Yuno Asta as infants

Asta as an infant.

As infants, Asta and Yuno are left at the doorstep of a church in Hage. Since then, they spend their childhood in the church with the other orphans.[1]

One day, during their trip home from grocery shopping, Asta overhears a couple of villagers coveting the lifestyle of those who live in the Noble region. On this day, Asta learns of the discrimination that the people of the Forsaken Region receive and reveals his intention to be the Magic Emperor for the first time.[2]

Sometime later, Asta sees a thug snatch Yuno's necklace and immediately steps in to get his friend's item back. His endeavor is a success, but the young orphan is left with injuries all over his body. Fortunately, Sister Lily of the church is able to heal him with her magic.[3][4]

Asta and Yuno vowing to care for their comrades

Asta makes a promise with Yuno.

One day, Asta and Yuno go into the forest of Hage and stand on top of a hill while they face towards the Noble Region. Asta then starts talking about their relationship as a family, despite their lack of blood connection. Yuno agrees with Asta and asks him the reason behind the latter's sudden allusion. Asta then makes another promise with Yuno: they will treat their future comrades as a family just like the way the treat each other.[5]

Asta and Yuno also practice their magic from time to time with Asta usually tries to break through Yuno's Wind Magic attacks. Yuno tries to convince Asta to stop as the latter fails every time. Unfortunately, the latter refuses to give up and continues his charge towards Yuno. Finally, at one point, Asta manages to break through Yuno's magic and lands an attack. He then subsequently tells Yuno that his persistence is the source of his success.[6]

Asta punished by the Sister

Asta punished by Sister Lily.

Years later, Asta confesses to Sister Lily, but is quickly rejected. He insists even after she forcefully silences him. He finally stops his approach when Yuno interrupts him. After many failed attempts to show his skills while Yuno overshadows him, Asta storms away to train on his own.[7]

A few days later, a Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony is held in a tower near Hage. Asta fails to receive his grimoire and Drouot suggests for him to try again next year. Later in the evening, Asta is still left in a daze after Yuno also brushed off his declaration of rivalry. In the distance, while he hangs on a tree branch, Asta sees that Yuno is in trouble and quickly runs to save him. However, because of his lack of magical power, Asta is cornered by Revchi who is armed with a grimoire.[8]

Asta received his grimoire

Asta receives his grimoire.

Unable to retaliate, Asta submits as his spirit is shaven off by Revchi. He manages to regain his will to fight, however, after Yuno reveals his respect for Asta during their time as children. Asta then tries to get back on his feet when a grimoire suddenly flies towards Asta and gives him a sword. Using his newfound sword, Asta defeats Revchi and reinforces his promise with Yuno.[9]

Six months later, Asta attends the Magic Knights Entrance Exam, where he meets Yami Sukehiro, Finral Roulacase, and Gordon Agrippa for the first time. During the exam, Asta is unable perform the first task given to him, which attracts Sekke Bronzazza who plans to take Asta's poor performance to his advantage. At the end, during the combat test, Sekke asks Asta to be his partner, which the latter gladly accepts. Sekke then condescendingly reveals his reason behind his decision to have Asta for his partner. Nevertheless, Asta quickly defeats him and reveals his intention to become the Magic Emperor.[10]

Yami recruits Asta

Yami offers Asta a place in his squad.

Unfortunately, because of his use of unfamiliar magic, none of the captains wants to recruit him. The captain of the Black Bull squad then steps in to test Asta's determination. The young orphan manages to impress Yami and he is offered a place in the squad. He then travels to the squad's headquarters via Spatial Magic and introduces himself to the other members of the squad.[11]

One of the members, Magna Swing, decides to give Asta an initiation test to prove his worth for the squad. Asta impresses Magna when he deflects Magna's attack back towards him. Additionally, Magna remains impressed of his ability, even when Asta reveals his lack of magical power. The young Knight is then congratulated by the other members before he receives his robe while Vanessa Enoteca brands his headband with the squad's insignia.[12]

After the test, while being taken on a tour of the headquarters, Asta meets Noelle Silva whom is the other new member of the squad. He tries to be friendly with her, but the latter completely rejects Asta's good intention as she mentions her royalty status. Afterwards, Magna takes Asta to the latter's personal quarter. The notion of having his own room, deeply excites Asta as he started cleaning every corner of it before he goes to sleep.[13]

Origin of Asta and Noelle bond

Asta bonds with the other new member.

