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The Royal Knights Arc王撰騎士団ロイヤルナイツRoiyaru Naitsu-hen」 is the 7th arc of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.[1]


The Festival[]

Yami forces Asta to take a break from missions. Asta dramatically asks what he has without his missions. Suddenly the others arrive back from their searches to heal Asta. Upon seeing them, Asta and Noelle were shocked by how much they have changed from their searches. After they apologize for not finding a cure for Asta, Asta reveals that his arms are fine with each of them having a different reaction to the news along with them returning to their former selves. Yami then informs Asta and Noelle that a festival is coming up, and Finral says what the festival represents. As they all prepare to leave for the festival, Asta asks Finral to go get some people for him.

When they arrive at the festival, Asta and Noelle are amazed by the festival when they suddenly notice Kiato and Kahono who were brought by Finral. Kiato and Kahono are excited to at the festival, when Asta suddenly opens a bottle from the Witch Queen that heals both Kiato and Kahono. Kiato and Kahono then hug Asta and Noelle, and express how glad they are that they are healed. Kahono comments how they should live this day to the fullest, when she suddenly suggests that they should go on a double date which shocked both Asta and Noelle.

Asta, Noelle, and Kiato each think about what Kahono has planned for this double date, which Kahono thinks about how this is a good chance to steal Asta from Noelle. Asta, Noelle, Kiato, and Kahono then head off to enjoy the festival, which Noelle notices that Asta and Kahono make a good match. Suddenly Kahono asks Asta what Noelle means to him, which they notice a crying girl before Asta can answer her. While everyone insults the crying girl for being a peasant, Noelle walks over to asks what is why the girl is crying. When the girl does not stop crying Asta, Kiato, and Kahono put on a show for the girl, which causes the girl to stop cry. The girl then reveals her name as Emma and explains what has happened, which Kahono uses her magic to spread the girls name around. Emma mom then shows up and thanks them for helping her little girl, while also noticing that Noelle is a member of the royal family. The mother apologizes for what has happened, but Noelle just gives a speech about how even though she is a member of the royal family she still will extend her hand to anyone who is in need and that everyone has a right to enjoy the festival. Asta suddenly remembers Kahono's question and says how he likes Noelle, which causes Noelle to blast Asta away. Kahono then comments about the two and then decides to enjoy the festival with Noelle alone.

Elsewhere Asta wonders what is wrong with Noelle for going that, when he overhears some people taking about a beautiful woman. Suddenly a nobleman named Balman approaches the woman for her to accompany him for the night, but gets angry when she ignores him. Before Asta can intervene the woman defeats Balman and his men. Asta recognizes the magic and realizes that the woman is the captain of the blue rose, Charlotte Roselei. Charlotte start to torture Balman and his men for trying to use her as an accessory, which Sol expresses how excited she is for witnessing her power. Asta tries to stop Charlotte before she kills Balman, but runs into Sol which she remembers him. After getting into an argument with Asta, Sol tosses him away and forces Charlotte to wear the dress that she had brought. As everyone expresses at how amazing Charlotte looks, Sol and Charlotte get angry at the men.

Charlotte thinks about how she cannot let the other captains she her like this, but is shocked when Yami shows up and even recognizes her. When Yami comments about Charlotte wearing a dress, Charlotte comments about how Yami is dressed and is shocked by how Yami is practical naked. When Vanessa shows up looking for Yami, Vanessa and Charlotte notice each other and think about how they cannot lose to the other. After learning that Yami like woman who drink, Vanessa challenges Charlotte to a drinking contest who is forced to accept by Sol. After Vanessa explains the rules of the contest, the challenge starts Vanessa passes out after drinking while Charlotte reveals that she is a light weight. Charlotte then remembers how her family was cursed and how it was Yami that saved her when she fell for him. Suddenly Yami takes the beer from Charlotte and remind her of what she had told him once, which Charlotte blushes and passes out. The match is declared a draw, which Asta suddenly notices that people are heading to the great hall for the ceremony. Asta looks at Yami, who comments about how they cannot be later for this and wonders what to do.

