This unnamed arc is the 9th arc of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.

This arc revolves around the Royal Knights squad's attack on the Eye of the Midnight Sun's hideout.


Assembling the Royal Knights

As the Royal Knights Selection Exam is finished, Julius stops Zora from leaving. Julius thanks Zora for pointing out the mistakes to those that had lost, since those that want to get stronger will take his advise. Julius tells Zora that he most likely passed that exam and that they will need his magic, which Zora replies that he knows that Julius knows that he is not the real Xerx.[1] Julius replies that its not a problem since Zora is a magic knight, while also calling Zora by his name. Julius also mentions about how their was a magic knight like Zora, and how he came up with the star system to properly assess the magic knights. Julius also comments about how Zora is disappointed by the way that high up have been behaving. Julius then asks if Zora should put on his magic knight's robe, which Zora remembers when he received his robe. Zora tells Julius that he doesn't know what he is talking about and leaves.

A few days later, Asta is still in a daze which Vanessa points out the reason Asta is in a daze. Magna comments about how the results of the exam, which Noelle says that she has passed. Charmy is in a daze about Yuno and comments about how she can only eat about 1/5 that she normally does, which Magna says that is still a lot. Magna and Noelle notices that Asta hasn't comment about Charmy. Asta just thinks about Yuno, Zora being an imposter, and about Finral condition. Noelle thinks about the finals, how Zora was an imposter, Finral's condition, and how Langris had incredible magic similar to the members of the White Night Eye.

Suddenly Mereoleona arrives while also breaking down the front door. When Yami comes into the room, Mereoleona gives him a gift from Fuegoreon. Mereoleona then grabs Asta, Noelle, and Luck, while saying that they passed the exam.[2] Mereoleona also says that one more member of the Black Bulls had passed the exam, which is not Magna, but they are not here. Mereoleona then takes the three to the place where the Royal Knights are assembling.

As all those that pass the exam assembles, Mereoleona informs the ones their that she is the captain of the Royal Knights. Mereoleona comments about how they are missing one member, when Zora suddenly arrives. Mereoleona attacks, but Zora reflects it back with Mereoleona easily countering the reflected blast. As Asta calls Zora by Xerx, Zora reveals his true name and that he is also a member of the Black Bulls.[3] Zora thinks about how he will become a true magic knight. At the White Night Eye's base, Liar dreams about his family but wakes up and comments about how it was be time to wake up soon. Back at the Royal Knights, Asta starts to argue with Zora about lying to them during the exam but Mereoleona tells them to quit it. Mereoleona tells everyone that they will be receiving their Royal Knights robes, which Asta doesn't get excited and continues to be in a daze. Yuno is able to snap Asta back to himself by comments about how he will be the magic emperor.[4] After everyone changes into their robes, Mereoleona informs everyone that Siren, Cob, and Nozel with also be joining the Royal Knights. As Augustus tells the Royal Knights to not disgrace the name of the Royal Knights, Mereoleona interrupts Augustus and informs the Royal Knights that the White Night Eye's base is at the Gravito Rock Zone along with saying that they will achieve victory over the White Knight Eye.[5]

Assault on the White Night Eye's Base

As the Royal Knights arrive at the Gravito Rock Zone, Mereoleona informs the Royal Knights about what kind of place the Gravito Rock Zone is. Mereoleona asks Nozel why he had his squad check out this place, which Nozel tells Siren to create a model of the zone. Siren uses a spell to create a model of the White Night Eye's base, and where all the members are located.[6] After figuring out where the leader might be, Mereoleona says that they will split into teams with Asta and Zora being in the same team as Mereoleona. As Zora comments about Mereoleona hanging around commoners, Mereoleona replies that she doesn't care about social status and that Zora and Asta are here because they are strong. Mereoleona then orders the squad to enter the enemies base.

Inside of the base, a member of the White Night Eye is torturing a woman when Luck comes in and defeat the member. The Royal Knights remember how Mereoleona tells them to run wild in the base and don't lose to the enemy.[7] As the enemies confront both Mereoleona and Nozel, both of them easily defeat the enemies and think about how they will get their vengeance for what they did to Fuegoreon.[8] Elsewhere in the base, Liar says that he should go confront the enemy while a third eye appears on his forehead.

As Nozel continues to assault the enemies, his teammates comment about how none of the enemy or the dungeon traps are affecting Nozel. Nozel thinks about how Cob is using his spatial magic to make so that no one enters the base and how he won't let Licht escape again.[9] Elsewhere, Noelle's team are taking on the enemies which Kirsch comments about how he has casted away his extravagant self but Noelle says that he is still a creep. Noelle also comments about how her teammate Ben Benfank passed the exam even through they lost to her team. Ben replies that it was only Yuno that they lost too, and that he will have to really go all out or he will have to answer to Mereoleona. As Luck defeats the enemies, he comments about how they can boast about it when they get back. At Yuno's team's location, Klaus listens to a members of the White Night Eye about their true forms while Mimosa notices the patterns of the wall. Suddenly Yuno stops and hears something.

At another location, Asta and Zora comments about how the White Night Eye's efforts are all uses when Mereoleona easily defeats their enemies. When a second Asta appears, Mereoleona sets them both on fire. Asta easily cuts through the flame, while the other one use magic to put out the fire and heal himself. The other Asta is revealed to be Liar, who introduces himself to Mereoleona.[10] Liar comments about how he would ask out Mereoleona for a drink if she wasn't royalty, which Mereoleona replies that she will let Liar drink all the flames of hell as he wants. Liar says that he has already drank the flames of hell and launches one of Yami's spells at Mereoleona. Mereoleona easily destroys the spell with a punch and comments about how Yami's spells are more powerful. Mereoleona then uses a spell to set Liar aflame.

Zora thinks about how Mereoleona is more of a fighter then a mage, while Asta thinks about how he can learn from watching Mereoleona.[11] Liar quickly escapes from Mereoleona and uses a spell to heal himself. Liar decides to use another of Licht's spell, which Asta recognizes. Liar launches the spell but Mereoleona manages to easily counter the incoming spell. Liar wonders about Mereoleona's movements, which Mereoleona manages to get behind Liar. Liar uses one if Gueldre's spell to evade Mereoleona attack, and uses a water spell to counterattack. Mereoleona easily counter the spell and change direction in midair, which Liar thinks about how Mereoleona's reaction is on par with Vetto. Liar then uses a spirit magic spell, but Mereoleona easily counters it and continues her assault. Zora thinks about all the rumors that he had heard about Mereoleona and how they all seem to be true. Zora also thinks about how Liar's magic works and what is overall weakness is.[12] Suddenly Liar uses Asta's anti-magic sword, which Zora figures out the condition that Liar had to do in order to use his imitation magic. Liar remembers how Licht said that Liar is a kind person, and how he is taking his revenge on human for harming Licht. Mereoleona easily manages to break the sword, which Liar notices that Mereoleona can manipulate the mana all around her. Mereoleona then launches a spell at Liar, while planning to finish this fight. As Mereoleona continues her assault, Liar thinks about how he can't escape or heal himself. Zora thinks about what one is capable of doing while using Mana Zone, while Asta thinks about how amazing Mereoleona is.[13] Mereoleona tells Liar that she will continue her assault until Liar is just ash, which Liar thinks about how he is done for.

Elsewhere, Yuno takes out some members of the White Night Eye and continues into the base. Mimosa thinks about how Yuno is capable of using Mana Zone.[14] As Yuno continues into the base, Yuno thinks about how he can hear a pulse.

Raid on the Black Bulls

A little back in time when the Royal Knights first infiltrated the White Night Eye's base, Gauche, Gray, and Gordon are all sitting together. Gauche wonders why Gray and Gordon are sitting with him, and how something is off because how the rowdier ones at not there. Gauche tells the two that he will handle any mission and that the two can just rest, but both disagree and say that they will join in. Gauche wonders what is wrong with the two, which Gray thinks about how he has to overcome her embarrassment while Gordon thinks about how he want to get closer to the two. Gauche then says that he is going to his room to finish his project and to call him if a mission come in. Gray replies that being alone it to embarrassing, while Gordon say that Gauche has to stay since they are friends. Gauche just thinks about what is wrong with the two. Gray thinks about how she has to start a conversation and asks Gauche what he is making, which Gauche replies that he is making a figure in the shape of his sister. Gordon says that he makes dolls too, and shows the two the dolls he made, which resemble the Black Bulls members. Both Gauche and Gray think that the dolls are scary.[15] Gauche points out that Gordon is scary and that if he wants to get closer to everyone then he should go easier on the intimacy.

