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Yuno Asta as infants

Asta as an infant

Asta was born to Richita in the Forsaken Realm of the Clover Kingdom. Shortly after his birth, his mother leaves him on the doorstep of the church in Hage.[1] That same day, Yuno is also placed on the doorstep, and the two infants are found by the church's priest, Father Orsi.[2]

One day, during their trip home from grocery shopping, Asta overhears a couple of villagers coveting the lifestyle of those who live in the Noble Realm. On this day, Asta learns of the discrimination that the people of the Forsaken Realm receive and reveals his intention to be the Wizard King for the first time.[3]

Sometime later, Asta sees a thug snatch Yuno's necklace and immediately steps in to get his friend's item back. His endeavor is a success, but the young orphan is left with injuries all over his body. Afterward, the two boys both promise to become the Wizard King. Yuno brings Asta back to the church, where Sister Lily heals Asta's injuries.[4][5]

Asta and Yuno vowing to care for their comrades

Asta and Yuno make a promise.

One day, Asta and Yuno go into the forest of Hage and stand on top of a hill while they face towards the Noble Realm. Asta then starts talking about their relationship as a family, despite their lack of blood connection. Yuno agrees with Asta and asks him the reason behind the latter's sudden allusion. Asta then makes another promise with Yuno: they will treat their future comrades as a family just like the way they treat each other.[6]

Asta and Yuno also practice their magic from time to time with Asta usually trying to break through Yuno's Wind Magic attacks. Yuno tries to convince Asta to stop as the latter fails every time. Unfortunately, the latter refuses to give up and continues his charge towards Yuno. Finally, at one point, Asta manages to break through Yuno's magic and lands a hit. He then subsequently tells Yuno that his persistence is the source of his success.[7]

Asta punished by the Sister

Sister Lily punishes Asta.

Years later, Asta confesses to Sister Lily, but is quickly rejected. He insists even after she forcefully silences him. He finally stops his approach when Yuno interrupts him. After many failed attempts to show his skills while Yuno overshadows him, Asta storms away to train on his own.[8]

A few days later, a Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony is held in a tower near Hage. Asta fails to receive his grimoire and Drouot suggests for him to try again next year. Later in the evening, Asta is still left in a daze after Yuno also brushed off his declaration of rivalry. In the distance, while he hangs on a tree branch, Asta sees that Yuno is in trouble and quickly runs to save him. However, because of his lack of magic power, Asta is cornered by Revchi Salik who is armed with a grimoire.[9]

Asta received his grimoire

Asta receives his grimoire.

Unable to retaliate, Asta submits as his spirit is shaven off by Revchi. He manages to regain his will to fight, however, after Yuno reveals his respect for Asta during their time as children. Asta then tries to get back on his feet when a grimoire suddenly flies towards Asta and gives him a sword. Using his newfound sword, Asta defeats Revchi and reinforces his promise with Yuno.[10]

Six months later, Asta attends the Magic Knights Entrance Exam, where he meets Yami Sukehiro, Finral Roulacase, and Gordon Agrippa for the first time. During the exam, Asta is unable perform the first task given to him, which attracts Sekke Bronzazza who plans to take Asta's poor performance to his advantage. At the end, during the combat test, Sekke asks Asta to be his partner, which the latter gladly accepts. Sekke then condescendingly reveals his reason behind his decision to have Asta for his partner. Nevertheless, Asta quickly defeats him and reveals his intention to become the Wizard King.[11]

Yami recruits Asta

Yami offers Asta a place in his squad.

Unfortunately, because of his use of unfamiliar magic, none of the captains want to recruit him. The captain of the Black Bull squad then steps in to test Asta's determination. The young orphan manages to impress Yami and he is offered a place in his squad. He then travels to the squad's headquarters via Spatial Magic and introduces himself to the other members of the squad.[12]

One of the members, Magna Swing, decides to give Asta an initiation test to prove his worth for the squad. Asta impresses Magna when he deflects Magna's fireball back towards him. Additionally, Magna remains impressed of his ability, even when Asta reveals his lack of magic power. The young Knight is then congratulated by the other members before he receives his robe while Vanessa Enoteca brands his headband with the squad's insignia.[13]

After the test, while being taken on a tour of the headquarters, Asta meets Noelle Silva, who is the other new member of the squad. He tries to be friendly with her, but she completely rejects Asta's good intention as she mentions her royalty status. Afterwards, Magna takes Asta to the latter's personal quarter. The notion of having his own room, deeply excites Asta and he begins cleaning every corner of it before he goes to sleep.[14]

Origin of Asta and Noelle bond

Asta bonds with the other new member.

Later at dawn, Asta finds Noelle while she practices on her own. He witnesses her magic power go out of control. Yami orders Asta to stop her magic as he throws the young Knight towards Noelle. Asta is able to save him with the use of his Anti Magic and lands safely on the ground with Finral's assistance. He then begins to praise Noelle's ability while also encouraging her to grow stronger.[15]

During meal time, Asta asks about the duty of a Magic Knight, and Magna chides him for his ignorance. However, after he heard his squadmates' interpretation of their duty, Asta simply concludes that they are all weird. Later on, Magna reveals to Asta and Noelle that their first mission will be a boar hunting in Sosshi. Asta rejects the mission at first, but quickly accepts it when he is threatened by Yami. The three of them then travel to the village on Magna's broom, because Asta cannot ride one himself and Finral is unable to transport them with his magic. Upon their arrival, they discover that the village is covered in mist, so Magna asks Asta to cut a path for them. The moment they reach the center of the village, they find the villagers are held hostage by a group of mages, led by Heath Graice. Once Magna saves the villagers, Heath launches a second attack, which Asta counters with his sword before he confronts Heath for his actions.[16]

Asta attacks Heath

Asta attacks Heath.

Asta begins his assault while he tries to uncover Heath's true purpose. Unfortunately, Heath's answers quickly infuriate him and cause Asta to proclaim that he will protect the villagers from him. Heath and his group launch a Compound Magic spell that keeps Asta and Magna occupied and unable to protect the villagers. Fortunately, Noelle casts Sea Dragon's Nest that shields all of them from their attacks.[17] Asta quickly dashes towards Heath as soon as he sees an opening, but he fails to effectively damage Heath because Heath froze the ground under Asta's feet, dampening Asta's momentum.[18][19] Heath then repeatedly knocks Asta down, but Asta refuses to give up despite his injuries. Inspired by Asta's determination, Magna steps out of Noelle's spell and asks Asta to redo their initiation ceremony. Their strategy succeeds, and Asta quickly delivers the final attack and defeats Heath.[20]

Asta motivates Nick

Asta motivates Seihi's grandson, Nick.

Asta faints as soon as Heath is defeated, but he immediately is awoken by an anti-bird, which followed him from the entrance exam. When Asta sees the anti-bird carrying a stone, which belongs to the village's chief, he tries to have it returned but the villagers decide to give it to him. After that, Asta witnesses Heath commit suicide to protect his leader's information, which deeply shocks Asta.[21] Asta later runs around with the anti-bird constantly pecking him while being followed by Noelle. He then has a chance meeting with Nick, the chief's grandson, to whom he gives words of encouragement.[22]

Black Bulls enter the black market

Asta enters the black market.

Having returned to the headquarters, the three Knights report back to Yami who praises them for their work. Yami then gives them their salary, which quickly excites Asta. Vanessa subsequently offers Asta and Noelle to go on a shopping trip to Kikka. As they arrive, Asta becomes excited with the new experience and wishes he could take the Hage villagers with him. After they are finished with their errands, Vanessa takes both of them to the castle town's black market, where Asta spots Magna at the casino.[23]

Additionally, the young Knight encounters Sekke who tries to flirt with Vanessa and Noelle. A conversation later, a thief snatches an old lady's bag, so Asta quickly chased and immobilized him before Sekke delivers the final strike. Unfortunately, Sekke finds himself paralyzed and attempts to give his final words, but Asta quickly stops and motivates him before Sekke learns from Vanessa that he is fine. Asta returns the bag to the old lady and leaves with his squadmates.[24]

Noelle and Asta arguing

Asta and Noelle argue about the anti-bird's name.

Sometime later, Yami informs Asta and the other Black Bull members about the appearance of a new dungeon. The Black Bull captain then explains that the Wizard King has requested Asta to explore it, which quickly excites the latter, even though he knows nothing about dungeons. He then travels to the dungeon, which is located at the edge of the Kingdom, along with Noelle and Luck Voltia. As they enter, Asta argues with Noelle about the name of the anti-bird. The argument settles immediately after Luck suggests the name "Nero" for it. Immediately after, Asta drops their source of light, which causes them to walk in the dark before they reach the inner-side of the dungeon.[25]

Asta then accidentally activates a trap when he whines about his inability to sense mana within the dungeon, but he is able to easily handle it. Asta and Noelle, however, face against numerous other traps, as Luck playfully activated all of them before he leaves them on their own. Another trap quickly emerges and immobilizes Asta. However, Yuno arrives at the scene and effortlessly saves him.[26]

Asta and Noelle in trouble

Asta and Noelle explore the dungeon.

Asta and Yuno's reunion is quickly set aside when Yuno's senior, Klaus Lunettes, begins a conversation with the Black Bull members where he believes that saving them is unnecessary. Asta and Klaus then start a series of arguments with Noelle and her cousin, Mimosa Vermillion, on their respective sides. At the end, Asta is unable to give an answer when Klaus asks them the whereabouts of Luck and the arguments begins to move towards the reputation of their captains. As the Golden Dawn members leave to conquer the dungeon, Asta and Noelle also begin their search for the center of the dungeon. Noelle starts to question their searching method, because none of them possesses a magic that could help them. Moments later, Asta sees Nero take off and point them to a tunnel.[27]

They decide to follow Nero's guidance, but left stranded in an area with a gravitational anomaly where Asta finds a treasure chest with living organs inside it.[28] They continue in their search for the center of the dungeon when Asta suddenly stops after he heard a peculiar noise. Noelle infers the possibility of it being the sound from Luck's fight. Asta quickly suggests that they assist him, but Noelle argues by saying that their current priority is to conquer the dungeon.[29] However, Asta decides to help Luck and manages to negate a spell that is about to kill the latter. When Luck's opponent, Lotus Whomalt, asks for Asta's identity, the latter simply says that he is Luck's comrade.[30]

Asta attacks Lotus

Asta scores a hit on Lotus.

In contrast, Luck refuses Asta's help and charges towards the opponent. However, when Lotus is about to counterattack him, Asta interferes as he ignores Luck's request. Luck finally agrees to fight the Diamond Kingdom's mage together, but the opponent immediately traps them within a shroud of thick smokes.[31] Asta tries to cut the smoke multiple times, but he quickly grows anxious due to its unlimited amount. As soon as Luck notices something after he remarked their opponent's sensory ability, he launches a barrage of lightning-based spell attacks to guide Lotus at a certain direction while Noelle prepares to launch Asta towards him with her spell. Asta then delivers a wide swing at Lotus and the latter remarks that he had never encounter an opponent without magical power.[32]

Lotus then escapes along with his injured subordinates and Asta fails to pursue him. Luck then suggests that they return to the main objective and head to the center of the dungeon.[33] Upon arriving, Asta quickly activates his magic and saves Yuno from an attack. He then starts arguing with Yuno about the latter's circumstances but decides to stop and joins the fight.[34]

Asta breaks Mars defenses

Asta attacks Mars.

The fight begins as Mars creates multiple clone puppets with his magic. While Asta is able to easily destroy the puppet, the rest of the Black Bull and Golden Dawn members have a tougher time against them. Mars tries to launch another attack after he recreated the sword that was destroyed by Asta, but the latter easily cuts it apart. Asta then quickly dashes towards him and manages to break his armor and blow him away into the surrounding pool.[35]

However, Mars quickly prepares another attack by covering himself with an even larger armor. Mars's attack, through the said armor, is able to give Asta a significant damages but the latter is still able to hold it together while sharing his ambition to protect. Mars tries to ignore him and launches another attack, but Asta manages to break through it and render him unconscious.[36]

Asta and Luck exploring the treasury

Asta explores the treasury.

After Klaus restrains Mars with his magic, the Clover Kingdom's Magic Knights finally enter the center of the dungeon as Asta cuts down the door to the treasury. They are immediately in awe with the sight of treasures stored behind the said door. Asta quickly dashes in and starts tinkering with various magic tools within.[37] Until Nero forcefully lead him to a wall with a similar locking mechanism as the treasury door, albeit smaller, attached on it. Nero then starts pecking on his head when Asta expresses his lack of understanding of Nero's hints. Suddenly, Mars barges into the treasury and manages to land a critical damage on Noelle.[38][39]

As soon as Asta sees it, he immediately charges towards the Diamond Kingdom's mage, but is easily overpowered by Mars's new fighting strategy. The latter also manages to send Asta flying through the wall that Nero was showing him. Feeling helpless and unable to find any solutions to counter Mars, Asta sees Nero flying pass him and further into the hidden room behind the wall. When Asta turns his head, he sees Nero landing on top of a sword covered in dirt.[40] Asta quickly grabs the sword and manage to save both Mimosa and Noelle just in time from Mars's incoming attacks.[41][42]

Asta accepts Noelle request to defeat Mars

Asta promises Noelle to defeat Mars.

He then rushes towards Mars and is able to land an attack but Mars's healing spell is preventing Asta from giving him a significant damage. Suddenly, Noelle finally regains her consciousness after Mars attacked her and immediately orders Asta to end the fight. Asta accepts her request and throws a slash to defend himself against Mars's incoming attacks. However, to his surprise, a stream of water is coming out of his sword as he neutralizes Mars's attacks.[43]

The stream of water manages to hit Mars but Asta, unfortunately, is unable to completely stops Mars's previous attack as a blade pierces his stomach. Asta then falls to the ground as he loses his consciousness.[44] After Yuno defeats Mars in an instant, Asta's newfound sword suddenly enters his grimoire with unknown writings appearing on the pages.[45]

Klaus acknowledges Asta and Yuno

Klaus acknowledges Asta and Yuno.

Subsequently, the dungeon begins to collapse and the fainted Asta is immediately taken by Luck as Yuno prepares a vessel for them to escape. Before he completely loses his consciousness, Asta tries to reason with Klaus on taking Mars with them. Unfortunately, they fail to fulfill Asta's wish and head towards the exit.[46] As soon as they are outside, Asta is taken to a safer place for Mimosa to continue her healing process. The moment Asta awakes, Klaus quickly hugs him alongside Yuno as he acknowledges the two orphans.[47]

After the mission, Asta fell asleep for a week before he is awaken and given an order to give his report regarding his mission to the Magic Knights headquarters. When he arrives with Noelle, the couple meet with Klaus, Mimosa, and Yuno where all of them head to the designated venue together. As they arrive, the five of them are welcomed by the Wizard King himself as the latter then examines the magic that Asta and Yuno manage to take from the dungeon. Asta shows the Wizard King the writings that appear on his grimoire while also presenting the sword that could be summoned from it. Subsequently, he asks the Wizard King about the method they should use to become the Wizard King in which the latter gives them an interesting answer.[48]

Asta declares his ascension to Wizard King

Asta challenges the nobles.

Asta, along with the others, are then invited by Julius to attend a War Merits Conferment Ceremony that honors Magic Knights with the best achievements.[49] As soon as the ceremony ends, Asta then attends a banquet in which he quickly enjoys the fine dishes served while ignoring the scrutiny by the honorary Magic Knights. However, once those Knights start insulting Klaus, Yuno and Mimosa, Asta begins to lose his composure. The latter reaches boiling point when Noelle is humiliated by her own siblings in which he then declares that he will silence all of them by becoming the Wizard King.[50]

Asta's confrontation is not received well by the honorary Knights as Nebra Silva, Alecdora Sandler, and Solid Silva try to put him in his place. Using his Anti Magic, Asta swiftly manages to neutralize all of their attacks until Nozel Silva, captain of the Silver Eagle, decides to enter the fray. Nozel's intense burst of magical power reminds Asta of Yami's own burst of magical power during his entrance exam to the Magic Knights as it sends chills to his body.[51]

Asta interrupts his seniors

Asta tells his colleagues to take immediate action.

Luckily, Fuegoleon Vermillion, captain of the Crimson Lion, stops Nozel from acting even further while his brother, Leopold Vermillion, declares Asta as his rival.[52] Not long after, someone enters the hall of the banquet and warns the Knights that the Royal Capital is under attack.[53] After the sudden announcement, Asta then joins his fellow Knights as they discuss their strategy for counterattacks. However, he immediately leaves them as he expresses that they are taking too long while the citizens are being attacked.[54]

Not long after, Asta manages to find the perpetrator of the invasion, Rades Spirito, as he defeats all of his opponents along the way.[55] When he arrives, Asta immediately proclaims that he will protect everything that Rades wishes to destroy as he also manages to secure a little girl from the man. Hearing Asta's determination, Rades summons more corpses to attack Asta but the boy is able to easily immobilize all of them. However, when Asta charges towards him, Rades summons a different and more powerful corpse, No.4 - Jimmy.[56][57]

Asta defending a little girl from Jimmy

Asta protects a little girl.

After "Jimmy" manages to scratch Asta's face with one of his Magic Bullets, Rades reveals that the bullets are composed of curse power as Asta begins to bleed from it. Rades then proceeds on ordering "Jimmy" to unleash a barrage of attacks on Asta but the latter is able to easily defend himself. Seeing this, Rades orders "Jimmy" to shift its attention on the little girl behind Asta. The latter immediately steps in front of her as he is forced into the defensive, trying to prevent any of the bullets on hitting her.[58]

A bullet managed to scratch Asta on his side as he begins to bleed quite extensively. The said wound distorts Asta's concentration as several bullets are about to hit the little girl. Luckily, Noelle enters the fray and takes over the duty to protect the little girl. Asta immediately charges towards "Jimmy" but Rades summons a number of corpses to prevent his advancement. However, Asta is able to go past them as Leopold assists him by burning all of those summoned corpses. While having both swords at hands, Asta manages to take "Jimmy" down and challenges Rades for a fight.[59]

Fuegoleon taking over Asta fight

Fuegoleon takes over the fight from Asta.

Unfortunately, his opponent did not take his challenge and summons another corpse, No.2 - Alfred. Asta quickly struggles in the fight against "Alfred" as the corpse is constantly discharging lightning attacks and preventing him from closing the distance. As his wounds from his fight against "Jimmy" are getting worse, Asta is finally at the point where he is unable to evade "Alfred"'s attack. Luckily, Fuegoleon intercepted the attack by incinerating the corpse before taking over the fight from Asta.[60]

After hearing that Fuegoleon is acknowledging him, Asta tried to continue his fight before being stopped by the former.[61] The Crimson Lion's captain then asks Asta to watch and learn from his fight against Rades.[62] Seeing a captain fighting in front of his eyes, Asta is quickly being amazed by Fuegoleon's charismatic act of intimidating his opponent while raising his allies' morale.[63]

Asta Noelle and Leopold see Fuegoleon body

Asta sees Fuegoleon's body returns.

After the fight is over and Fuegoleon has restrained Rades, Asta begins to talk to the captive about his approach of getting acknowledgement over his talents.[64] A moment later, Asta hears a faint voice coming from Rades's direction before Fuegoleon is suddenly teleported away from them.[65] While Noelle is trying to locate the perpetrator, Asta quickly charges towards a pile of corpses and smashes it apart and sees Valtos, the Spatial Magic user, come out of his hiding place. The man opens another portal, from which drops the body of Fuegoleon, quickly filling Asta with shock and anger.[66]

While trying to push his confusion over Fuegoleon's defeat to the back of his head, Asta quickly prevents Rades from escaping by nullifying Valtos's Spatial Magic spell. He then manages to cut Rades's face before engaging in a fist fight against him. However, reinforcements for Rades and Valtos arrive as they surround the Clover Kingdom's Knights. Seeing that they are at a disadvantage, Asta nullifies the curse power that has been deteriorating his wounds and challenges his opponents in a fight as he tries to overcome the adversity.[67][68]

Asta against five rogue mages

Asta against the odds.

The fight begins with the five mages launch a simultaneous attacks towards Asta, who manages to deflect them all. However, the mages easily neutralize the deflected attacks. The young Knight then continues his ferocious assaults on his opponents alongside Leopold. In the middle of the fight, Noelle tries to protect them with a barrier spell, but one of the mages is able to easily neutralize it. As they try to take advantage of the situation, Asta and Leopold charge towards one of the mages as Noelle's barrier is disappearing. However, their attempt to attack fail as the said mage launches several attacks, which cause critical damages on the both of them.[69]

The said attacks render Asta unconscious as he remains on the ground. The mages then try to kill both Asta and Leopold but the remaining Knights whom were sent away by Valtos, return and intercept the attack. The mages who identified themselves as members of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, escape while also taking Asta along with them.[70]

Asta taken by rogue mages

Asta taken to the Eye of the Midnight Sun's hideout.