The Star Awarding Ceremony[]

As the ceremony begins the Wizard King Julius arrives and announces that he will be presenting the awards. Julius also explains that why they hold this ceremony and once finished introduces the Magic Knights captain minus Yami and Charlotte. Julius begins the ceremony and announces that the Golden Dawn is in first place along with reveals that Yuno is the one that contribute the most. Julius then announces that the squad in second place is the Black Bulls which shocks everyone. The crowd wonders if the Black Bulls cheated, but some in the crowd announces that the Black Bulls helped them and that they are trustworthy. Julius announces that the Black Bulls accomplishments are true and asks if any members of the Black Bulls is in the crowd. Yami launches Asta towards the stage, which Asta lands perfectly fine and greets Yuno. Asta and Yuno quickly start an argument, but stop when Julius announces to the crowd that Asta and Yuno are the top rookies of this year.

As the crowd is amazed by Asta and Yuno, Sekke reveals that they are both slum rats and plans to do anything to drag Asta down and hold him back. As the crowd wonders if Asta and Yuno has really earned their stars, which Yuno reveals his mana and attacks Asta which Asta easily counters. Everyone is shocked by how powerful they are, which Julius uses to unity the crowd in supporting the kingdom. As the crowd cheers for Asta and Yuno, Asta and Yuno look on the crowd and realize how far they have come. Julius then continue with the ceremony and reveals that Silver Eagle is 3rd, Blue Rose is 4th, Crimson Lion is 5th, Green Mantis is 6th, Coral Peacock is 7th, Violet Orca is 8th, and Aqua Deer is 9th.

Rill Boismortier is shocked that his squad is in last and asks Asta how he had gotten his stars. As everyone cheers for the Magic Knights, the Clover Kingdom's king is about to make his to the stage. Julius then announces the king, who walks out and announces his name as Augustus Kira Clover XIII. After the crowd cheers softly, Augustus shouts at them about how great he is, which Julius asks the king to calm himself. Augustus thinks about how upset he is about the result of the ceremony along with Julius having more popularity them, and thinks about of a way to win back the people's support. Augustus announces to the crowd that they have found the headquarters of the Eye of the Midnight Sun and that they will be launching an all out attack with a new squad the Royal Knights. Augustus then reveals that they will be holding an exam to choose the best Magic Knight to enter the squad and that once the squad has formed the Eye of the Midnight Sun will fall. As the crowd cheers, Augustus thinks about how he has gained the peoples support after selling Julius's plan but Asta suddenly comments about how the Wizard King along with the Squad Captains are more amazing then the king. As Asta continues to talk about how the king is least amazing then the Julius and the captain with Yuno, Augustus orders for them to be put to death. Julius steps in and asks the Augustus to forgiven them since both Asta and Yuno may one day become shield to protect the King. Julius then announces to the crowd that he too has high hopes for the Royal Knights and for the Magic Knights to display their amazing strength. As the crowd cheers for the Wizard King, Augustus curses Julius in his thoughts.

After the ceremony, Julius meets Asta and Yuno and tells them that the Royal Knights exam will be a great opportunity for them. Julius also tells them that even thought they have done great thinks, both of them are still rookies and that they will have to stay humble and push forward since capable and great Magic Knights will come out of the wood work for this exam. Asta and Yuno then leave and discuss how both of them will enter the exam. Asta thinks about how he will have to master that new power first when he suddenly hears someone yells out Leopold's name. Asta and Yuno witness Leopold being punched in the face by the Crimson Lions new captain and calls a piece of shit. She then yells at her squad for being in 5th place and how she should kill them all now instead of letting them be killed during a mission later. Asta then thinks to himself about how he has just walked into a bloodbath.

The Fierce Captain[]

The Crimson Lion captain continues to yell at her squad for their place within the ranking. The captain then starts to insult Fuegoleon on how he raised the squad, which Leopold and the squad tell the captain how great of a man Fuegoleon is. The captain yells at the squad that will need to back up what they say with all their being, and that they will be going to train at the hot spring training camp. Asta comments about how that training sounds amazing, which the captain overhears and decides that he will join them. Yuno decides to leave but the captain grabs Yuno and says that he too will be joining them. Leopold then explains who his sister is and reveals her name as Mereoleona Vermilion.

Elsewhere Yami and Charlotte meet up with the others captain, and Yami greets the other captain while having a good laugh at their rankings. As some of the captains get angry at Yami, Rill stick up for Yami for always getting last place. As the others captains leave, Yami says that he will have to drink by myself when Mereoleona arrives. Yami sees that Asta was caught by Mereoleona and laughs about it, when Mereoleona grabs Yami and says that he will also be join their training camp with them. As Charlotte thinks about how Yami deserves this, Mereoleona grabs her and says that she too is joining in. Suddenly Noelle comes in to have Asta say goodbye to Kahono, which Mereoleona grabs Noelle and says that she also is joining them.

