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Asta, Zora Ideale, and Mereoleona Vermillion vs. Lira is a fight that occurs within a hideout of the Eye of the Midnight Sun.


As Lira crashes into the room that Rhya, Asta, Zora Ideale, and Mereoleona Vermillion are in, Lira notices Rhya[1] and hugs him. Asta asks why Rill Boismortier so friendly with Rhya. Lira corrects the boy and introduces himself as Lira. Both Zora and Mereoleona thinks about how Rill is similar to Langris Vaude and how their comrade has changed into a different person. When Asta insists that they are friends, Lira replies that he would never be friends with a human.[2]


Lira attacks the three with his Four-Headed Lindworm, which Asta, Mereoleona, and Zora counter the attack. Zora tells Asta that their comrade is being manipulated by magic, but Rhya says that Anti Magic will not work on them. Zora activates all of his traps in order to paralyze and blind both Lira and Rhya. Rhya comments that the spell will have barely any effect on them, and Lira comments that they can still sense magic power even if they cannot see. Zora replies that they are facing someone without magic power, and Asta charges forward using Black Meteorite and easily beheads Lira's spell.[3]

Asta also attacks Lira but only scores a glancing blow. Asta thinks about how the magic should be undone, but is shocked when Rill is not released from the spell. Rhya explains how the Reincarnation Magic works, and how these bodies are now their objects.[4]


Also possessed by elves, Fragil Tormenta, Puli Angel, and Ruben Chagar arrive and tell Lira to stop screwing around. Zora notices their magic power and tells Asta and Mereoleona that they have to retreat. As Asta says that they have to save their comrades, Zora replies that they do not have a way to save them right now and that they will have to retreat. Rhya says that they will not get away, and Lira and Rhya prepare to fire spells. Mereoleona opens a hole in a wall, tosses Asta and Zora through it, and then closes it with rubble. As Rhya and Lira fire their spells, Mereoleona easily counters them. Rhya comments about how Mereoleona sacrificed herself to save her comrades, but Mereoleona replies that her comrades were in the way and declares that she will kill the elves.[5]


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