Later at dawn, Asta finds Noelle while she practices on her own. Suddenly, he witnesses her magical power goes out of control. Yami who quickly arrives at the scene, orders Asta to stop her magic as he throws the young Knight towards Noelle. Asta is able to save him with the use of his anti magic and lands safely on the ground with Finral's assistance. He then begins to praise Noelle's ability while also encourages her to grow stronger.[14]

During meal time, Asta asks about the duty of a Magic Knight, which Magna chides him for his ignorance. However, after he heard his squadmates' interpretation of their duty, Asta simply concludes that they are all weird. Later on, Magna reveals to Asta and Noelle that their first mission will be a boar hunting in Sosshi. Asta rejects the mission at first, but quickly accepts it as he is threatened by Yami. The three of them then travel to the village on Magna's broom, because Asta cannot ride one himself and Finral is unable to transport them with his magic. Upon their arrival, they discover that the village is covered in mist, which Magna quickly asks Asta to cut a path for them. The moment the reach the center of the village, they find the villagers are held hostage by a group of mages, led by Heath Grice. Once Magna saves the villagers, Heath launches a second attack, which Asta countered with his sword before he confronts Heath for his actions.[15]

Asta attacks Heath

Asta attacks Heath.

Asta begins his assault while he tries to uncover Heath's true purpose. Unfortunately, Heath's answers quickly infuriate him and causes Asta to proclaim that he will protect the villagers from him. Heath and his group launch a combination spell that keeps Asta and Magna occupied and unable to protect the villagers. Fortunately, Noelle casts a protection spell that shields all of them from their attacks.[16] Asta quickly dashes towards Heath as soon as he sees an opening, but he fails to give an effective damage because of Heath's had dampened Asta's momentum by freezing his standing ground.[17][18]

He then begins to receive a lot of damage from Heath, but still manages to regain his stance. Subsequently, Magna steps out of Noelle's spell and asks Asta to redo their initiation ceremony. Their strategy succeeds, and Asta quickly delivers the final attack and defeats Heath.[19]

Asta motivates Nick

Asta motivates Seihi's grandson, Nick.

Asta faints as soon as Heath is defeated, but he immediately is awoken by an anti-bird, which followed him from the entrance exam. When Asta sees the Anti-bird carrying a stone, which belongs to the village's chief, he tries to have it returned but the villagers decide to give it to him. After that, Asta witnesses Heath commit suicide to protect his retainer's information, which deeply shocks him.[20]

Asta later runs around with the anti-bird constantly pecking him while being followed by Noelle. He then has a chance meeting with Nick, the chief's grandson, to whom he gives words of encouragement.[21]

Black Bulls enter the black market

Asta enters the black market.

Having returned to the headquarters, the three Knights report back to Yami who praises them for their work. Yami then gives them their salary, which quickly excites Asta. Vanessa subsequently offers Asta and Noelle to go on a shopping trip to Kikka. As they arrive, Asta becomes excited with the new experience and wishes he could take the Hage villagers with him. After they are finished with their errands, Vanessa takes both of them to the castle town's black market, where Asta spots Magna at the casino.[22]

Additionally, the young Knight encounters Sekke who tries to flirt with Vanessa and Noelle. A conversation later, a thief snatches an old lady's bag, so Asta quickly chased and immobilized him before Sekke delivers the final strike. Unfortunately, Sekke finds himself paralyzed and attempts to give his final words, but Asta quickly stopped and motivated him before Sekke learns from Vanessa that he is fine. Asta returns the bag to the old lady and leaves with his squadmates.[23]

Noelle and Asta arguing

Asta and Noelle argue about the anti-bird's name.

Sometime later, Yami informs Asta and the other Black Bull members about the appearance of a new dungeon. The Black Bull captain then explains that the Magic Emperor has requested Asta to explore it, which quickly excites the latter, even though he knows nothing about dungeons. He then travels to the dungeon, which is located at the edge of the Kingdom, along with Noelle and Luck Voltia. As they enter, Asta argues with Noelle about the name of the anti-bird. The arguments settles immediately after Luck suggests the name for it. Immediately after, Asta drops their source of light, which caused them to walk in the dark before they reach the inner-side of the dungeon.[24]

Asta then accidentally activates a trap when he whines about his inability to sense mana within the dungeon, but he is able to easily handle it. Asta and Noelle, however, face against numerous other traps, as Luck playfully activated all of them before he leaves them on their own. Another trap quickly emerges and immobilizes Asta. However, Yuno arrives at the scene and effortlessly saves him.[25]

Asta and Noelle in trouble

Asta and Noelle explore the dungeon.

