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The promise

Asta and Yuno renew their promise to become Wizard King.

Yuno is Asta's foster brother, best friend, and rival. They grew up together in Hage. Both of them are competing for the title of the Wizard King. Asta and Yuno have a mutual respect and acknowledgement for one another. When they cross paths they both comment on each other's improvements and how much stronger they have become. They both act as their key motivators to get better and stronger, always thinking of each other when times get tough.

Although they make antagonistic remarks to each other, they never take it seriously and almost always end their chats reaffirming their commitment to become the Wizard King, Asta sees Yuno as a genuinely great Magic Knight and someone he must always measure himself up against, and speaks highly of Yuno whenever he is brought up. Asta is comfortable fighting alongside Yuno, and the two become a powerful force in combat when they work together, just about holding their own against the extremely powerful Licht.[1]

Lily Aquaria[]

Asta punished by the Sister

Sister Lily rejects Asta's proposal.

Sister Lily helped raise both Asta and Yuno at the church in Hage. Asta has a deep infatuation with Sister Lily and has repeatedly proposed to her over the years despite her being a member of the church. She rejects him every time and sometimes goes as far as to use her magic to say no. Sister Lily read the story about the first Wizard King to Asta as a child, which led to Asta developing his dream to become the Wizard King himself, mostly so he can help everyone at the church live better lives but also to win Sister Lily's love.

Asta's dream to marry Sister Lily is second only to his dream to become the Wizard King; however, he sees the latter as necessary in order to marry her. He regularly sends off a part of his wages back to Lily and the church, partly to win her affection. He specifically writes to Sister Lily, when he gets the chance, to update her on how he is doing.

One year and three months after the spade kingdom war, Asta proposed to Sister Lily for the last time, promising to make her happy. She rejects his proposal, stating that she sees him as family, referring to him as "My Dashing, Cute Little Brother". Asta, already knowing this, accepted her rejection, as he's learned that he cannot always change the feelings of others. Nevertheless, he still cares about Sister Lily and asks her to watch him become the Wizard King and she responds with a smile, believing he can do it.

Orsi Orfai[]

Father Orsi was the man who found both Asta and Yuno on the door step of his church as babies. Asta cares for Father Orsi greatly and respects him as his father, but he tends to make amusing comments about the state of the church, which annoys him. He immediately comes to his aid after Father Orsi is poisoned with magic by a possessed member of the Purple Orcas.


Richita was Asta's biological mother, he never knew her because she abandoned him when he was a baby, however when he saw Liebe's memories he was finally able to see what she was like and he felt happy to know that she always loved him.

Black Bulls[]

In line with a promise he made with Yuno, Asta treats the other members of the Black Bull squad as his family.[2]

Yami Sukehiro[]

Yami recruits Asta

Yami recruits Asta into the Black Bull squad.

Yami Sukehiro is Asta's captain and the one who recruited him into the Black Bull squad after becoming interested in Asta's abilities and determination. Their first encounter was somewhat hostile after Asta accidentally bumps into him, much to Yami's chagrin, and typically lifted Asta by his head to crush it. During the entrance exams Yami speaks to Asta about the ability he showcased, chastising his inability to use magic and unleashed his own magical power to show how powerful a captain is; however, this was mostly a test on Yami's part to see how Asta would respond. When Asta shows he will remain steadfast in his desire to become the Wizard King he decides to recruit him into the Black Bull, having taken a liking to him.

From then on their relationship is pretty much identical to how Yami treats every other member of the Black Bull, with tough love. However, Yami takes on the role of mentor to Asta, teaching him about Ki, giving him advice, reassurance, and at one point fighting alongside him against Patolli and Valtos. Eventually, Yami comes to see Asta as a strong pillar of the Black Bull and being solely responsible for the turnaround of the Black Bull's reputation, having inspired each member of the magic squad to improve themselves. His faith in Asta is extremely high as a result. At the Star Awards Festival, upon hearing the Black Bull have finished second, much to everyone's shock, he grabs Asta, puts on his Black Bull robe for him and throws him onto the stage because he, like everyone else, believes Asta is most deserving of this moment. After the six months training, Yami faith in Asta has not fallen because in his fight with Dante Zogratis, Yami proclaims that he cannot win without him, and gives him his katana to land the finishing blow on Dante.