Hot Spring Training[]

Mereoleona then drags then to the Ultim Volcano - Mountain Trail and explains the grand magic zone to everyone. Sol suddenly appears even through Charlotte told her that she is not needed her, but Sol replies that she will head anywhere Charlotte goes. Leopold decides to challenge both Asta and Yuno, and even decides that Yuno is his rival too since Yuno is Asta's rival. Mereoleona suddenly kicks both Asta and Leopold to the trail with the rest of her squad, which they all notice that intense heat once they reach the trail. Yami and Charlotte rush pass the squad and head up the trail, which that squad is amazed by how both captains are not effective by the heat. Leopold figures out how the both captains are using Mana Skin to ignore the heat, which the squad realizes that they can do the same and heads up that trail. Noelle starts to wonder why she was brought along, when Mereoleona suddenly appears and motivates Noelle to try harder.

After a while Asta is left behind and collapses when Mereoleona shows up. Mereoleona tells Asta to go home since Asta does not have any mana and that there is more than one path that will help Asta reach his goal. Asta gets back up and says that he will not leave since his dream is built on his accomplishments. Asta suddenly realizes that he has no idea what to do but still tries something and fails. Mereoleona gets angry at Asta and decides to leave him, which Asta thinks about how he was prepared to die back then when that happened. As Asta prepared to toss himself into the magma, he realizes that that is too reckless but suddenly remembers what Mereoleona had told him. Asta starts to thinks about what he is capable of when he realizes that he can sense his own Ki. Asta senses that there is a black-ish force within himself and takes a stance to draw more of the force into himself. As the black-ish force starts to cover his body, Asta is suddenly propelled up the volcano.

Elsewhere on the volcano Leopold, Noelle, and the Crimson Lion squad encounter a Magic Life-form. As Leopold and Noelle argument over who should take on the life-form, Asta suddenly appears and defeats it. Asta quickly leaves and continues up the volcano when he notices Yuno. As Yuno reaches the volcano first, Asta arrives while continuing towards the magma. Mereoleona releases her mana, which cause Asta to change direction and head towards her. As Asta tells Mereoleona to move out of the way, but Mereoleona says that he will not run and hits Asta to the ground. As Mereoleona compliments Asta on discovering a little about himself but also tells him that he still has a long way to go. Asta thinks about how he was able to use his power but could not control it. Asta also thinks about how he has to get stronger to pas the royal knights exam. Mereoleona tells Asta that he may enter the hot spring and tells him to strip which Asta is shocked by this.

The Hot Spring Bath[]

As the night comes and the volcano stops erupting, the rest of the Crimson Lion squad arrives at the summit. Mereoleona informs the ones that did not reach the summit by night that they will take the trail again later and for those who did reach the summit before the sunset may enter the bath. Asta wonders where the spring is, when hot water suddenly appears from the ground. Asta suddenly remembers that they women with them, which Sol suddenly says that no man with see Charlotte's naked body and uses her magic to create a divider. Mereoleona then orders everyone to enter the bath.

As the women enjoy the bath, Mereoleona tries to get Charlotte to drink with her but Charlotte refuses. Sol then helps Noelle wash her hair and even tries to get Noelle to join the Blue Rise Squad, but Noelle tells Sol that she can wash her own hair and that she is already in the Black Bull squad. Sol continues to comment about how the Blue Rose squad works and how she had originally wanted Yuno to join her squad. Suddenly Charlotte realizes that Yami is naked behind the divider and faints, which Sol quickly pulls Charlotte out of the bath. Mereoleona notices Noelle and comments about how Noelle looks so much like her mothers. Noelle asks what kind of a women her mother was, which Mereoleona explains the kind of women Noelle's mother Acier Silva was. Mereoleona also comments about how Noelle has to surpass her mother with her own strength, which Noelle smiles and agrees.

On the men side of the hot spring, Leopold challenges Yuno which Asta decides to join in. Yami tells everyone that they should stop what they are doing and go peek at the women, which some of the Crimson Lion men wonder if it is okay to peek. Yami tells them to quit whimpering and that if they were born men then they must do this. The Crimson Lion are shocked by this, which Yami then tries to recruit Yuno but Yuno declines. Yami gets angry and continues to try to convince Yuno to join in, which Asta steps in and tries to stick up for Yuno. Leopold suddenly remembers his brother and hold he would never try to peek, which Yami tells them that they should not be trying to be like Fuegoleon but to surpass him. The Crimson Lion all agree with Yami that they should peek and start to go, which Yami asks Asta if he will join in. Asta replies that he will not peek since his heart already belongs to someone else, which everyone is shocked by this.