Gauche then says that he is going to the bathroom and asks where it is, which Gordon them him where it is. Gauche wonders by the base shift its rooms around and comments about a rumor that a ghost shifts the rooms around. Gray looks out the window and is scary by seeing a zombie. Suddenly more break into the from door, which Gauche says that its an enemy raid. When one of the zombie break his Mary doll, Gauche becomes angry. Outside of the base, Sally, Valtos, and Rades appear. While Rades and Sally are disappointed that Asta is not in the base, Valtos tells the two to stay focus on their objective. As Rades comments about how he can get some nice toys, Gauche suddenly destroys some of Rades zombies. As Gauche, Gordon, and Gray come out of the base, Gauceh comments about how he doesn't care who came but they are going to fight back harder.

Once Gauche notices who is attacking them, Gauche asks what they are doing here. Rades replies that they were looking for something, when they decided to come destroy the Black Bulls base. Gauche decides to attack with a spell but Sally diverts it with her Gel Magic. Sally says that she was ordered to not kill Gauche, which Gauche remembers that his magic doesn't work on Sally. Gauche also thinks about how they have to take care of the White Night Eye on their own, since Yami and that other have left.

Sally uses a magic artifact on one of Rades's corpses, to increase it capabilities. As the corpse charges, Gordon uses his poison magic to destroy the corpse. Sally then charges on top of her Sticky Salamander spell, which Grey uses her magic to turn Sally's spell into crystal.[16] Gauche realizes when Grey had done and uses a spell to destroy Sally's spell. Sally then gets excited after seeing what Grey is capable of, which Grey tells Sally to not look at her. As Rades gets excited to face against the three, Rades tells Valtos to summon that. As Valtos summon Rades's No. 0 Michael Caeser, Gauche wonders about it. As No. 0 attacks, Gauche notices that it can use two types of magic. Rades reveals that No. 0 was built with two corpse of former magic knight captains.[17] After No. 0 takes down the three, Rades has his other corpses rush to destroy the Black Bulls base. Gordon and Grey thinks about why they are alone and how they were accepted after joining the Black Bulls. As Gauche wonders what to do, Gordon and Grey say not to give up since they will protect the base. Gauche then comments about how he has found something other they Marie that he wants to protect. Rades tells them that guts alone won't be enough, from the reality of their defeat.

Ghost of the Base

Suddenly an emergency alarm rings and someone comes out of the Black Bulls base. Gauche asks who the guy is, which the guy replies who is but very slowly. Gauche gets annoyed and asks why the guy is in their base, which the guy also replies very slowly again. As Sally comments about how their was only supposed to be three in the base, Rades says that it make not difference since he will just kill them all. No. 0 then launches another attack at the guy, which the guy easily dodges it by moving the base. As Rades is shocked by this, the guy starts to announce what his name is. Gauche suddenly remembers the rumors about the ghost that is capable of moving the base around and realizes that the guy is the ghost.[18] Rades ridicules the Black Bulls since they can't do anything by just moving the base around, and has No.0 launch another attack. The guy manages to block the attack by moving apart of the base in front of the attack. Gauche realizes that the guy is able to move the base, just like Gifso at the Seabed Temple.

The Guy calls out Gauche, Grey, and Gordon's names, which Gauche wonders how he now their names. As the guy starts to reveal his name again, the guys remembers when he met Yami who was looking for a base for the Black Bulls. The guys tells Yami that he can have the house since he will be dead soon from his illness, but Yami declines since he doesn't want to have a bad omen from someone that has died in the home. Yami says that the will just have to live since he will bring people to the base to help counter the illness. The guys thinks about how the members of the Black Bulls are all his precious friends because they help him live, and then reveals his name to be Henry.[19]

Rades says that he doesn't care who Henry is, since he will just crush him along with the building. Inside of the base, Valtos finds the gem inside Asta's room but can't get it since Henry blocks him as he rearranges the building. Henry then comments about how he will never forgive anyone who tries to harm any of his friends, while rearranging the base into a giant moving minotaur.[20] As Gauche wonders about how much magic power is needed in order to move the base, Henry reveals that it thanks to all of the Black Bulls that he is capable of moving the base since he has siphoned mana from them all.[21] Henry also says that its thanks to them that he is able to move around, which Gauche thinks about how Henry is the rumored ghost of the base. As Henry thinks about how he can't control the base very well and that he can't get close to his teammates since he will siphon their mana, but still wants to help protect them since that his his dream job while also putting on his Black Bulls robe.

Rades says that Henry can't make his dream come true against his No.0 and has his No.0 launch an attack at Henry. As the spell does nothing to the base, Henry counters with a spell and manages to knock No.0 into the ground. As Rades tells No.0 to get back up and fight, Sally gets interested in what Henry is capable of. Sally then uses an artifact to increase her magic by tenfold and uses a spell to create a large salamander the size of the base. As Henry has the base punch the salamander, it has not effect one the creature. Sally then uses an artifact to increase her gel's fluidity, and has it cover the base. Gauche, Gordon, and Grey rush to Henry, which Gauche tells grey that she has to do something since his and Gordon's magic won't work. As Grey says that the spell is to big, Gauche uses his magic mirror to create multiple Grey's. Grey uses her magic to convert Sally's gel magic to plant magic. Gordon then uses a spell to destroy Sally's spell. Rades then has No.0 attack Gauche and Gordon but Henry counter by destroying No.0. all four then shout as they defeat the White Night Eye.[22] Rades tells the Black Bulls to not underestimate them. Valtos suddenly appears and says that they are leaving since they have what they came for. As Rades tries to object, but Rades says that he will not accept failure this time.[23] As the White Night Eye leave through one of Valtos's portals, Gauche wonders what they were here for. Gauche then wonders if they are able to fix the base, which Henry replies that that might be impossible.

Leader vs Leader

At the Golden Dawn's base, Yami is annoyed that he has to wait for William since he had didn't have Finral to teleport him to the base. Yami also complains about what the Golden Dawn's vice-captain had done to Finral during the exam and how he had to come to the Golden Dawn base for an apology. A member of the Golden Dawn apologizes to Yami, and tells Yami that William is not a person who would teach people to show disrespect to Yami. Yami remembers when he and William fought together, got promoted to captains, and when William showed his face to him.[24] Yami then replies about how should he know what William will do.

At the kingdom's capital, Julius is watching the city when Williams shows up. Julius asks if their is anything wrong, which Williams replies that he wants to thanks him for his time while removing his helmet. William then expresses how deep his respect for Julius is, which Julius responds by saying how embarrassed he is to hear all of that. William then explain how he also has another person that he treasures and how he can't choose between either of them. William says that his two friends will have to choose and suddenly William's scar heals. Williams turns into Licht.[25] Licht thanks Williams, and then introduces himself to Julius, which Julius replies that he did not want that to be true. Julius thinks about how he and Yami were suspicious of William.

Licht introduces himself to Julius, but Julius just thinks about how two soul are sharing a body.[26] Julius asks about the scar on his face, which Licht replies that the scar is a curse that does not effect him. Licht also explains how William understands his hatred of humans and how their is only one way to quell it. Licht informs Julius that he is meeting him to get the magic stones in his possession. Julius comments about how kind William is and how he will win this match, which Licht replies that Julius will die.