Yami showed his caring side with Asta when he decides to try and cheer him up after the Royal Knights Selection Exams by forcing him into the baths, along with the other Black Bull members, and tells him the story of how he first met, and established a rivalry with, William Vangeance, ultimately concluding to Asta that it makes no sense to give up because your rival outdid you one time and instead you should only look to win the next round, this message eventually hitting home for Asta.

Asta is grateful to Yami for giving him the chance to join a magic squad, but he is sometimes put off by Yami's intimidating personality. An example is how often Yami threatens to kill Asta if the latter does not listen to him. Regardless, Asta deeply respects Yami as his captain, especially after witnessing his strength and caring side, and is obedient towards him, rarely questioning or arguing with him, his respect over Yami is so great that he thought he was willing to make a deal with his devil because he did not want to hold his captain and wanted to be someone that can help his captain. Asta has a great admiration and cares about captain, that when Yami was in difficulty he struggle to stand up and to help his captain until he called him. When Yami was captured by Zenon, Asta was desperate to help him and asked his devil for more power but was rejected and like the others remaining Black Bulls was devastate that he was taken.

Noelle Silva[]

Origin of Asta and Noelle bond

Asta helps Noelle stand up.

Noelle is Asta's squad mate in the Black Bull and fellow rookie. The two first met when Magna gave a tour to Asta of the Black Bull's hideout. When she first met him, Noelle was rude and patronizing towards Asta, due to her royal status, and thus paid him little mind. Furthermore, his loud and brash attitude irritated her. However, her opinion of Asta softened after he openly stated how amazing her magic is, which comes after years of torment and ridicule from her older siblings. Noelle quickly found herself on friendly terms with Asta which soon after turned into strong romantic feelings. The two spend most of their time together around the hideout and on missions.

Asta is very fond of Noelle as a friend but is mostly unaware of the romantic feelings she has for him. He supports her whenever she needs it, praises her abilities and has unwavering faith in her as a Magic Knight. His support has become a crucial pillar for Noelle as she often thinks of him when she wants to control her magic. While she can be rude and critical towards him, he remains oblivious and ultimately very kind towards her. At the Star Awards Festival, he admitted that he likes Noelle a lot after he sees her help a lost child, which caused Noelle to blush.

Asta catches Noelle

Asta catches Noelle.

Furthermore, he is protective of Noelle and has saved her on a few occasions, such as when Vetto attacked her. When Solid ridiculed and embarrassed her Asta become furious and insulted the nobleman. This then led to a brief fight where Asta demanded that he apologize to her. Asta also saved Noelle when she was learning Sea Dragon's Cradle after she lost control; however, she became flustered and attacked him.

Noelle's inability to accept her feelings for him has also caused her to attack Asta numerous times whenever she becomes too flustered with him. Asta misinterprets her feelings as a deep trust that is too embarrassing and difficult for her to admit.[3]

Magna Swing[]

Magna Swing acts as a sort of sibling to Asta due to them both having outgoing personalities. Asta is often amazed at Magna's "coolness" and was able to impress the fire mage when he deflected one of his most powerful spells on his first day at the Black Bull, and is amazed further when he finds out Asta has no magical power. Magna took it upon himself to show Asta the ropes around the Black Bull's hideout. He also supervised him and Noelle on their first mission where they were tasked with hunting boars. Both him and Asta share amazement and excitement at similar things, such as Magna's broom, going to the beach, seeing the ocean for the first time and fireworks.