When Asta regains his consciousness, they have already arrive at the Eye of the Midnight Sun's hideout. The young Knight remains helpless as he is trapped within Sally's magic spell, a mage who is eager to dissect him and his grimoire. When they finally enter the hideout, Julius reveals himself and swiftly defeats three of the mages while restraining the rest of the Eye of the Midnight Sun's mages. Asta finally breaks free of Sally's spell after the said mage is restrained. He then can only sit in amazement and fear after seeing the feats, which were done by the man he needs to surpass in order to become the Wizard King.[71]

After seeing Julius' power firsthand, Asta's feet become numb as he forces himself to stand up after the Wizard King lent his hand. Not long after, while Julius questions the Eye of the Midnight Sun members about a sephirot in their hideout, a bright light manifest and prevents Asta from seeing the culprit. When it recedes, Asta realizes that the rogue mages have gone, but Julius is able to secure one of them. Asta is then taken back to the Royal Capital by Julius after receiving an update from Marx Francois, one of his aides.[72]

Julius addresses his Knights

Asta listens to Julius about the future conflicts with the Eye of the Midnight Sun.

Once they arrive, Asta is greeted by Noelle, Klaus, Mimosa, and Nero, who are very relieved when they see the young Knight.[73] Asta then remains with his fellow Knights as Julius addresses them in regards to the conflict with the Eye of the Midnight Sun. When Nozel decides to leave as soon as the Wizard King is done, Asta expresses his confusion over the Silver Eagle captain's lack of camaraderie. Not long after, Leopold comes out of the medical ward and vows to become the next Wizard King in which Asta accepts him as one of his rivals. He then asks Leopold to properly introduces himself to him.[74]

Not long after, Asta, Charmy, and Noelle prepare to leave the Royal Capital, but they end up lost within the city. As they stroll around while having a conversation, they encounter Yuno, Klaus and Mimosa. The moment Asta strikes a conversation with Yuno, the latter immediately launches an attack towards the Black Bull members. Asta manages to nullify it and finds out that Yuno uses the spell to say his farewell towards his foster brother.[75]

Asta reunited with his squadmates

Asta returns to the Black Bull's headquarters.

Afterwards, at the Black Bull's headquarters, Asta greets Magna and Luck, who have just returned from their mission. The young Knight then tells his senior that he has been promoted to a 3rd class Junior Magic Knight. However, both of them fail to comprehend Asta's attempt to boast himself, until Yami explains the significance of it. Asta then relays his worries over Fuegoleon to his captain, but Yami managed to cheer him up before he tells him to rest. Suddenly, Finral arrives through his Spatial Magic spell and invites Asta to a blind date.[76]

Later that day, at a restaurant in Nairn, Asta attends a blind date with Finral and Luck. As his seniors finish their introductions, the young Black Bull mage also introduces himself. Unfortunately, his speech is not received well by the ladies, so he shows off the wounds that he received during the Royal Capital's invasion, which further reduces their interest in him.[77] As Luck and Finral are finally able to have a lively conversation with their dates, Asta also tries to break the ice with his date, Rebecca Scarlet. She reveals her intention and disinterest as she prefers to stay with her siblings. In response, Asta begins to tell her about his own foster siblings, which quickly grabs her interest and they are able to have a topic of interest.[78]

Asta remains faithful to the Sister

Asta remains faithful to Sister Lily.

Suddenly, a drunk burly man interrupts them and begins to insult Rebecca by mocking her living situation. Asta immediately puts drunkard in his place by throwing him across the hall. His action prompts Rebecca to take him away from the restaurant into an alley. She then asks Asta whether he has someone of romantic interest. The Black Bull Knight confirms it, but he refrains from revealing her identity as his thoughts are filled with the image of Sister Lily. Subsequently, Rebecca invites Asta to play with her siblings sometime, which he is in agreement. He then asks Rebecca the true purpose of a blind date, which quickly stuns her.[79]

The next day, Asta returns to Nairn to play with Rebecca's siblings. He meets with a little girl named Marie Adlai who ends up playing with them. When Asta tries to take her for a spin, Marie's older brother, Gauche Adlai, immediately interferes and kicks him down. As the Black Bull mage quickly identifies Marie's older brother as his senior in the squad, the latter beats him further when Marie reveals her intention to marry Asta.[80] A while later, after Marie returned to the church, Asta and Gauche decide to spend the night at Rebecca's house. The young Knight quickly praises Rebecca's cooking skill after he tasted her dishes.[81]

The town suddenly covered in snow

Snow suddenly falls in Nairn.

When the night falls and Asta is fast asleep, he is suddenly attacked by Gauche who is determined to kill him for bonding with Marie. The Black Bull Knight tries to reason with his senior, but he fails and the latter manages to push him out of the house. The moment Asta realizes that the town has been covered in snow, Rebecca comes towards him and informs the disappearance of her siblings.[82] Afterward, the other citizens of Nairn begin to wake up and discover that their children are gone.[83]

While Asta still tries to evade Gauche's assaults, Noelle comes along and informs them that she saw a group of children walking towards the mountain area. At that moment, the Sisters of the church arrive and reveal that the children of the church have gone missing as well. The fact that Marie has also been kidnapped quickly infuriates Gauche as he tries to vent his anger towards Sister Theresa. Fortunately, Asta manages to stop him and asks him to calm down by hitting him. As the young Knight urges his senior to use the time to look for hints of the children's whereabouts, it reminds Gauche of the mirror, which he gave to Marie, that he could use to trace them. Asta, Gauche, and Theresa then leave Nairn to pursue the children after the young Knight assures Rebecca of her siblings' safety.[84][85]

As they near the caves, Asta spots Marco Scarlet laying outside and asks Gauche to get closer. Gauche refuses and tells Asta to let go, which he does. Theresa joins Asta next to Marco, and Asta taps the boy on the head with the Demon-Slayer Sword, freeing the boy from the enchantment. After being healed, Marco does not want to be left alone, so Asta lends him the Black Bull squad robe as comfort.[86] When Asta and Theresa arrive in the cave, she notes that the children's mana has been drained and may never be able to use magic, which infuriates Asta. As Baro mocks him for not having mana, Asta hits him with the Demon-Slayer Sword.[87][88] Asta threatens Baro and punches the wall next to his head, saying that beating Baro up will not undo the damage to the children. Asta then frees the children from the enchantment. As she heals the children, Theresa mentions to Asta that she knows Sister Lily, who described the boy as short and loud but is proud of his hard work ethic, much to Asta's delight.[89]

Asta demands to know how to return the children's mana. Suddenly Sally appears from a portal and is delighted to see Asta.[90] Asta warns the others about her. After Gauche's spells prove ineffective against her Gel Magic, Sally grabs Asta and pulls him onto her salamander, where she tastes his blood. As Sally tries to remove his pinky fingernail, Theresa frees the boy with Fire Magic. Asta is surprised to learn that Theresa was a Magic Knight and knows Fuegoleon, and asks if she has heard what happened to him, which she confirms.[91] When Sally turns Baro into a giant mud monster, Asta and Theresa move to defend the children, while Gauche grabs Marie and flies away.[92] While fighting the monster, Asta saves Neige from being smashed because he still has to pay for what he has done. Asta tries cutting the monster to pieces, but Sally reveals that its overwhelming magic is fueled by Baro's lifeforce. Theresa then saves Asta again from Sally's attempt to capture him.[93]

Arc 4

Exhausted, Asta is still fighting.

When Gauche returns, he finds Asta and Theresa exhausted, but Asta still refuses to give up.[94] Asta declares that he will die before letting the children be harmed and rushes in but has to be saved by Gauche.[95] When Gauche's spells prove ineffective, Asta saves his squadmate and tells him that they need to work together as a team. Gauche agrees, which causes the Demon-Dweller Sword to appear and fills it with Gauche's magic. Asta swings the sword and releases a flying slash of Anti Magic light.[96] Gauche then has Asta look into his mirror eye and multiplies the boy. The multiples Astas all swings their swords and destroy the monster with Mirrors Slash.[97]

After the clones dissipate, Asta is attacked by Baro, but Neige freezes his brother. Neige asks if they can be friends after he serves time in prison, and Asta agrees and thanks Neige for saving him.[98] Suddenly Neige and Gauche are struck down by blades of light. Asta carries Neige over to the others behind Theresa, who raises a defense. However, she is struck down, too. Asta then notices that Sally has disappeared and recognizes Licht, who formally introduces himself. Asta is then shocked to see that Licht has a four-leaf clover grimoire, like Yuno.[99] Confused by Licht's speech about victims, Asta points out that the Eye of the Midnight Sun attacked first. Rebuking the statement, Licht pierces Asta's leg and asks about the boy's grimoire. Asta tries to hide behind his larger sword, but Licht appears behind him and attacks. To Asta's surprise, Yami drops out of a portal and blocks the attack.[100]

Asta asks Finral to carry the injured back to Nairn and stays behind to keep fighting. Asta is impressed by Yami's ability to block Licht's attacks.[101] Asta listens but gets confused as Licht and Yami relate their backstories.[102] The boy is shocked when Licht admits to injuring Fuegoleon.[103] After Yami injures Licht, the captain tells Asta to do the same, much to the boy's disbelief.[104] Yami then instructs Asta in how to use ki and orders him to take out Valtos.[105] Asta listens for Valtos's attack but is still hit, and Yami kicks him for using just his ears. Asta concentrates and manages to reflect Valtos's attack back, hitting him in the chest.[106] Angered, Licht lashes out and causes a cave-in, but Asta and Yami use ki to dodge the rocks.[107]

Yami orders Asta to take on Licht but, changing his mind, orders the boy to finish fighting Valtos.[108] Asta is distracted by Yami and Licht's fight, and Valtos tries to interfere. Yami then threatens Asta again for not dealing with Valtos. Asta charges forward and Valtos attacks from multiple angles at once. Asta reflects some of them back but Valtos escapes before they hit. As the assault continues, Asta's numerous injuries are taking their toll. In a desperate attempt, Asta tosses his swords aside, tempting Valtos to fire a larger attack. Asta then jumps through the portal and punches Valtos.[109]

Asta marvels at Yami's massive injury to Licht.[110][111] When Licht decides to unleash his most powerful spell, Asta believes Yami can handle it, but the captain reveals that it is too much for him.[112] Asta panics while Yami tries to construct a defense. Gauche saves them by reflecting the spell with a giant mirror.[113] Yami then tries to restrain Licht with his Dark Magic but notices that three more people have arrived. Licht tells Asta and the group that the three—Rhya, Vetto, and Fana—are called the Third Eye and that all three are stronger than him. Yami continues to counter the three's attack until three other Magic Knight captains, Nozel Silva, Charlotte Roselei, and Jack the Ripper arrive to help. When Asta decides to join in the fight, Nozel stops him and tells him that he will only get in the way. Everyone notices how intense the battle is; however, Licht says that the captains will ultimately lose to them since they are loved by mana. Yami appears above Licht, and while Licht is distracted, Asta slips through the battle and slams his sword into Licht.

Yami compliments Asta for surpassing his limits and wounding Licht. Licht suddenly begins to glow which Vetto reveals that the seal on Licht has been broken. Licht then angrily asks Asta why he has those swords, to which Asta replies that the grimoire and swords belong to him. The light within Licht then suddenly starts to expand, so Vetto, Rhya, and Fana quickly surround Licht, seal him within crystal, and then teleport themselves, Licht, and Valtos away. Asta is excited that they have won but falls unconscious from exhaustion.

Asta later wakes up in a room and wonders where he is. Marx Francois informs him that he is at the Magic Knights Headquarters, and thanks him for the hard work. Marx then introduces himself and asks if Asta can help them out with his Anti Magic swords, which Asta agrees to do. Marx leads him to the underground dungeon, where Julius is waiting. The Wizard King rushes to Asta asking about the magics of the Eye of the Midnight Sun members. After Marx stops Julius's questions, Asta brings out his sword and undoes Catherine and George's mental protection. Marx then activates his magic and begins to interrogate them. After learning who the traitor is, Marx calls the Magic Knight Captains down to the dungeon.

Asta hits Gueldre

Asta hits Gueldre.

Once the captains arrive, Julius has the prisoners repeat that Gueldre Poizot is the traitor.[114] Gueldre turns invisible and tries to flee. Asta chases after the Purple Orca and dispels Gueldre's magic. Before Gueldre can retaliate, Rill restrains him in a painting. After Marx uses his magic to reveal everything that Gueldre had done, Julius tells the other captains to not reveal any other this to the public and to investigate their squads for other traitors.

Later, in his office, Julius apologizes to Yami and Asta for having them stay and reveals to them that the Eye of the Midnight Sun are after themagic stones and that one of the stones is in the Seabed Temple, a Grand Magic Zone. When Asta asks what one is, Yami angrily threatens to crush Asta's head, while Julius eplains what they are. Yami says that their mission is just to get there and get the magic stone before the Eye of the Midnight Sun. Julius responds that it is only a job that the Black Bulls can do. Julius adds that Asta's Anti Magic will assist the squad in enetering the zone, and Asta then salutes Julius while saying that he will do his best. After Yami and Asta leave the building, Asta admits that he was nervous since he did not expect the Wizard King, someone he admired, to rely on him. Yami slaps Asta's back and reminds Asta that he let Asta into the Black Bull squad and to do his best.[115]

Later in Nairn, Asta goes to visit Marie and the other children, which upsets Gauche, who is also visiting. At Rebecca's home, Marco returns Asta's robe. Noelle comments about how Asta had gotten torn up with out her, to which Asta says that he gets torn up even if she is there. Rebecca thinks about how she cannot compete with a girl that can fight alongside of Asta. Thinking that she can take his first kiss, Rebecca then kisses Asta on the cheek and thanks him for saving her siblings, which casues Asta to blush and stammer. Marie says that she wants to kiss Asta too, so Gauche attacks Asta again.[116]

Upon Asta's return to the base, Yami sends him to befriend Henry Legolant, the bedridden owner of the house. Henry is afflicted with a curse that drains others' magic power, but Asta has none so he can hang out with Henry. The two quickly become friends.[117][118]

Black Bulls take to the beach

Black Bulls at the beach.

The Black Bulls then head out to Raque for their mission from the Wizard King, but decide to have some fun at the beach first.[119] After being randomly attacked by Gauche, Asta watches Charmy try to hit a watermelon, only to be the one hit instead. As Asta yells at Charmy for hitting him, but suddenly notices that Grey has transformed into him and says how Grey should use their magic for something more useful. Asta suddenly asks why Gordon is not here, which someone explains how Gordon does not like the sun so he stayed behind.[120] Noelle thinks about how she had bought the bikini she is wearing to have Asta look at her, and going to asks what he thinks about it but notices that Asta is just training on the beach. Noelle goes to attack Asta for not looking at her but suddenly hit Magna instead. As Vanessa comments about how this vacation is the best, Asta remembers that they are here to find the magic stones but Yami suddenly appears and kicks Asta for having fun like the rest. Yami then buries them in the sand and explains how in order to reach the grand magic zone, they will have to wait until the full moon for when the zone is weakened. Asta, Charmy, Magna, and Luck are then shocked that Captain Yami was actually doing some real work, which Yami says that he is going to kill them for thinking that. He then goes on to tell them that Noelle's magic is key to getting to the seabed temple. When Noelle says that she cannot control her magic, and that if she fails they could die, which prompts Yami to tell her train until the next full moon and to surpass her limits.[121]

Kahono singing on a rock

Asta and Noelle discover Kahono.

During her training, Noelle hears someone screaming and Asta jumps toward her with a crab pinching his toe. Both find out that they were both training, and Asta suggests that they train together since he can help her if she loses control of her mana again. Noelle tells Asta that she will not lose control again but he can stay if he wants. Suddenly both of them hear singing and notice Kahono singing on the beach.[122] As Asta and Noelle wonder who the girl is, Kahono notices that she is being watched and comments about how embarrassing it is. She decides to make friends with Asta and Noelle, and Noelle then asks what Kahono is doing out here. Kahono tells them about her dream of becoming an idol, while also explaining what an idol is. Kahono notices that Asta is fatigued and uses her magic to heal Asta. Kahono then asks if they will be friends with her, to which Asta and Noelle agree. Wanting to help Noelle train, Kahono explains how one can truly concentrate after one clears their mind, with which Asta agrees and adds that his best swings are when he is not thinking.

Over the next few days, Noelle continues her training while Kahono and Asta cheer her on.[123] On the night of the full moon, Noelle thinks about how this is her last chance which Asta tells her to stop thinking and just release her mana. Asta also says that he remembered the first time that Noelle lost control of her mana, and also reminds Kahono what told her about suppressing her mana. Noelle tries to tell Asta about the down side of her doing that, but Asta replies that he will help her out if that happened. Noelle then agrees to it and releases her mana which she knew that she would lose her control. Noelle also thinks about how she could not control her mana since all her members are unpleasant. Suddenly Noelle hears her name and notices that members of the Black Bulls are cheering her on.[124] Noelle manages to gain control of her mana to complete the Sea Dragon's Cradle and, in her excitement, loses her concentration, and the spell dissolves. As she falls, Finral tries to catch her, but Asta reaches her first.[125] Afterwards, Yami arrives to congratulate Noelle, and then tells the Black Bulls that it is time to go.

The Black Bulls enter the Seabed Temple and are directed to the High Priest Gifso, who tests them with a Monster Toy. Gifso tells the Black Bulls that if they want the magic stone, then they are going to have to play with him. Magna asks Gifso how he knows what they are after, and Gifso says that his eyesight is a little special.[126] Gifso then asks if they want to play, and Yami replies that they will play. Gifso says that they will play the Temple Battle Royale and uses his magic to summon the other priests and then scatter both the Black Bulls and the priests to other locations. Gifso tells the players the rules of the game and that he will also be interfering with the game to make it more fun. While Gifso and Yami watch, Asta, Gauche, Magna, and Luck each suddenly encounter opponents, whom the four Black Bulls easily defeat.[127]

Asta vs

Asta vs. Kiato.

Asta is fighting another Monster Toy, when he comes across the swordfish priest who has defeated a large monster. The priest notices Asta and introduces himself. Kiato also tells Asta of his dream of being a dancer that everyone wants to see, along with how they are not able to enter the Kingdom. Kiato then says that if the priests win the game, then they will be allowed to enter the kingdom. Kiato suddenly attacks Asta, who counters and reveals his dream of becoming the Wizard King. Kiato gets excited and continues his clash with Asta. As their battle continues, Asta and Kiato continue their clash which Asta thinks about how its hard to read Kiato's moves. Kiato says that he has the advantage with his Butoh Magic and continues to assault Asta. Asta tries to mimic Kiato's magic which Kiato says that that is not going to work. Kiato attack but Asta manages to dodge by copying Kiato's dancing style.[128] Kiato is shocked which Asta uses this chance to knock one of Kiato's swords away.

Asta blocks Vetto

Asta blocks Vetto.