Licht says that Julius will take responsibility for all the sins of the Clover Kingdom and launches a spell. Julius easily counters the spell and says that he is not unable to countering Light Magic. Licht thinks about what Julius's magic is capable of while closing the distance. Licht also thinks about how his Light Magic is capable of counter Julius's magic and attacks with a spell. Julius dodges by using his Time Magic to predict the future.[27] Licht quickly get behind Julius and manages to wound Julius. Licht comments about how their is a limit to what Julius is capable of dodging, even while predicting the future. Julius says that it has been a while since he has been wounded, which Licht comment about how their is limit to Julius's Time Magic. Julius explains how his Time Magic truly works, while revering time to heal himself. Julius also says that even through he was born with magic to steal others futures, he plans to create a future where their is no discrimination.[28] Julius also says that he will not die until his dream is achieve this, which Licht says that that dream will not come true while also attacking. Julius dodges, but Licht get behind him. Julius suddenly gets behind Licht, which Licht thinks about how Julius foresight has accelerated. Licht tries to attack but Julius easily counters it. Julius tells Licht that he can already see Licht's future, and he cannot win against him.

People start to notice the battle, even Marx who wishes to help but doesn't because he knows that he would just get into the way. Marx decides to informs the captains about the battle, which Yami departs the Golden Dawn's headquarters. In the battle Licht launches spells at Julius, but Julius easily dodges and catches one of the spells. Julius sends the spell and manages to cut Licht by accelerating the spell. Julius appears behind Licht and tries to catch him, but Licht dodges. Licht starts to wonders what kind of person Julius is, and what his grimoire is like. Julius senses what Licht is thinking about and points to his grimoire.[29] Licht is surprised that Julius's grimoire is just a bunch of pages. Julius explains his grimoire and how he began questioning about himself after obtaining it. Julius also says that after walking the path he choose, he ended up as the magic emperor. Licht thinks about how Julius is this world's last stronghold against what they are planning to do. Julius says that he will protect this kingdom and its people and appears behind Licht. Licht dodges and uses a spell to release the seal on his body. Licht then prepares a spell to attack the city, and says that he will punish humankind.[30]

As Yami arrives at the capital, Yami wonders if Julius is alright after seeing Licht's spell. Julius thinks about how much mana Licht has and wonders if Licht plans to unleash it on the citizens. Licht says that he will just kill everyone except Julius and launches his spell. Julius thinks about how he had search for his purpose as a magic knight. Julius also remembers how he met Zara, and how Zara is a true magic knight. Julius then thinks about how he decided to become the Magic Emperor in order to change thinks after he had heard that Zara was killed. Julius then thinks about how things have been changing slowly, and how he would let it end as the Magic Emperor.[31] Julius then uses a spell to protect the kingdom, and erase Licht's spell. As Yami reaches Julius's location, Licht pierces Julius with a light sword and comments about how being the Magic Emperor is Julius's weakness. As Licht obtains the Magic Stones, Yami confronts Licht while confusing him for William. Licht introduces himself to Yami, while also saying that William is currently asleep. Yami suddenly notices Marx and tells him to go get help. Licht says that Julius is beyond saving, when Valtos suddenly appears from a portal. Yami tries to attack Licht, but Licht leaves through Valtos's portal. As Yami checks on Julius, Julius compliments Yami's spell. Julius also says that he is at ease since the next generation will be able to carry his hopes and aspirations.[32]

Licht's Plan

At the White Night Eye's base, Mereoleona continues to assault Liar. Liar acknowledges Mereoleona's strength and decides to blow his self up and take Mereoleona with him. Asta notices this and uses his Anti-magic sword to stop Liar. Asta then punches Liar, and tells him to not throw his life away. Asta also asks Liar what all this thing about revenge is about. Asta then tells Liar that he wants to here their story since he will tell them his, and that they can't die until them. Mereoleona confronts Asta, and tells Asta that the White Night Eye does want to understand them and that they have to be crush now. Asta replies that they can understand each other since they are both the same. Julius thinks about how he wants to create a kingdom without discrimination or hate. Asta tells Mereoleona that he wants to create a kingdom where everyone laughs and smiles together when he is the Magic Emperor.[33] Mereoleona thinks about how Asta is serious, while Liar thinks about how Asta is the same as that guy from long ago. Liar then comments about how its too late for them to stop, while Licht and Valtos appear before the stone tablet that contain the Magic Stones.

At the capital, Julius tells Yami that Licht has something else planned since Licht is capable of killing everyone in the kingdom by himself.[34] Julius then tells Yami that he will leave the rest to him, which Yami remembers his time working for Julius and agrees to Julius's final wish. Julius comments about how he was able to meet so many kind of people and see so many kinds of magic, then dies.[35] Yami then gets up and says that they will protect the kingdom.

At the White Night Eye's base, Yuno's group arrives at the center area which Yuno says that he won't lose no matter who they face. Once they reach the room, they notices that someone is floating in it which Sylph notices who it is. At the Stone tablet's location, Licht's informs the ones he is with that the Tree of Life's Monument will activate once he places the last stone into place. As the others get excited about what is about to happen, Licht's reveals that everything he had told his comrades was a lie and that he find them all disgusting.[36] As Licht places the final stone into the monument, it starts to shine with a light that reach all the way to the White Night Eye's base. Once the light reaches the base, the person that was floating in the center room awakes. Mimosa notices how terrifying the person is and tell everyone that they need to fall back, but notices Yuno is glowing.

Licht remembers when he saw an Elf named Licht obtaining his grimoire that has a four leaf clover on it.[37] He later he goes to meet with Licht about how the humans might attack them. Licht explains the humans to him and how the humans are just afraid of them. Licht also says that they are capable of understanding each other. Suddenly a tornado appears, which Licht and another easily destroy the tornado. Licht then saves the woman who was trapped in the tornado, who is called Tetia by her brother. Licht's friend notices that the brother has the same kind of grimoire as Licht does. Later on Licht gets closer to Tetia and her brothers, which the friends wonders how he could spends time with humans. The friends then listens on as Tetia's brother explains how both the elves and humans are capable of working together.[38] Later Licht and Tetia reveal to everyone that they are going to have a child. During Licht and Tetia's wedding, they are all attacked by a light magic spells. As Licht's friends dies, he notices Licht standing up and casting a spell. Suddenly Licht's friend wakes up and notices that he looks just like Licht. The friend notices that he is in a human body. The friends also figures out that Licht had casted reincarnation magic and that he is not the only one that was reincarnated. The friends then heads out to go get a grimoire that he is capable of using, and plans to become Licht in order to revive all the elves. The friends is revealed to be Patry inside of William's body, and says that this time that they will be the ones to destroy humanity. Patry uses a forbidden magic to relive Liar, Vetto, and Fana, and plans to relive the rest of the elves by using the humans to gather the Magic Stones.[39]

The Elves Revive

As Valtos, Sally, and Rades are confused about what Patry has said, Rades accused Patry of fooling them. Patry tells them that he has marked them as sacrifices for the forbidden magic by giving them their true names, which Rades replies that he has never used that name. Valtos asks about how they were never comrades, which Patry replies that they were his precious sacrifices to resurrect his comrades. As the members of the White Night Eye begins to die, the Royal Knights wonder what is happening.

Everyone in the kingdom notices that light, which then certain people across the kingdom begin to glow. As people in the White Night Eye's base also begin to glow, Asta asks Liar what is going on. Liar simply replies that the time is up for the humans. Elsewhere Mimosa asks what is going on, which Klaus replies for her to not talk to them since she is not one of them, since Klaus, Yuno, and Hamon have become elves. As the revived elves begin to attack the humans, Patry comments about how its time for revenge against the humans to begin.[40]

Noelle wonders what is happening to Luck and Ben, which Kirsch recognizes that Luck and Ben have the same kind of sinister mana as Langris.[41] Ben and Luck hung each other while saying that they have finally been revived. Luck volunteers to handle things, which Noelle wonders what Luck is saying. Luck fires a bolt at Noelle, but only grazes Noelle. Kirsch quickly creates a barrier made of cherry blossoms and tells Noelle to prepare for battle. Noelle also creates a barrier, but Luck breaks through both barriers. As Kirsch and Noelle wonders what has happened to Luck and Ben, Luck notices that both Noelle and Kirsch are royalty from their mana.