Asta believes Magna to be one of the most dependable members in the Black Bull, requesting his aid when he needs to travel somewhere and has the most fun with him. He recognizes Magna to be a great combatant and friend. Magna will sometimes help Asta with his strength training by sitting on top of him whilst he does push-ups. He is somewhat competitive with Asta like he is with Luck, as during the Royal Knights Selection Exam he eagerly hunted down Asta to fight him, ultimately losing thanks to Zora Ideale's intervention. He is there to catch Asta from falling after he defeats Langris Vaude.

Vanessa Enoteca[]

Initially, Asta was flustered by Vanessa Enoteca's shameless dress attire and flirtatious attitude towards him but soon became friends with her and respects her greatly. Early on, Asta showed brief signs of attraction towards Vanessa, but reminded himself of his commitment to Sister Lily. Vanessa treats Asta as a sort of little brother, often referring to him as "kiddo".

Secre Swallowtail[]

An anti-bird, whose original name is Secre Swallowtail, that begins to follow, and somewhat guide Asta since the Magic Knights Entrance Exam. Nero often attacks Asta by pecking him aggressively on his head, but would do so to alert him to something near by or to give him a magical stone. This guidance allowed Asta to find his second sword, the Demon-Dweller Sword.

As they spend more time together, Asta has gotten used to Nero and sees the bird as a companion, regularly allowing her to sit on his head, such is their relationship, they are almost never apart. They became so close that Asta eventually was able to recognize Secre in her human form.

Gauche Adlai[]

Asta vs

Gauche attacks Asta for being friends with Marie.

Asta's relationship with Gauche Adlai was initially non-existent, since Gauche paid Asta no mind and only cared about his sister, Marie. Their interactions boiled down to Gauche expressing his love for his little sister and threatening to kill Asta should he do anything at all with her. This would change, however, after Asta goes to visit Rebecca and befriends her siblings as well as Marie, not realizing she was Gauche's sister. Gauche stumbles upon him and Marie and immediately becomes hostile, beating him up and threatening him, but was stopped by his sister.

When the children, including Marie, were kidnapped he reluctantly worked with Asta to get them all back. After saving Marie, Gauche decided to escape with just her since she is the only one he cared about, but was berated by her and was convinced to go back and help Asta, ultimately rationalizing that if Asta died Marie would be devastated. Whilst fighting the Eye of the Midnight Sun, Gauche is won over by Asta's determination and demand for teamwork.

Asta finds his obsession with his sister creepy and has comically referred to him as "the bloody nose sister lover", however, he wholeheartedly respects Gauche and sees him as a reliable person in battle. Gauche reciprocates this opinion, believing Asta to be a great member of the Black Bull and admires his efforts.

Luck Voltia[]

Asta met Luck Voltia when he first arrived at the Black Bull base. Like with everyone, Luck is insistent for him and Asta to have a death match, throwing Asta off somewhat. Their first mission together, along with Noelle, was to explore a dungeon. However, Luck rushes off on his own, leaving Asta and Noelle, to fight a strong opponent he had detected. Eventually, Asta is able to track Luck down and save him from Lotus Whomalt. However, Luck is insistent that he does not interfere with his fight as he only ever wants to fight alone, but Asta intervenes and saves him once more and tells Luck about the value of teammates and learning to work with others. This makes Luck realize that he does not have to do everything on his own and decides to accept Asta's help.

The two value each other as comrades, with Luck regularly requesting to fight Asta as he believes him to be a strong opponent, and Asta seeing Luck as a skilled fighter and a reliable teammate. Asta has commented that he finds Luck's constant smiling creepy.

Finral Roulacase[]

Finral Roulacase was at the Magic Knights Entrance Exam when Asta accidentally bumps into Yami who almost unleashes his wrath on Asta before Finral's intervention. Finral sees his junior as a partner who not only makes him look good as his senior, but as an inspiration for him to be more active in battles, and to help others.

Zora Ideale[]

Zora squeezes Asta's finger

Asta and Zora bicker.