After Vetto and the Eye of the Midnight Sun invade the temple, Yami and Gifso make an announcement and change the rules of the game, so Kiato and Asta postpone their fight.[129] The two boys make their way towards Vetto's location, and Kiato senses the types and strengths of magic there. When Asta asks how Kiato evaded his ki-sensing, the priest explains about his Butoh Magic.[130] The two boys are then surprised by the explosive clash of magic from Magna and Luck's combined spell.[131] After blocking Vetto from attacking Magna and Luck, Kiato and Asta team up to attack Vetto, after the terrorist threatens the lives of the temple's citizens. The boys unleash a flurry of attacks but are pushed back. Vetto insults them, but the two attack again with renewed vigor. They land slashes to Vetto's arms, but the man punches both of them, sending them crashing into a wall.[132]

Vetto tells them that attacks like that will not work on him, but Asta gets up and says that he is not done yet. Vetto tells Asta that he cannot defeat him and begins to tell him why. Vetto throws a boulder saying that Asta is weak against long-ranged attacks that do not involve mana, and Asta manages to dodge. Vetto then attacks Asta and says that his next weakness is that he is weak against opponents who enhance their physical ability beyond Asta's, but Asta says that he is not going to give up. Vetto then grabs Asta's arm and says that his last weakness is that Asta does not know when to give up. Vetto also tells Asta that he is badly beaten because he foolishly attacks and does not give up. Vetto then says that he is sick that Asta possesses both those swords and decides to hear Asta's screams by crushing Asta's arm.[133]

Asta bites Vetto's arm and says something but Vetto cannot understand him. Vetto's arm is suddenly attacked and he lets go of Asta. Vetto notices Noelle and Kahono, who tell him what Asta said: "Would giving up keep me alive?"[134]

After defeating and severely injuring Kahono and Kiato, Vetto is confronted by Noelle alone, who refuses to give up against him. After releasing her full power and successfully injures Vetto by blowing off his right arm, he reveals that he has a third eye and thanks them for calling him out. She is shocked and thinks about the sinister mana that is coming from him. He activates a Demon Beast Magic spell and regenerates his arm.[135] Noelle stands her ground, and when Vetto fires a magic blast, she realizes that she already used most of her mana. Asta jumps in front of the blast and cuts it, diverting the spell around the pair. Asta tells Vetto that they have not given up yet, to which Vetto replies that they are all going to taste true despair from now on.[136] Asta explains that Kahono used the last of her magic to heal him. He then compliments Noelle, patting her on the head, and then takes over for her.[137]

Asta replies that Vetto cannot say whatever he wants, and Finral thinks that Vetto has the power to back up whatever he says. Asta tells Vetto that not giving up is not his weakness but his only weapon as he will not give up until he get what he wants. Vetto replies that Asta's weapon is not worth anything, and decides to take out all the trash before finishing Asta off. As he tries to attack the others, Vanessa arrives and saves them all and binds Vetto with her magic. When Vetto breaks free, he then fires a blast at Vanessa, only to have the attack warped back at him by Finral, who then says he will join in too. Vetto tells them that it does not matter how many there are, they will not put a scratch on him. Vanessa tells Noelle to protect the wounded and says that if they get hit by Vetto, they are dead. Finral says that they are all insane, and Vanessa says that she will reward him, causing Finral to get excited. Vanessa uses her magic to bind Asta's hand to his sword and tells him that he will have to be the one to attack since his attacks will work. Vanessa also says to attack with the intent to kill since she and Finral will not let him die.[138]

Asta, Finral, and Vanessa vs Vetto

Asta, Finral, and Vanessa vs. Vetto.

The fight begins when Asta charges at Vetto, who counters by firing a blast. Finral warps the blast back at Vetto, who diverts the attack and thinks about how his long-ranged attacks are negated or warped back at him.[139] Vetto also thinks about how good Finral is and that he will have to destroy them at close-range. Asta uses a portal to get behind Vetto, who easily notices and goes to attack. Vanessa uses her magic to change Asta's direction, which shocks Vetto. Vetto looks up but Asta has jumped through a portal to appear below Vetto and lands a hit while saying that he is going to defeat him with his weapon.[140] Asta asks how Vetto likes that, to which Vetto replies that it was not bad and attacks. Vanessa saves Asta by pulling him through a portal back to them.

Vanessa tells Asta to keep it up, to which Asta responds that it is all their doing. Noelle is surprised about how good Finral and Vanessa are. Vetto thinks about how the wound is not healing and that Asta's sword is the only thing that is capable of defeating him.[141] He also thinks about how the real threat is Vanessa and her magic, as she is able to spread her thread everywhere and manipulate anything, and about how the thread may not be able to hurt him but the thread is hard to detect and that he cannot keep up with Asta's movements because of the thread.[142] Vetto says that their teamwork is making him sick and charges at them saying that he will not give them a sliver of hope. Asta continues to attack by jumping through portals, while Vetto tries to counterattack.

Vanessa notices that Vetto has the timing down, and says that she is going to surpass her limits and raise the speed. Asta says that he is good, and Vanessa wonders why Asta is giving her strength and also thinks about how she made the right choice to leave her home and join the Black Bulls.[143] She also thinks about how the thread of fate is always in one's own hand and tells Asta to do what is necessary since she will save him, to which Asta replies that he is in her hands. Finral thinks about how they are moving too fast and that this is why he hates hot-headed people. He then thinks about his childhood, his brother, and why he decided to run away from it all.[144] He also thinks about Asta, how he cannot defeat his brother, and why he was chosen to be a member of the Black Bulls. He decides that he will not try to be the best on his own and that he is going to make this squad the best. He tells Asta to trust him and jump, to which Asta replies that Finral already has his trust.

Vetto crushes Asta's arms

Vetto crushes Asta's arms.

Asta then jumps through multiple portals around Vetto, who comments about how if they make the slightest mistake, they are dead and wonders how long they can last.[145] Finral thinks about how Vetto should stop talking and wonders why Asta would trust him and Vanessa. He also thinks about how he and Vanessa will not betray Asta. Vetto comments about how they should just fall into despair, to which Asta replies that no one has the time for that nonsense, while thrusting his sword into Vetto.[146] Vetto yells and Asta, Finral, and Vanessa think that they have won. Vetto grabs Asta's arms and tells him that his attack did not work and that he only let Asta hit him to snatch Asta's weapon away. Vetto then says that he hopes that they enjoy the pits of despair, and Finral, Vanessa, and Noelle look panicked. Vetto repeats the word "despair," but Asta says that it is not over yet, shocking Vetto, Finral, Vanessa, and Noelle. Vanessa pulls Asta back without his sword, while thinking about how Asta is not normal and that he will rise to the top in this world of magic. She also thinks about how they have to help guide Asta and continue to fight while using her thread to keep Asta's arm in place.[147]

Asta thanks Vanessa as he can now still fight, and Vanessa thinks about why Asta was not given any magic powers. She says that they will continue to attack, and Finral says that they will continue for how ever long it takes. Asta then quickly grabs his second sword and charges at Vetto. Vetto asks why Asta will not feel despair, to which Asta replies that there is someone to whom he cannot lose and that his promise will not lose to despair.[148] Asta then continues to jump through portals, and Vetto says that they are all insects to be crushed and that he can easily follow Asta's movements but notices that he cannot anymore. Vetto notices that the sword stuck in his body is weakening that magic strengthening his body and that he has been relying on magic to fight all this time.[149] He then thinks about how he thought that he had taken Asta's weapon away, but he was the one that had his weapon taken away. While pulling the sword out of his body, Vetto comments about how it is impossible for him to lose to mere humans, and Asta tells him that everyone Vetto has fought has not surrendered to him. Vetto tells Asta to be silent and thinks about how there is a chill down his spine since his magic armor and absolute confidence has cracked. He also thinks about how Asta is not a beast like himself but more like a despair-eating demon.[150] Vetto then yells out, "Despair," and Asta attacks, saying that Vetto loses.

As Asta and the others celebrate, Vetto gets back up and releases a large cloud of mana, planning on self-destructing and taking the entirety of the Seabed temple with him. Yami then arrives, telling the others to let him handle the rest. Asta then watches as Yami turns to Vetto and releases his mana while thinking about how he can still grow and that it is because of watching his men that he was able to surpass his limits. Vetto yells out, "Despair," and Yami tells him to shut up and that no matter how powerful Vetto is, his spell is capable of cutting through dimensions. The attack cleanly slices through Vetto and his mana, splitting them in half vertically. Yami then thanks Vetto for taking good care of his men.[151] As Vetto dies, Yami tells Vetto that he never fell into despair and also tells Vetto to go meet his maker. Asta, Noelle, Finral, and Vanessa rush over to Yami and congratulate him for defeating Vetto, but Yami swings his sword at them while telling them to get away from him.[152]

As his squad recovers, Yami covers Vetto's corpse with a sheet and makes a small memorial. Asta then goes to lays down some flowers he found and wonders if Vetto was the one in the most despair.[153] Yami asks Asta if he is a fool, which shocks Asta. Yami tells Asta to answer the question or get hurt, so Asta replies that he is a fool. Yami says good and comments about how fools do not need to think things through and that he just needs to chase after his dream. Yami then pulls Asta's headband over his eyes, and Asta says that he cannot see and that he cannot remove it since his arms are broken.

The Black Bulls stand before the people of the Seabed Temple, and Asta thanks them for everything they did for them. Gifso replies that they should come back since they will have a feast in their honor. Vanessa asks Charmy about the prisoners, and Charmy says that they are complaining but they cannot escape. Magna compliments Charmy's Magic, to which Charmy replies that it is amazing. Asta tells Kiato and Kahono not to give up on their dream because there should be magic out there that can heal them, and that he is going to do his best to heal his arms. Kiato promises to show Asta that he can dance with the prosthetic leg made by his grandfather, and Kahono says that she will not give up on her dream while also thanking Asta. The Black Bulls then leave using Finral's magic to their headquarters.[154]

After returning to base, Yami decides to go to the capital with Finral and Charmy to hand over the prisoners. Asta asks if he can come too, to which Yami says he can come. When they get to the capital, Asta says that he can never get over how big the capital is, and Yami tells him to shut up. Yami tells Finral that he can do whatever he wanted, and Finral thanks Yami and leaves to look for some ladies. Yami, Charmy, and Asta then meet up with the Wizard King and reveal what they had found out about the enemy. Julius says that he will have a group autopsy Vetto's corpse and another to interrogate the prisoners. Yami then hands over the magic stone, and Julius compliments them for doing a good job. Julius reveals that they lost a few Magic Knights from the fight at Raque, and compliments Yami for not losing a single member. Julius thinks about how Yami has gotten stronger and how people questioned him when he put Yami as a captain of a squad. Julius also thinks about what Yami told him, and tells Yami how he has become an amazing Magic Knight captain. Yami tells Julius to stop that and reminds Julius of the words that he told Yami once. Yami also says that Julius should prove to everyone that he was right, just like he was right with his members. Julius then compliments Asta for his achievements and that he expects great things from him. Asta then asks for Julius's autograph, and Yami says that he will give Asta his autograph between his eyes. Julius then picks Charmy up and asks if Charmy is Yami's, to which Yami replies that she is not.[155] Marx suddenly contacts Julius with his magic, and reveals that there is an invasion. Julius asks what happened, and Marx reveals that the Diamond Kingdom has attacked their border. Marx then uses his magic to show them the invasion, which shocks Julius. Julius says that this is not the Diamond Kingdom's usual attack and that the invasion is being lead by three of the Eight Shining Generals. Ragus, Yagos, and Broccos express their excitement about the battle ahead. Asta asks what the Eight Shining Generals are, and Yami explains that they are like their Magic Knight captains. Marx also explains how important Kiten is to the Clover Kingdom.

Marx then shows them that William, along with Yuno, Langris Vaude, and other members of the Golden Dawn, have arrived in Kiten. William tells his men that they are going to show the enemies the way out of the kingdom, while Asta is shocked by Yuno being there.[156] At the Magic Knights headquarters, Julius and the others are watching the invasion. Julius decides to send more people to help the situation. Yami volunteers because he wants to talk to William. Asta insists on helping too, but Yami says that Asta is too injured to go. Charmy, who wants to meet Yuno again, offers to keep Asta safe, so Yami allows them to come.[157]

Black Bulls helping in Kiten

Black Bulls helping the citizens of Kiten.

When the Black Bulls arrive in Kiten, Charmy and Asta are amazed by the giant tree. Yami informs them that it is William's and then leaves to find the captain, telling the three to go help the citizens.[158] As Asta, Charmy, and Finral are helping the citizens escape the battle, they suddenly notice that Yuno is fighting Ragus above them. Yuno overpowers the general and defeats him with a large wind trident. After Ragus smashes into a building, Yuno drops down and greets Asta. Noting Asta's injuries and sweat, Yuno speculates that Asta has gotten stronger but not enough to beat him. Asta replies that Yuno has also gotten stronger, while Charmy admires Yuno.[159] As Yuno and Asta continue to talk, Sylph gets angry and demands to know who Asta is. The two boys explain but Sylph misunderstands. Charmy then greets Yuno and gives him food while introducing herself. Sylph yells at her for getting close to Yuno. Charmy and Sylph then get into an argument with each threatening the other.[160] Langris then arrives and harshly criticizes Finral. Asta asks who Langris is, and Finral reveals that Langris is his younger brother and the vice-captain of the Golden Dawn. When Langris continues insulting Finral, Asta tells him to stop, but Finral interrupts and admits that it is all true. Langris then says that the Black Bulls are not needed since all the enemies have been defeated. However, when Langris calls Asta and Charmy children, Finral tells him not to insult the Black Bulls.[161]

Yagos then appears and attacks Langris, but the vice-captain cuts through the mucus. The general has surrounded himself with captured citizens in an attempt to dissuade Langris from attacking him. Langris accepts that he will have to kill the citizens to defeat Yagos. Asta refuses to let that happen since Magic Knights are supposed to protect the citizens. Asta, Charmy, and Finral decide to face Yagos. Charmy's Sheep Fluffy Cushion launches Asta towards Yagos, and when Yagos tries to attack, Finral warps Asta above Yagos. Asta pulls out the Demon-Dweller Sword and dispels the snail, freeing the citizens. Shocked that his spells was negated, Yagos attacks again, but Finral warps Asta behind Yagos. The boy crashes into the general's back, knocking Yagos unconscious. Before Asta falls to the ground, Yuno grabs him with wind streams and comments about how messy his fighting style is. Finral then tells his brother that the Black Bulls will defeat the Golden Dawn.[162]

Yagos later lays bound in cotton, while Finral tells Asta and Charmy that since everything has calmed down, they should go meet Yami. Yuno and Asta bid each other goodbye, and Charmy tries to talk with Yuno but instead gets in a fight with Sylph. After the Black Bulls leave, with Finral dragging Charmy, Finral asks Asta if he is okay with leaving things as is, to which Asta says that they will meet again on another battlefield. Both Asta and Yuno say that they are aiming to be the Wizard King. Back at the castle, Yami is carrying Asta by the head asking if Asta has a sickness that makes him fight all the time. Asta defends by stating that his body moved before he thought about what he was doing. Yami states that he wants a doctor to take a look at Asta.

Yami takes Asta to Owen, the kingdom's greatest doctor, who once reattached Yami's arms when they were severed and who serves directly under the Wizard King. Owen says that he has heard about Asta from Yami when they went drinking together, while Asta thinks that, because he serves under Julius Novachrono, he must be amazing. Yami leaves, saying that he has errands to run but implies he will be gambling instead. Owen remarks that though Yami is younger than he is, he always does things so boldly that it paints Owen in a bad light. He then tells Asta to sit so he can look at his arms. Using Qualle Operation, he examines Asta's broken arms. He compliments Asta's muscles, to which Asta replies that it is because he works out all the time. Owen remarks that his magic allows him to see inside body structures to the parts that need fixing and that he will be inputting the necessary mana to do the healing. However, he wears a grim expression as he examines Asta. He then tells Asta that his arms are hit by an ancient curse spell, and that his arms cannot be healed since there is no magic that can currently undo the damage that's been done in the kingdom. Later, Asta returns to the base and joins in on the party that the black bulls are having. After eating and performing party tricks, Asta then says he's tired and excuses himself from the room, which confuses everyone. After Finral secretly explains Asta's situation to the others, on his own outside, Asta sits on a large rock staring up at the moon. He reflects on Owen telling him he can no longer wield a sword, and then on himself claiming that not giving up is his magic. He recalls various battles he has fought and Yuno's face. As he sits alone, shaking, the rest of the Black Bulls watch him worriedly from behind a tree and some rocks.

Asta finally shouts that he will not give up. Everyone is astonished as Asta rants about making a lemon cake to go with the lemonade he is making from all the lemons life is throwing at him. He says he will find a way to get his arms healed, or a way to fight without his arms. Noelle is relieved. Recalling the moment where he nearly gave up while fighting Revchi, Asta declares that he will never let himself be that depressed again, with everyone coming out from behind to support him and help heal his arms.

The next day, Asta wakes and goes to greet everyone but notices that only Yami is there. Asta asks where everyone is and Yami replies that he does not know. Asta wonders if everyone is out having fun, but notices that someone is outside and heads to the window. He sees Noelle and Finral and wonders what they are up to. Noelle says that they have gotten everyone to their destinations, to which Finral replies that he does not know why they are not up front about looking for a way to heal Asta. Noelle suggests that it is because Yami would get mad at them since it is not a mission and Asta would tell them not to worry about him. Asta then leaves the building and starts to cry. He comments that he had always hated that he was born without magic, but in place of that he was blessed with wonderful teammates and friends. Back at the Black Bulls base, Asta is exercising when a portal is created and Finral and Noelle arrive, with Fanzell Kruger, Mariella, Dominante Code appearing as well. They quickly take Asta and head out while telling Asta that they will explain to Asta about where they are going later, arriving at the Witches' Forest.

Outside the Witches' Forest, Asta and the others arrive, at which time Domina tells them that the Witch Queen canvases the entire forest with her magic and that they will have to use cloaks that she invented to get in. After explaining everything to Asta, the group then enters the Witch's Forest in two groups. Once inside Noelle spots a golem, which Domina explains what the golems purpose is and how they are protected with the cloaks. Suddenly the men's cloak comes off and they are all swarmed by the golems. They quickly races to the queen's palace and make it to the palace with Finral's magic. Once inside they find Vanessa unconscious on the floor with the Witch Queen standing over her. Asta yells at the queen to leave Vanessa alone but the queen respond by saying the its is her duty to discipline Vanessa for leaving and that it does not concern him. Asta says that he does not care and charges at the queen. Finral creates a portal, which Asta jump through and appears behind the queen but the queen easily defends herself. The queen comments about how Asta does not have any mana, which Asta responds that he maybe a slum rat with no mana but its better than be someone who walks out on their family. Queen then comments about how Asta is the one that Vanessa was talking about and how Vanessa would become her slave if she would heal Asta's arms.

When two armies approach the forest, the Witch Queen displays them for the infiltrators to see.[163] When Asta sees the Diamond kingdom and the Eye of the Midnight Sun approaching, he sees both Mars and Fana on each side. When the Witch Queen asks the infiltrators for assistance, Finral and the others agrees to help defeat the two armies in exchange for the Witch Queen healing Asta's arms, which she then does.[164] Asta is surprised that his arms are completely healed, and even notes that they feel stronger than ever, with Asta starting to work out to prove his arms are better. The Black Bulls are ecstatic, but reprimand Asta when he immediately suggests going out to fight.[165][166] The queen tells them that she has hold up her end so now its their turn, which Asta responds that he will and also thanks her for healing his arms. Fanzell tells Asta the he is happy that Asta's arms are healed and that he along with Domina and Mariella are going to face the Diamond Kingdom's army, which Asta says that that is fine and to not die.

Asta vs

Asta protects the witches

As members of theEye of the Midnight Sun begin to capture witches in order to makes them their slaves, Asta shows up and frees some of them. Asta asks if one of the witches is okay, but the witch attacks Asta and flies away. Asta wonders what was that for, which Vanessa explains how the witches thinks that they are the greater sex. Noelle starts to put out the fires, while Vanessa gets angry and says that she will protect her home. The squad leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun manages to get a hold of some witches and expresses how he cannot wait to have fun with them.[167] Asta asks Vanessa if she can throw him towards the enemy, which Vanessa says that she can but she will not be able to pull him back. Asta tells her that he is fine with that and Vanessa throws him towards that enemy. One of the members sends a spell towards Asta, but Asta easily cuts through the spell. Asta lands on the mage and slams his sword into him. Another member tells the others to kill Asta, but the boy jumps towards the other members and easily defeats them all, using them as stepping stones to get closer to their leader. Shidan attacks but Asta negates the spell and brings Demon-Slayer Sword down onto Shidan's head, knocking him unconscious.[168] Asta tells the witches to escape, as Fana suddenly shows up and says that she is going to kill him.[169]

Salamander fires a fireball, which Asta reflects back at Fana and Salamander. Before the fireball gets close enough, Salamander fires a second one that destroys the first one. Asta is sent falling from the shockwave but Finral creates a portal that drops Asta into Vanessa's net. Fana tells Asta that she is going to kill him for keep getting in their way, which Asta replies that he will send them packing no matter how many times they come.[170]

Fana and Salamander attack and manages to clear some of the forest, but Asta, Finral, and Vanessa manage to dodge the spell. Vanessa looks at the damage and thinks about how all the rumors are true about Salamander. Asta manages catches Fana and Salamander off guard and wound salamander.[171] Vanessa sees this and thinks about how Asta's sword is the only think that can defeat Salamander. Vanessa and Finral prepare to fight, but Asta puts his sword down and says that they should talk it out. Finral and Vanessa asks what Asta is thinking, but Asta ignores them and asks Fana why she hates the kingdom so much. Fana tells Asta to shut up and has Salamander with a fire blast. Vanessa pull Asta out of the way and throws Asta through a portal that Finral created, were he appears behind Fana. Fana notices Asta and prepares to counterattack, but Asta easily stops her and pins her. Asta asks why they cannot come to understand each other, with Fana stating that she would never believe him, and increases Salamanders power by releasing her mana.[172] Fana says that she will burn Asta to a crisp and charges at him, which Asta responds by saying that he will have to use his finishing move. As Fana and Salamander gets closer, Asta, Finral, and Vanessa are blown away just from the heat coming from their bodies. Asta asks if they are okay, which Finral says that he cannot create any portals because of the overwhelming mana surge while Vanessa says that her strings are getting burned almost immediately.[173]

Fana and Salamander charge again, but Noelle shows up and blocks the charge with a barrier. Noelle tells them that the fires she puts out keep coming back, so they have to get rid of the source. Salamander easily destroys the barrier with a spell, but Vanessa, Noelle, Asta, and Finral manage to escape. After Noelle attacks Fana with Sea Dragons Roar, Fana creates a large chuck of diamond to block the spell but the spell breaks through it. Fana and Salamander dodges the spell, but Noelle turns the spell and lands a hit on Salamander. Everyone cheers that the spell had hit, which Asta and Finral charge at Fana.