Asta and Yuno's reunion is quickly being set aside when Yuno's senior, Klaus Lunettes, begins a conversation with the Black Bull members where he believes that saving them is unnecessary. Asta and Klaus then start a series of arguments with Noelle and her cousin, Mimosa Vermillion, on their respective sides. At the end, Asta is unable to give an answer when Klaus asks them the whereabout of Luck and the arguments begins to move towards the reputation of their captains. As the Golden Dawn members leave to conquer the dungeon, Asta and Noelle also begin their search for the center of the dungeon. Noelle starts to question their searching method, because none of them possesses a magic that could help them. Moments later, Asta sees Nero take off and point them to a tunnel.[26]

They decide to follow Nero's guidance, but left stranded in an area with a gravitational anomaly where Asta finds a treasure chest with living organs inside it.[27] They continue in their search for the center of the dungeon when Asta suddenly stops after he heard a peculiar noise. Noelle infers the possibility of it being the sound from Luck's fight. Asta quickly suggests that they assist him, but Noelle argues by saying that their current priority is to conquer the dungeon.[28] However, Asta decides to help Luck and manages to negate a spell that is about to kill the latter. When Luck's opponent, Lotus Whomalt, asks for Asta's identity, the latter simply says that he is Luck's comrade.[29]

Asta attacks Lotus

Asta scores a hit on Lotus.

In contrast, Luck refuses Asta's help and charges towards the opponent. However, when Lotus is about to counterattack him, Asta interferes as he ignores Luck's request. Luck finally agrees to fight the Diamond Kingdom's mage together, but the opponent immediately traps them within a shroud of thick smokes.[30] Asta tries to cut the smoke multiple times, but he quickly grows anxious due to its unlimited amount. As soon as Luck notices something after he remarked their opponent's sensory ability, he launches a barrage of lightning-based spell attacks to guide Lotus at a certain direction while Noelle prepares to launch Asta towards him with her spell. Asta then delivers a wide swing at Lotus and the latter remarks that he had never encounter an opponent without magical power.[31]

Lotus then escapes along with his injured subordinates and Asta fails to pursue him. Luck then suggests that they return to the main objective and head to the center of the dungeon.[32] Upon arriving, Asta quickly activates his magic and saves Yuno from an attack. He then starts arguing with Yuno about the latter's circumstances but decides to stop and joins the fight.[33]

Asta breaks Mars defenses

Asta attacks Mars.

The fight begins as Mars creates multiple clone puppets with his magic. While Asta is able to easily destroy the puppet, the rest of the Black Bull and Golden Dawn members have a tougher time against them. Mars tries to launch another attack after he recreated the sword that was destroyed by Asta, but the latter easily cuts it apart. Asta then quickly dashes towards him and manages to break his armor and blow him away into the surrounding pool.[34]

However, Mars quickly prepares another attack by covering himself with an even larger armor. Mars' attack, through the said armor, is able to give Asta a significant damages but the latter is still able to hold it together while sharing his ambition to protect. Mars tries to ignore him and launches another attack, but Asta manages to break through it and render him unconscious.[35]

Asta and Luck exploring the treasury

Asta about to explore the treasury.

After Klaus restrains Mars with his magic, the Clover Kingdom's Magic Knights finally enter the center of the dungeon as Asta cuts down the door to the treasury. They are immediately in awe with the sight of treasures stored behind the said door. Asta quickly dashes in and starts tinkering with various magic tools within.[36] Until Nero forcefully lead him to a wall with a similar locking mechanism as the treasury door, albeit smaller, attached on it. Nero then starts pecking on his head when Asta expresses his lack of understanding of Nero's hints. Suddenly, Mars barges into the treasury and manages to land a critical damage on Noelle.[37][38]

As soon as Asta sees it, he immediately charges towards the Diamond Kingdom's mage, but is easily overpowered by Mars' new fighting strategy. The latter also manages to send Asta flying through the wall that Nero was showing him. Feeling helpless and unable to find any solutions to counter Mars, Asta sees Nero flying pass him and further into the hidden room behind the wall. When Asta turns his head, he sees Nero landing on top of a sword covered in dirt.[39] Asta quickly grabs the sword and manage to save both Mimosa and Noelle just in time from Mars' incoming attacks.[40][41]

Asta accepts Noelle request to defeat Mars

Asta promises Noelle to defeat Mars.