At first Asta did not get on well with Zora Ideale due to his condescending, sarcastic attitude, and lack of seriousness. He was teamed up with him at the Royal Knights Selection Exam and tried to get Zora to work with him and Mimosa Vermillion but Zora opted to take a nap instead, frustrating Asta. However, Asta starts to have some level of respect for Zora's skills and craftiness in defeating opponents, and appreciates his help that won them their matches, but is still annoyed for his brutal critiques of his opponents and for not telling him about the traps he laid out across the battlefield.

Despite their bickering the two have shown to be a deadly duo when working together. Zora is willing to follow Asta's lead despite his constant ridicule of him. For example, when Asta gets him and Mimosa involved in an impromptu match with Langris he laughs with annoyance but ultimately agrees to help out anyway, and again when Asta tells him they should turn back to save Mereoleona Vermillion when all five elves launch a single attack, which ultimately happens, surprising Zora. Although he would never admit it, he cares somewhat for Asta and is rather distressed when he is captured by Rhya but he reassures Zora that he will be fine, with Zora reminding him that he promised that they would all make it out alive and that he better not die.

Throughout the story Zora constantly throws stink bugs on Asta, much to his amusement, a prank he got from his father. Asta has a habit of complimenting Zora's mask, even when ranting at him. Asta often reminds Zora of his own father, who he held in extremely high regard. It is possibly due to Asta that Zora ultimately decides to start donning his Black Bull robe for the first time. Asta was in disbelief upon discovering that he was a member of the Black Bulls, however, he comes to accept it and values Zora greatly for his skills in battle.

Charmy Pappitson[]

Charmy offering Asta another serving

Charmy forces Asta to eat more.

Asta first met Charmy Pappitson when he first arrived at the Black Bull base. Upon his success at passing Magna's initiation test she gave Asta a piece of pastry. Asta is taken aback by her gluttonous nature, being in awe at how much food she can eat.

Asta likes Charmy and finds her magic impressive. Although they have rarely fought together he still trusts her abilities, using her magic to help defeat Yagos, and requesting her help to launch him, as well as most of the Black Bull members, over to where Langris is to stop him killing Finral.

Gordon Agrippa[]

Gordon Agrippa's constant mumbling initially creeps Asta out, especially when he has no clue what he is trying to say. Asta gets comfortable around Gordon, however, and has gotten use to his mumbling. He recognizes him as a key member of the Black Bulls.

Henry Legolant[]

Henry Legolant first met by chance when Asta got lost in the hideout and stumbled into Henry's room. Henry has been a longtime resident in the Black Bull base and is the actual owner of the building. Due to his rare condition he cannot be around people who have magic because he will drain it from them, however, Asta is the sole exception due to having no magic at all. The two become friends and begin to hang out with each other without the rest of the squad knowing.

Thanks to Asta's lack of magic Henry has finally made a friend, something he has not had in a long time. Because of this he greatly values Asta and thinks highly of him. Asta is also fond of Henry and enjoys spending time with him, and would clean his room for him.

Nacht Faust[]

Asta is initially wary of Nacht Faust since the vice-captain magically immobilizes Asta when they first meet. Asta even tries to fight Nacht after Nacht insults Yami, but Nacht holds him down and forces Asta to admit his weakness. After Nacht demonstrates his own devil power, Asta is still unsure if he can trust Nacht but is willing to accept Nacht's offer to train him. Nacht likes Asta's honesty and considers him a good person.[4]

Other Magic Knights[]

Julius Novachrono[]

Julius Novachrono is the 28th Wizard King and, as a result, has Asta's undying affection, who even asks for his autograph. Julius himself has great admiration for Asta because of his unique abilities, piquing Julius's extreme curiosity for all kinds of magic, as well for Asta's personality and his ambition.

Asta was left in awe at the sheer power Julius possessed when he fought off multiple members of the Eye of the Midnight Sun. This experience made Asta realize how far off he truly is before he can become the Wizard King, but is no less deterred.

Mimosa Vermillion[]

Mimosa interacting with Asta during the banquet

Mimosa blushing while talking to Asta

Mimosa and Asta are very good friends who first met when their respective squads were tasked with exploring a dungeon. When they reunited in the Royal Capital and Asta greets her she panics and hides away from him. It is here she admits to Noelle, her cousin and love rival, that she has feelings for him.