The Royal Knights Exam[]

Xerx defeated

Zora defeats Xerx Lugner.

The vice-captain of the Purple Orca, Xerx Lugner, is confronted by Zora Ideale. As Zora insults the Order of the Magic Knights, Xerx says that he will have to punish the man for his comments and launches a spell. Zora easily defeats Xerx and takes his robe while also insulting Xerx. Zora then heads towards the venue, hoping that someone will leave more of an impression on him.[2]

At the venue for the Royal Knights selection exam, some of the Magic Knights notice members of the Golden Dawn and comment about how many of the Golden Dawn members will pass that exam. Asta then meets up with Klaus Lunettes, Mimosa Vermillion, and Yuno and starts to talk to them. Asta also tells Yuno that he will be the one to pass the exam, and Leopold Vermillion comes over and joins in on the conversation. Finral Roulacase then comments about how he is nervous but the others do not recognize him since he has changed his hair. As Finral, Asta, Magna Swing, and Luck Voltia start to talk about Finral's character, Noelle Silva comments about how they are embarrassing to be around. Suddenly Noelle notices her brother Solid, but remembers what Mereoleona Vermillion told her and how she will show everyone how much she has grown.[3]

Zora drops in

Zora drops into the arena.

As the Wizard King thanks all the Magic Knights for coming, Julius Novachrono also tells them that they will be starting the exam. Augustus Kira Clover XIII tells Julius that he will explain the exam since he is royalty. Augustus tells the Magic Knights that that exam will be a team competition of a crystal destruction tournament. Augustus also tells what they will have to do in order to win against the other teams. As Augustus tries to explain why they chose this method for the exam, Julius takes over and fully explains that reason why they chose this method. Marx Francois then shows the Magic Knights the teams, and Mimosa is shocked to find out that she is on Asta's team. Asta wonders who the last member of their team is when Zora suddenly appears besides Julius. As Asta wonders who the man is, Zora says that his name is Xerx Lugner.[4] While Zora tries to explain why he was late, Marx attacks but Zora easily dodges it. As the Magic Knights all yell at "Xerx" for disrespecting Julius, he replies by saying that he has no respect for the Wizard King. Zora shakes Asta's hand, palming him a stinkbug that releases an intense smell. As the others wonder why Zora came to this exam, he reveals that he came to mock them. Members of Purple Orca wonder if the man really is Xerx Lugner because no one has seen him in a while.[5]

Asta says that he cannot work with Zora, but Julius replies that all the teams have been selected. Yuno, Noelle, and En Ringard are on Team P, and Yuno and Noelle both think about how they are on the same team. Magna, Sol Marron, and Kirsch Vermillion are on Team C, and Magna and Sol start arguing with each other. Klaus, Luck, and Puli Angel are on Team K, and Klaus thinks about why he is teamed with Luck, who just hopes they can work together. Finral, Leopold, and Hamon Caseus are on Team E, and Finral wonders if this team will work. Solid, Alecdora Sandler, and Dmitri Brint are on Team O, and Solid comments about how powerful they are but Alecdora just says that Solid should not act on his own.[6]

The Tournament Begins[]

Tournament Bracket

Julius tells everyone that they will be heading to the exam site, and leaves that to Cob Portaport, who creates a portal to the exam site. Once they reach the site, Julius and Marx reveal the tournament bracket. Noelle and Solid notice that they will be facing each other in the first round, and Finral thinks about how he will have to win one round just to face his brother. Asta thinks about how he will have to win every match to face Yuno in the finals, and also plans to win the whole thing. Julius tells everyone that they can attack however they want without killing the others, and that they have high-class healers on standby.[7]

The first round begins with Team A vs. Team B. Team A is angry at Zora for his disrespect towards the Wizard King and will not forgive him. Asta gets excited, but Zora insults Asta for not thinking things through. He also says that they should get the scope of the land and that they should share what they are capable of doing with each other. Asta and Mimosa agree with him, and Mimosa reveals what she along with Asta are capable of doing. She then asks what Zora is capable of, but suddenly their crystal is attacked. Mimosa tries to get the crystal to safety but the other team still manages to land a blow on the crystal. Mimosa thinks about how the other team is using long-range attacks, and Asta wonders how the other team is capable of doing that. On the other side, Rick Cornell is using Crystal Scope to locate the target while Curtis Warren uses Strong Bow to launch Forte Gris' Burst Javelins. Asta says that they have to work together, but notices that Zora is lying down and wonders what is wrong with him. Asta tries to motivate Zora to get up, but Zora replies that he pulled an all-nighter and falls asleep.[8][9]