Elsewhere, Zora thinks about how Liar now has a ridiculous amount of mana. Liar comments about how Asta was telling the truth about wanting to find a peaceful solution, while thinking about the results of the last time he trusted a human. Liar then says that he will kill them, and fires two spells at the trio. Mereoleona counters the spells, and tells Asta that he can't get through to them. Asta replies that he will create a path so that they can understand each other.[42] Mereoleona agrees with Asta, but also says that if he drags his feet then she will defeat them all herself. Mereoleona then attacks Liar, but Liar easily dodges them by using spatial magic and light magic. Liar also using the two magics to attack both Mereoleona and Asta. As Zora wonders what to do against Liar, Rill comes crashing into the room with a creature that he created. As Rill is glad to see Liar, Asta asks why he is friendly with the enemy. Rill asks who Asta is, and also introduces himself as Rila.[43] Both Zora and Mereoleona thinks about how Rill is in simialr to Liar and that a spell is affecting Rill. As Asta tells Rila that they are friends, Rila replies that he will never be friends with a human.

Rila attacks Zora, Asta, and Mereoleona, but the three easily counters it. Zora tells Asta to attack Rila with his Anti-magic sword, which Liar says that that won't effect them. Zora then activates a spell that paralysis both Rila and Liar. Rila comments about how they can still sense mana, which Zora replies that they are facing someone with no magic power. Asta destroys Rila's creature while covering himself with Anti-magic. Asta then attacks Rila but barely hit him, when Rila manages to escape. As Rila complains how it hurts, both Asta and Zora thinks about how the Anti-magic didn't work. Liar explains how Reincarnation Magic works and how the bodies they use are now their objects.[44] Suddenly three more elves appear, which they tell Rila to stop screwing around. As Zora notices their magic power, and says that they have to retreat. Asta says that they can't just leave, which Zora replies that right now they have no way to save their comrades. As Liar and Rila prepare to attack, Mereoleona breaks a wall to outside of the base. Mereoleona then tosses Zora and Asta through the hole, while Liar and Rila launches their attacks. Mereoleona then counters the spells and easily destroys them. Liar comments about how Mereoleona sacrifices herself to let her comrades escape, which Mereoleona replies that they are misunderstanding something. Mereoleona also says that the two would just get in the way, since she will kill them all. Liar comments about the difference in their abilities, and how he will be heading out to go after Asta.

Mereoleona attacks Liar, which Liar uses Spatial Magic to dodge the attack. Mereoleona then tells the elves that they will have to defeat her first in order to head out after Asta. Liar replies that they will just have to settle this shortly. Outside of the room, Asta comments about how they have to head back and help Mereoleona. Zora tells Asta that they have to retreat, which Asta says that they have to help Mereoloena. Zora tells Asta that they will just die if they head back, and that they shouldn't let the captain's resolve go to waste.[45]

At the fight, Paulie gives Liar some wings with a spell. Paulie then comments about how Mereoleona's attack won't reach them since the elves all share a bond. Paulie launches a spell at Mereoleona, which Mereoleona counters the spell. Lira attacks with a large spell that Mereoleona can't burn it away, which Mereoleona starts to attack it. Liar uses a Spatial Magic to warp the spell, and hit Mereoleona. Mereoleona lands on the ground, and thinks about how her attack are growing weaker and her reaction time are slowing down. Mereoleona notices Fragil, who is using a spell in order to put Mereoleona to sleep. Suddenly Ruben with a large amount of sand, which Mereoleona comments about how he has a lot of nerve and attacks the sand. Ruben comments about how his name is Rossa and traps Mereoleona with the sand that she destroyed. Mereoleona easily breaks out, and prepares to kill Rossa as the captain of the Crimson Lions. Liar suddenly appears wounds Mereoleona, since he won't let anymore if his comrades die. Paulie then attacks with a spell, while Liar bids Mereoleona farewell. Liar is suddenly attacked, but manages to block it. Liar wonders if Mereoleona is truly human, while Mereoleona tells the elves to try to kill her since she is human.[46]

As Mereoleona goes to attack, she is blocked and hit to the ground. Liar compliments Mereoloena and says that they should end this now. Mereoleona agrees and uses her ultimate spell to incinerate the entire room.[47] The elves manage to survive, and Liar comments about how Mereoleona refused to admit defeat and lost conscious while standing up. Mereoleona wakes up and tells the elves to finish her off. The elves decides to finish Mereoleona off with a combine spell from each of them. As the elves prepare to launch the spell, suddenly Asta and Zora return to the room. Liar comments about how that was a useless move, and launches that spell at Mereoleona. Zora thinks about how Asta convinced him to return to the room, and how they will reflect the elves spell back in order to create an opening in order to escape. Zora thinks about how all five elves had launched a spell together, and absorbs the spell. Zora reflects the spell towards Asta, which Asta uses his sword to reflect it back to Zora. As Zora absorbs the spell again, he notices that his trap spell is breaking apart. Asta gets behind the spell and uses his sword to reflect it back at the elves. As the spell hits the wall behind the elves, Asta uses the chance to grab Mereoleona and leave with Zora.[48] As Asta and Zora talk about how they were able to escape, Liar suddenly appears. As Liar grabs Asta, Asta gives Mereoleona to Zora, and lets himself be captured by Liar.[49]

Elsewhere the elves manages to capture Mimosa, which Mimosa wonders what has happened to her comrades. As the elves talk about how Yuno has not fully reincarnated, when Asta is suddenly dropped into the room by Liar. Asta notices Mimosa and plans to free her, but Klaus informs him that they would let him free Mimosa. Asta sees what happened with Klaus, Hamon, and Yuno, which Klaus and Hamon launch an attack at Asta. Asta tries to block the attack, but is still wounded. Liar comments about how Asta can kill himself since they will get his grimoire and sword, while Klaus and Hamon prepares an to attack. Asta says that he won't die since he will become the Magic Emperor, which Yuno reacts to this. Suddenly Yuno destroys Klaus and Hamon's attack, and announces that he will be the one that will become the Magic Emperor.[50]

As Asta asks if Yuno is himself, which the elves say that Yuno is one of their comrades and that he will be joining them. Liar sees what it happening and thinks about how it will take some more time for Licht and the elf within Yuno to awaking. Yuno says that he understand what is happening and that he is not one of their comrades but the Magic Knight Yuno.[51] The elves decide to take out Mimosa and Asta in order to awaken the elf inside of Yuno's body, but Yuno easily blocks the spells. Yuno tells the elves to get out of his comrades bodies, but the elves reply that they will use their full strength from now on. Yuno tells Asta to rest since he will handle it, but Asta replies that will not let Yuno handle this alone. The elves combine their magic to use a powerful spell and charge at Asta and Yuno. Asta and Yuno enter their form and easily destroy the elves powerful spell.[52]

As Mimosa and Liar are shocked with Asta and Yuno winning against the elves. Licht notices this and catches the defeated elves. Licht then takes out a sword to prepare for battle, which Asta prepares by taking out his second sword. Licht closes the distance and takes Asta's Demon-dweller Sword.[53] Licht attacks and easily manages to send both Asta and Yuno flying into the wall. As Asta wonders why Licht was able to use his sword, Yuno attacks with a spell. Licht absorbs the spell with his sword and fires it back, but misses both Yuno and Asta. Licht continues to attack Yuno but Yuno dodges and uses mana zone to attack Licht from behind. Licht easily absorbs that spell too, but both Asta and Yuno use this chance to attack at the same time. Licht manages to both their attacks but loses one of his sword to Asta in the progress. Licht then fires a blast, which launches Asta, Yuno, and Mimosa out of the base.[54] As Rhya comments about how Licht may have destroyed the grimoire and swords, Licht replies that they are no longer his. Suddenly Ado shows up and uses his spatial magic to teleport the other elves to the central room. Once all the elves arrive at the central room, they move the base to meet their other comrades and destroy the humans.

Outside of the base, Asta wakes up and wonders what had happened to the dungeon. Zora informs Asta what had happened to the dungeon. Asta then asks about Mereoleona, which he notices that she is still unconscious. Nozel and En show up and explains what happened to their comrades along with how they managed to escape. Nozel thinks about Asta helped save Mereoleona, and uses an artifact to heal all the wounded. Suddenly Noelle and Kirsch come down from above, and explains what had happened. Nozel is contacted by his squad and told what is happening to the kingdom. Nozel says that they have to save the kingdom even if they have to kill their comrades in the process. Noelle counters by says that their friend had let them escape, and that as magic knights they will save their kingdom and comrades. The rest of the royal knights they depart to go rescue their kingdom and comrades.