Asta values Mimosa greatly as a friend and has strong respect for her. Her royal status does not at all dictate his conduct with her, which arguably is why Mimosa likes him so much, and thus acts casual towards her. He is oblivious to her strong feelings for him, however, and instead interprets her actions as just her kind self. Asta also respects her greatly as a Magic Knight and believes her to be very strong. He complimented her on her abilities when they were partnered together which prompted her to blush. He also saved her from the possessed Klaus and Hamon and lifts her down from the cross she had been strapped to, which typically caused her to blush.

Klaus Lunettes[]

Asta bickering with Klaus in a dungeon

Asta and Klaus bicker.

Due to Klaus Lunettes' prejudice of peasants, Asta got off to a rough start with him. Their first encounter is in a dungeon immediately after Yuno saves him and Noelle from a trap, with Klaus lamenting this decision by Yuno. They both get into an argument of petty insults before he decides to leave with Yuno and Mimosa. By the time they have all escaped from the dungeon his opinion has drastically changed and openly apologizes to both Asta and Yuno for his prejudice against them.

Asta respects and is grateful to Klaus, and is glad to see him whenever they cross paths. He affectionately calls him "Sir Spectacles", initially to antagonize him but now as playful banter, with Klaus no longer bothered by the nickname. He views Klaus as a formidable combatant and a reliable person, and is happy that Yuno has him by his side. The two have shown to be somewhat competitive with each other, choosing to race each other to the treasure room hidden in the dungeon, and Klaus eager to show Asta how much stronger he had gotten at the Royal Knights Selection Exam.

Fuegoleon Vermillion[]

Fuegoleon taking over Asta fight

Asta looks up to Fuegoleon.

Asta views Fuegoleon Vermillion as a quintessential example of what it means to be a Magic Knights Captain, someone who is strong, calm, collected and sincere. As a result, Asta holds him in extremely high regard even though his time with him was brief. He visits Fuegoleon whilst he is still recovering and talks to Leopold about how great he is and that he did not laugh at his dream to become the Wizard King and instead considered him a rival.

Fuegoleon took a quick liking to Asta and sought to advise him during the invasion of the capital, explaining to him that he needs to be more calm and focus, and to ultimately think before he attacks. This advice is taken seriously by Asta and he actively seeks to improve his focus during battle. Despite his brief encounter with Fuegoleon, Asta was angry at what Patolli had done to him, springing a trap on him, taking away his arm and putting him into a coma. This action becomes one of Asta's motivations to bring the Eye of the Midnight Sun to justice.

Leopold Vermillion[]

Leopold competes with Asta and Yuno

Asta, Yuno, and Leopold compete in the hot spring.

Asta first met Leopold Vermillion at the War Merits Conferment Ceremony where Leopold took a quick liking to him because of his bold stance against the nobles there and his combat skills. Leopold has very similar traits to Asta, he is loud, brash and strong headed, and shares the same dream to become the Wizard King. Because of this, he declares Asta to be his rival, leaving Asta bewildered.

Asta likes Leopold and respects him greatly after fighting alongside him during the invasion of the capital. He comments that Leopold is worthy to be his rival and is excited to have him as a challenger. The two are incredibly competitive with each other when the opportunity arises.

Mereoleona Vermillion[]

Mereoleona grabs Asta

Mereoleona forces Asta to train.

Asta first saw Mereoleona Vermillion at the Star Awards Festival when she was introduced as the temporary captain of the Crimson Lion squad, replacing her brother Fuegoleon. Soon after he, along with Yuno, catches her berating, but motivating, Leopold and the rest of the Crimson Lions. She decides to have them train at the hot springs.