He then rushes towards Mars and is able to land an attack but Mars' healing spell is preventing Asta from giving him a significant damage. Suddenly, Noelle finally regains her consciousness after Mars attacked her and immediately orders Asta to end the fight. Asta accepts her request and throws a slash to defend himself against Mars' incoming attacks. However, to his surprise, a stream of water is coming out of his sword as he neutralizes Mars' attacks.[42]

The stream of water manages to hit Mars but Asta, unfortunately, is unable to completely stops Mars' previous attack as a blade pierces his stomach. Asta then falls to the ground as he losses his consciousness.[43] After Yuno defeats Mars in an instant, Asta's newfound sword suddenly enters his grimoire with unknown writings appearing on the pages.[44]

Klaus acknowledges Asta and Yuno

Asta and Yuno are acknowledged by Klaus.

Subsequently, the dungeon begins to collapse and the fainted Asta is immediately taken by Luck as Yuno prepares a vessel for them to escape. Before he completely losses his consciousness, Asta tries to reason with Klaus on taking Mars with them. Unfortunately, they fail to fulfill Asta's wish and head towards the exit.[45] As soon as they are outside, Asta is taken to a safer place for Mimosa to continue her healing process. The moment Asta awakes, Klaus quickly hugs him alongside Yuno as he acknowledges the two orphans.[46]

After the mission, Asta fell asleep for a week before he is awaken and given an order to give his report regarding his mission to the Magic Knights headquarters. When he arrives with Noelle, the couple meet with Klaus, Mimosa, and Yuno where all of them head to the designated venue together. As they arrive, the five of them are welcomed by the Magic Emperor himself as the latter then examines the magics that Asta and Yuno manage to take from the dungeon. Asta shows the Emperor the writings that appear on his grimoire while also presenting the sword that could be summoned from it. Subsequently, he asks the Emperor about the method they should use to become the Magic Emperor in which the latter gives them an interesting answer.[47]

Asta declares his ascension to Emperor

Asta challenges the nobles.

Asta, along with the others, are then invited by Julius to attend a War Merits Conferment Ceremony that honors Magic Knights with the best achievements.[48] As soon as the ceremony ends, Asta then attends a banquet in which he quickly enjoys the fine dishes served while ignoring the scrutiny by the honorary Magic Knights. However, once those Knights start insulting Klaus, Yuno and Mimosa, Asta begins to lose his composure. The latter reaches boiling point when Noelle is humiliated by her own siblings in which he then declares that he will silence all of them by becoming the Magic Emperor.[49]

Asta's confrontation is not received well by the honorary Knights as Nebra Silva, Alecdora Sandler, and Solid Silva try to put him in his place. Using his Anti Magic, Asta swiftly manages to neutralize all of their attacks until Nozel Silva, captain of the Silver Eagle, decides to enter the fray. Nozel's intense burst of magical power reminds Asta of Yami's own burst of magical power during his entrance exam to the Magic Knights as it sends chills to his body.[50]

Asta interrupts his seniors

Asta tells his colleagues to take immediate action.

Luckily, Fuegoleon Vermillion, captain of the Crimson Lion, stops Nozel from acting even further while his brother, Leopold Vermillion, declares Asta as his rival.[51] Not long after, someone enters the hall of the banquet and warns the Knights that the Royal Capital is under attack.[52] After the sudden announcement, Asta then joins his fellow Knights as they discuss their strategy for counterattacks. However, he immediately leaves them as he expresses that they are taking too long while the citizens are being attacked.[53]

Not long after, Asta manages to find the perpetrator of the invasion, Rades Spirito, as he defeats all of his opponents along the way.[54] When he arrives, Asta immediately proclaims that he will protect everything that Rades wishes to destroy as he also manages to secure a little girl from the man. Hearing Asta's determination, Rades summons more corpses to attack Asta but the boy is able to easily immobilize all of them. However, when Asta charges towards him, Rades summons a different and more powerful corpse, No.4 - Jimmy.[55][56]

Asta defending a little girl from Jimmy

Asta protects a little girl.