Bull Thrust

Asta finishes Salamander off with Bull Thrust.

Finral says that now is the best time to attack, which Asta replies that he will use his finisher. Fana defends herself by firing a long-distance spell, but Asta easily counters the spell. Fana uses a different spell to heal herself, wVaneshich Asta recognize both spells. Asta asks Fana if she has any siblings, which Fana responds that she does not and that her only family would be the other from her village.[174] Fana also says that she is going to kill all of them with the weight of their sorrow, which Asta responds that he will have to defeat her with his finisher before he can talk to her. Finral asks about the finisher, which Asta explains the finisher. Finral and Vanessa tells Asta that he will not be able to use his finisher without them. Vanessa then grabs Asta with her string and sling shots Asta towards Fana with Finral's help. Fana and Salamander try to dodge the attack but Finral creates a portal that changes Asta's direction. Salamander fires a fireball at Asta, but Asta easily destroys it and blows right through Salamander with his finisher.

After Fana is surrounded, Asta tells her to surrender without resisting and that her friends and family will be sad if she keeps up this nonsense, which infuriates Fana, who tells him not to talk about her friends and family and releases her mana. Asta and Finral are surprised by how much power she still has left.[175] Mars and Fanzell arrive at their location, and Fanzell thinks about how much power Salamander has while Mars notices its power. Ladros is chasing after Mars and Fanzell and tells them that running is not going to help them. Fanzell calls out to Asta, who notices them and asks why Mars is with him, and Fana takes the chance to attack Asta. Fanzell remembers what Asta told him about his sword and tells Asta to hit the attack towards him. Asta reflects the attack towards Fanzell, who uses his magic to direct the attack to Ladros. As he is hit by the spell, Ladros realizes that it is too powerful, as the attack blows him away.[176] After hitting Ladros, Asta asks what just happened and why Mars was with Fanzell, only for their conversation to be interrupted by Salamander. Asta, Mars, and Fanzel prepares to take on Salamander, when Mars notices that Fana is within the flames.[177] Mars then remembers what had happened to Fana and what he had done in her name after getting his memory back. Mars charges at Fana while yelling her name, but Asta holds Mars back.

Fana says that she does not know Mars and fires fireballs at him.[178] Fana says that she just wants everything to disappear and releases a large amounts of mana. Finral and Vanessa notice that Fana is going to blow up everything just like Vetto tried to do. Fana fires more fireballs, which Asta counters the fireballs but Mars takes the hit. Fanzel tells Mars that he has to stop Fana, but Mars replies that he does not have the right to stop her since he is the one that had killed Fana in the first place.[179] Asta hits Mars and tells him that this Fana is someone else. Mars grabs Asta and says that he knows that this Fana is his childhood friend, which Asta tells Mars to continue to live and to bring Fana back to her senses. Mars agrees with Asta and both say that they are not going to let her die.

Asta and Mars vs Fana

Asta and Mars try to save Fana.

Asta and Mars charge at Fana, which Fana fires fireballs at them. Asta and Mars counters the fireballs and continue to charge. Asta thinks about how he will stop Fana by thrusting his sword at Fana, but both Asta and Mars are suddenly heavily burned. Mars heals both himself and Asta by using a healing spell.[180] Asta and Mars then asks each other if they can continue, which they both tell each other that they can keep going. Asta and Mars make it to Fana, and Asta uses his sword to dispel the mana. Fana says that their hatred will never disappear. Mars rushes in and hugs Fana. Mars tells Fana that it is him and asks for forgiveness for back then, which Fana remembers Mars and the village that was attacked.[181] Mars tells Fana that they have now met in the outside world and that they should go see it together. The mana dispels along with the third eye on Fana's forehead, and Fana says that its a promise.

Mars thanks Asta for his help, and Asta responds that it is great that Mars was able to save his friend. Fana asks if Asta is Mars's friend and gets excited about Mars having a friend. Mars tries to tells her that they are not exactly friends, but Asta says that they are friends.[182] Asta then asks Fana about what happened to her, but Noelle, Finral, and Vanessa show up and attack him while yelling at him for being reckless. Fanzell comes over and compliments Mars while also saying how he is glad that they are alive.

Afterwards they asks Fana what happened to her, but she hardly remembers anything.[183] Fana reveals that she survived the final trial but was thrown away for not meeting their expectation and also says that at that point she had her body taken over and was controlled. Asta asks about the third eye and pointed ears, and Fana replies that she does not know anything about that. Mars is frustrated that Fana went through that, but Fana tells him that there is nothing to get anguish over since they were able to meet again.[184] Vanessa asks why the Eye of the Midnight Sun came to the Witches' Forest, and Fana says that they are after a magic stone. Noelle says that they will have to go see the Witch Queen about the stone, but Fanzell tells them that they have to go help Dominante and Mariella with the wounded witches first.[185]

Fanzell thinks about going to check up on Ladros, when he and Asta notice something. Fanzell says that Ladros's magic power should have disappeared. Suddenly lasers burst out of the forest. Fanzell tells everyone to run, but most of them are wounded. Ladros appears and comments about he was able to absorb it all even through it took a while. Fanzell says that there was nothing left of Ladros's power, and Ladros tells Fanzell that he fooled him by releasing all his magic energy.[186] Seeing that Mars protected Fana with his body, Ladros asks why everyone protects others with their body, and fires another laser at them, but Asta steps in and counters the blast. Ladros tells Asta that he has nothing to do with this and to get lost, but Asta replies that he has everything to do with this since Mars is his friend.[187] Fana says that she cannot cast her healing spell, which Asta tells her to sit tight while he flattens Ladros.

Asta vs Ladros

Asta fends off Ladros's blasts.

Asta charges at Ladros, which Ladros tells Asta to stop and also tells Asta that they should team up. Ladros also says that they should both rise up in the ranks of the Diamond Kingdom, which Ladros plans to double-cross Asta, but Asta replies that he will pass because he is going to become the Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom.[188] Ladros then jumps onto a branch and uses it to fly in the air. Ladros fires blasts at Asta, but Asta easily counters the blasts. Ladros tells Asta that he knows all about his fighting style and without Finral, Asta cannot do anything.

Ladros continues to fire more blasts, which Asta decides to reflect some over the blasts back. Ladros absorbs the reflected blasts and says that reflecting them back is useless.[189] Ladros also tells Asta to give up, which Asta replies that he will never forgive Ladros for hurting his friends. Ladros says that there is no such things as friends, because there are only those who use people and those that gets used. Ladros also says that he plans to use both Mars and Fana to further his own position in life, and will also use Asta as a stepping stone.

Asta throws his sword into Ladros, and Ladros starts to lose his mana.[190] Ladros notices that he cannot pull the sword out, and falls to the ground. Ladros starts to panic about how everything is falling apart, which he tells Asta to stay away from him. Asta tells Ladros that he did not get where he is on his own, and also says that his friends are here to help each other rise. Ladros tells Asta that he is wrong and to pull the sword out, which Asta says that he will not since Ladros might attacks his friends once he pulls the sword out.[191] Ladros then says that he could die, but Asta tells him that he did not hit any of Ladros vitals. Asta then tries to knock Ladros out, but Ladros quickly escapes and uses reinforcement magic to pull the sword out.

Ladros quickly grabs Fana and tells her to bring out her powerful magic. Fana says that she does not know Ladros is talking about, which Ladros attacks Mars and threatens to kill him. Fana tells Ladros to stop, which Salamander appears and attacks Ladros. Ladros absorbs Salamander and comments about how this mana is high quality.[192] Asta charges at Ladros, but Ladros easily pierces Asta shoulder from a distance. Ladros comments about how he will be able to make the kingdom his with power, when Asta suddenly stand back up. Ladros fires a blast Asta, which Ladros decides to continue to firing blast from afar until Asta's body is blasted to pieces. After the Witch Queen decides to intervene with her magic, Asta looks back up, while a black mass surrounds Asta's arm and withers the grass around him.

Black Meteorite

Asta defeats Ladros.

Asta stands back up, with the black mass having surrounded his arm and created a horn along with a wing.[193] Ladros wonders about this feeling he is having and tells Asta to get out of his sight while firing a blasts. Asta charges through the blast while also easily cutting through it. Ladros comments about how his power is supposed to be unstoppable and jumps into the air to avoid Asta while also continuing to attack. Asta changes direction and heads towards Ladros. Ladros asks why after everything he had done to get to the top, which Asta says that its because he has others to rise alongside with and to make him stronger. Asta attacks Ladros and defeats him with a new attack.[194]

Ladros is lying on the ground in a withered state and thinks about how all the magic power within his body has disappeared.[195] Asta walks over. Ladros tells Asta to just kill him. However, Asta tells Ladros that he is not going to kill him, because Ladros is going to help them with the injuries and that Ladros is also going to apologize for everything he has done. Ladros starts to laugh and says that he really cannot win against Asta. Asta asks what is wrong with Ladros. Ladros replies that his head has cleared up since the magic stone on his head was destroyed.[196] Ladros then thinks that since there is someone like Asta climbing to the top, maybe he will be able to rise to the top with Asta.

Suddenly, The Witch Queen arrives on the battlefield and compliments Asta on being able to defeat both armies. Asta then asks if the queen can heal the others, to which the queen replies that that will not be necessary and restrains the others with Scaffold of Fresh Blood. Asta asks what she is doing, but the queen uses Puppet Bloodflow to take control of his body and then heals his wounds. Vanessa realizes that the queen wanted the Anti Magic Weapons all along, while the queen orders Asta to kill the others.[197]

As Asta fights off the Queen's control over his body, Vanessa pleads with the Queen to let everyone go. When she refuses and orders Asta to kill Noelle, Vanessa's magic surges, and a new spell appears in her grimoire, and a red cat made of thread sits on Vanessa's head.[198] After unleashing the cat's power, Vanessa frees Asta and the others, defeating the Witch Queen. After the Queen admits defeat, she heals everyone and she also hands over her earring, which was in actuality a magic stone, for which Asta thanks her. He then asks the Queen why the Eye of the Midnight Sun wants the stones, with her explaining the history of the elves and how the group are probably descendants of the elves looking to take vengeance. She also explained how Asta's grimoire and Swords originally belonged to the leader of the elves. Hearing all of this new information causes Asta to faint from information overload.

Later outside of the forest, Asta and the others see Mars and his group off, with Mars telling Asta that he will come to his aid since they are friends now, and Asta agrees and says that he will come help Mars if he is ever in trouble. Later Noelle, Asta, Vanessa, and Finral arrive back at the Black Bulls headquarters. Asta tells Yami that his arms are healed, but Yami reacts calmly. Asta then reveals that they found another magic stone, which surprises Yami. He then orders Asta to go buy booze, which Asta says that he will do while Yami also welcomes Vanessa back, and she replies happily that she is home.[199]

Days later, Yami orders Asta to take a break since Asta works too much, and Asta questions what he will do without missions. Finral suggests an upcoming event but is interrupted by the return of the other Black Bulls, each of whom underwent changes in order to find a cure for Asta. However, when each member sees that Asta's arms has already been healed, they ironically go back to their normal selves, surprising Asta.

Yami then tells Asta and Noelle that there is a festival coming up. Finral reminds them that the squads compete over how many stars they obtain, and that the event it to decide which squad comes in first place for the year. Finral also says that this is the biggest annual festival that takes place within the kingdom, the Star Awards Festival. Yami changes clothes and heads out. Before Finral can leave, Asta asks him for a favor.[200]

Once the Black Bulls arrive at the festival, Noelle and Asta are amazed by the sights, while Yami, Vanessa, and Charmy rush off to enjoy the festival. Asta and Noelle meet up with Kahono and Kiato, who were brought by Finral. Kiato and Kahono are amazed at the festival, and thank Asta for inviting them. Asta asks if Kiato brought his leg, to which Kiato says that he has and even reveals that it has been preserved with Water Magic. Asta then opens a bottle containing the Witch Queen's magic, which heals Kahono's throat and Kiato's leg. The two are overjoyed and hug both Asta and Noelle. Kahono sings, which attracts the attention of the other festival-goers. Kahono comments about how they should have fun and live this day to the fullest since this festival happens once a year. She then suggests that they should have a double date, much to Noelle's, Asta's, and Finral's shock.[201]

Asta, Noelle, and Kiato each think about what Kahono has planned for this double date, which Kahono thinks about how this is a good chance to steal Asta from Noelle. Asta, Noelle, Kiato, and Kahono then head off to enjoy the festival, which Noelle notices that Asta and Kahono make a good match. Suddenly Kahono asks Asta what Noelle means to him, which they notice a crying girl before Asta can answer her. While everyone insults the crying girl for being a peasant, Noelle walks over to asks what is why the girl is crying. When the girl does not stop crying Asta, Kiato, and Kahono put on a show for the girl, which causes the girl to stop cry. The girl then reveals her name as Emma and explains what has happened, which Kahono uses her magic to spread the girls name around. Emma mom then shows up and thanks them for helping her little girl, while also noticing that Noelle is a member of the royal family. The mother apologizes for what has happened, but Noelle just gives a speech about how even though she is a member of the royal family she still will extend her hand to anyone who is in need and that everyone has a right to enjoy the festival. Asta suddenly remembers Kahono's question and says how he likes Noelle, which causes Noelle to blast Asta away. Kahono then comments about the two and then decides to enjoy the festival with Noelle alone.

Elsewhere, Asta wonders what is wrong with Noelle for doing that, when he overhears some people taking about a beautiful woman. Suddenly a nobleman named Balman approaches the woman for her to accompany him for the night, but gets angry when she ignores him. Before Asta can intervene the woman defeats Balman and his men. Asta recognizes the magic and realizes that the woman is the captain of the Blue Rose, Charlotte. Charlotte start to torture Balman and his men for trying to use her as an accessory, which Sol expresses how excited she is for witnessing her power. Asta tries to stop Charlotte before she kills Balman, but runs into Sol which she remembers him. After getting into an argument with Asta, Sol tosses him away and forces Charlotte to wear the dress that she had brought. As everyone expresses at how amazing Charlotte looks, Sol and Charlotte get angry at the men. After watching the events between Yami and Charlotte play out, Asta notices that people are heading to the great hall for the ceremony. Asta looks at Yami, who comments about how they cannot be later for this and wonders what to do. As Yami notes that he and Charlotte are definitely going to be late, Asta then tries to get closer to the stage but there are too many people and he cannot get closer.

Julius announces that the Golden Dawn has taken first place, with 125 stars.[202] Julius then calls Yuno, who comes on stage with Sylph, as the one who received the most star within the Golden Dawn, which surprises Asta. Julius then announces that the Black Bulls have come in second place with 101 stars, which shocks everyone, including the Black Bulls themselves.[203] Julius announces that the Black Bull has legally obtained all their star within a short amount of time, and asks any members of the Black Bulls to appear on stage. As all the members of the Black Bull decide to let Asta take the stage for them, Yami throws Asta onto the stage. As Asta reaches the stage, Asta and Yuno greet each other, and suddenly start an argument over who will get the most star next year. Julius tells the crowd that Asta and Yuno are the strongest rookies from the newcomers of this year. As the crowd is amazed about the two, Sekke announces that both Asta and Yuno are peasants from the Forsaken Realm of the kingdom. As the crowd wonders if both Asta and Yuno really achieved their stars, Yuno suddenly releases his mana. Yuno then launches a Wind Magic spell at Asta, which Asta easily counters with his Demon-Slayer Sword.[204] Asta comically asks what Yuno was doing all of a sudden since that could have killed him, which Yuno simply replies that if that had killed Asta then Asta will not have been worth that much. The crowd is amazed by Asta and Yuno's power on display. After the demonstration, Julius announces that both Asta and Yuno have worked the hardest to get where they are, and that they should overcome their difference in rank and lead there country to victory, which the crowd agrees with Julius and cheers. Asta and Yuno look towards the cheering crowd and think about how far they have come.

After the results for the other squads are revealed, an upset Rill, whose squad came in last, complains relentlessly to Asta, with Yuno looking onwards wondering how someone like Rill is even a captain. Yuno and Asta are both left speechless but unimpressed when King Augustus Kira Clover XIII takes the stage.[205] The King announces the Royal Knights Selection Exam, but Asta questions why the king is the one choosing the Knights. Yuno and Asta openly discuss the King and his lack of achievements, so Augustus orders their execution. Julius steps in and talks the king down. Afterward, Julius talks alone with Yuno and Asta and warns them not to be arrogant in the coming exams.[206]

Mereoleona yells at Crimson Lions

Yuno and Asta witness Mereoleona's fury.

As the boys make their way down the tower stairs, they witness Mereoleona Vermillion berate the Crimson Lion squad.[207][208] They overhear Mereoleona mention training in a hot spring, which Yuno considers easy while Asta considers it fun. Overhearing them, Mereoleona grabs both of their heads and forces them to join the training.[209] She carries them to the Ultime-Volcano Mountain Trail after also picking up Yami, Charlotte, and Noelle.[210] Leopold welcomes Asta and Yuno to train with him, and challenges Yuno, declaring that they are now rivals because they are both Asta's rivals, but Yuno does not care.[211] Asta on the other hand, gets excited about training and Leopold's challenge, which leads to him immediately challenging him to a race, which is stopped by Mereoleona.

Mereoleona forces everyone onto the path, and most struggle to withstand the heat. As everyone has moved on ahead, Asta is left behind while still trying to continue up the trail when he drops to his knees. Mereoleona suddenly shows up and tells Asta to go home since there is so much he cannot do because he does not have any mana. Mereoleona continues to say that there is more than one way that Asta can use to reach his goal, but Asta gets back up and says that he is not going anywhere since his dream is built on what he accomplish.[212] Asta realizes that he has no idea no how he can head up the trail but suddenly remembers that form he took during his fight with Ladros.[213] Asta tries to transform into that form but this only angers Mereoleona who decides to leave Asta. Asta remembers when he first transformed into that form and decides to jump into the magma to activate it but realizes that that is reckless. Asta remembers what Mereoleona had told him and starts to thinks about what he is capable of. Asta realizes that he can sense ki and begins to senses the energies within himself.[214] As Asta starts to let the Anti Magic into his body, Asta suddenly transforms and rockets to the top.

Up the mountain, Leopold, Noelle, and that rest of the Crimson Lion squad run into a magical lifeform made of lava.[215] Asta suddenly appears and flies through the lifeform before heading up the trail. As Asta manages to catch up to Yuno, both of them manage to reach the top of the volcano which Asta starts to head into the magma. Mereoleona releases her mana which causes Asta to head to her direction. As Asta tells Mereoleona to run away, Mereoleona responds that she will not run and hits Asta into the ground. As Mereoleona compliments Asta while also says that that is not enough, Asta agrees and thinks about how he still has to train to control that form. Mereoleona says that Asta may enter the hot spring and to strip, which Asta is shocked by this.

After reaching the hot springs, Asta and the others realize that there are women with them, which prompts Sol to use her earth magic to create a divider between the springs to separate the men and women. On the men's side, Leopold is challenging Yuno again when Asta decides to join in. Yami tells them that what they are doing is lame and that they should peek on the women side.[216] As Yami asks Yuno to join in, Yuno refuses which Yami gets angry but Asta comes to his rescue. After Leopold and the Crimson Lion men all agree and decide that they are going to peek, Yami asks Asta if he is going to join in, but Asta says that he is not since his heart already belongs to another, which shocks everyone.[217]

Weeks later, as the Royal Knights Selection Exam begins, Julius and the King explain the rules of the exam and reveal the teams. Asta is teamed up with Mimosa along with a Purple Orca named Xerx Lugner. As they wonder who Xerx is, a mage rudely shows up late to the event, announcing himself as Xerx Lugner. Xerx introduces himself to Asta and plants a stink bug in his hand. Asta asks if he has any intention of getting along, and Zora replies with insults and reveals that he came to mock the other Magic Knights. As Asta complains that he cannot work with Zora, Julius states that all of the teams have been confirmed.

As Julius and Marx show all the participates the tournament brackets, Asta notices where he and Yuno are placed and how he and Yuno will not meet until the finals.[218] Asta also plans to win the whole tournament when Julius announces that they are going to start the first round of the tournament. Julius also comments about how the participates can attack however they want since they have high-class healers on standby, but they cannot kill their opponents.