At the Ultime-Volcano Mountain Trail, where the hot springs are located, she challenges everyone there to reach the summit of the volcano. She spots Asta dead last as everyone is using Mana Skin to handle the intense heat, whereas he has no magic power. She berates him and tells him to go home, insinuating that it has been luck that has gotten him this far. However, this encourages Asta to continue, causing her to smile and tells him to go and climb. Asta uses his Black Asta form to fly to the summit but is not able to control himself and heads straight for Mereoleona who punches him into a rock, stopping him.

When the tables have turned on the three she decides to save Asta, along with Zora, by throwing them through a hole in the wall and closing it up whilst she fights all five elves on her own. Asta comes back, however, and risks his life to save her, showing his respect and loyalty to his temporary captain.

Asta respects her skills as a fighter and is left in utter disbelief at her raw strength, easily besting Rhya, one of the three strongest members of the Eye of the Midnight Sun. He notes how incredibly difficult it was for him to just defeat Vetto and stop Fana, whilst she makes it look like child's play. He ranks her on par, if not higher, than Fuegoleon. During her fight with Rhya he does his best to take note of her style, hoping to learn something from her.

Sekke Bronzazza[]

Sekke Bronzazza first met Asta at the Magic Knights Entrance Exam. He notices that Asta has very weak magic power and decides to befriend him, with Asta believing him to be a nice guy. Throughout the exam he tries to coach Asta on how to use his magic power in each test, pretending to be a sincere person. In reality, he was using Asta's poor performance in hopes to make himself look better in front of the captains. Before the final test, involving combat, he partners with Asta, believing he could beat him easily and thereby secure a selection from some of the top Captains. He proceeds to reveal his true colors to Asta, insulting him and leaving him speechless. However, he deeply underestimated Asta's physical prowess and did not realize he could wield Anti Magic, because of this, Asta was able to quickly and decisively beat him in one move, shocking everyone.

Asta barely thinks about Sekke and can only remember him as "bah-ha guy" due to his excessive use of "bah-ha", a nickname that catches on with others, much to Sekke's annoyance. Asta does not resent Sekke for how he treated him during the entrance exams and has seemingly forgotten all about it. When Sekke thought he was about to die Asta convinced him to keep on living and not to give up. For the most part, Asta remains oblivious to Sekke's shenanigans against him, not realizing he was competing to catch the thief, that he tried to attack him right after the entrance exam, or that he spoke poorly of him to the crowd at the Star Awards Festival.

Rill Boismortier[]

Asta first met Rill Boismortier when he was invited by Julius to help dispel the magic inflicting the prisoners that prevents Marx Francois from using his magic to interrogate Catherine and George. Asta is often flustered by Rill's upfront, exuberant personality, but likes him nonetheless, and considers him to be a friend. He is hurt when he realizes that Rill has been possessed by the elf, Lira.

Nozel Silva[]

Asta vs

Asta calls out Nozel and his siblings.

Asta's opinion of Nozel Silva is mostly negative as he is aware of how badly he treats Noelle. Beyond that, he does respect Nozel as a captain and recognizes his incredible power and skill when it comes to magic. When Nozel joined in with his younger siblings to embarrass Noelle in front of their fellow nobles, Asta is angered and intervenes, proceeding to chastise the three, as well as the other nobles.

After Asta is injured in his fight with Licht, Nozel gives him a rare magical device that greatly accelerates the body's healing capabilities. Asta is grateful for this and comments that he is not that bad of a person after all.

Despite Nozel's high status and power, Asta is not afraid to joke about his hair style. He even has a serious discussion with Yami, in front of Nozel, about how he braids his hair, causing Nozel to become irritated and threaten to kill them both. After fighting dark elf Patolli, Nozel approves of Asta and Yuno and says to them that he will be the next Wizard King.

Eye of the Midnight Sun[]


Rades Spirito[]


Asta originally disliked Sally because she is a member of the Eye of the Midnight Sun and has worked to cause him and his friends problems throughout the story. After being betrayed by Patolli, she decides to switch allegiance and turns to the Black Bulls to get revenge; Asta refuses and insists that Sally helps the country instead and offers up his body for her research, with her immediately accepting.