After "Jimmy" manages to scratch Asta's face with one of his Magic Bullets, Rades reveals that the bullets are composed of curse power as Asta begins to bleed from it. Rades then proceeds on ordering "Jimmy" to unleash a barrage of attacks on Asta but the latter is able to easily defend himself. Seeing this, Rades orders "Jimmy" to shift its attention on the little girl behind Asta. The latter immediately steps in front of her as he is forced into the defensive, trying to prevent any of the bullets on hitting her.[57]

A bullet managed to scratch Asta on his side as he begins to bleed quite extensively. The said wound distorts Asta's concentration as several bullets are about to hit the little girl. Luckily, Noelle enters the fray and takes over the duty to protect the little girl. Asta immediately charges towards "Jimmy" but Rades summons a number of corpses to prevent his advancement. However, Asta is able to go past them as Leopold assists him by burning all of those summoned corpses. While having both swords at hands, Asta manages to take "Jimmy" down and challenges Rades for a fight.[58]

Fuegoleon taking over Asta fight

Fuegoleon takes over the fight from Asta.

Unfortunately, his opponent did not take his challenge and summons another corpse, No.2 - Alfred. Asta quickly struggles in the fight against "Alfred" as the corpse is constantly discharging lightning attacks and preventing him from closing the distance. As his wounds from his fight against "Jimmy" are getting worse, Asta is finally at the point where he is unable to evade "Alfred"'s attack. Luckily, Fuegoleon intercepted the attack by incinerating the corpse before taking over the fight from Asta.[59]

After hearing that Fuegoleon is acknowledging him, Asta tried to continue his fight before being stopped by the former.[60] The Crimson Lion's captain then asks Asta to watch and learn from his fight against Rades.[61] Seeing a captain fighting in front of his eyes, Asta is quickly being amazed by Fuegoleon's charismatic act of intimidating his opponent while raising his allies' morale.[62]

Asta Noelle and Leopold see Fuegoleon body

Asta sees Fuegoleon's body returns.

After the fight is over and Fuegoleon has restrained Rades, Asta begins to talk to the captive about his approach of getting acknowledgement over his talents.[63] A moment later, Asta hears a faint voice coming from Rades' direction before Fuegoleon is suddenly teleported away from them.[64] While Noelle is trying to locate the perpetrator, Asta quickly charges towards a pile of corpses and smashes it apart and sees Valtos, the Spatial Magic user, come out of his hiding place. The man opens another portal, from which drops the body of Fuegoleon, quickly filling Asta with shock and anger.[65]

While trying to push his confusion over Fuegoleon's defeat to the back of his head, Asta quickly prevents Rades from escaping by nullifying Valtos' Spatial Magic spell. He then manages to cut Rades' face before engaging in a fist fight against him. However, reinforcements for Rades and Valtos arrive as they surround the Clover Kingdom's Knights. Seeing that they are at a disadvantage, Asta nullifies the curse power that has been deteriorating his wounds and challenges his opponents in a fight as he tries to overcome the adversity.[66][67]

Asta against five rogue mages

Asta against the odds.

The fight begins with the five mages launch a simultaneous attacks towards Asta, who manages to deflect them all. However, the mages easily neutralize the deflected attacks. The young Knight then continues his ferocious assaults on his opponents alongside Leopold. In the middle of the fight, Noelle tries to protect them with a barrier spell, but one of the mages is able to easily neutralize it. As they try to take advantage of the situation, Asta and Leopold charge towards one of the mages as Noelle's barrier is disappearing. However, their attempt to attack fail as the said mage launches several attacks, which cause critical damages on the both of them.[68]

The said attacks render Asta unconscious as he remains on the ground. The mages then try to kill both Asta and Leopold but the remaining Knights whom were sent away by Valtos, return and intercept the attack. The mages who identified themselves as members of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, escape while also taking Asta along with them.[69]

Asta taken by rogue mages

Asta taken to the Eye of the Midnight Sun's hideout.