Asta and Mimosa charge

Mimosa and Asta charge across the battlefield.

After reaching the tournament stage, Asta and Mimosa finds out that her team is up first. As the battle begins, Mimosa tries to calm Asta and Xerx who are bickering and lists off her and Asta's abilities so they can form a plan. Suddenly their crystal is struck by their opponent's magics and cracks. Moving quickly, Mimosa grabs the crystal with vines, and Asta begins to try blocking the attacks with his swords, but with little success. After the crystal is struck again, "Xerx" appears to have fallen asleep, and Asta angrily decides to win without him.[219] When Xerx refuses to help, Asta and Mimosa make a plan without him. Mimosa uses her magic to make a map of Team B's location, and then she and Asta charge directly for their opponent's crystal. While they run, he blocks attacks and she guards the crystal.[220] After closing most of the distance, they hide behind a wall, and Mimosa fires Magic Cannon Flower, which is blocked by Curtis Warren's Rock Fortress. Curtis and Forte Gris dash out from behind the wall, both seemingly carrying their crystal. As Team A surrounds Asta and Mimosa and begins charging large attacks, Asta accidentally triggers a paralytic trap, leaving Mimosa alone to defend against the three large attacks.[221] Suddenly a counter trap appears around Asta and Mimosa and absorbs and reflects the three spells back at their casters, who are knocked out. As she heals Asta, Mimosa questions what happened and notices Xerx walking past.[222] After Xerx destroys the crystal and Team B wins the match, Mimosa finishes healing Asta, who confronts their troublesome teammate.[223]

Magna tells Team B to leave the field, with Sol asking who made him all high and mighty. As Magna begins arguing with her, Asta asks them who their teammate is, he complains to the team about their performance not being beautiful, while introducing himself. As Asta questions his introduction, Mimosa, who is embarrassed, introduces him to her older brother, Kirsch Vermillion. As Mimosa and Kirsch talk, Kirsch notices Asta who greets Kirsch. Kirsch face turn dull and he tells Asta to not speak with him so casually, which shocks Asta. As Kirsch explains why Asta is not beautiful and how his training is for the weak, which Asta counters by saying that he was weak and that his muscle are his weapon.

After winning the second match, Kirsch asks the other Magic Knights how beautiful his fight was, but insults Asta when the boy compliments him. Kirsch then says that in their next match, he will crush Asta like the cracked bowl he is. Asta counters that a cracked bowl lasts longer, but Kirsch points out that only a poor person would continue to use a cracked bowl.[224]

Before the fifth match, Asta questions who would be named "Cross", but Mimosa explains it is "X" and probably for anonymity. Asta is creeped out and surprised when a weird Magic Knight starts laughing and reveals himself to be Rill.[225] His butler, Walter, also appears, to Asta's shock, and when Asta and Rill greet each other, Walter offers the boy some tea. As he sips the tea, Asta realizes that the taste is too high-class for him. Walter then thanks him for being a friend to Rill.[226] During the match, Asta is amazed when Rill counters two enhanced spells at the same time.[227] Afterwards Walter celebrates Rill lack of focus forcing his teammates to work harder, and Asta questions such a talent.[228]

During the sixth match, Asta notices that Luck's boots have changed, and Magna explains that the spell has evolved since Luck has added pages to his grimoire.[229] Asta cheers when Klaus drills through his opponent's spell,[230] and is amazed when Puli Angel flies.[231] After Luck kicks Rob Vitesse into the crystal, destroying it and winning the match, Asta and Magna worry about how strong Luck is.[232]

Asta is then pumped to watch Noelle and Yuno in the eighth match,[233] and when the two start bickering, Asta tries to calm down Noelle but is interrupted by Solid.[234] During the match, Asta cheers for Noelle when she splits up with Yuno and heads for Team O's crystal by herself,[235] and when she defeats her brother and destroys the crystal with one spell.[236]

Afterwards, Asta congratulates Yuno and Noelle as they return to the platform. Julius then calls for the battlefield to be rearranged for the second round, and Asta notices Zora twitch at this.[237] Before the next match, Asta asks Zora if he was bothered by his traps getting moved, and after the rogue reveals he placed them the night before, Asta demands to know where they are located. Zora refuses to tell so Asta decides to deal with them himself.[238]

Asta sword presses Kirsch

Asta traps Kirsch with a sword press.

At the start of the match, Kirsch covers the battlefield with Magic Cherry Blossom Blizzard, so Asta unleashes Black Hurricane, which nullifies all of the cherry blossoms and traps, aggravating both Kirsch and Zora.[239] Asta declares to Zora that he wants to fight as a team, once the group formulate a plan, they split up with Mimosa heading towards Team C's crystal. Kirsch manages to locate Asta and attacks him with his Dance of 100 Million Cherry Blossoms which Asta deflects while retreating soon after. He runs towards an opening within a nearby cliff where he taunts Kirsch into following him, Kirsch senses the traps set up by Zora and utilizes his cherry blossom clones in order to set them off. As Kirsch rushes towards Asta to finish him, he falls into a pit set up by Team B where Asta jumps into the pit to flatten and knock out Kirsch.[240]

Zora starts to set a trap on top of the hole until Asta hears a familiar sound behind them. He turns to see Magna racing towards them. Magna says he will not get close to give Asta the advantage of fighting as their distance guarantees him a win. He throws a fireball which Asta notes he can hit easily. Asta is shocked when the fireball disappears and hits the crystal. Magna explains that it is due to his new spell Extreme Killing Vanishing Fireball. At that moment, Zora tells Asta to stall for five minutes as he prepares a trap. Asta continues to try to hit Magna's fireballs to no avail. After some time, he manages to hit one which shocks Magna. He tells him to keep throwing fireballs which excites them both. As they continue fighting, Kirsch surprises Asta with his quick recovery.[241] Zora finishes his trap and tells Asta to go fight Kirsch.[242] Angry from Asta knocking him out earlier, Kirsch declares he will defeat him by using his full power. However, before he could attack, one of Zora's traps activates. This allows Asta to knock him unconscious once again. Sol appears preparing to destroy Team B's crystal. Before she can destroy it, Mimosa's spell activates and takes control of the golem. Asta takes the opportunity to destroy the other team's crystal; therefore, winning the match. Afterwards, Zora calls out the improvements Team C needs in an insulting way. Asta tells him he is being a jerk.[243]

Black Bulls stop Langris

Asta, Magna, and Luck surround Langris.

They clear the battlefield and watch Finral's match against Langris. When Langris prepares to launch an attack against Finral, Asta senses that he has felt this feeling before.[244] He and the other participants are amazed by the fight. Asta calls out to Finral as he lies on the ground unconscious.[245] Despite the match being over, Langris prepares a spell to kill Finral. At that moment, Asta, Luck, and Magna surround Langris. Asta tells him the match is over and there is something wrong with him. He tells him how Finral said Langris was actually kind, but Asta says Finral is nicer than anyone and is a true Magic Knight. He says Langris is not a Magic Knight which angers Langris. Langris asks the Wizard King if he could fight Asta before the next match. Instead of waiting for an answer, he proceeds to launch an attack at Asta. However, Asta quickly destroys it with his Demon-Slayer Sword.[246]

The Wizard King uses his Time Magic to stop the two Magic Knights from fighting further. He tells them he will allow the fight as long as they follow the exam rules. When Asta is released, he apologizes to Mimosa and Zora for moving up their fight. He explains how he wants to beat Langris and they agree to help. Asta is defending their crystal from Langris's spells, but he ends up getting hit in the leg. Mimosa heals him and he continues the fight. He thinks about his time with Finral and declares he will win.[247] As he deflects Langris's spells, he orders Zora to attack. Langris's spells avoid the first trap, but Zora reveals the trap placed on his body.[248] The trap reflects the Spatial Magic back towards Langris, but to no avail. Just as Langris launches another attack at Zora, Asta reveals his black form and easily negates the magic. Asta explains how he idolized people like Langris and wanted to protect people along with them. This infuriates Langris even further and he prepares to attack him. Asta uses Black Meteorite to launch himself at Langris and Team G's crystal, destroying it.[249] However, Team B's crystal breaks at the same time which makes their match a draw. Asta passes out from exhaustion and taken into recovery.[250] While he is recovering, he is distraught over not fighting Yuno in the final round.[251]

Royal Knights enrobed

Asta with the Royal Knights

A few days later, he is at the hideout in a daze. His teammates try to cheer him up with no success. Suddenly, Mereoleona bursts into the hideout and punches him in the face. After giving Yami alcohol as a thank you, she grabs Asta, Noelle, and Luck as they passed the exam. At the gathering of the Royal Knights, Asta is shocked to find out Zora's identity and position in the Black Bulls.[252] They are all chatting until Mereoleona interrupts to tell them to go change into their Royal Knight Robes. After they change into their new robes, they are informed that Nozel, Cob, and Siren are also a part of the squad. Mereoleona explains where the Eye of the Midnight Sun base is located and they depart.[253]

Outside of the Gravito Stones, Asta is placed on a team with Mereoleona and Zora. She tells everybody that the plan is to fight anyway they like and head to the center of the palace. They head inside to start their attack.[254] After Mereoleona single-handedly defeated three Eye of the Midnight Sun members, they notice there are two Astas. Mereoleona uses her flame magic to burn them both, which reveals the clone is Rhya. Asta and Zora stand by and watch as Mereoleona fights with Rhya.[255] Asta is amazed by the fight happening right before his eyes.[256]

When Rhya is about to use his self destruct spell, Asta quickly uses the Demon-Slayer sword to stop him. He punches Rhya and tells him not to treat his life like garbage. He demands for Rhya to tell his side of story, but Mereoleona tells him that those people are not interested in a mutual understanding. He asks why as they are the same as the elves. He goes on about wanting to build a country where everybody is equal. This touches Rhya, but he deems it a little too late.[257] As the elves reincarnation begin, Asta is confused on why Rhya is glowing.[258] Rhya gets up and attacks with Light and Dark Magic, which Asta is surprised that he is using two different types of magic at the same time. Mereoleona counters by using a spell to destroy both spells. Mereoleona tells Asta that even through he wants them to understand each other, there is no path that will reach that goal. Mereoleona also comments about how the enemies feelings are set in stone, and that they only want to kill them. Asta replies that he will win, and create a path where they can understand one another.[259] As they are fighting Rhya, an elf-possessed Rill bursts into the room with Four-Headed Lindworm.[260]

Asta asks why Rill is being friendly with Rhya, but the elf introduces himself as Lira. Still confused, Asta tries to explain how they are friends, but Lira claims he has no human friends. He proceeds to attack them with Four-Headed Lindworm. Zora tells Asta that Rill is possessed, so he need to use his Anti Magic to stop them. Rhya says it will not reach them just as Zora activates his trap. This allows Asta to lounge at them with his sword, hitting Lira in he process. He is shocked when Rill does not turn back. Rhya explains how it is a result of the reincarnation spell. At that moment, three other elves show up. Zora tells Asta to fall back as they need to come up with a plan. The five elves proceed to attack them, but Mereoleona blocks it. She pushes them both out as she plans to take on all five by herself.[261] Asta tells Zora they have to go back for her, but he says they will just end up being killed. Zora explains how Mereoleona sealed herself in for a reason and to not let it be in vain.[262] Asta disagrees and says he has a plan. He asks Zora if he could use his trap to bounce back all of their magic. However, Zora doubts that all five elves will attack at the same time.[263]

Rhya catches up to Asta and Zora

Rhya catches up to Asta and Zora.

Just as the five elves combine their magic to kill Mereoleona, Asta and Zora arrive back in time to block it. Using Zora's spell, he absorbs the elves' magic and bounces it to Asta. Asta uses his sword to bounce it back to Zora. They do this again until Zora's circle begins to break. Asta gets behind the circle and hits the spell towards the elves. As that happens, they grab Mereoleona and escape.[264] As they are escaping, Rhya grabs Asta's leg intending to stop him. Asta hands Mereoleona to Zora and proclaims he will make it back alive.[265] He is taken to Licht's chamber where he tries to free Mimosa. He notices Yuno is possessed and tries to talk to him but gets attacked by the elf inhabiting Klaus. As he is being attacked, he proclaims that he will not die and will become the Wizard King. Those words causes Yuno to come back to his senses and come to Asta's defense.[266]

Asta asks Yuno if it really him and Yuno replies that it is, which makes Asta happy. Yuno tells Asta to rest as he will fight the elves in front of them. Asta laughs and says he will fight along with him. Using Black Asta and Spirit Dive, they both defeat the two elves.[267] Seeing the elves defeated gathers Licht's attention. Asta quickly notices how he is the leader of the Eye of the Midgnight Sun. At that moment, Nero pops out of his shirt and pecks him, which confuses Asta.

Licht steals Demon-Dweller

Licht steals back his sword.

After placing the defeated elves on the ground, Licht pulls a sword from the floor, and walks towards Asta and Yuno, with the two of them preparing to fight back. As Asta draws his Demon-Dweller Sword, Licht closes the distance between them in an instant, catching them both off guard. He then takes the sword from Asta and uses it to repel the boys crashing into a wall.[268] Asta is heavily injured by the attack and loses his black form in the process. He thinks how powerful Licht is and that his body is unable to move anymore. Still being able to fight, Yuno proceeds to fight back against Licht alone, with the elf on the verge of victory. However, before Licht can release his attack, Asta regains the use of his black form and charges into the air, surprising the elf and striking him together alongside Yuno.[269] However, Licht deflects their attack with his second sword, which is knocked out of his hand and then grabbed by Asta. Licht then releases a magical blast from the Demon-Dweller Sword, which sends Asta and Yuno crashing out from the air all the way through to the bottom of the dungeon and down to the ground below, with Yuno using his magic to protect them, and Mimosa as they are all sent crashing into the water below them.[270]

After surviving Licht's attack, Asta, Yuno, and Mimosa are met by the other surviving members of the Royal Knights and later regroups with them outside of the dungeon. While being healed by Eilia's Booth, Asta and the others are informed about the elves attacking the kingdom, with Nozel stating that the kingdom needs to be saved even if it means killing the possessed Magic Knights. After Noelle suggests saving them instead of killing them, Asta and others agree, with Nozel accepting the decision and creating a vessel for everyone to travel back to the kingdom.[271]

Asta and Yuno defend Lily and Nash

Asta and Yuno come to Lily and Nash's defense.

As they pass over the Forsaken Realm, Asta and Yuno notice that many villages in the area are being attacked by elves, including Hage. Despite asking to stop to defend Hage, Nozel refuses stating that the capital takes priority, however he does allow Asta and Yuno to go alone, telling them to catch up with them later in the capital.[272] After departing, Asta and Yuno manage to arrive in time to stop the elf from killing Nash, Sister Lily, and the rest of their foster family. After complimenting Nash for his bravery, the two step up to fight against the elf, holding back many of the elf's attacks. After hearing that Father Orsi was poisoned, Asta leaves the elf to Yuno and goes to the father's side to help. Asta tries to dispel the poison with his Demon-Slayer Sword, but is unable to remove the poison. After failing with Demon-Slayer Sword, Asta notices the sword he grabbed from Licht appearing from his grimoire and tries using that, which ends up removing the poison from the Father's body.[273] As the Anti Magic flows out from the sword and absorbs the poison in all the citizens, Asta gets an idea and returns to Yuno's side to fight the elf. After having a path opened for him by Yuno, Asta jabs the elf with his new sword, which dispelled the Reincarnation Magic and exorcises the elf spirit.[274] After realizing that the sword could be used to save everyone possessed by the elves, Asta happily shows it off to Yuno, who then states that he was the one that did most of the work in defeating the elf. After being thanked by everyone in the village, Asta and Yuno leave with the formally possessed Magic Knight, now heading straight for the capital to help save the kingdom.[275]

After travelling for a while, Yuno tells the others that they are going to reach the Common Realm soon. Yuno also says that he can sense elf magic coming from two directions, which leads to Asta suggesting that they split up. Asta also suggests that Yuno take the Purple Orca member since he has his sword. Yuno agrees with Asta, while also commenting that they can use the Poison Plant Magic to stop the elf from moving. Both Asta and Yuno then agree to meet up at the capital.[276] As Asta makes his way towards the town he notices a bolt of lightning in the sky. After reaching the town that was being attacked by the elf, Asta shows up in time to see that the Magic Knight who was attacking the town was Luck, who was being possessed by the spirit of Lufulu, and that the ones fighting him off were Magna and Vanessa. As Lufulu prepares to kill Magna, Asta shows up and saves Magna. Vanessa figured that Rouge used the last of its power to bring Asta there. Asta prepares to fight Lufulu, while also proclaiming that they are Luck's friends. Lufulu tells Asta that they are starting to anger him, and also comments about how someone like Asta, who has no mana, actually existing and that someone like him fight against him to be amusing. Asta replies that the Black Bulls already acknowledged him and that he will not let any of them be lost. As Asta joins the battle, Lufulu is shocked by Asta's ability to follow and counter his movements, and begins to change tactics.[277] As Asta begins losing ground in the battle he asks Magna and Vanessa for help to deal with Lufulu's attacks. Knowing that his body will not hold out for much longer, Asta prepares to finish him off for his next attack. As Asta charges at Lufulu, Magna creates a smokescreen to block Lufulu's sight. Lufulu counters by expanding his mana, and finding out where is mana is being dispelled. As Lufulu finds out where Asta is, he prepares to finish Asta off. Vanessa uses her thread to pull back Asta, while Magna uses a fireball to cut Vanessa's thread. Lufulu figures out that they used the thread in order to adjust the timing of Asta attack. Asta then lands a hit on Lufulu.[278]

Luck freed from reincarnation spell

Asta exorcises Lufulu.

Asta mounts Lufulu and goes to stab him with his sword, but Lufulu releases his mana to block Asta. As Lufulu goes to kill Asta, Magna and Vanessa quickly grab and hold Lufulu down. Lufulu decides to release all of his mana in order to kill the three, which they notices that Lufulu will become something else entirely. As Lufulu proclaim that he will never forgive the human for taking what is precious to him, Asta replies to Lufulu that he does not know what happened to Lufulu but still apologizes. Asta also says that Luck is their precious comrade and to please not take him away from them. Luck hears Asta's words and rushes to wakes himself up. As the spell is being undone, Lufulu remember what Licht's friend once said and comments about how he wish to have gotten to know them. As Luck wakes up, he comments about how he is the Black Bulls comrade while having tears run down his face. Asta watches as Magna hugs Luck and replies that they are his comrades. After breaking the spell on Luck, the group decide to stop at their base on their way to the capital, finding the base in ruins. After finding Gordon, Grey, and Henry at the base, Asta had to be the one to help them explain what happened to the base, as well as be the one to introduce Henry to the others. After finding out that Gauche was also possessed by an elf, Charmy also returns, upset about her ruined meal. After Charmy feeds everyone with food that restores their magic power, Henry reconstructs the base, and they all head off to Hecairo, where Luck senses three more elves in town.[279][280]

Raging Black Bull Cannons

The Black Bulls battle the elves.

After the black Bulls work together to fight the elves, Asta and the others begin to celebrate their victory until they are interrupted by the arrival of Rades, Sally, and Valtos.[281] Rades offers to transport them to the capital in exchange for help with killing their former leader. Asta immediately refuses to work with Rades for revenge and wants him to atone instead. After relentless arguing with one another, Asta finally managed to convince Rades, as well as Sally and Valots to help them save the country, with all three accepting Charmy's food, and Valtos transporting the base right into the capital.[282] After the Apostles of Sephirah arrive to summon the Shadow Palace, the base is warped into Clover Castle's courtyard and everyone then begins to fight off several elves in the area. When the group of elves are defeated, the Coral Peacocks's captain, Dorothy Unsworth arrives, possessed by the elf Reve who pulls part of the base into her Glamour World. Meanwhile, Patolli, alongside Gauche, who is possessed by the elf Drowa, combine their magic to destroy the rest of the base, with Gordon and Grey cushioning everyone's fall.[283] After Rades and Valos decide to leave, Drowa tells Patolli to head to the Shadow Palace while he deals with the humans, with Henry telling the others to get away from him. Just then, Noelle and Zora arrive, much to everyones surprise, and after which Yami and Jack also arrive, seeing Patolli headed for the Shadow Palace and deciding to follow him there. Before he leaves, Yami tells them that they can handle things from here, and tells them to surpass their limits, to which everyone agrees.

Violett Schirm

Asta and the other black bulls battle Drowa.

