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Asta, Finral Roulacase, and Charmy Pappitson vs. Yagos is a fight that occurs in the city of Kiten.


Langris notices Finral and comments about how he has not seen him in a long time. Langris then asks how he was doing, to which Finral turns to Langris and says his name. Langris asks what Finral is doing on the battlefield since he cannot even fight, which Finral does not reply.[1] Asta asks Finral who Langris is, and Finral tells him that Langris is his younger brother and the vice-captain of the Golden Dawn. Langris then asks if Finral is still the bellhop of the Black Bulls, and also says that it is because Finral is so pathetic that he has to take over as head of the family. Asta yells at Langris to shut up and asks what gives Langris the right to talk to his brother like that.[2] Finral stops Asta and tells him that its alright since its all true.

Langris then tells them that everything has be taken care of and also asks when the Black Bulls became an orphanage. Langris asks Finral if he is upset since he has to babysit two kids, which Charmy and Asta get mad at Langris. Finral replies that he does not care if Langris makes fun of him but not to make fun of his teammates.[3] Langris then remarks with surprise that Finral can get mad too. An attack suddenly heads towards Langris, who easily counters it. They then notice Yagos, who has taken hostages. He says that he will take Langris' head back with him. Langris comments about how Yagos is alive and considers that he would hit the captives if he attacks. Langris decides to sacrifice the captives but Asta stops Langris and tells Langris that they are Magic Knight's who are charged with protecting the citizens.[4]


Asta calls out to Finral and Charmy's, and both reply that they are ready. Asta runs in the opposite direction, which causes Langris to wonder what can Asta do with his injuries. Charmy uses a spell to create a large sheep, which Asta jumps into its. She uses this to catapult him towards Yagos.[5] Yagos tells Asta to stay out of his way and attacks. Finral uses his magic to warp Asta above Yagos, who pulls out his sword and creates a hole in Yagos' magic. Yagos is shocked and asks what Asta had done while attacking. Finral creates another portal that warps Asta behind Yagos. Asta uses the chance to defeat Yagos.[6]


Yuno uses his magic to catch Asta and comments about how Asta's fighting style is messy as always. Finral turns to Langris and tells him that he might not be as good of a fighter as Langris, but the Black Bulls with definitely beat the Golden Dawn.[7]


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