Rick informs his teammates that Zora has fallen asleep, and Forte is angered at Zora for his arrogance. Curtis comments that Team B will not win if they do not act and that they will finish this match here and now.[10] On Team B's side, Mimosa uses a spell to locate where Team A is and informs Asta that there is another attack coming. Asta gets into position and manages to cut the attack and protect their crystal. Mimosa notices that Zora is still asleep and suggests that they should forget about him. She adds that they should work together to get to where Team A's crystal is and destroy it. Asta agrees, and both head towards Team A's location while protecting their crystal.[11] The spectating Magic Knights wonder what the pair are doing, and Yuno thinks about how Asta does not plan on losing in the first round. Noelle thinks about how this is unexpected for Asta and Mimosa, while Klaus says that both Asta and Mimosa can handle this.[12]

As Asta and Mimosa get closer to where Team A is, Rick sees them and informs his teammates of this and that there might be a person on Team B who can locate them. As Asta and Mimosa manage to get close to Team A's location, Curtis tells Forte to calm down since their crystal is fine while Team B's is in shambles. As Mimosa uses a spell to fire a beam at Team A's crystal, Curtis uses a spell to block that spell. As Asta is amazed at what Mimosa is capable of, Mimosa says that she will lead the way to their counterattack. Curtis suggest that they get close and surround the two but Forte reveals that Asta can use Anti Magic and that it is incredible in close combat. Curtis then suggest another plan and the two split up. As Asta wonders which one has the crystal, Mimosa reveals that Curtis is the one with the crystal. As Asta prepares to attack Curtis, Curtis starts to prepare his strongest spell. Mimosa notices that the other two has surrounded them and are also preparing powerful spells. Mimosa thinks about how their crystal is done for if those attack hit and that Asta will not be able to cut them all with their current position. As Asta heads towards Curtis, he suddenly activates a trap that paralyzes him. Mimosa is shocked by this and how this is the Royal Knight Exam. Curtis then gives the signal and all three launch their spells.

As the spell close in, Mimosa thinks about how she will not be able to defend their crystal when Trap Magic circle activates and reflects the spell back at the casters.[13] After the spells hit their casters, Mimosa wonders what had happened when Zora walks over and compliments Curtis for being able to protect his crystal but also insults him for the condition that he and the crystal are in. As Curtis says that he won lose to such a guy, Zora explains what a Magic Knight should be able to do and then prepares to destroy Team A's crystal. Suddenly Zora changes his mind, which confuses Curtis, but Zora says that he was kidding and destroys the crystal. The officials announce that Team B has won the match.[14]

As the crowd and officials talk about what had happened during the match, the healers heal Team A while Mimosa heals Asta. As Zora walks over and compliments on Asta and Mimosa teamwork, Asta gets up and confronts Zora about his attitude. As Asta and Zora argue, Asta is suddenly hit with a puff of ash in his eyes after grabbing onto Zora's collar. Mimosa thinks about what Zora was able to accomplish during the match and then asks when Zora had time to set it all up, to which Zora replies that he will keep that a secret. As Asta starts to yell at Zora, Magna comes over with his team and tells Asta to leave since it is his team's turn to fight. As Magna and Sol suddenly get into an argument but is suddenly stopped when Asta asks who is their third teammate. Asta is then shocked when Magna's third teammate, Kirsch, shows up in a flamboyant way, and Mimosa reveals that Kirsch is her older brother.[15]

As Kirsch comments about being born beautiful in a world with so much non beautiful people, which Magna and Sol tells him to shut up. Kirsch responds by how he understand that they are jealous of him and that they should be more like him. As Kirsch notices Mimosa and starts to talk to him, but Mimosa just insults him. As Mimosa and Kirsch talk to each other, Kirsch suddenly notices Asta. Asta greets Kirsch, but Kirsch just insults Asta and explains how Asta is weak. Asta easily just brushes it off, but Kirsch just insults Asta in his own way again which Mimosa tells her brother to win his match since they will defeat him in the next match.[16]