Saving the Kingdom

As the villagers of Hage wonder what is going on, the Eye of the Midnight Sun's base flies over the village. As the villagers wonder what that was, which an elf explains how those was his brotheren and what they are doing. The elf then comments about how selfish the humans are for still discriminating against one another. The elf also says that they will not discriminate since hey will kill all the humans equally.[55]

As the Royal knights make their way to the kingdom, all of the wounded are finally healed. Zora says that they will be reaching the forsaken realm soon, when they notice that the elves have already begun their attack. Asta and Yuno notice that its their village that is being attacked and say that they have to go save it, but Nozel says that they to head to the capital in order to save the kingdom. Asta says that Hage is apart of the kingdom, which Nozel replies by saying that they can save the village on their own but they will have to head to the capital once they are finished. Asta and Yuno agree to this, which Noelle says that she will be going with them. Nozel tells Noelle that she is coming with him to protect the capital since she is royalty, which Noelle understands.

In Hage, the elf attacks the villagers by poisoning them. Lily attacks the elf with a spell, and asks why the elf is doing this to the villagers. Lily also asks why the villagers have to have sad endings when they have tried so hard to live an earnest life. The elf just blames the humans and attacks, which Nash jumps in front of Lily. Asta and Yuno suddenly appear and blocks the elf's attack to everyone's surprise. Asta and Yuno tells Nash that he had fought well, and also say that they will handle it from here.[56] As the elf compliments Asta and Yuno for being able to destroy his attack, but launches another attack and asks if they can handle it. Asta and Yuno easily counter the attack, which shocks everyone.

Asta overhears that the father is hurt and leave to go help, while Yuno deals with the elf. Asta uses the Demon-Slayer sword to remove the magic from the father but the poison is still in his body. The father notices Asta and comments about how its good to see him in his final moments, which Asta replies that the father is not going to die just yet. Suddenly the sword that Asta had gotten from Licht appears from his grimoire. Asta takes the sword and the sword removes all of the poison from the people.[57]

The elf notices what sword Asta is using, but Yuno takes this time to attack with a spell. The elf is confused about Yuno still being a human and Asta using Licht's sword, and starts to go wild. Yuno comments about how they will have to save the elf before he had become something else. Yuno uses his magic in order from Asta to get closer enough to the elf. While attacking the elf, Asta thinks about how the elves want to be saved. As Asta manages to land a hit with Licht's sword, the reincarnation magic is dispelled. Asta thinks about how with Licht's sword, they will be able to save everyone. After the fighting is done, all the children hug Asta and Yuno.

At the Black Bulls headquarters, the Eye of the Midnight Sun's base reach which Magna wonders what is with the huge rock while the Elf in Luck's body prepares to head out.[58]

As the Purple Orca member wonders what has happened, the children wonder about Yuno's appearance while Asta asks if Sister Lily is alright. The Father comments about how Asta and Yuno have become fine Mages when he notices that they are already leaving. As Asta and Yuno leave to go save the kingdom, the children, Lily, and the father bind them all farewell.

Later as Asta and Yuno reach the common realm, Yuno comments about how he can sense two elves magic in two different directions. Asta says that he will head out in one direction since he has the new sword, which Yuno replies that he will take the Purple Orca member in order to restrain the elf with his poison plant magic. Both agree with this and say that they will meet up in the capital.[59]

Saving a friend

Elsewhere, Magna and Vanessa arrive at a town wondering what is going on but notices Luck. As Magna asks what is Luck doing, the elf replies that the body no longer belongs to their friend but to him while also introducing himself as Rufel. As Rufel charges, he misses both Magna and Vanessa and notices that its was because of Rouge. As Magna goes to attack Rufel, Rouge touches Magna and makes him fall. Vanessa thinks about how Rouge will protect all the members of the Black Bulls, Magna tells Vanessa to dispel the magic. As Vanessa comments about how they can wake up Luck, Magna replies that he is going to wake up Luck his way.

Magna then throws multiple fireballs, which Rufel says that they won't hit him. The fireballs all vanish, which Rufel senses where they are and dodges them all. Rufel comments about the humans won't be able to defeat him and wonders if Magna can dodge his attack. Vanessa pulls Magna out of the way, which Magna takes the chance to throw more fireballs. Rufel says that the fireball won't hit him, when the fireballs suddenly explode. Magna explains his new spell and throws some more, which Rufel dodges them all. Rufel notices that Magna is throwing normal fireballs and wonders what that is all about, when Magna suddenly appears behind Rufel. As Magna prepares to throw a fireball, Rufel catches Magna and says that he had sensed Magna. As Magna replies that he knew about what Rufel is capable of, the fireball in Magna's hand explodes. As Rufel wonders what is happening, Magna explains that Luck would have known that he would do take. As Magna grabs a hold of Rufel, more fireballs hit them and explodes. Magna explains to Rufel that he the best their is at taking a beating, and hits Rufel with a giant fireball. Magna then uses a spell to restrain Rufel and explain how Rufel won't be able to defeat him. Magna then tells Rufel to give Luck back, which Rufel frees himself by releasing a lightning bolt that Asta can see and asks Magna about who doesn't have a chance of winning.[60]

As Magna and Vanessa are shocked by Rufel's power increase, which Rufel asks them how they plan to defeat him. Magna replies that he will beat Rufel until Luck wakes up, which Magna prepare to throw a fireball but Rufel disappears. Suddenly Rufel starts to destroy the town, which Magna figures that Rufel is moving at an intense speed. As Rufel strikes Magna, Rufel suddenly notices that he hasn't striked yet. Rufel does to strike again but misses Magna. Rufel figures out how Vanessa's spell works, and wonders who mana will gives out first.[61] After a little bit, Rufel manages to defeat both Magna and Vanessa, while commenting about how was sooner then he thought. As Rufel says that the kingdom will be destroyed, Magna and Vanessa tells Rufel to shut up and to give Luck back. Rufel tells Magna and Vanessa that they won't be able to break the Reincarnation Magic with they bond, which Magna asks why Rufel is crying. Magna tries to wake Luck up by explaining how strong he has gotten, while Vanessa says that she won't let Luck be taken away. As Rufel goes to kill Magna, Asta suddenly appears by Rouge's power and saves Magna.

Asta prepares to battle Rufel, while saying that Luck is their friend. Rufel comment that someone with no mana like Asta exist, which Asta replies that he is already acknowledged by the members of the Black Bulls.[62] Rufel tells Asta that he doesn't care who Asta is and starts to destroy the town again while thinking that Asta won't be able to follow his movements. As Rufel goes to strike Asta, Asta notices and counters but Rufel dodges. As Rufel distance himself from Asta, Rufel thinks about Asta was able to follow his movements. Asta easily chases after Rufel and explains to Rufel how he is able to chase after him.[63] Rufel tries to attack Asta, but Asta easily counter the attack. Suddenly Rufel is able to land a hit on Asta, which Asta thinks that Rufel was able to hit him by battle intuition only. Asta calls for Magna and Vanessa's help, which Magna and Vanessa start to attack Rufel but doesn't land an attack. Rufel attacks Asta, which Asta blocks it but is pushed back. Asta thinks about how his body is almost at its limit and that he will have to settle this with the next attack. Magna creates a large smokescreen, which Rufel counters by sense where Asta is dispelling his mana. As Rufel notices where Asta is, he goes in to attack. Vanessa moves Asta out of the way, which Magna throws a fireball to cut Vanessa's thread. Asta takes this chance to attacks and lands a blow on Rufel.[64]

Asta quickly mounts Rufel and plans to release Luck, but Rufel blocks Asta by releasing his mana. Rufel goes to kill Asta, but Magna and Vanessa hold Rufel down. Inside of Luck's body, Luck starts to hear Asta, Magna, and Vanessa but suddenly sees his mother. As Luck's mother calls to him, Luck decides to head towards his mother.