After Yami's departure, the Black Bulls proceed to battle Drowa. With help from his sister Eclat, Drowa creates multiple mirrors and uses them to reflect his sister's magic, paralyzing everyone. Asta them manages to use his new sword to free himself, along with Henry, Grey, and Gordon. After noticing that Asta's wielding the Demon-Destroyer Sword, Drowa becomes angry and attacks Asta, stating that the sword does not belong to him. With Grey and Gordon as backup, Asta manages to slowly turn the tide back in their favor. Asta then goes into detail about knowing all of Gauche's spells, and that he knows him well enough to deal with them, even if he is possessed. Asta, Gordon, Henry, and Grey then begin to explain what kind of person Gauche is, and that they will get him back. However, Asta is reflected up into the air and forced to face a reflection of Eclat.[284] Asta closes his eyes to avoid looking at her, so Drowa fires a magic beam at Asta. Asta manages to counter the spell by using his instincts. After that Drowa fires multiple attacks at Asta, which are blocked thanks to help from Grey, Gordon, and Henry. As Drowa's spell whittles away at the defense, Asta enters his black form and then destroys Drowa's mirrors while heading towards Drowa. As Asta draws near, Eclat's image appears in the mirror in Drowa's eye. As Asta is paralyzed, Drowa fires a powerful spell to kill Asta. Grey, Gordon, and Henry use their magic not only to reach Asta, but also to block the spell that Drowa fired.[285]

Gauche and Marie freed from reincarnation spell

Asta exorcises Drowa and Eclat.

Drowa figures out how Asta's tactic works and creates a giant mirror ball that scatters light in a wide are, forcing Asta to chase after them and waste his time in his black form. Drowa creates a large mirror to reflect Eclat's eyes. Henry has everyone gather within his mobile base, which Asta thinks about how he can only use his black form one more time but it will not last as long.[286] Grey uses her magic to transform the mobile base into a mirror one, and flies towards Drowa and Eclat. Drowa uses mirrors to redirect the four upwards, and uses a spell to destroy the base's engine. Henry then ejects Asta, Grey, and Gordon, and falls towards Drowa and Eclat. As Henry tells the other that its in their hands now, but Asta says that Henry is not dying yet.[287] Gordon uses his magic to cover the mirror ball, while Asta throws his sword at Henry. The sword is actually Grey who undoes her transformation and uses her magic to create a soft landing for Henry and herself. Asta then attacks Drowa and Eclat with his Demon-Destroyer Sword. After knocking them to the ground, Asta prepares to free Gauche and Marie, but Drowa at the last minute tells all of them about the humans who attacked his people and how they were nothing like them. After being asked to undo the spell, Asta uses his sword to exorcise Drowa and Eclat, with Drowa expressing his gratitude and saying that he will never forget them. After Asta exorcises the spirits, Gauche chastises Asta, Gordon, Grey, and Henry for risking themselves for him and Marie, but dropping his aloof nature, he thanks them. They hug him as the rest of the Black Bulls, along with Sally and Reve drop down from above, with Noelle and Zora joining in. Asta happily states that the Black Bulls, minus Finral, are together again. As the group prepares to follow Yami into the Shadow Palace, they are attacked by two elves, but Fuegoleon and Mereoleona arrive and defeat the elves.[288] As the gate to the Shadow Palace is shrinking, more possessed Golden Dawns attack, so the Black Bulls and Kirsch remain to hold them off while the captains, Asta, Noelle, and Mimosa fly to the gate.[289]

As the Magic Knights pass through the gate, Nozel states that it is the space between the living and the afterlife, which causes Asta to panic. After entering the Shadow Palace, the group are scattered around the Palace. Asta slams into a floor face first and Mimosa lands on him, smashing his head into the stone. Mimosa quickly apologizes and heals him. Once Asta is healed, he notices that he can use his black form again and thanks Mimosa. She then maps the layout of the Shadow Palace, which impresses Asta. Mimosa identifies that the large rooms each have an elf in them and that she and Asta are in a corridor that connects two rooms. She then says that everyone else was scattered and that they will have to defeat the elves in order to meet up with everyone else. She also notices that Licht is in the topmost room. Asta says that they will just have to defeat all the enemies and rendezvous at the top were the boss is.

Asta and Mimosa then head up into the room above them. The room is full of painted canvases floating around. Greeting them, Lira informs them that he will be using them to practice his Painting Magic, until the final magic stone is put in place. Asta promises to wake up Rill, but Lira insists that he is Lira and is already awake. Asta gets ready for battle and says that this is not going to be easy after all.[290] The pair are slowly overwhelmed by the number of monsters created by Lira, so Asta carries Mimosa on his back while she heals their injuries.[291] During the battle, Charmy appears, and Asta questions Charmy about how she even got there. After Asta tells Charmy that Lira is the one creating the monsters, Charmy offers food to Lira, but he swats it away and attacks her. Asta and Mimosa both watch in shock as Charmy stands back up, this time taller, with her sheep now turned into a wolf. After seeing this and sensing her mana, Lira announces that Charmy is a hybrid of a human and a dwarf, shocking everyone, including Charmy. As the fight continues, Charmy tells Asta and Mimosa to move on ahead while she handles Lira, with the two now headed to the next room.[292]

As Asta and Mimosa reach the next room, Mimosa notices an unconscious David, a senior member of the Golden Dawn. As Asta wonders who knocked him out, Mimosa creates a replica of the Shadow Palace and discovers that Yuno is in another room with three elves and a pedestal.[293] Asta says that they should head there, and thinks that Yuno should wait for them. As Asta and Mimosa finally arrive in the room, Mimosa notices the situation that is happening and wonders about the devil. Asta also notices that devil and wonders what it is, but thinks about how he may already knows the answer to that question.[294] The devil comments about how some uninvited quests have arrive, but decides to deal with them later, returning his focus to Patolli. Yuno tells Asta that the devil is the mastermind behind all of this.[295] Asta agrees with Yuno and both charge towards the devil. The devil defends himself by having the raining blade appear, which Asta and Yuno try to defend against. Asta notices that there are real blades mixed in and tries to dodge them since his Anti Magic will not work on them. However the two are easily sent crashing into the floor, and then crushed even further into the ground due to his magic. Both Asta and Yuno get back up and express how their dreams would never lose to a piece of trash like the him, with both of them making short work his blade attacks together and strike him as well. As Asta and Yuno manage to crack the devil's arm, he heals his wound. Zagred is impressed that they were able to wound him, and comments on Asta's power from a devil and Yuno's power form an elf and a spirit. Zagred does not recognize Asta's devil and is not concerned with taking back Licht's grimoire.

As Zagred takes Patolli's corrupted grimoire, Asta and Yuno rush forward to stop him, but he says that he is not their opponent and tells Patolli to go on a rampage, freeing the elf from the iron spears. The elf, who has given into his hatred and despair, has turned into a dark elf. Patolli uses Demon Light Magic to attack Yuno and Asta. Yuno is cut when he tries to dodge, as the black light is faster. Asta is pushed back into a wall and survives due to his overflowing Anti Magic weakening the attack's power.

Asta, Yuno and Patolli team up

Patolli, Asta, and Yuno team up.

Zagred decides to exit through the corridor in the ceiling. Asta tells the devil not to leave, but Patolli suddenly attacks, forcing Asta to deflect the strike. Yuno uses this chance to attack with Spirit Storm, but Patolli dodges the spell, throws swords at Yuno, and loops back to attack Asta again. While blocking the thrust, Asta tells Patolli that they might not forgive each other, but they are still able to understand each other. Asta also tells Patolli to get out of their way and pushes Patolli back with his sword. Patolli gets angry and starts to charging an attack, which Asta recognizes. Asta and Yuno both manage to stop the attack, however Patolli begins to charge up for another attack. Before he is able to finish however, Nozel appears and blocks the attack with his magic. Nozel then tells Patolli that he cannot win again him since his Mercury Magic has a better affinity against Patolli's Light Magic.[296] As Patolli launches another spell at Nozel, Nozel counters by creating shields that reflect the light. Nozel then start to launch mercury at Patolli but Patolli uses his magic to dodge it all. Nozel compliments Patolli on his ability, but that his preparation is now complete. Nozel cast a spell that traps Patolli and will continue to attack him. As Patolli continues to dodge the prison's attacks, he decides to attack Nozel. As Patolli launches spells at Nozel, the prison reflects the spells back at him. As Patolli is defeated, Nozel tells Asta and Yuno that he will be the one to become the Wizard King.[297] Nozel then plans to finish Patolli off, but Asta and Yuno convince Nozel to let Asta use his sword on Patolli since Patolli is using Vangeance's body. As Asta uses his sword on Patolli, Asta consciousness is pulled into Patolli's mind and he sees all of Patolli's memories. Asta then confronts Patolli and convinces him to continue to fight and not give up. After Asta and Patolli wake up, both agree to work together to stop Zagred.[298] When a demonic creature pours down from the chamber above, Patolli recognizes that it is from the devil's world. It absorbs his attacks and a piece of it falls on his arm, burning him and draining some of his mana and lifeforce, so he is surprised when Asta emerges from a pile unscathed. Nozel assigns Patolli, Asta, and Yuno to go after Zagred, while he and Mimosa evacuate everyone else.[299]

Asta, Yuno, and Patolli arrive at the top floor to see that Licht is already fight against Zagred, which Zagred noticing their arrival and commenting about how Patolli's transformation has come undone while also thinking that Asta's Anti Magic will be troublesome. Suddenly Lemiel Silvamillion Clover and Secre Swallowtail burst into the room, which Zagred says that he is surprised to see Lemiel again.[300] Yuno informs Asta who Lemiel is, while Secre informs Lemiel who Asta and Yuno are. Once Licht's soul is unsealed, Lemiel, Licht, and Secre head over to where Asta, Yuno, and Patolli are at. Licht and Lemiel then turn to Zagred, and comments about how they will finally settle things from 500 years ago. As the devil has his creature attack them, Lemiel and Licht each use spells to destroy the creature. Lemiel manages to land a blow on Zagred, but the devil counters by conjuring a trident and ripping off Lemiel's arm. Before Zagred has the chance to finish attacking Lemiel, Asta charges into the battle and counters his trident with his sword.[301] Zagred uses his magic to force Asta away, and has it rain swords at him. As Asta starts to counter the swords, Lemiel, Licht, Yuno and Patolli show up and help him. Secre then helps Lemiel, by using a spell to reattach his arm. Asta is amazed by what Secre did and comments about how he feels that he knows her, but Secre tells him to focus the battle. Zagred says that they should speed things up, commenting about how the only exit is on this floor and that the ones on the lower floor will be consumed by his creature before they finish him. Licht uses his sword to absorb all of the power of the elves and unleashes Demon-Dweller Sword: Conquering Eon, which obliterates Zagred's body.[302] As the others are amazed by what Licht had done, they notice that the devil's heart is still intact. Zagred then restores his body. Asta thinks about how powerful Licht's sword is, and wonders what his sword is capable of doing. Asta decides to unleash his power and releases his Anti-magic.[303]

Black Divider

Asta unleashing Demon-Slayer Sword: Black Divider.

As Asta tries and fails to unleash and control the power in his sword, Yuno uses the remnant magic in the air to create a sword that is capable of harming the devil's creature, while asking Asta how long he plans to lag behind and to stop fooling around with his power and control it before he leaves him behind. Asta replies that he has just figured it out, and uses his Anti-magic to upgrade his sword. As Lemiel thinks about what Yuno had done but wonders who Asta is, which Secre tells Lemiel that Asta is someone that has worked harder then anyone else in the kingdom while not giving up. Zagred has his creature attack, which Asta and Yuno easily counters the attack. Yuno uses his magic to push Asta towards Zagred, which Asta manages to pierce the devil with his sword. Suddenly multiple mouths appear all over the Zagred's body, and uses them to force Asta away and have his creature multiple faster. As Zagred says that its now over, Asta and Yuno tell him that it is not finished until they take care of the devil. Zagred has his creature attack Asta and Yuno, which the two easily counters the attack. Asta and Yuno head towards the devil, but Asta suddenly feels a pain and notices that he is reach his limit. Licht and Lemiel then uses a spell to protect the elves along with those around them, from Zagred's creature.[304] As the creature goes to attack Asta, Yuno comes to his rescue. Zagred sees this and tells them that this is were they will meet their end, and has his creature attack again.

Asta slays Zagred

Asta slays Zagred.

Yuno notices Asta and wonder if he is already at his limit. Yuno tells Asta that he will leave him behind if he cannot keep up and head towards Zagred, which Asta quickly chances after him. The devil sees this and thinks about how Yuno cannot cut through his heart, while Asta will will not be able to cut through his heart. Zagred notices that Asta had gotten behind him, and thinks about how Asta used the remnants of the shredded magic in order to get behind him. Asta and Yuno manages to reach Zagred and cut into him. Suddenly Asta's Black Form comes undone, which Asta thinks about how he is has reach his limit. Zagred forces Yuno away, then starts to taunt Asta. Yami then launches his spell and manages to cut the devil in half.[305] While the others are shocked by this, Zagred is confused about how this can happen. Secre uses this chance to heal Asta's wounds with a spell and thinks that Asta should be able to summon his Anti-magic. As Zagred goes to attack, Yuno shows up and stops him. Asta then uses a spell to cut the devil in two, finally ending the battle. Secre thanks Asta and Yuno for what they did. Yuno holds up an exhausted Asta.[306]

They then notice that the devil's spell is not disappearing and is continuing to devour the Shadow Palace. Licht warns that the structure is collapsing, and Lemiel's body is beginning to give out so the magical protection will not last. As Lemiel's magic reaches its limit, and the protective light disappears, Asta yells in terror at the fate awaiting those below. However, a portal appears and drops the assorted Magic Knights and elves on top of Asta and Yuno. Rades and Valtos appear from another portal, and Valtos explains that this is the first step in his atonement. Suddenly Yami shows up with Charla, Revchi, and Gueldre in tow. With everyone gathered, they all head to the exit.[307]

Spirit Light Tree

The Demon-Dweller Sword:Spirit Light Tree releases the rest of the elves' spirit.

While they are all exiting the Shadow Palace, Asta notices that Charmy has returned to normal, but Charmy replies that she has always been like this. Asta and Mimosa become confused by this and wonder if they were seeing things. As everyone begins to enjoy their victory in the Shadow Palace, Nozel comments that the battle is not over yet. Asta is frustrated since he is too worn out and unable to use all of his power. Since Licht's and William's magic will be able to reach everyone in the kingdom, Patolli asks Asta to undo his reincarnation. After reawakening, William grows a giant tree, while Licht connects the elves' spirits to it. Through these connections, Licht spreads the truth and Asta sends Anti Magic, dispelling all of the reincarnations. As Licht's souls departs, Asta asks if the grimoire and swords Licht's, but the elf says that the grimoire already belong to Asta now.[308]

Later, Mimosa is healing Asta on top of a tower, while Noelle comments about how Asta pushed himself too far once again. Lemiel expresses his gratitude for their help with dealing with the devil. Noelle and Mimosa wonder who Lemiel and Secre are, and Asta reveals that Lemiel is the first Wizard King and expresses that he will become a great one just like Lemiel. Asta says that Secre is Nero, which Secre confirms. Asta expresses how amazing Secre is for being able to transform into a human, to which Secre replies that she was originally a human. When Asta wonders why she did not say anything, Secre admits that she did not get a chance to talk to Asta until the Shadow Palace opened. Secre then pinches Asta's cheek for talking so brazenly to Lemiel. Asta tells her to stop and how she is still the Nero that he knows. Lemiel tells them that he never cared about being the Wizard King, and that he is glad that his ideals have lived on in Asta and Yuno. When Lemiel asks which of the two would become the next Wizard King, Asta declares that it will be him. Secre says that Asta and Lemiel are on completely different level, which shocks Asta. Asta, Noelle, and Mimosa then watch in surprise as Lemiel's body starts to crack and eventually crumbles away completely.[309]

The next day, in a part of the Clover Castle's wall, Julius and Yami call together a meeting with Asta, Noelle, Mimosa, and Secre, who are uncertain who the kid standing in front of them is. Julius explains that the kingdom is faced with three problems. The first is the lack of a Wizard King, with Yami pointing out that Julius is in fact the kid, surprising the others. Julius explains that his magic power and grimoire are limited and that his influence with the nobles has weakened. He then explains the other two problems, the second problem being that a foreign nation will destroy the Clover Kingdom if it does not change. Asta wonders if it could be the Diamond Kingdom or another country. Julius then says that the last problem is that Asta will die and that both could happen. Asta and Noelle are left stunned by the revelation.[310]

After hearing this Asta immediately panics and asks why he will die, with Yami exclaiming that Julius is usually right about these things and jokingly bids Asta to rest in peace, with Asta asking why Yami was so sure that he would end up dead. Asta asks Julius what is the meaning of all this, to which Julius responds that Asta's power comes from a devil. Asta then remembers feeling a similarity between his black form and the devil he defeated in the Shadow Palace, with Noelle and Mimosa both questioning Asta about whether he is okay, to which he states that he's fine. Yami is creeped out that Asta is associated with a devil, and Asta points out that Yami's bluntness hurts. Julius then explains how the horns that Asta obtains in his black form is the sign of a curse called Weg. Julius explains how the curse is from someone using the power from the underworld, which Secre explains how she obtained horns from using a forbidden spell and now she is able to transform into a bird at will now. He then hears Julius explain about the three kingdoms bordering the Clover Kingdom, and how the Spade Kingdom would likely take the opportunity to attack now that the Clover Kingdoms' knights are exhausted and divided from the battle with the elves. Asta says that it was all the devil's fault, which Julius explains how the Magic Parliament will condemn the devil's power and make Asta the scapegoat since he uses the power of a devil. Asta wonders who will run the Magic Parliament, which Julius says that the royal house of Kira is in charge of that.

Secre stops Asta from self-incriminating

Secre silences Asta before he incriminates himself.

Several days after the meeting with Julius, Asta and Secre are called to the Magic Parliament building for a talk. Though Asta figures it will be just a normal chat to inform them of the events that occurred, he and Secre are immediately handcuffed by some guards and are brought before the Magic Parliament and its chairman, Damnatio Kira. Damnatio intentionally reveals Asta and Secre's status, with Asta as an orphan peasant and Secre's history being unknown, and with their unknown powers as well as the fact that Secre has horns which means she has delved into Forbidden Magic. This causes the members of the court, who are all noble and royalty, to immediately distrust Asta and Secre which causes Secre to remark how despite Julius's best efforts he could not change the views the upper class have on non-nobility. Damnatio approaches Asta and quietly tells him that either he will take the fall for the possessed Magic Knights as a devil user or the possessed Magic Knights will pay for the actions they committed while under the control of elves. Damnatio feels assured about this because his magic lets him know that Asta is the person who will not let the other Magic Knights die. Damnatio then asks Asta about this supposed Devil which though Asta tells him about he is not able to show him as no one but a small group of people saw the devil. Secre prevents Asta from talking about his own devil and Damnatio announces aloud to the Parliament members that since there is no devil that they will just have to punish the possessed people. He then brings out Marie and plans to have her executed to provoke Asta into saving Marie thus revealing his demonic powers. This plan works as Asta immediately uses his form to stop the executioners attacks. Asta states he refuses to accept Damnatio's sense of Justice to which Damnatio replies that the people will never seek cooperation with a devil.

Black Bulls barge into courthouse

The Black Bulls crash the trial.

Damnatio then tells Asta to surrender in order for the formerly possessed Magic Knights to avoid facing charges for what happened during the Elves' assault on the kingdom. However, the Black Bulls break into the courtroom from the side of the building and tell Damnatio to release Asta and Secre as they belong to their squad regardless of the Demonic presence surrounding them. Secre tries to get them to take Asta and leave but they assure her that she is a part of their group regardless of her attempt to use them. Damnatio breaks up the group conversation by telling them that their actions will not make Asta's situation better but only worsen the charges placed on him. He then uses his Scale Magic spell, Scale Regulate, to weaken their magic to a balanced level to prevent their interference. However, Asta pulls out his Demon-Destroyer Sword's ability to cancel out Damnaio's ability on the Black Bulls. Damnatio is shocked by this new ability which allows Yami to move in to try to knock him out. Suddenly, Fuegoleon and Nozel come down to break up the confrontation while also bringing in Julius's new order for the Black Bulls to investigate the devils. As Nozel and Fuegoleon are royals, this convinces the Magic Parliament to allow Asta to prove his innocence, ending the trial. Damnatio cautions Asta that he will still be executed should he fail. Although Asta is relieved that everything is over, still confused he asks Yami what exactly is going on, with Yami telling him to get ready to take a trip out of the Kingdom to prove his innocence.