When Asta regains his consciousness, they have already arrive at the Eye of the Midnight Sun's hideout. The young Knight remains helpless as he is trapped within Sally's magic spell, a mage who is eager to dissect him and his grimoire. When they finally enter the hideout, Julius reveals himself and swiftly defeats three of the mages while restraining the rest of the Eye of the Midnight Sun's mages. Asta finally breaks free of Sally's spell after the said mage is restrained. He then can only sit in amazement and fear after seeing the feats, which were done by the man he needs to surpass in order to become the Magic Emperor.[70]

After seeing Julius' power firsthand, Asta's feet become numb as he forces himself to standup after the Magic Emperor lent his hand. Not long after, while Julius questions the Eye of the Midnight Sun members about a sephirot in their hideout, a bright light manifest and prevents Asta from seeing the culprit. When it recedes, Asta realizes that the rogue mages have gone, but Julius is able to secure one of them. Asta is then taken back to the Royal Capital by Julius after receiving an update from Marx Francois, one of his aides.[71]

Julius addresses his Knights

Asta listens to Julius about the future conflicts with the Eye of the Midnight Sun.

Once they arrive, Asta is greeted by Noelle, Klaus, Mimosa, and Nero, who are very relieved when they see the young Knight.[72] Asta then remains with his fellow Knights as Julius addresses them in regards to the conflict with the Eye of the Midnight Sun. When Nozel decides to leave as soon as the Emperor is done, Asta expresses his confusion over the Silver Eagle captain's lack of camaraderie. Not long after, Leopold comes out of the medical ward and vows to become the next Magic Emperor in which Asta accepts him as one of his rivals. He then asks Leopold to properly introduces himself to him.[73]

Not long after, Asta, Charmy, and Noelle prepare to leave the Royal Capital, but they end up lost within the city. As they stroll around while having a conversation, they encounter Yuno, Klaus and Mimosa. The moment Asta strikes a conversation with Yuno, the latter immediately launches an attack towards the Black Bull members. Asta manages to nullify it and finds out that Yuno uses the spell to say his farewell towards his foster brother.[74]

Asta reunited with his squadmates

Asta returns to the Black Bull's headquarters.

Afterwards, at the Black Bull's headquarters, Asta greets Magna and Luck, who have just returned from their mission. The young Knight then tells his senior that he has been promoted to a 3rd class Junior Magic Knight. However, both of them fail to comprehend Asta's attempt to boast himself, until Yami explains the significance of it. Asta then relays his worries over Fuegoleon to his captain, but Yami managed to cheer him up before he tells him to rest. Suddenly, Finral arrives through his Spatial Magic spell and invites Asta to a blind date.[75]

Later that day, at a restaurant in Nairn, Asta attends a blind date with Finral and Luck. As his seniors finish their introductions, the young Black Bull mage also introduces himself. Unfortunately, his speech is not received well by the ladies, so he shows off the wounds that he received during the Royal Capital's invasion, which further reduces their interest in him.[76] As Luck and Finral are finally able to have a lively conversation with their dates, Asta also tries to break the ice with his date, Rebecca Scarlet. She reveals her intention and disinterest as she prefers to stay with her siblings. In response, Asta begins to tell her about his own foster siblings, which quickly grabs her interest and they are able to have a topic of interest.[77]

Asta remains faithful to the Sister

Asta remains faithful to Sister Lily.

Suddenly, a drunk burly man interrupts them and begins to insult Rebecca by mocking her living situation. Asta immediately puts drunkard in his place by throwing him across the hall. His action prompts Rebecca to take him away from the restaurant into an alley. She then asks Asta whether he has someone of romantic interest. The Black Bull Knight confirms it, but he refrains from revealing her identity as his thoughts are filled with the image of Sister Lily. Subsequently, Rebecca invites Asta to play with her siblings sometime, which he is in agreement. He then asks Rebecca the true purpose of a blind date, which quickly stuns her.[78]

The next day, Asta returns to Nairn to play with Rebecca's siblings. He meets with a little girl named Marie Adlai who ends up playing with them. When Asta tries to take her for a spin, Marie's older brother, Gauche Adlai, immediately interferes and kicks him down. As the Black Bull mage quickly identifies Marie's older brother as his senior in the squad, the latter beats him further when Marie reveals her intention to marry Asta.[79] A while later, after Marie returned to the church, Asta and Gauche decide to spend the night at Rebecca's house. The young Knight quickly praises Rebecca's cooking skill after he tasted her dishes.[80]

The town suddenly covered in snow

Snows suddenly fall in Nairn.