Rebecca Scarlet[]

Asta saves Rebecca from a drunk

Asta stops a drunkard assaulting Rebecca.

Asta and Rebecca Scarlet first met at a mixer after they were both dragged along by their friends. Everyone else went off on their own dates, leaving both Asta and Rebecca in awkward silence. However, the two become friends quickly after they start talking about their experiences with their siblings. Rebecca's romantic feelings for him is cemented when he throws a drunken man away when he starts to harass her. After they run out of the restaurant and into an alley Rebecca asks Asta if there is anyone special in his life, with Asta answering yes, thinking of Sister Lily, not realizing what she was truly wanting to know. However, despite this, Rebecca remains determined to win Asta and invites him to come and visit her and her siblings one day.

Staying true to his word, Asta comes to visit Rebecca and her siblings with all of them taking an immediate liking to him. Whilst she cooks food for everyone each of her siblings tries to goad her into marrying Asta, much to her embarrassment. After Asta returns all the children, including her siblings, back to the town she is extremely grateful to him and, in conjunction with her misunderstanding the nature of Asta and Noelle's relationship, kisses him on the cheek, commenting to herself that she will at least get this much from him. Ultimately accepting she cannot win him from Noelle. Typically, Asta remains completely oblivious to Rebecca's romantic feelings for him.


Kahono first met Asta late at night on the beach when Asta and Noelle overheard her singing. Asta compliments her singing and finds her to be kind and energetic. She even heals his body with her singing after his day of training, with Asta being thankful for doing so.

Asta invites Kahnono, and her brother Kiato, to the Star Awards Festival. Once the two arrive Asta uses the Witch Queen's magic to repair her voice box and Kiato's foot, something she is extremely grateful for. After Magna suggests the idea, she decides to go on a double date with Asta, Kiato, and Noelle with the ultimate goal to goad Noelle into confessing her feelings for Asta. She successfully invokes Noelle's jealousy but ultimately fails despite coming close, and states the two will never get together whilst Asta remains oblivious and Noelle remains in-denial.


Asta and Kiato meet during the Temple Battle Royale. They start their match with Kiato revealing his dream of becoming a famous dancer, reminding Asta of Kahono. During the fight Asta is greatly impressed with Kiato's use of dancing to fight, making it extremely difficult for him to read his ki. Kiato repays the compliment, impressed by Asta's combat skills.

Due to the unexpected attack by Vetto and the Eye of the Midnight Sun, the two agree to work together to thwart the invasion. Once arriving on the scene, the two fight together against Vetto but are pushed back.

Asta invites Kiato and Kahono to the Star Awards Festival where Asta uses the Witch Queen's magic to reattach Kiato's foot that was severed by Vetto. Kiato is extremely grateful and hugs Asta for doing this. He proceeds to dance whilst his sister sings in front of the crowd.


For over a year of having his grimoire, Asta is completely unaware of Liebe's existence.[5] Their first meeting is prompted by the Witch Queen removing Asta's limit on Anti Magic. Asta is initially frightened of Liebe. The devil encourages Asta to let him take over the fight, but Asta refuses to be underestimated or to give up.[6] After defeating Ladros, Asta loses any memory of this meeting.[7]

Several months later, Asta reaches out to Liebe after feeling his rage against Lucifero[8] and asks for his help in defeating Dante. Asta recognizes that he should have talked to the devil sooner and wishes for them to speak like this more often. Not wanting to let Yami down, Asta enters into a bargain with the devil. Asta exchanges his right arm for more of the devil's power.[9]

Asta and Liebe shake hands

Asta and Liebe shake hands.