Rufel tells the others that he will kill everyone including himself, by releasing all of his mana. Everyone notices Rufel's mana and think about how Rufel will become something evil.[65] Rufel also says that he won't forgive the humans, because of what they had taken from him. Asta replies that he doesn't know what has happened to Rufel but still apologizes to them. Asta also says that Luck is their precious comrades and to not take him away from them. Asta then tells Rufel that his precious ones won't want him to be like this, and manages to stab Rufel.

Inside of Luck's body, Luck sees a light and tells his mother that he has to go. Luck also says that has found something precious to him and thanks him mother for everything. As Luck leaves Luck's mother start to cry with a smile of her face. Luck then remember what everyone had told him when he had join with the Black Bulls.

Rufel suddenly remember what Licht's friend once said about how the humans and elves can be friend, and comments about how he wish he had gotten to know humans like them. The magic is then undone and Luck gets back up in his own body. As Luck comments about how he is the Black Bull's comrade with tears running down his face, which Magna hugs Luck and says that they are comrades.[66] Vanessa also hugs Luck, while Asta cheers. Luck also thanks them but wonders about the villagers of the town. Vanessa tells Luck that she used her Thread Magic to save all the villagers. Vanessa and Magna then question Asta about his new sword, which Asta replies that the sword is capable of undoing the Reincarnation Magic. Asta also comments about how the elves are not bad guys to begin with, which Luck replies that the elf's are truly kind and that Rufel was happy when he was released.[67] Asta then says that he will save everyone else with his new sword. As Vanessa and Magna are confused by Asta's "everyone" comment, Asta reveals that the elves have taken over people within the kingdom. Vanessa tells Asta about the light that they saw and that they should be heading to their base, which Luck replies that he will handle that.

Luck uses Vanessa's magic along with the magic that he had gotten from his time as an elf to bring everyone to the base. Once they reach the base's location, they notice that their base is destroyed. As they wonder what happened, they come across Gordon, Gray, and Henry. Magna notices Henry and wonders who he is while getting closer to him, but drops to the ground after getting his mana sucked out. As Magna says that Henry is an enemy, but Asta reveals who Henry and how he was capable of meeting him. Magna then asks what happened, which everyone says what happened but Magna does understand them. Asta understands them all and comments about how Gauche was turned into a elf and then headed to the capital after destroying the base. Vanessa says that they have to go save Gauche but they are out of Mana.

They suddenly sense and intense magic force, which they notice Charmy and think that she has turned into an elf. Charmy asks who destroyed her garden, which they tells her that if was the elves. Charmy tells them that they will come with her to defeat the elves, but they reply that they are out of mana. Charmy uses her magic to create a chef to cook some food, and tells them to eat it. As they eat the food, they notice that their mana is restored. Charmy explains how this spell is capable of restoring the eater's mana, but tells Asta that it won't give him any mana.[68] As they are eat, they reveal that Yami went to the Golden Dawn's base, Nozel went to the capital with her brother, and that Zora is a member of the Black Bulls. Henry then uses his magic to reconstruct the base to transport everyone to the capital, to save the kingdom.

The Black Bulls Charge

As the Black Bulls charge towards the capital, Luck senses that their are three elves at the town ahead of them. In Hecairo, the elves have ruined the town and defeated the magic knights that were protecting it.[69] Suddenly one of the elves notices that something is heading towards them, which another elf uses his earth magic to create a wall. The Black Bulls easily manage to break through the wall, to the surprise of the elf. Henry rearranges the base and attacks the elves but the elves dodge. As rubble starts to fall on the citizens, Charmy and Vanessa use their magic to save the citizens. Grey then uses her magic to free all the citizens that were trapped by the elves. The elves attack the Black Bulls base, but they all miss because of Vanessa's magic. Magna, Luck, and Gordon fire spells at the elves through the bases cannons, which Henry increase the power of the spell along with making sure the spell hit the elves.[70] The elves get angry and prepares to fire a combine spell, in order to harm the citizens if they can't harm the Black Bulls. Henry then fires Asta out of a cannon, and manages to defeat the elves.

As Patri's location, William thinks about how he had felt that their was someone slumbering within him and even started to see their memories. Later after William meets Julius, William decides to join the magic knights and devote himself to Julius. Once Patri had awakened, William was convinced that he was sharing his body with someone else. William knew of Patri's mission, and was confused about what to do since it meant that he would be betraying his kingdom and Julius. Once Patri had defeated Julius, William congratulates Patri and wishes his luck before falling into a complete slumber.[71]

Patri awakens, after falling asleep from activating the magic spell. Patri notices that his reincarnation has been completed and that William has fallen into a deep, endless slumber. Patri thanks William, then bids him farewell. Patri then thinks about how the Licht and that others are heading to the capital, and then heads out. Once Patri leaves, Rades grimoire activates and revives Rades along with Sally and Valtos.[72] Rades notices Patri, and swear to exact his revenge on Patri along with Sally and Valtos.

At Hecairo, Asta releases all three elves which the Black Bulls cheers. Suddenly Sally, Rades, and Valtos appears, and Rades says that he will use the Black Bulls for his revenge. Asta asks what they want, which Rades replies that he wants to kill Patri for using him for his own goals. Rades also tells them that Patri is heading to the capital, and that they can get their instantly with Valtos's magic. Rades continues by saying that they can even transport the Black Bulls base too, if they work together. Rades asks if they have a deal, which Luck comments about how the remaining elves are all heading to the capital. Rades then asks if they are going to team up, which Asta reponds by Lariat Rades while calling him annoying. Asta tells Rades that their goals are different since the Black Bulls what to protect the people.[73] Rades asks what Asta is going, but Asta continues his assault while comments about how Rades attacked innocent civilians the last time he attacked the capital. Asta says that they are going to have to atone for what they have done by saving the kingdom, which Rades wonders if he is joking.

Asta says that if its just heading to the capital, then he doesn't need Rades and can just negotiate with the other two. Valtos replies that he will cooperate since he wants to find out the truth from Patri. Valtos also says that if verythign the Patri says was a lie, then he is a criminal and will atone for his crimes. Rades then asks Sally if she wants revenge, which Sally responds that she was only with Patri because he let her do experiments that the magic knights won't. Sally also says that she is happy to be alive and can do more research. As Sally comments about how she had come up to more ideas, Asta realizes something and tells Sally that she can examine him body if she join them. As Asta explains the condition of her researching things, Sally replies that she doesn't understand but agrees to it anyway.[74]

Charmy gives Valtos and Sally food that restores their mana. Charmy also agrees to kill Rades food, which Asta asks if Rades wants to save the kingdom. Rades says that he will join them but just do what he wants to do, which Asta says that Rades will head them save the kingdom.

Defend the Capital

At the capital, the city is in ruins and the people wonder if this is the end of the kingdom. Suddenly the Black Bulls base appears much to the shocked of the people.

A little back in time, Yami sees the reincarnation happen but wonders what happened since he can sense a magical presence across the kingdom even through it wasn't an attack.[75] Owen and Marx suddenly appear before Yami in a giant jellyfish, after having attacked two mages. As Yami comments about Owen and Marx, they reveal that they are not Yami's friends but the elves and have come to kill all the humans. The elves attack Yami which Yami dodges the attack, and think about how the elves have made Owen and Marx's magic more powerful. The elves notices that Yami is protecting Julius's corpse, and comments about how they will destroy it in front of Yami. Yami gets angry by their comment and charges, which an elf comments about how this will make Yami easier to hit. Marx fires multiple arrows, which Yami counters the arrows and destroys the jellyfish the elves are riding. As the elves are surprised by Yami's movements, Yami takes the chance to knock them out.

Yami comments about how the elves where powerful even through Marx and Owen weren't battle type mages, when roses suddenly grab a hold of the elves. Charlotte suddenly appears and comments about how her bretheren were careless and that they can rest within her magic for now. Yami comments about how that is not like her, which the elf replies that she doesn't know him but all humans must be eliminated.[76] As Yami defends against the elf's attack, he comes across some citizens and tells them to leave or he will kill them. Yami thinks about how he has to get rid of the roses or they will be in trouble. Yami also thinks about how the roses are covering the elf's scents but manages to locate the elf by sensing their ki. Yami launches a spell but the elf dodges. The elf counters by thrusting a sword and have vines shoot from it, but Yami dodges. Yami thinks about how the elf use of Charlotte's magic is different from Charlotte's way and that their defense has no openings.[77] Yami also thinks about how because of the elf taking over Charlotte's body, her magic has returned to it original power. While continues to attack and dodge the elf, Yami comments about how Charlotte was able to make herself strong even through her magic was weakened by a curse and that it pathetic that her magic is now being control be someone else.