Asta and Secre later accompany Yami to see Charlotte Roselei, in order to ask her more about her curse, however the conversation ends with the Blue Rose captain running out of the building from Yami, to the shock of everyone, including Yami himself. Later Asta accompanies Yami to Blue Roses' base to try to ask again, with Charlotte trying to confess her true feelings to Yami, only for him to mistakenly think that she must really hate him. Asta tells Yami that he is wrong, and that he does not get the feeling that Charlotte dislikes Yami. Yami grabs a hold of Asta and says who asked for his opinion. Asta explains that he gets the same feeling that Noelle has with him, which is trust.[311] Asta also explains how its harder for Charlotte to be honest with him, the more that she trusts and relies on him. Yami asks if Asta is now embarrassed about proclaiming that Noelle trusts and relies on him. Asta replies that he and Noelle are comrades that have walked the line between life and death, and have come out on top countless times together. Asta also says that Noelle just cannot be honest with herself. Asta then pats Charlotte on the back and tells her that she should just be like she always is since she is too embarrassed to say what she wants to say. Sol then starts to choke Asta, for touching Charlotte in such a familiar manner. Charlotte comments about how they are blessed with such wonderful knights in their squads, which Yami replies that its also because of Asta that they are currently in trouble. Charlotte then tells Asta that she had heard what had happened to him and apologizes for it, but Asta tells her that its not her fault since she was possessed. Charlotte asks Yami to join her for dinner since there is something that he wants to discuss with her. Yami agrees to it, but thinks about how he does not get what is going on here.

After hearing from Charlotte about her curse, and after being told by her to look into one of his own squad members, Yami orders Asta, Gauche, Grey to go with Gordon to talk to Gordon's family about curses. After dinner, Gordon asks his father to teach them about devils and curses. Nathan shows them his workshop, which horrifies them, but he then uses his magic on Asta and reveals that he has been using his research to create treatments and cures instead of curses, which surprises Gordon. Nathan then creates a map that shows the locations of curses throughout the kingdom, with one of the locations being the black bull's base, with Asta realizing that it might be Henry that there seeing, and then they notice a particularly powerful one coming from in the Heart Kingdom.

Yami informs his squad that they cannot infiltrate the Heart Kingdom, because of the kingdom's trap magic that is at their borders. Noelle tells Yami that Mimosa had been to the Heart Kingdom and that they are currently studying there too, which Yami tells Finral to get on it. After heading to the Golden Dawn's Base, Asta and Noelle meet with Mimosa about her time in the Heart Kingdom. Mimosa tells the two that she had studied aboard with her brother in the Heart Kingdom, and explains everything she had experienced while there. Mimosa also explains how power the princess of the Heart Kingdom is and that she sees everything that happens within her kingdom. Mimosa then tells the two that she will help them out by handling the applications to enter the Heart Kingdom, which they thank her for. Sometime later, Asta, Mimosa, Noelle, Secre, and Finral are all heading towards the Heart Kingdom on a boat. As the boat enter through a fog, Mimosa explains that only those that have permission from the Heart Kingdom may enter the Heart kingdom. As the boat exits the fog, Asta, Noelle, and Finral are amazed as they witness the Heart kingdom. At another location, the princess notices that Clover Kingdom's power of the devil has arrived and comments about how she must have that power.[312] As Finral and the others wonder were they should dock, a mage from the Heart Kingdom named Gadjah greets them and tells them to just continue on. As they wonder were they can go since they have reach an end to the river, a staircase suddenly appears and the boat continues on. As they are amazed by this, Gadjah reveals to them that the mist barrier and rivers are all controlled by their princess's mana zone. Gadjah also explains how since the beginning of their kingdom's founding, their rulers have pledged their devotion to the water spirit in order to borrowing the spirit's power. Noelle comments about how one princess is capable of protecting a country this massive, which Gadjah says that the princess is capable of for now but the future remains uncertain.

Asta faces Water Knights

Asta faces Undine's Water Knights.

Suddenly Asta is kidnapped and carried to the Princess's underground chamber. As he is confronted by armored knights made of water, Undine apologizes for bringing him in that manner and attempts to strike Asta. More armored knights are created and Asta activates his black form and uses Black Hurricane to wipe them all out. Undine then greets Asta, calling him a devil, and pulls him into a whirlpool. Undine explains the magic stages and then binds Asta's hands, securing the manacles to the floor underwater. Secre then flies in and breaks the chain. Asta pulls back on his Anti Magic and senses the ki of the Princess. He breaks through the water barrier[313] and finds a statue sitting in the chair. Behind the chair, he finds the Princess sleeping and startles her, causing her to accidentally headbutt him. Undine pulls Asta away from her and comforts the Princess. Lolopechka explains that they were testing the Magic Knights, and when Asta asks about the curse they were following, the Princess reveals that she is the cursed one. Before she can ask for their help in defeating Megicula, she runs off to deal with various tasks around her kingdom.[314]

After Gadjah brings the other Knights to her palace, Lolopechka asks for their help but then trips and stumbles, dropping her regal demeanor. She explains the situation with the devil Megicula, and asks Asta and Secre for the help of their magic, explaining how because of their rare abilities, they are both considered Arcane Stage mages. Noelle and Asta contact Yami for permission, but he is too busy in the bathroom, which Lolopechka finds amusing. Mimosa instead contacts Marx Francois and Julius Novachrono. The Princess and the Wizard King discuss the arrangement and agree to an alliance. She admits that they are all too weak to defeat Megicula, so she decides to have her Spirit Guardians train the Magic Knights for six months.[315]

Six months later, after being informed by Lolopechka about a Candelo draining power from the weaker Spade citizens, Asta leaves immediately and flies straight towards the fortress. He sends the Demon-Slayer Sword through a window and stops a soldier who is attempting to assault one of the women. Landing in the fortress, Asta calls the Demon-Slayer Sword back to his hand and analyzes the situation. The soldier recognizes that Asta is a Magic Knight from the Clover Kingdom and mocks him for lacking mana while forming a huge suit of armor. The soldier boasts that he can defeat Asta in an instant. To his surprise, Asta cuts through the armor and knocks him out in one blow. Asta then challenges other soldiers and defeats them quickly.[316]

Black Slash

Asta battles in Candelo.

Asta introduces himself to the prisoners and reassures them that he will not harm them. The woman cries out about their situation and feels hopeless since they cannot escape either the Grand Magic Zone or the captain possessing inhuman magic. Sensing that the people are frightened, Asta claims that he will defeat all the soldiers, but is suddenly interrupted as the enemies drop down and start attacking. Asta quickly draws out his Demon-Dweller Sword and slashes the enemies. Sensing the captain's ki up above, Asta charges through the ceiling and defeats the other soldiers present, while making his way towards their captain. Asta cuts open into the captain's room, and the captain senses that Asta shares the power of a devil. Asta questions the captain on mistreating his own people, to which the captain replies that they were mere sacrifices for the prosperity of Spade Kingdom. Asta is suddenly paralyzed as the captain's Poison Magic starts spreading through Asta's body. Asta uses the Demon-Destroyer Sword to erase the poison, which astonishes the captain. Asta enters his black form and compares their level of devil power. Asta adds that he will crush them all for sacrificing their own people, and uses Black Divider to cut through the captain's spell and the upper portion of the fortress while the image of the Anti Magic Devil looms above it.[317] Meanwhile, Noelle flies towards the Candelo while carrying Mimosa and Finral.

Asta drags the knocked out captain down to where the prisoners are and informs them that he has defeated everyone so they can relax now. Noelle reaches the Candelo and releases her spells, dousing Asta and Finral in water. After Luck and Leopold retake Tolon, they inform Asta and the others, with Asta complimenting them on their work and complaining about how Leo has gotten taller in six months and he has not. After Finral heads off to the town, the woman inquires what they are going to do to the town since they need to obey the strong in order to live. Asta smilingly replies that it is their town and that the Magic Knights will not be doing anything, and informs them that Finral will teleport them all back, which delights the prisoners. Asta says that their role is to defeat the devil in the Spade Kingdom. The woman reveals that the Spade Kingdom is currently being ruled by mages known as the Dark Triad and how their strength is almost like that of a devil.[318]

Asta surfs on Demon-Slayer Sword

Asta flies off on his Demon-Slayer Sword.

Later in the Royal Palace of the Heart Kingdom, Lolopechka thanks everyone for successfully completing their mission and guarantees the safety of Tolon. As the Magic Knights discuss what to do next, Asta, Luck, and Leo decide that they wish to spar with Gadjah. Howeve, when they receive word that Charmy has appeared in the Polnfrume Forest, Asta volunteers to go, letting Finral rest. Asta flies off from the castle and upon reaching the Polnfrume Forest, discovers Charmy gorging herself on various fruits. He tries to dissuade her from eating more,[319] but she refuses and uses her Cotton Magic and Mana Method to form a giant sheep. Asta gets stuck in the cotton until Rill arrives and freezes the sheep. Asta and Rill then work together to shatter the giant sheep. After Rill restrains Charmy, Asta is impressed by his incredible improvement. Rill explains that it is due to the inspiration from the goddess who saved him while he was possessed. Asta points out that she is Charmy, which Rill refuses to believe.[320]

Later, Asta and Finral bring provisions to the Black Bulls base, which is near the border of the Spade Kingdom. They are greeted by Vanessa, Grey, and Gauche. After being greeted, Asta asks where the others are, with them stating that Gordon is still studying curses with his family, Henry is resting to recover his mana, and Magna and Zora are off traveling together again. Once Finral leaves to pick up Yami from the captain conference, Henry wakes up and informs the others that the base is floating in the air, due to the Gravity Magic of Dante Zogratis, one of the Dark Triad, who has come looking for Yami. After Dante redirects Gauche's and Henry's attacks, Asta flies out of the base and unleashes a Black Slash, which Dante dodges.[321] Asta fires more Black Slashes at Dante, who discovers that his Presence of the Demon King cannot affect them. When Dante tries to crush Asta with trees, they miss thanks to Rouge's interference, so Dante dodges around Asta's attack and barges into the base to find the owner of Rouge, Vanessa. Asta charges at Dante, but since Rouge has returned to protect Vanessa, Dante uses his magic to slam Asta into the ground.

Black Asta overcome with rage

Asta consumed with rage.

Asta enters his black form and reappears behind Dante, who is surprised to see another devil host in the Clover Kingdom. Chasing after Dante, Asta attacks with Black Divider and Black Meteorite, but Dante evades them. Gauche then multiplies Asta, and they attack altogether with Mirrors Meteorite.[322] Instead of dodging, Dante draws on 50% of his devil power and warps the space in front of him, diverting the attacks. While Asta is left confused, Dante steps on Asta's shoulder and forces him to the ground. Dante tries to convince Asta to join them since they are both devil hosts, but Asta refuses, having seen how they treat people. Dante explains his belief that true humanity is unleashing one's malice and darkest emotions, with which Asta disagrees, saying that controlling those emotions with a strong heart is to be human. Unable to convince him, Dante tries to kill Asta, but Rouge saves him again. Dante then draws on 60% of his devil power, forcing Vanessa to expend her magic, breaking the base into sections, and immobilizing Vanessa, Gauche, and Grey in mid-air. Wanting to draw out Asta's malice, Dante shapes a rock into a sword and pierces Gauche with it. Asta is left stunned, while his devil remembers a similar event. The devil's rage at the memory overwhelms Asta and causes him to lose control and lash out at Dante.[323]

The attack negates Dante's magic in the area, freeing Vanessa, Gauche, and Grey. Asta starts to assault Dante, but Dante dodges by continuously warping space around him. Dante then asks his devil, Lucifero, about the devil within Asta since he cannot ask Asta right now. Lucifero says that Asta must be a low-level devil since he does not sense that it is the high-level devil Zagred.[324] Dante figures that Asta is no match for the Dark Triad, since they are all possessed by high-level devils, and uses his magic to lift large chunks of earth from the ground. Dante attacks with one of the chunks, but Asta easily destroys it. Vanessa sees that Asta's power is running wild, but they have to rely on him for right now. Vanessa then turns her attention to Gauche and thinks about how he will not last for long, while Grey is crying over Gauche and thinks about her Transformation Magic is useless. As Asta continues to charge at Dante, Dante uses his Evil God's Pressure Craft to create more swords, and attacks with them. Asta uses Black Hurricane to defend himself and also fire a Black Slash at Dante. Dante warps space to dodge the attack, but Asta predicts where Dante would dodge to, and manages to wound Dante's face.[325] Dante decides to get serious and start to use his Heavy Infighting spell to assault Asta. As their fight continues, on the ground Grey, who's reflecting on her past manages to use her magic to heal Gauche.[326] Suddenly, Asta falls to the ground. Dante sees what Grey has done and comments about how the Black Bulls have another arcane mage. Dante comments about how both Grey and Vanessa should both become his women, but suddenly a dark slash divides Dante from the others. As Dante notices Yami, Yami asks him what he is doing since nobody messes with his people.

Dante is glad to see Yami, along with the malice that Yami is giving off, but uses his Presence of the Demon King spell to force Yami and Finral to the ground. Yami manages to keep standing, but uses his Black Moon spell to create an area that negates the effect of Dante's spell.[327] Dante notices how the spell works and throws a boulder at Yami, who easily cuts it in half with his Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash spell. Dante use his Heavy Infighting Gladiator spell to create a sword and attacks Yami in close combat. Asta, still laying on the ground, manages to regain consciousness in time to see the two fight. As the two clash, each of them notices what the other are capable of. Dante is excited to see Yami's capabilities, and Yami asks if Dante is some kind of stalker. As their battle continues to intensify, Yami manages to inflict a major blow to Dante after using a Mana Zone technique. However, As Yami comments about how his spell never misses, Dante laughs and uses a different magic spell to heal his wound.[328] Dante comments about how he excited and that nothing originally satisfy him his malice before. Dante also comments about Yami is the key that would open this world to be far more magnificent. Yami wonders what Dante is talking about, so Dante explains how he needs a Dark Magic and World Tree Magic users in order to create the magic channel, the Tree of Qliphoth, in order for the devils from the underworld to pour out and into this world.[329] As Dante laughs about this, Yami says that he will have to wipe Dante out right here.

Yami continues to attack Dante, learning more and more about his magic and the limits of his devil powers. After realizing that he needs to hit him at close range, Yami then continues to dodge and blocks Dante's attacks until he figures something out. Dante however, manages to slam a chunk of earth on Yami, but Yami gets up and proclaims that he will surpass his limits. Dante says that Yami will not be able to defeat him, but Yami uses his Death Thrust spell to obliterate Dante's chest. Dante laughs and starts to regenerate his body, while explaining how his original magic is Body Magic and that the devil's power boost his magic to the point where he is unable to die.[330] Dante then transforms into a monstrous form and comments about how he is grateful since he is able to go all out. Dante continues his assault but Yami dodges them all and then lands another Death Thrust spell. Dante heals himself again, and explains how Yami cannot defeat him and that there is no one that is capable of defeating him. Asta sees the fight and becomes frustrated that he is not able to do anything. Yami stop and says that he is not able to defeat Dante. Yami also says that he needs Asta's help. Asta calls forth his sword and quickly gets to Yami's side.

Asta bargains with Liebe

Asta bargains with his devil.

As Dante gets excited to face the two, Yami tells Asta to follow his lead which Asta agrees to. As the two charge, Dante tries to block their charge but the two easily break through. As Yami manages to continue to wound Dante, but Asta has trouble and needs Yami's help. Yami figures that Asta's Anti Magic is the key to winning this fight, while Asta thinks about how he is holding Yami back. Asta figures that he needs to all the power that he does not know about, and manages to meet with his devil. Asta asks the devil to lend him some of its power since he knows that the devil wants to defeat Dante, too. The devil replies that it will lend him power but will need to take control of a part of Asta's body. Asta explains how he wants to be someone that can come through for Yami before becoming the Wizard King, with his right arm now transformed due to the power he gained from his devil.[331]

As Dante launches his Gravity Singularity spell, Asta uses the power of the devil to destroy the spell and proclaims that this is everything that he has right now. The devil explains the power that Asta is wielding is more powerful then the dribble that he was giving him and that Asta will only have fifty seconds to use it, to which Asta replies that that is long enough. Asta manages to land a hit. Dante notices that he cannot heal the wound that Asta landed on him, so he quickly forces Asta away, creates more arms, and creates swords for each hand. Yami notices that Dante is being cautious of Asta, and figures that they can win if Asta lands a blow on Dante with the power that is radiating from Asta's right arm. Yami decides to put more into the fight and attacks Dante. Finral watches the fight and notices that Asta and Yami seem like they are in sync, even through they are moving randomly, and that the two look like they are having fun.

Asta slashes Dante with katana

with Yami's katana, Asta slashes Dante.

Dante says that he will crush them and win. Dante then manages to knock Asta's sword away and makes sure that Asta cannot retrieve it. As eight seconds are left, Asta calls for his Demon-Dweller Sword but Dante blocks it before it can reach Asta. When Asta tries to draw out his Demon-Destroyer Sword, Dante stops it, too. As three seconds remain, Dante attacks Asta but Yami stops him with his Death Thrust. Dante says that he is indestructible and regenerates his wound while proclaiming that it is over. As one second remains, Yami passes his katana to Asta, who grabs and imbues it with Anti Magic. Asta manages to land a slash on Dante, who falls to the ground. Dante's transformation is nullified, and a large gash stretches across his torso.[332] As Asta collapses, Yami catches him and compliments him on a job well done. Yami then gives Asta to Finral, and heads over to Dante to seal him with a spell. Suddenly Zenon appears and retrieves Dante, while also capturing Yami. Zenon notices Asta and tries to kill him, but Finral uses his magic to divert the attack. Zenon notices that it is time to leave and opens a portal. The Black Bulls try to stop Zenon, but Zenon easily counters all their attacks. Asta tries to get more power from his devil, but the devil says that Asta is too weak to handle any more of its power. Zenon then takes Yami through the portal, which shocks the members of the Black Bull.[333]

At a hospital in the Clover Kingdom's capital, Owen examines Asta and determines that Asta's life is not in danger and that he cannot do anything about Asta's right arm. Later that night, Asta wakes up and notices his arm. Suddenly, Yami's katana appears from his grimoire. Remembering what happened, Asta rushes out of the hospital. However, when Asta steps outside, Nacht Faust immobilizes him. Asta says that he has to go save Yami, but Nacht explains that Asta is no match for Dante on his own and that there are two other devil hosts who are just a strong as Dante. Nacht also says that Asta's devil has given up on him and that Asta does not even understand his own arm. Nacht goes on to say that he knows a lot about Yami and that he is an idiot if he really did lose. Angered by the statement, Asta breaks free of the spell, but another one quickly restrains him to the ground. Nacht says that a human who cannot defeat him will not be able to rescue Yami, which reminds Asta of the devil calling him weak. Asta starts to cry and wishes to be stronger. Nacht calls Asta a fool but admits to liking him because he is a good person, and introduces himself as the vice-captain of the Black Bulls, as well as a devil host.[334] He then introduces his devil, Gimodelo, before releasing his spell on Asta. Asta then asks where he has been, with Nacht explaining that he has been undercover in the Spade Kingdom the whole time, as well as stating that he has never met the other Black Bulls because of his personal hatred of Yami, which surprises Asta. Unsure whether or not he can trust Nacht, Asta still asks to learn how to use his devil's power, but Nacht instead insists that he rests.[335]

Nacht interrupts captains meeting

Nacht interrupts a captains meeting and stops them from attacking him.

The next day, Nacht slips into the captains' meeting and interrupts, complimenting their motivation but criticizing the mess they made of the meeting. He rises up out of a shadow with Asta under his arm.[336] When the captains move to attack the intruder, Nacht summons four masked beasts to stop them, and Asta realizes the four are devils. Nacht hands over the documents from Dante's room and explains the process for the Tree of Qliphoth. In order to retrieve Yami and William and to destroy the Tree of Qliphoth, Nacht wishes to train Asta and his Anti Magic and to build a team around Asta.[337] Nacht explains his plan to slip into the castle, lists the Dark Triad's names and magics, and adds that the team will have to be limited in size. When Yuno requests to be on the team, Nacht prompts Yuno to reveal that he is the purported prince of the Spade Kingdom, which flabbergasts Asta. However, Yuno wishes to seek revenge on Zenon for the sake of William and the Golden Dawn. After hearing this, Asta says that Yuno is still Yuno. Nacht announces that the team will leave on the morning of the third day. Asta tells Yuno that they will defeat the Dark Triad and rescue their captains. Asta is then shocked to hear that Vanica Zogratis attacked the Heart Kingdom.[338]

Liebe is summoned from Asta

Nacht summons Liebe out of Asta.

