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Asta, Magna Swing, Luck Voltia, and Gauche Adlai vs. Four Priests is a fight that occurs in the maze within the Seabed Temple.


The High Priest transports the Black Bulls and the priests to different locations.[1] The priest explains how the rules work and what they have to do to win. Magna is confronted by an opponent who says that Magna's Fire Magic will not work here. Luck's opponent says that he does not feel right picking on a wimp. Gauche's opponent comments about how he heard that the Black Bulls are the weakest of the squads. Asta's opponent comments about how he does not feel any mana from Asta and wonders if Asta can even put up a fight.[2]


The fight begins suddenly with Asta, Magna, Luck, and Gauche easily defeating their opponents.[3]


Asta's opponent wonders why his magic did not work, and Asta says that he uses Anti Magic and heads off to find another opponent. Magna comments about how he will not back off just because they are surrounded by water and that he will roast them all. Luck says that his opponent was one of the weak ones and decides to go look for a stronger one. Gauche says that he will end this game and go back to his sister.[4]


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