Suddenly Sol shows up and asks why Charlotte attack them, which the elf replies for Sol to not speak to her so familiarly with. Yami tells Sol that Charlotte has been taken over by an elf, and that he will take can of her. Yami tells Sol to also take care of Julius's body, which Sol declines and says that she will be the one to free Charlotte from the elf's control. As Sol tries to launch a spell, she notices that she can't use her magic within the space surrounding the elf. Sol thinks about how her life was saved by Charlotte, and says that she will wake Charlotte up even if she dies. Yami tells Sol to keep on living for Charlotte's sake as well, which Sol starts to cry and asks Yami to rescue Charlotte.

Yami tosses Sol aside and tells her to leave it to him, while telling her to get back. The elf manages to surround Yami with thorns but Yami uses a spell to free himself. Yami closes the distance and tries to wake Charlotte up by explain what the Elf if doing to her subordinates. The elf distance herself, and says that she acknowledges that Yami is strong and that she will use all of her power to kill him. Yami notices how strong the attack is and prepares for it, while comments about how he has always acknowledged how strong Charlotte is. As the elf launches her spell, Yami says that he is not going to kill her and manages to destroy the spell.

Sol decides to hide Julius's body by burying it underground, when she notices a surge of mana and worries about Charlotte.

Back at the fight the elf thinks about how even through her spell was stronger, Yami was able to cut her spell in half and destroy one of her gauntlets. The elf also wonders if the humans are capable of overturning the outcome of battles, regardless of the differences in mana quality.[78] The elf then thinks about how she has used to much mana, and decides to retreat with the other two elves while commenting about how she will have to deal with underestimating the humans later. As the elf heads out, she notices that Licht and the others are arriving.

As Sol arrives at the site, she notices that Charlotte is leaving and wonders about Yami. As Sol sees the site and worries about Yami, when Yami pops out of the rubble and says that he is not done fighting yet. Yami notices Sol and asks about Julius's body, which Sol replies that had hid it at a safe place. Sol then yells at Yami about saving Charlotte, which Yami responds that Sol can also save Charlotte even through she can't fight. Yami also says that they should go save the citizens, which Sol agrees.

At the Magic Knights headquarters, Gueldre wonders what is going on with this tremendous magic power that he is sensing but decided to escape. Suddenly Revchi appears and the two start to talk until they yell at each other about who is the best. Both of them suddenly stop yelling at each other when each of them comments about Asta which confuses them. Suddenly an elf breaks in, and both Gueldre and Revchi thinks about the elf's power. As the elf comments about killing them, which Gueldre comments about how he can help them. The elf simple replies that he will just kill them since they are human and prepares an attack. Both Revchi and Gueldre agree to fight together, and Gueldre uses his magic to turn them invisible. The elf thinks about how the humans have completely disappeared, and just decides to destroy the whole surrounding area. Revchi then seal the elf with a chain spell, which the elf notices that his magic power is being sealed.[79] Revchi then comments about how he will be able to see the sun again, while Gueldre says that he will restore his dignity.

The Lion Awakens

At the Crimson Lions headquarters, the magic knights that are defeat asks the their vice-captain Randall to please stop their attack. The elf controlling Randall's body replies that he won't stop until ever last human drops death. As the magic knights comment about how they can't stop the elf, when Leopold shouts that they won't break. Leopold also says that they were training by the best captain ever and that he can't lose here. The rest of the squad agrees with this and attack the elf, while the elf says that they aren't even a match for him. The elf uses his magic to dodge the spells and starts to attack each of the Crimson Lions squad members one at a time. As the elf continues to battle using his Air Magic, the squad members inside of the base comments about how they have to protect Fuegoleon who is rest inside of the base.[80] Leopold manages to fire a spell at the elf, but the elf destroys the spell and fires one at Leopold. Leopold manages to dodge it and sense something high above them. Three mages tell Leopold to leave and take the wounded, but Leopold says that he can continue to fight. Leopold suddenly collapses, which the elf takes the chance to take out the three mages. The elf then says that he will give Leopold a gruesome death and prepares a spell.

Suddenly the Crimson Lion's base is engulf in flames, much to the shocked of everyone. Leopold thinks about how it might be an enemy, but notices that it feels different. Fuegoleon suddenly wakes out of the building, with a flaming arm, and compliments Leopold on how he fought. Fuegoleon also says that he won't loses a second time, while also having Salamander perched on his flaming arm.[81] Leopold notices Salamander, and thinks about how Salamander was under the control of one of the Eye of the Midnight Sun's leaders until it had disappeared. Leopold also thinks about the qualities that Fuegoleon possesses and that their is no question that Salamander had chosen his brother.[82] Fuegoleon feel grateful to the mana that is flowing from the spirit, and tells Randall to prepare himself if he doesn't want to die. The elf responds that a human can't defeat an elf, and prepares for an attack.

As Fuegoleon launches a spell, the elf tries to erase it but notices that the flames are to intense to erase. As the elf is engulf in flames, Fuegoleon uses this chance to restrain the elf with a spell. As the squad sees this, they chant while Leopold thinks about how his brother is amazing and that he will one day surpass his brother. Leopold then tells his brother that their sister had taken over captain duties while he was asleep, which Fuegoleon thinks about how his sister was supposed to be captain instead of him. Fuegoleon also thinks about how Salamander has showed him that there are non-human presences at the heart of the capital. Fuegoleon then says that the battle has just begun, while thinking about William.

Protect the Castle

At the Golden Dawn's headquarters, all the elves at the base gather together. The elves figures that the humans that they reincarnated into, had gathered at one spot. An elf comments about how they is still one more of them close by. The group of elves head to the last of them at the base, one of the elves comments about how Ratri's cousin Patri was the one that reincarnated them. Ratri, who is in Langris's body, comments about how well he gets along with Patri and that he they should the humans a golden dawn.

Elsewhere Yami forces Finral to wake up. Yami tells Finral how bad the capital is, which Finral thinks about his brother and that he will save him this time. Finral then takes his bandages off, while telling Yami that they are heading out.

As the elves head towards to castle, Augustus is meeting with the Vaude Family about Langris being a traitor.[83] Langris's parents tell Augustus that their family would never be traitors and that their son has no reason too. Augustus tells the Vaude Family that he cannot allow a blood relative marry into such a family, which Finnes asks her Granduncle to not punish Langris and Finral. Suddenly a servant comes into the meeting and informs Augustus that a large amount of attack magic was used in the capital, which Augustus yells by the servant has to inform him about his incessant babbling and what the magic knight are even doing.

The elves arrive at the castle gates, which the castle knights asks why the Golden Dawn is here since they are the ones that protect the castle. Ratri says that they have business with the humans inside, which the a castle knights asks what nonsense he is speaking. The castle knight also says that they cannot allow anyone in the castle were the three great royal family live with out prior notice.[84] Ratri says that they don't care for a rule that humans have made up, and attacks the castle knights. The castles knights dodges the attacks and launches spells at the elves. An elves uses a spell to divert the spell away from them. Ratri and two others decide to each head into a resident of a royal family, while leaving the rest of the elves to handle the castle knights.

Yami and Finral notices that the elves have attacked the castle and decides to head over their castle while leave the magic knights to handle the town. Finral uses a spell to transport himself and Yami to the castle, and notice that their are four elves once they arrive. Finral and Yami notices how powerful they are and how this is a bad situation. An elf says that they can handle any amount of humans that come, when a slash suddenly comes at them. Jack suddenly appears and comments about how the most worthy to slice up would show up here. Yami and Jack start to argue with each other until they start charging the elves. As an elf comments about how both Yami and Jack will not make it out alive. Jack attacks an elf, which the elf defends himself with his magic and comments about how Jack won't be able to cut his magic with his power. Yami and Jack then defend themselves from the elves attacks, which Finral notices that the two captains are having a tough time. Yami tells Jack that its about time to cut that out, which Jack agrees and prepares to attack. An elves says that Jack doesn't have the ability to cut him, which Jack launches his spell and manages to cut the elf. Jack thinks about how he adjusted his blade's property to match his opponent's magic, and tells the elf that he will show him what real cutting is since their is nothing his blade can't cut.[85] Yami takes this chance to knock out an elf that is shocked by what Jack had done. The last two elves attack Jack and Yami from behind, which Finral teleports the two to behind the elves. Jack and Yami then knocks out the last elves.