When the night falls and Asta is fast asleep, he is suddenly attacked by Gauche who is determined to kill him for bonding with Marie. The Black Bull Knight tries to reason with his senior, but he fails and the latter manages to push him out of the house. The moment Asta realizes that the town has been covered in snow, Rebecca comes towards him and informs the disappearance of her siblings.[81] Afterward, the other citizens of Nairn begin to wake up and discover that their children are gone.[82]

While Asta still tries to evade Gauche's assaults, Noelle comes along and informs them that she saw a group of children walking towards the mountain area. At that moment, the Sisters of the church arrive and reveal that the children of the church have gone missing as well. The fact that Marie has also been kidnapped quickly infuriates Gauche as he tries to vent his anger towards Sister Theresa. Fortunately, Asta manages to stop him and asks him to calm down by hitting him. As the young Knight urges his senior to use the time to look for hints of the children's whereabouts, it reminds Gauche of the mirror, which he gave to Marie, that he could use to trace them. Asta, Gauche, and Theresa then leave Nairn to pursue the children after the young Knight assures Rebecca of her siblings' safety.[83][84]

As they near the caves, Asta spots Marco Scarlet laying outside and asks Gauche to get closer. Gauche refuses and tells Asta to let go, which he does. Theresa joins Asta next to Marco, and Asta taps the boy on the head with the Demon-Slayer Sword, freeing the boy from the enchantment. After being healed, Marco does not want to be left alone, so Asta lends him the Black Bull squad robe as comfort.[85] When Asta and Theresa arrive in the cave, she notes that the children's mana has been drained and may never be able to use magic, which infuriates Asta. As Baro mocks him for not having mana, Asta hits him with the Demon-Slayer Sword.[86][87] Asta threatens Baro and punches the wall next to his head, saying that beating Baro up will not undo the damage to the children. Asta then frees the children from the enchantment. As she heals the children, Theresa mentions to Asta that she knows Sister Lily, who described the boy as short and loud but is proud of his hard work ethic, much to Asta's delight.[88]

Asta demands to know how to return the children's mana. Suddenly Sally appears from a portal and is delighted to see Asta.[89] Asta warns the others about her. After Gauche's spells prove ineffective against her Gel Magic, Sally grabs Asta and pulls him onto her salamander, where she tastes his blood. As Sally tries to remove his pinky fingernail, Theresa frees the boy with Fire Magic. Asta is surprised to learn that Theresa was a Magic Knight and knows Fuegoleon, and asks if she has heard what happened to him, which she confirms.[90] When Sally turns Baro into a giant mud monster, Asta and Theresa move to defend the children, while Gauche grabs Marie and flies away.[91] While fighting the monster, Asta saves Neige from being smashed because he still has to pay for what he has done. Asta tries cutting the monster to pieces, but Sally reveals that its overwhelming magic is fueled by Baro's lifeforce. Theresa then saves Asta again from Sally's attempt to capture him.[92]

Arc 4

Exhausted, Asta is still fighting.

When Gauche returns, he finds Asta and Theresa exhausted, but Asta still refuses to give up.[93] Asta declares that he will die before letting the children be harmed and rushes in but has to be saved by Gauche.[94] When Gauche's spells prove ineffective, Asta saves his squadmate and tells him that they need to work together as a team. Gauche agrees, which causes the Demon-Dweller Sword to appear and fills it with Gauche's magic. Asta swings the sword and releases a flying slash of Anti Magic light.[95] Gauche then has Asta look into his mirror eye and multiplies the boy. The multiples Astas all swings their swords and destroy the monster with Mirrors Slash.[96]

After the clones dissipate, Asta is attacked by Baro, but Neige freezes his brother. Neige asks if they can be friends after he serves time in prison, and Asta agrees and thanks Neige for saving him.[97] Suddenly Neige and Gauche are struck down by blades of light. Asta carries Neige over to the others behind Theresa, who raises a defense. However, she is struck down, too. Asta then notices that Sally has disappeared and recognizes Licht, who formally introduces himself. Asta is then shocked to see that Licht has a four-leaf clover grimoire, like Yuno.[98] Confused by Licht's speech about victims, Asta points out that the Eye of the Midnight Sun attacked first. Rebuking the statement, Licht pierces Asta's leg and asks about the boy's grimoire. Asta tries to hide behind his larger sword, but Licht appears behind him and attacks. To Asta's surprise, Yami drops out of a portal and blocks the attack.[99]