As the second fight begins, Klaus explains who Kirsch is and what he is capable of. Magna starts off the fight by firing long range shot at the enemy and then charges towards the enemy but is confronted by an enemy spell. As Magna takes on the spell, Kirsch suddenly shows up and explains how Magna should use his magic to the fullest. Sol then charges towards the enemy's crystal on her spell but is caught within the enemy's restraining spell. Kirsch also shows up and explains how Sol should use her spell to confuse and attack the enemy. Kirsch also tells his teammates that he will protect the crystal but an enemy shows up and launches a spell at their crystal. Kirsch easily uses a spell to block the spell and cover the entire battlefield with cherry blossoms. Kirsch also creates a path for his teammates to Team D's crystal which both Sol and Magna launch spell that destroy the crystal. The officials announce that Team C are the winners of the match.[17]

Team C ends the match with a pose which Kirsch comes about how his beauty is the greatest sin of them all, which Sol and Magna thinks about how is was annoying that they were pulled into Kirsch's pace. Kirsch then asks what crowd what they thought about his beautiful fighting method, which Klaus just explains what Kirsch did during the fight and how only someone with a monstrous amount of mana like Kirsch could do that. As Asta expresses how amazing Kirsch was, which Kirsch just insults Asta with a metaphor that Asta does not understand.[18]

As the third fight begins, both Hamon and Leopold suggest that their magic be the center of the match. As Hamon and Leopold argue with each other, Finral interrupt and asks to leave the offense to him. Leopold says that that is interesting and to see how well Finral can masterfully use them. As Team E battles against Team F, a member of Team F thinks about how Team E can use perfectly timed counterattack because of the Spatial Magic user. Suddenly Hamon appear behind Team F's crystal and attacks it with a spell. Hamon also wonders why he has not heard of a Spatial Magic user this good before. Leopold thinks about how he will use his full power and manages to destroy Team F's crystal, after appearing from a crystal from above. The officials announces that Team E are the wins are the match.[19] After the match, Langris listens as the crowds talks about how it will be difficult to take on Finral and how amazing the Black Bulls have been this year. Hamon then suggests to his teammates that have a meal which Leopold suggest to see who eats the most but Finral says that he is not up for it right now.

As the fourth match begins, Sekke starts to freak out after witnessing how strong the others are and even wonders why he was sent to the exam. Fragil notices Sekke and asks if he is alright while also asking if he is also strong. Sekke starts to act cool and explains that he does not like to show off. Sekke also suggests that he blast around the battlefield on his Sekke Shooting Star, which Langris says that that is a pretty good idea. On Team H's side, a member of the team finishes putting up a barrier around their crystal when he notices that Team G is coming. As another member of Team H thinks they are fools for about to hit his trap magic, another members notices that Langris is one of the one coming. Langris easily manages to destroy the Team G's crystal, which the officials announces that Team H are the winners.[20] As the crowd are shocked and amazed at what had happened, Langris simple walks up to his brother and insult his style of magic. Langris also warns Finral to not get caught in his magic since that would make their parents along with that person sad. Finral replies that that will not happen since he with defeat Langris, which Langris respond by saying that Finral is acting all high and mighty for a big brother.

As Team E are chowing down on some food, Charmy suddenly show up ask for some food too which Hamon gladly gives her some. Noelle asks Charmy why she is here, which Charmy responds that she came to cheer on the person she like while also looking at Yuno. As the fifth match is about to begin, people wonders who X is since even their teammates do not know who that person is. Suddenly a person says that he is x and undoes his disguise revealing that he is the captain Rill to everyone's shock.[21] As the other participants wonder why a captain is here, which Rill wonders if captains were not allowed to join. Julius announces that captains can enter the tournament and that this is everyone's chance to defeat a captain, which everyone agrees with. Rill says that he will not be beat since he came to raise the reputation of his squad, which a man came out and praises Rill for his enthusiasm along with tells everyone to look after Rill with a scary face. As Rill and Asta greet each other, the man notices and greets Asta while serving him tea along with revealing that he is Rill's butler Walter. As Asta drinks the tea, he notices that the tea is high class and that he does not understand it. As Walter starts to talk about that past, Rill tells him to stop it and that they should get the next match started.