Finral compliments the two captains on how amazing they are, which Jack also compliments Finral of his support. Jack and Yami then get into an argument about Jack borrowing Finral.[86] Finral tells the captains that they have to get going, but suddenly notices something.

The Silva Residence

Inside of the Silva resident, an elf is attacking the humans when a noble uses a servant as a shield. The elf says that, that is useless since they will kill all the humans, and then takes out the noble and servant. Elsewhere inside the residence, Solid is complaining about Noelle which Nebra says that he was careless. As Nebra wonders what is that noise, when the elf breaks through the door. As Solid wonders why the elf is here, the elf says that she came to kill them. Nebra says that she will play with her and uses her magic to create clones, which the elf uses her magic to easily take out Nebra. Solid says that he will not let that slide, which the elf replies that today is the day that humans will go extinct.

Outside the enemy base Nozel has arrived, which Jack, Finral, and Yami each comment about their situation. Yami then notices that Nozel and the other have arrived, which Nozel tells the others to not let the castle fall.[87] After a quick greeting, they all head into the castle to protect the royal familie. As Nozel, Noelle, and Zora head into the Silva residence, Zora decides to head off on his own which Nozel lets him. An elf suddenly attacks Nozel and Noelle, which Nozel easily defeats and manages to capture him. Nozel notices that the strongest among the elves is at the tower, which Nozel notices that is where Solid and Nebra are.

In the tower, Solid is having trouble dealing with the elf when the elf decides to finish him off. Nozel and Noelle break into the room to Solid just in time. Noelle attacks with her most powerful spell, but the elf easily diverts it. Nebra tries to help with a spell but the elf uses a spell that makes it hard for them to use their magic.[88] The elf then launches a spell that manages to wound Nozel. Solid starts to panic, which Nozel tells him to keep his wits. Noelle says that she can still fight, which Nozel tells her to show the elf that power of the Silva family. The elf tells them that their attack won't hit her in this closed off place. The elf then launches more needles at them but Nozel manages to block them. As Nozel and Noelle begin to think about what to do, when Noelle decides to be reckless. As Noelle uses her magic to flood the place, Nozel uses his magic to protect himself and his siblings. The elf releases her spell so that she doesn't drown, which Nozel uses this chance to wound the elf.

As Noelle is glad that they had won, Nozel apologizes to Noelle for the way that he has treated her.[89] Nozel then says that they have to heal Nebra when he is suddenly attacked from behind. The elf creates a larger barrier that she won't drown in. Noelle thinks about how she wants to protect her siblings and uses her magic to create an armor and weapon to attack at close range. As the elf sees this, and launches needles at Noelle. Noelle easily dodges the needles and closes the distance to the elf. The elf uses her magic to distance herself and fire more needles at Noelle. Noelle continues to dodge the needles, which Nozel sees this and thinks about there mother. Once Noelle gets close to the elf, Noelle attacks with her lance but the elf use her magic to create a shield that blocks the attack. The elf then prepares to attack, but Noelle presses on with her attack and manages to pierce the shield.[90] As Noelle manages to defeat the elf, the barrier is undone and releases the siblings.

As Solid tries to get his siblings medical treatment, when they are suddenly surrounded by more elves. One of the elves comments about what they had done to Kivun, and fires a spell at Noelle. Zora suddenly shows up and reflects the spell back, managing to defeat the elf. Zora then drops the servant that he had brought and tells him to heal the siblings. The servant uses his magic to heal Nebra, and asks Solid to bring Nozel to him. As Solid just stands frozen, Zora begins to mock him for freezing. Nozel overhears this and thinks about how his mother had told him to protect his siblings.[91] As Noelle tries to get Zora to stop mocking Solid, Nozel gets up and tells Noelle that Zora is right. Zora then uses a spell, that lets Noelle and Nozel see were his traps are located. As Noelle and Nozel start to defeat the elves, two of the elves get behind the two. Noelle and Nozel fires a spell at the elves behind them, but the spells miss the elves. The elves notices that the spells have hit some trap spells, which Zora thinks about how the elves don't understand trap magic or other complicated magics. The spells are suddenly send back and hit the elves.

At the Vermillion residence, Mimosa, Kirsch, and En are using their magic to help the humans escape while confusing the elves. An elf suddenly appears behind Mimosa and introduces himself as Baval, as he is confused with the human he is possessing.[92] Baval talks with the three about giving up and let them kill all the humans since it is all useless, but Mimosa responds that they will not give up. Baval then reveals that one of them is heading to the king, and that it will be impossible to stop him from killing the king.

The Kira Residence

At the Kira residence, Ratri is attacking everyone is the king's room. Augustus tries to stop Ratri with his light magic, but Ratri easily destroys his pathetic spell. As Ratri prepares to kill the king, Finnes tries to stop him. Ratri pushes her aside and attacks her but Finral shows up and stops him. Yami and Jack appear and charge at Ratri, while using Finral's portal's to close the distance. Before they can get close enough, Ratri magic attacks both of them and stops their charge. As Ratri tells them to entertain him, Yami and Jack say that this will be fun.

Finral takes this chance to get his parents and Augustus to safety but Ratri stops Augustus from leaving the room. Jack uses a spell to cut a hole in the wall behind Augustus, which Augustus uses to escape. Ratri is angered by this and attacks with a spell, but is countered by one of Finral's spells. As Ratri's spell is more powerful, Finral tells Jack and Yami that they will have to dodge the spell on their own. Yami and Jack uses spells to avoid Ratri's spell. Yami tries to attack but his spell is blocked. Yami then dodges when Ratri counterattacks. Yami thinks about how they will need Jacks blade in order to break through Ratri's defense.[93] Jack manages to cut through Ratri's spatial magic much to Ratri's surprise. Jack and Yami then use a spell to break through Ratri's defence, but Ratri uses a spell to force Yami and Jack out of the room. Ratri then attacks Finral and even manages to wound him. As Ratri goes to kill Finral, Jack and Yami suddenly show up. Ratri figures out that Finral let himself get wounded in order to summon his allies, but its already to late. Finral then thinks about how he will save his brother with his allies.

Ratri says that he is a little bit faster, but Finral replies that the two that he is facing are magic knight captains which Ratri wonders what can try do. Jack suddenly cuts through Ratri's magic, much to Ratri's surprise, and explains how his blade gets faster the more it cuts.[94] Yami then uses a spell to try and knock Ratri out but this just makes Ratri angry and goes on a rampage. As Yami wonders what to do, Finral tells him that they do nothing. Finral explains how Ratri won't recognize his magic and creates a portal to deliver a punch at Ratri. Inside of Ratri's mind, Langris is in the fetal position when Finral show up to rescue him. Outside of the mind, Finral collapses which Yami comment about how Finral stole the end of the show and that he did a good job.[95]

At the Eye of the Midnight Sun base, Patolli arrives a the base and is greeted by the elf possessing Gauche, Droit. Rhya shows up and greets Droit along with Ecra, who is possessing Marie. Patolli asks Rhya where Licht is, which Rhya replies that Licht hasn't regained his memories and is currently asleep.[96] Rhya also says that the rest are waiting inside the base, but Patolli says that the humans are trying to fix all the member of the Golden Dawn. Patolli also says that the king is mostly likely dead since Ratri is rampaging in the castle. Patolli final says that once they place the final magic stone in their possession in the pedestal in the castle, they will be fully reborn and they will then eradicate the humans to reclaim the calm tranquil world for the elves.[97]

In the castle, Yami comments about how their are a bunch of tough one inside of the Eye of the Midnight Sun base. Yami also wonder were the rest of the magic knights are since if they lag any longer, then he will knock all the elves out.




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