Asta asks Finral to carry the injured back to Nairn and stays behind to keep fighting. Asta is impressed by Yami's ability to block Licht's attacks.[100] Asta listens but gets confused as Licht and Yami relate their backstories.[101] The boy is shocked when Licht admits to injuring Fuegoleon.[102] After Yami injures Licht, the captain tells Asta to do the same, much to the boy's disbelief.[103] Yami then instructs Asta in how to use ki and orders him to take out Valtos.[104] Asta listens for Valtos' attack but is still hit, and Yami kicks him for using just his ears. Asta concentrates and manages to reflect Valtos' attack back, hitting him in the chest.[105] Angered, Licht lashes out and causes a cave-in, but Asta and Yami use ki to dodge the rocks.[106]

Yami orders Asta to take on Licht but, changing his mind, orders the boy to finish fighting Valtos.[107] Asta is distracted by Yami and Licht's fight, and Valtos tries to interfere. Yami then threatens Asta again for not dealing with Valtos. Asta charges forward and Valtos attacks from multiple angles at once. Asta reflects some of them back but Valtos escapes before they hit. As the assault continues, Asta's numerous injuries are taking their toll. In a desperate attempt, Asta tosses his swords aside, tempting Valtos to fire a larger attack. Asta then jumps through the portal and punches Valtos.[108]

Asta marvels at Yami's massive injury to Licht.[109][110] When Licht decides to unleash his most powerful spell, Asta believes Yami can handle it, but the captain reveals that it is too much for him.[111] Asta panics while Yami tries to construct a defense. Gauche saves them by reflecting the spell with a giant mirror.[112]

Before the fifth match, Asta questions who would be named "Cross", but Mimosa explains it is "X" and probably for anonymity. Asta is creeped out when a weird Magic Knight starts laughing, and is surprised when the Knight reveals himself to be Rill.[113] His butler, Walter, also appears, to Asta's shock, and when Asta and Rill greet each other, Walter offers the boy some tea. As he sips the tea, Asta realizes that the taste is too high class for him. Walter then thanks him for being a friend to Rill.[114] During the match, Asta is amazed when Rill counters two enhanced spells at the same time.[115] Afterwards Walter celebrates Rill lack of focus forcing his teammates to work harder, and Asta questions such a talent.[116]

During the sixth match, Asta notices that Luck's boots have changed, and Magna explains that the spell has evolved since Luck has added pages to his grimoire.[117] Asta cheers when Klaus drills through his opponent's spell,[118] and is amazed when Puli Angel flies.[119] After Luck kicks Rob Vitesse into the crystal, destroying it and winning the match, Asta and Magna worry about how strong Luck is.[120]

Asta is then pumped to watch Noelle and Yuno in the eighth match,[121] and when the two start bickering, Asta tries to calm down Noelle but is interrupted by Solid.[122] During the match, Asta cheers for Noelle when she splits up with Yuno and heads for Team O's crystal by herself,[123] and when she defeats her brother and destroys the crystal with one spell.[124]

Afterwards, Asta congratulates Yuno and Noelle as they return to the platform. Julius then calls for the battlefield to be rearranged for the second round, and Asta notices Zora twitch at this.[125] Before the next match, Asta asks Zora if he was bothered by his traps getting moved, and after the rogue reveals the he placed them the night before, Asta demands to know where they are located. Zora refuses to tell so Asta decides deal with them himself.[126]

At the start of the match, Kirsch covers the battlefield with Magic Cherry Blossom Blizzard, so Asta unleashes Black Hurricane, which nullifies all of the cherry blossoms and traps, aggravating both Kirsch and Zora.[127] Asta declares to Zora that he wants to fight as a team, once the group formulate a plan, they split up with Mimosa heading towards Team C's crystal. Kirsch manages to locate Asta and attacks him with his "Dance of the Beautiful Cherry Blossom Blades" which Asta deflects while retreating soon after. He runs towards an opening within a nearby cliff where he taunts Kirsch into following him, Kirsch senses the traps setup by Zora and utilizes his cherry blossom clones in order to set them off. As Kirsch rushes towards Asta to finish him, he falls into a pit setup by Team B where Asta jumps into the pit to flatten and knock out Kirsch.


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