During the Devil-Binding Ritual, Asta finally physically confronts Liebe, but instead of fighting the devil, Asta thanks him for lending his power during all of Asta's previous fights. Asta also points out that they are about the same height, despite Liebe making fun of Asta's height in their first meeting. Despite Liebe's hostile attempts to take Asta's body, Asta senses that Liebe is not really trying to kill him and that he is different from Zagred. As such, Asta refuses to believe that Liebe is a bad person just because he is a devil.[10] In response to Liebe's rage and sadness, Asta finally decides to fight Liebe and ultimately defeats the devil. As the victor, Asta offers Liebe to be his friend under an equal contract instead of a contract under dominance, much to the devil's shock. Asta claims how he wants to know more about Liebe and deduced that Liebe is someone who cannot kill, and can be sad or angered for another's sake. It was through this intervention that Liebe realizes that Asta is Richita's child. The two officially formed their contract after Liebe reveals his name to Asta.[11]

Later after defeating Lucifero, Liebe is grateful to Asta for helping him reach his goal and says now it's hurt turn to make will help Asta's dream come true.

Diamond Kingdom[]


Asta and Mars originally encounter each other as enemies in the dungeon that Asta, Luck, and Noelle, along with Yuno, Klaus, and Mimosa, are tasked with exploring. After Mars attacks Yuno, Asta jumps in to defend his brother. Mars and Asta also clash over ideals: Mars sees himself as one who breaks everything, while Asta sees himself as one who protects everyone. Despite being his enemy, Asta encourages everyone to try and save Mars as the dungeon begins to collapse; however, they fail to reach Mars in time and leave.

Asta and Mars's promise

Asta and Mars promise to help each other.

Asta meets Mars again when Mars leads the Diamond Army's invasion of the Witches' Forest, coincidentally alongside the Eye of the Midnight Sun's invasion that is being led by his childhood friend, Fana. After the situation about Mars is explained, Asta immediately accepts him as an ally and is able to help him reconnect with Fana. The two acknowledge each other as friends and as strong fighters, promising to come to each other's aid should either of them ever need it. He has been inspired by Asta and hopes to change his own kingdom for the better, with the ultimate goal of allying with the Clover Kingdom.

Fanzell Kruger[]

Asta first meets Fanzell Kruger whilst training with his newly found grimoire outside Hage. Asta sees the naked Fanzell being chased by a boar, so Asta knocks out the boar and gives Fanzell some of his food. The two bond and Fanzell invites Asta back to his house. Whilst there he trains Asta in swordsmanship and tells him his personal situation regarding his fiancée, Dominante Code, and that he has defected from the Diamond Kingdom. Fanzell makes Asta promise him to only use what he teaches him to make his dream come true and not to harm the weak or innocent, with Asta promising him this.

The two grow close and Asta is wiling to go to great lengths to help him, such as saving him from his despair when he believes Dominante had been killed, and proceeding to help him track her down and fight off members of the Diamond Kingdom who are trying to take him back. Fanzell reciprocates these concerns, as he is worried for Asta's safety, actively discouraging him from getting involved and not to die for his sake. He is willing to travel to the Witches' Forest to convince the Witch Queen to fix Asta's arms when they have been broken and a curse is placed on them.

Asta thinks highly of Fanzell's Wind Magic, being impressed that he could form a sword just by using a stick and wind. In turn, Fanzell ranks Asta's skills highly, commenting that he has trained about a 100 students and Asta would rank in the top two. They share a strong master-student relationship.


Asta and Ladros meet as enemies on the battlefield after Ladros attacks Asta's squadmates and new friends.[12] They greatly differ on their opinions of friends: Ladros believes that friends are to be used and cast aside, whereas Asta believes that friends should help each other improve and grow stronger.[13][14] Despite his hatred, Asta refuses to kill Ladros and wants him to atone for the people he has hurt.[15][16]

After Asta destroys the mage stones clouding Ladros's thoughts, Ladros becomes more amicable and gets along better with Asta.[17]

Hino Country[]

Ryuya Ryudo[]

Asta has a good relationship with Ryudo. Asta is grateful to him for saving his life and helping him train.

Ichika Yami[]

At first, they did not get along, but lately they seemed to have earned each other's respect. Asta acknowledges her as his benefactor. While Ichika apoligizes for speaking ill of Yami.


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