After Nacht meets with the other Black Bulls and informs them of the situation, he takes Asta to the abandoned mansion of House Faust. They enter a room of the house, and Nacht touches the floor and pulls them into a secret chamber, where Nacht plans to teach Asta everything he knows about devil magic for the next two days, which excites Asta. Nacht explains that Asta has not been using the full power of his devil and that they will use the Devil-Binding Ritual, a forbidden ritual whereby one makes a contract with a devil and formally makes its power their own. This ritual requires a relic connected to the devil, and Nacht notes that Asta's arm, grimoire, and body are already connected to the Anti Magic Devil. As soon as Asta steps into the magic circle, Nacht summons the devil out of Asta, causing Asta's right arm to disappear. The devil is surprised that Asta would willingly release him. Nacht then tells Asta to fight the devil and win.[339]

Asta does not wish to fight and instead thanks the devil for his help during Asta's previous battles. Liebe points out that he took Asta's arm, but Asta brushes it off as part of their bargain. Liebe says that he will kill Asta and summons the Demon-Slayer Sword from the grimoire. Liebe then coats the sword in Anti Magic, enlarges the blade, swings it down next to Asta, and then smacks Asta with the flat of the blade. Asta still refuses to fight, so Nacht informs him that if he loses, the devil will take his body and transform him into a monster, which Nacht will have to kill. Nacht dismisses Asta's concerns since they only have two days to improve Asta's abilities. Liebe interrupts their conversation and swings the sword at Asta's head. Asta ducks and the sword smashes into a pillar. Nacht tells Asta that the devil will kill him, which Asta refutes, saying that Liebe's ki has no killing intent. Nacht comments that devils cannot have good hearts, but sensing that Liebe is different from Zagred, Asta disagrees that being a devil means being evil. Asta's words and appearance remind Liebe of Richita.[340]

Asta imitates Yami

Asta imitates Yami's swordsmanship to overwhelm Liebe.

Liebe declares that he will steal Asta's body and kill every devil.[341] Sensing the hatred and sadness in the devil's ki, Asta pledges to accept those feelings and defeat the devil in a fight. Liebe considers it a joke and throws the sword at Asta, who dodges to the side and then punches the devil's face. Liebe summons the other swords from the grimoire, but Asta grabs Yami's katana and wields it to fend off the other swords that come flying at him. Asta recalls the fights he has had against and alongside other swordsmen, and copies their movements in order to close the distance with Liebe. Asta easily overwhelms the devil in close-quarters combat, striking Liebe multiple times and knocking the Demon-Dweller Sword from his hand. Asta follows up with a thrust that strikes the devil's forehead.[342] Liebe falls backward, and Asta stands over him and declares victory. A collar appears around Liebe's neck, and four chains pull him up onto his hands and knees before Asta.[343]

Asta and Liebe shake hands

Asta and Liebe forge a contract of equals.

Nacht congratulates Asta for winning and informs him that he can make any contract that he desires and can totally subjugate the devil. Asta requests that the devil become his friend. Both Liebe and Nacht are confused, and Asta explains that he has been able to fight because of the devil's power and wishes to learn more about the devil. Despite Nacht's warning about the devil possibly turning on him, Asta points out that he could sense the devil's character through ki. The collar and chains disappear as Asta reaffirms his desire to make a contract of equals. Asta holds out his hand and asks for the devil's name. Liebe introduces himself and shakes Asta's hand. Matching markings then appear on their left wrists, and Asta's right arm returns.[344]

Stepping into the circle again, Nacht smiles and tells Asta that the contract is unprecedented and foolish but correct. He then merges with Gimodelo and challenges Asta and Liebe as a continuation of their training.[345] Nacht tells them that the only way for Asta to get stronger is to draw out all of Liebe's power, and to achieve this by uniting. Using his magic, he surrounds them both in shadows. Asta enters his black form to get out of the spell and wonders where Liebe is. Liebe, in miniature form, tells Asta he is on his shoulders. He explains that he thinks his current form is what happens when Asta uses Anti Magic. Nacht says their current condition is not union. Asta asks Liebe how can he use the latter's real power. Unfortunately, Liebe answers that he does not know how as he has never come out to fight before. They start arguing with each other until Nacht interrupts. He tells them that they will have to figure it out as they go along. He attacks them with his spell called "pack". Nacht tells them that the shadows will not go away until they defeat him. As he cycles through his swords, Asta thinks about how his connection with Liebe is stronger, but Nacht points out that drawing out the power will not be easy for Asta since Liebe is not his servant. After grabbing Yami Sukehiro's katana, Asta says that he will surpass his limits, which irritates Nacht, disrupting his ki. Asta senses the disturbance and sends a flying Anti Magic slash, which cuts the edge of Nacht's cloak. Asta decides to name the katana, the Demon-Slasher Katana, and restates that he is going to surpass his limit, which irritates Nacht more.[346]

After two days, Asta and Liebe continue to fail, and Asta notes that the injuries he receives in his black form are shared with Liebe now. The two eat cookies filled with Healing Magic from the Spade Kingdom's Resistance. Once their wounds are healed, Asta suggests a lame idea that Liebe goes along with on the chance of it being successful. When it too fails, Asta and Liebe begin bickering, but Nacht interrupts and informs them that their time is up. He then engulfs the two with his Dark Prison Hunting Ground spell. As Nacht attacks them, Asta enters his black form and notices that he cannot dodge the attacks since he cannot sense their ki. As Nacht continues his attacks, Asta and Liebe wonder why they cannot Unite and think about why they want to get stronger. They both resolve not to let the other die. In that moment of shared desperation and determination, Asta and Liebe manage to Unite, shining within the darkness of Nacht's spell.[347] Asta manages to release a single slash that cuts through Nacht's spell and negates part of Nacht's transformation, even though the slash did not touch him. Nacht admits defeat but refuses to let them join the mission yet since they need more time to master Unite. Nacht leaves Gimodelo behind to continue their training.[348]

Asta slices apart demon

Asta defeats the demon attacking the Clover Kingdom.

The next morning, when a demon from the Spade Kingdom lands in the Clover Kingdom, Asta and Liebe fly over and drive Black Divider into the demon's mass of charging mana.[349] As Anti Magic permeates the demon's attack, Asta and Liebe Unite, completely erasing the charged mana. The demon attempts to attack Asta, but he slices apart its arms and body, while the whole kingdom watches and cheers. Once the demon is defeated, Gimodelo senses that Nacht is in danger, so Asta decides to head straight for the Spade Kingdom.[350] However, it is too far for him to fly by himself, and his transformation comes undone. As he falls, Finral opens a portal, dropping Asta onto a rooftop, where the other Black Bulls are waiting to accompany him to save their captain.[351]

The Black Bulls travel to the Spade Kingdom. When they near the capital, Asta flies off on his own.[352] Arriving in his United form, Asta protects Nacht by severing Nahamah's right hand.[353] Nacht tries to convince him to go after the Dark Triad, but Asta instead decides to fight Lilith and Nahamah and then removes the restraints on Nacht. After Asta briefly freaks out about his form's time limit, the devils surround him in a swirl of Demon Fire and Demon Ice Magic. Asta cuts through it and swings for Nahamah's head, but the devil dodges by merging into its own flames. The two devils continue their barrage of attacks, so Asta lets the devils draw closer before he uses the Demon-Destroyer Sword to negate their magic. He then uses the Demon-Slayer Sword to cleave Nahamah in two.[354] Lilith freezes Nahamah and fuses their bodies together. Asta announces that he is unable to sense the fused devil's overwhelming magic power, so the fused devil decides to display their magic, generating huge towers of ice and fire. While Asta is distracted with stopping the towers, the fused devil flies high in the sky and creates a massive freezing sun, which falls toward the castle. Undaunted, Asta increases the size of the Demon-Slayer Sword and reflects the sun back at the devil.[355]

Asta and Liebe slay Lilith and Nahamah

Asta and Liebe defeat Lilith and Nahamah.

When the devil merges with the sun, Asta uses the Demon-Dweller Sword to cut the sun into pieces, and then flies into it. Finding the devil, Asta negates their magic again, stopping them from disappearing into their magic again, and cuts through the attacks coming from the sun. Noticing that Asta is on his last minute of Unite, the devil decides to flee and run out his time. Asta chases after the devil but is too slow. However, Nacht emerges from the devil's shadow and restrains them long enough for Asta to swing both swords, cutting the devil into pieces. Immediately after, Asta and Liebe split apart, and they congratulate each other as they fall.[356] Nacht pulls them through a shadow to the rooftop. Asta then explains the drawbacks of Unite: an intense full-body pain and an inability to use Unite or his black form for 30 minutes.[357]

Nacht carries Asta to Dante's chamber and they witness Magna defeating Dante.[358] Asta runs up and congratulates Magna. After Nacht explains the situation, the Black Bulls head out to defeat the remaining members of the Dark Triad and rescue their captain.[359] Along the way, Luck informs them that the others from the Heart Kingdom have also arrived at the castle.[360]

Asta saves Lolopechka

Asta stops Lolopechka from detonating.

Later, when Megicula attempts to detonate the devil power in Lolopechka, Noelle reaches out to save the Princess, and Asta flies in, tags Noelle's hand, and negates the building magic power.[361] While holding the unconscious Lolopechka, Asta notices that she still has other active curses afflicting her. Liebe points out that Megicula is a highest-ranking devil and too powerful for them without Unite. Recognizing the threat of Anti Magic, Megicula tries to kill both Lolopechka and Vanica in order to completely manifest, but Charlotte, who was revived by Rill's Twilight of Valhalla, nullifies the curses with her Blue Rose Paradise. After Megicula reanimates a hundred Dark Disciples and imparts them with devil power, Blood Magic, and Steel Magic, Rill's valkyries have to defend Asta who is still suffering from Unite's drawbacks. Thanks to Charlotte's briars weakening curses, Undine is able to pull Asta and Lolopechka away from the battlefield. Asta loudly voices his faith in Noelle,[362] and is dazzled by her new Saint Valkyrie Dress.[363] Asta watches in amazement when Charlotte and Rill show off new spells and Luck and Gadjah join in the fight.[364] Asta is dumbstruck as Nozel arrives and assists Noelle in fighting Megicula.[365]

After the Silva siblings defeat Megicula, Asta flies over to congratulate Noelle. At the same time, the curses on Lolopechka disappear and she becomes naked. Both Asta and Lolpechka are embarrassed, and Noelle punches him away for it. He comes running back and wants to know why, but Noelle is too embarrassed to confess her feeling and punches him away again. When Rill, Charlotte, and Gadjah collapse from their fatal injuries, Lolopechka is unable to heal them, and Asta notes that the Demon-Destroyer Sword cannot reverse the damage. Nacht arrives with Mimosa, who uses her Ultimate Magic, Flower Princess Utopia, which revives all three. Asta cries in happiness and compliments Mimosa. Afterwards, Gadjah confesses his love for Lolopechka, which shocks Asta and the others.[366]

Asta watches in shock as Zenon's tower crumbles, which Nacht attributes to Yuno defeating Zenon. Nacht then announces that although the Dark Triad have all been defeated, the Ritual has not stopped.[367] Asta and the other Black Bulls follow the base after it smashes through the castle to the ritual chamber. Flying in, Asta strikes Moris Libardirt across the face, knocking him unconscious, and demands that he return their captain.[368] The Black Bulls shout for Yami, waking him up. When he laughingly asks if they all like him that much, they enthusiastically affirm that they do, and he echoes the sentiment.[369]

Infinite Slash Equinox

Asta and Liebe slice apart Lucifero's monstrous form.

Before they can reach Yami, the second gate opens and Lucifero combines the bodies of the devils from the first two levels into one giant, monstrous body, which also pulls in the coffins holding Yami and William. The Black Bulls retreat into the base and work together to create the Ultra Giant Bull.[370] While the base fights the devil, the Black Bulls gather in the cockpit. There, Asta offers to defeat the monster without hurting the captains, and the others all encourage him so Finral teleports Asta to a spot overlooking the battlefield.[371] With the Demon-Slasher Katana drawn,[372] their 30-minute limit ends and they Unite over their shared motivation to stop Lucifero from entering the living world. They then use Infinite Slash Equinox to slice through the monster, destroying the coffins holding Yami and William without hurting them.[373] Asta is happy to see Yuno destroy a section of the monster that was threatening to crush the Magic Knights and citizens below it.[374]

Captains rally around Asta

The captains rally to assist Asta and Liebe against Lucifero.

Asta and Liebe unmerge and, as they fly back to the town, are met by Lucifero, who has created a body from the monster's leftover flesh.[375] Lucifero uses gravity to slam Asta onto the ground. Liebe admits to Asta that he wants to stop Lucifero by any means, so they Unite. Although the King of Devils warps space to avoid their first attack, Asta tracks where he will reappear, but Lucifero grabs the blade in their second attack. When dragging his finger along the edge, Lucifero is aggravated that it draws blood and punches Asta and Liebe away, sending them crashing into the ground. As Asta and Liebe struggle to sit up, the Magic Knight captains gather around them.[376] While Lucifero is distracted with fighting the captains, Asta appears behind Lucifero and swings for his head.[377] Although the King of Devils moves out of the way, the sword cuts off the tip of one of his horns, which further infuriates Lucifero. He grabs Asta by the head, slams him into the ground, and repeatedly stomps on him. Before Lucifero can kill Asta and Liebe, Dorothy pulls them out from under his foot and passes them to Charlotte. Asta and Liebe unmerge, with Liebe lying unconscious on Asta's chest.[378]

The captains do their best to keep Asta and Liebe away from Lucifero. After defeating the captains, Lucifero attempts to stomp on Asta and Liebe one final time, but Yuno teleports them out of harm's way.[379] After a second teleport away from the battlefield,[380] Mimosa attempts to heal Asta's injuries but runs out of magic before she can finish. Asta stands back up anyways and trudges toward the battle, with Liebe still unconscious on his shoulder.[381] Nacht tries to talk the heavily injured Asta down from reentering the fight, but Asta refuses, so Nacht decides to help Asta fight.[382] While Nacht in Unite Mode: Canis × Equus restrains Lucifero, he lifts Asta out of the shadow and up into the air behind the devil. Asta swings the Demon-Slasher Katana at Lucifero's head, but the devil disperses the restraints and attacks Asta. Nacht throws himself in front of Lucifero, and Lucifero's power shatters the shields and injures Nacht. Before Lucifero can kill Nacht, however, Yami blocks the punch and neutralizes the gravity.[383] The force of Lucifero's punch pushes Yami into Nacht and sends them both flying back, so Zora and Secre, with Rouge's help, run in to hold off Lucifero from getting to Asta.[384]

After Lucifero cancels out the double power punch from Zora, Nacht and Yami reappear in front of the devil and protect their subordinates.[385] The captain and vice-captain manage to minorly injure Lucifero, so the devil resolves to annihilate them all with the full power of his half-manifested form. As Lucifero transforms, the gravity around him increases. With his exhaustion sealed by Secre, Asta then rejoins the fight alongside Nacht, Yami, and Yuno.[386] After being pulled into the shadows of Kids' Playground, Asta and Liebe agree to use the remaining two minutes of Unite. However, the overflowing Anti Magic negates the shadows hiding them. They try Infinite Slash Equinox again, but Lucifero dodges the slash and appears next to them. Yami then leaps out of a shadow and interrupts Lucifero's attack. As Lucifero continues pursuing the Magic Knights, he manages to catch up to Nacht and crushes the vice-captain's right arm. While Asta is slashing through the gravity around the arm, Lucifero kicks Asta's knee, breaking it.[387] After Yuno creates a shadow behind Lucifero, Yami and Nacht emerge from the shadow and simultaneously attack the devil with mirrored attacks, but Lucifero transforms his upper pair of wings into arms and plunges the new hands through the chests of Yami and Nacht, much to the horror of Asta and Liebe.

As Yuno collapses as well, Lucifero tries to punch Asta and Liebe again. Liebe's memories pour into Asta. Asta and Liebe appear as children in a mental space, and Liebe is overcome with grief over failing Richita. Aware of the full extent of Liebe's pain, Asta sympathizes with his lack of magic and thanks him for the power of Anti Magic, which was born from his pain. Asta considers himself lucky to have met Liebe. Despite having nothing to give, Asta offers to help Liebe keep fighting. Liebe acknowledges that he is no longer alone, and the two stand together as brothers, improving their Unite form. They then block Lucifero's punch[388] and are unaffected by his follow-up punch. Asta and Liebe squeeze Lucifero's wrist, negating the magic in his arm, and push it away from their face. After Lucifero barrages them with punches, they block the hits with their arm, then leap up, and swing the Demon-Slasher Katana over Lucifero's head, slicing through the arms holding Yami and Nacht, as well as cutting off Lucifero's hair and the tips of his horns. Noting that they only have five seconds left in the form, Asta and Liebe kick Lucifero in the face, sending him flying backwards.[389]

Asta and Liebe cut Lucifero into pieces

Asta and Liebe slice Lucifero into multiple pieces.

Lucifero launches rocks at Asta and Liebe; they dodge around them but are caught by a boulder that is suddenly raised. Lucifero jumps up to the boulder and punches them in the chest, but they power through this attack and glare at Lucifero, who is reminded of Richita's glare. They then slice Lucifero's body into multiple pieces. As the timer runs out on their form, Asta and Liebe stand over Lucifero's body and say that he should stay there and grovel.[390] However, Lucifero rises up and pins Asta and Liebe to the ground, and Liebe is too weak to cancel out the Gravity Magic and reverts to his small form. Nacht and Yami emerge from the shadows near Asta and negate the gravity; Nacht also helps Asta stand and lift the Demon-Slayer Sword, preparing to strike the devil again. When Lucifero tries to fly away, Yuno teleports the devil back under Asta's swing, which slams the devil into the ground, ultimately defeating him.[391]

Exhausted, Asta and Liebe collapse to the ground. Adramelech flies down but, rather than attack them, simply pulls out Lucifero's heart, before leaving.[392] After Mimosa saves Yami and Nacht from death, she heals Asta's and Liebe's injuries. With the Black Bulls together again, they thank Nacht for his help and welcome him, which he accepts.[393] Asta and Liebe go off together and sit atop the clocktower amidst the destroyed castle town. After Asta thanks Liebe for sharing his memories of Richita, Liebe thanks Asta for helping avenge Richita's death and wishes to help Asta achieve his dream: to become the Wizard King.[394]

Following the Spade Raid, the Devil Trial's verdict is further postponed due to Damnatio's disappearance, but eventually it resumes and Asta and Secre are declared innocent.[395]

Asta's last proposal to Lily

Asta proposes to Lily for the last time.

A year and three months later, Asta is summoned to a special awards ceremony, in which he is promoted to 1st Class Senior Magic Knight. Most of the captains also attend in support of Asta; Fuegoleon acknowledges that Asta is one step closer to the title of Wizard King. Although Yuno still outranks him, Asta is not too bothered since neither is Wizard King yet. At the banquet afterward, Asta asks about the rumor that Fuegoleon, Nozel, and Mereoleona were to take over for Julius, and Nozel and Fuegoleon admit that they all turned down the offer.[396] After seeing how his foster family was enjoying the banquet, Asta resolves to propose one final time to Lily. He takes her out to a balcony and proposes, but she turns him down gently, which Asta accepts. He then repledges to become the Wizard King, and she voices her support for him.

Lucius Zogratis suddenly appears next to them on the balcony and congratulates Asta.[397] Asta initially mistakes him for Julius but senses that he is someone else. Lucius freezes the tower in time and walks over to Asta, but Anti Magic negates the Time Magic, freeing Asta and Liebe. Asta enters his black form and recognizes Julius's spell but is surprised by the size. When Lucius admits that it is because he absorbed Lucifero, Asta confirms that by sensing the devil's ki within Lucius. Asta demands to know what Lucius has down with Julius, and Lucius claims that Julius is dead, much to Asta's shock. After Lucius reveals his plan to kill Asta and take over the world, Asta and Liebe unite, focusing their power in their right arm, negate the Time Magic spell, and challenge Lucius for the title of Wizard King.[398]

Lucius strikes down Asta and Liebe

Lucius defeats Liebe and Asta.

They demonstrate that Time and Soul Magic are ineffective against them, so Lucius switches to Gravity Magic-enhanced physical attacks. However, Asta and Liebe, who faced this fighting style against Lucifero, quickly counter, driving Lucius back, and negate Lucius's attempt at teleportation. Lucius then demonstrates his ability to purify devil power, transforming into something neither human nor devil. He also teleports and takes Lily hostage, holding his finger to the side of her head. After explaining how his Soul Magic works, Lucius transforms Lily into a Paladin, imparting the purified power of Beelzebub into her. While Asta is distracted by Lily's request for Asta to die, Lucius uses his hand to slash open Asta and Liebe's chest.[399] As they crash onto a rooftop, Asta and Liebe separate. Despite the grevious injury, Asta refuses to give up, but Lucius calls his bluff.[400] As Lily teleports Asta away so the Magic Knights cannot save him, Asta pledges to save Lily.[401]


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