] This clover symbol is largely unseen due to the dirt covering it, making most (including Asta) assume that the grimoire possesses unusual magic but is otherwise ordinary. Asta is able to summon a sword from it, which he uses for his Anti Magic.[29] His grimoire used to be a four-leaf clover grimoire that belonged to Licht.
  • Demon-Dweller Sword: Asta's second sword can cut spells with its edges, much like the Demon-Slayer Sword. It can also borrow the magic from the people around him, thereby increasing the force and range of his attacks.[32][33] Besides Licht, only Asta can wield this sword because he possesses no mana, as other mages would not be able to use any magic while in contact with the sword and would have their mana reserves depleted.[34]
  • Third Sword: Asta's third sword can cut spells with its edges, much like his other two swords.[35] It can also absorb and remove the effects of spells[36][37] and negate Reincarnation Magic.[38][39]





Yuno is Asta foster brother and main rival. They grew up at Hage Village like great friends. Both of them are aiming for the title of Magic Emperor.

Noelle Silva

Noelle is Asta's squadmate in the Black Bulls. At first she despised him of his low status, until after he save her and comments on how amazing her magic is. Soon after he became the first commoner she's ever acknowledged and her attitude towards him changes. As the story progresses she develops strong feelings for him but is reluctant to express it(although he doesn't notice). She blasts away him every time he either says or does something stupid. Asta himself considers her a close friend as they tend to spend the most time together of the black bulls and end up fighting in battles together most often.

Mimosa Vermillion

Asta considers her a friend despite being in a different squad but is oblivious to her romantic feelings toward him.

Rebecca Scarlet

despite an awkward first meeting Asta and Rebecca become fast friends after bonding over their experiences with their siblings. Asta sees Rebecca as a close friend and he enjoys spending time with her and her siblings though like the other girls he is oblivious to her romantic feelings toward him.

Notable Quotes

  • "I'm going to be the Magic Emperor!! This is something I'll never give up on!!" 「オレは 魔法帝に なる...!! これだけは 譲れねー...!! "Ore wa Mahōtei ni naru...!! Kore dake wa yuzurene...!!"[40]
  • "Even with no magical powers... I'll become the Magic Emperor." 「魔力が 無くても オレは 魔法帝に なる "Maryoku ga nakute mo Ore wa Mahōtei ni naru"[18]
  • "My magic is never giving up!!!!" 「諦めないのがオレの魔法だ!!!! "Akiramenai no ga ore no mahōda!!!!"[41]
  • "Gravel may be gravel, but me? I'm gravel that shatters diamonds!!!!" 「石コロは石コロでもオレはァア ダイヤモンドを砕く石コロだ!!!! "Ishikoro wa ishikoro demo ore wa~aa daiyamondo o kudaku ishikoro da!!!!"[42]
  • "You people are special... And we got stronger... And made it this far... So we could protect everyone with you. So we could compete and help each other improve!! So we could fight together!!" 「オレ達は... 特別なオマエらと... みんなを護る為に... 競い合い高め合う為に... 一緒に戦う為に...!! 強くなってここまで来たんだ...!! "Ore-tachi wa... Tokubetsuna omae-ra to... Min'na o mamoru tame ni... Kisoiai takame au tame ni... Issho ni tatakau tame ni...!! Tsuyoku natte koko made kita nda...!!"[43]

Initial Concepts


  • Asta's most favorite person is sister Lily who took care of him while he was living in Hage.[44]
  • Question Brigade Rankings:
    • Asta is the eleventh smartest Black Bull.[45]
    • Asta is the second most muscular character.[46]
    • Asta is the fifth worst singer.[47]
  • Asta ranked first in the first and second popularity polls.
  • Thru the course of the series Asta has gained the affection of many girls he has met such as Noelle, Mimosa, Rebecca Scarlett, and even Gauche's sister Marie. This is ironic considering the only girl he has his heart on is sister Lily, who refuses to marry him.


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