As the fifth match starts Rill says that he is going to paint a masterpiece, while the other team thinks about how they are going to see what Rill can do. Suddenly Rill is caught in Team F's trap which two of Team F's member are shocked by this. Another member tells his teammates to not let their guard down and that the match will be theirs if they take Rill down. One member then uses a spell to increase his teammates power, which the other two launches spells at Rill. As Rill notices the spells, Rill thinks about how the creative spark is swelling up and takes out his palette and paint brush. Walter thinks back about how Rill locked himself in his room after obtaining his grimoire, and how he had help Rill come out and join the Magic Knights.[22] As Rill uses a spell to counter the two spell launched at him, Walter thinks about how Rill magic can generate any element. As everyone is shocked by this, Walter praises Rill while thinks about how Rill's creativity is infinite. Rill then compliments his opponents but it will take something more for him to create his masterpiece. As Team J's crystal is destroyed, Team I is declared the winners. A member of Team I comments about how they only won because of Rill, but wonder what Rill is doing since Rill is analyzing his painting and how he can make it better. Rill's teammates thinks about how they will have to make sure that Rill stays focus, while comments about how Rill talent is when he does not focus the more all the people around him work harder.

As the officials announce that the sixth match is about to begins and that Team I should leave the battlefield, which Rill teammates drag him off the field. Luck expresses how it is his turn to fight, which Klaus tells Luck to take this seriously and to not act on his own. Their teammate Puli Angel wonders if this team will work, but tells her teammates that they should put on the greatest performance ever. As Klaus wonders about about Puli, Luck suggest that they share information and come up with a plan. Klaus reveals that they will have to watch out for Team L's Rob Vitesse.[23]

As the sixth match begins, the participants watch as both team battle in the center of the battlefield. Klaus manages to block a spell from destroying their crystal but another member suddenly appears and launches a spell at Team K's crystal. Luck manages to save the crystal which Magna reveal that Luck has evolved by adding pages to his grimoire. Luck launches spells at Team L's crystal but it does not destroy the crystal. As the other participants are amazed by Luck power, which Magna reveals that he and Luck have gotten stronger over the months of training. Klaus thinks about how Luck has gotten stronger but he has gotten stronger too and uses a spell to destroy another spell.[24] Luck suggests that he and Klaus should have a fight after the match which Klaus responds by telling Luck to focus on the match. Klaus notices that Rob has enter the battle and that Team L's crystal is behind him. Klaus says that they are going to break through Team L and break their crystal, which Puli uses her magic to take Team K crystal and flies above the others. Puli uses a spell to distract Team L and pushes Luck past Team L when Klaus launches him into the air. As Luck thinks about how he is having so much fun, but suddenly rob appears before Team L's crystal. Luck then increases his power and manages to defeat Rob while destroying Team L's crystal.[25] As Team K are announced as the winners, Team K each high five each other. Luck then comments about how his next opponent will be more fun, while Rill says that he will be able to paint an even better masterpiece with his next opponent.

As the seventh match happens, Team M manages to win the match.[26] The officials announce that they will be moving onto the final match of the first round, and Asta and Charmy get excited since it is both Noelle and Yuno's team's turn. Team P's third member, En Ringard, tells Noelle and Yuno that if they work together and do their best then they will win, which Yuno and Noelle wonder if En will be okay. Noelle tells Yuno not to go crazy since he grew up with Asta, which Yuno asks if Noelle will be alright since she cannot use her mana properly. Suddenly Noelle and Yuno start an argument, which Asta and En tries to calm them down. Suddenly Solid walks up to Team P and starts to mock Noelle for being weak. Noelle then remembers when Solid would pick on her for being weak when they were children.[27] Alecdora tells Solid that they are head out, which Solid tells Noelle to run as he walks away. Alecdora stares at Yuno before leaving with his teammates.

As the eighth match begins, Asta and Charmy cheer on Yuno and Noelle. Yuno suggests to his teammates that he will take the lead while they support him, but Noelle says that he will take the lead while En says that he will support them. Yuno notices that Alecdora and Yuno has arrived in a flash. Solid explains how they had gotten their so fast and that they will finish them in a flash, which Yuno says that Team O has closed in right away but their crystal is at their original spot.[28] Yuno tries to counter Team O's charge, but Team O dodges and Dmitri uses a spell to attack Team P. Noelle puts up a barrier to block the spell, which Solid says that Noelle had managed to learn some defensive spells. Alecdora uses a spell to absorb Noelle's water barrier, which Yuno grabs Noelle and their crystal and escapes while En escapes in a different direction. Yuno says that he will create an opening and head to where Team O's crystal is but Noelle asks her to let her go. Alecdora puts up a barrier to block Noelle and Yuno, but Yuno creates an opening and uses a spell to help Noelle get to where Team O's crystal is. Yuno thinks about how Noelle can do it since she has fought her way here with Asta and that he will feel better if he protect the crystal himself. Noelle thinks about how Solid will follow her, which Solid chases after her. Alecdora tells Solid to not act on his own, which Yuno says that his opponent will be him. Alecdora thinks about how Yuno had defeated one of the Diamond Kingdom's Eight Shining Generals on his own, and how Yuno proclaimed that he will become the captain of the Golden Dawn.[29] Alecdora says that Yuno is arrogant for trying to protect his crystal while battling him, which Yuno says that he wants to take on Alecdora when he is serious.

Alecdora remembers how Captain Vangeance saved him when he was wounded on the battlefield, and how he has dedicated himself to making the Golden Dawn the best of them all.[30] Alecdora also thinks about how Yuno is making a mockery of Captain Vangeance even through Captain Vangeance has high expectations for Yuno. Alecdora tells Yuno to not get carried away just because he has obtained the spirit magic, which Sylph responds that it was Yuno strength that made her choose him and that they should attack Alecdora but Yuno tells Sylph to get back.

Elsewhere, Solid is attacking Noelle while continuing to chase after her when Dmitri shows up saying that this is not part of their plan which Solid responds for Dmitri to not give him orders. Dmitri decides to help Solid out but a mushroom suddenly appears on his shoulder and he crashes to the ground. Dmitri notices that En is coming their way on top of a giant mushroom, which En explains what he had done and how he it there to help out Noelle. Noelle manages to get to Team O's crystal but Solid get in front of their crystal and blocks Noelle. Solid starts to mock Noelle for not being able to destroy the crystal which a mushroom suddenly appears on Noelle's shoulder. As Noelle start to freak out, En reveals what the mushroom is about and explains how he cannot forgive what Solid said to Noelle since he is also an older brother. Solid hears this can says that Noelle will not be able to defeat him while also attacking Noelle. Noelle says that Solid will not understand how she feels, and that she does not need Solid's acknowledgement since she has already been acknowledged by people who are stronger than him. Noelle also says that she used to be afraid of Solid's magic but now it feel so thin and flimsy, which Solid gets angry and releases his mana.

At Yuno's location, Alecdora says that Yuno's will not be able to defeat his magic with his spirit magic and that he will be the one to make Captain Vangeance's dream a reality. Yuno easily manages to destroy Alecdora's spell, and says that he does not care about other people's dreams but his own.[31] At Noelle's location, Solid is panicking after seeing Noelle's spell. Solid is in disbelief after seeing the spell, which Noelle asks if he does not mind if she strike him with this spell. Solid tells Noelle to do it since he thinks that there is no way that Noelle's spell will hit him. Noelle launches the spell, and it manages to defeat Solid while also destroying Team O's crystal.[32] As the officials announce that Team P are the winners, Noelle tells her unconscious brother that she is not weak anymore.

As Alecdora and Solid are in shock that they were defeated, Yuno comments about how the elite fall to pieces when they stumble and fall. As Yuno is complimented for his victory, Charmy offers him some food which Yuno accepts in order to replenish his energy. Asta also compliments Noelle for her victory, which Noelle reveals that she had held back and also thinks about how she is going to get into the Royal Knights since she can still use her strongest spell because of her training.[33] En also compliments Noelle, which Noelle comments about how En personality has changed from when En has used his mushroom to communicate with her. Julius tells the participants how amazing the matches were and says that they will be moving onto the next round of matches. Suddenly the battlefield changes shape, which Julius reveals that they wants to see what the participants are capable of within different situations.[34]

The Second Round Matches[]

Kirsch comments about how is does not matter since his beauty will not change. Kirsch also says that he will wipe the world clean of filth while looking at Team B, which Mimosa replies that Kirsch is the one that should prepare himself. Magna tells Asta to not hold back since he will be giving it his all, which Asta agrees too and says that he will be doing the same. Zora thinks about how he will be up against a member of royalty and tells his teammates that they should show Team C their great teamwork. Asta comments about how Zora was uneasy when the stage shifted and that Zora has probably set traps all over the place. Zora thinks about how Asta can sense Ki and reveals that he had set trap all over the place yesterday after finding out the location of the exam even through the location was highly confidential.[35] As Asta says that that if not fair, Zora counters by saying that there was no rules that says that he could not do that. Asta then asks where the trap are, which Zora says that he would not reveals that trap location encase the enemy finds out that location of the traps. Zora also says that he will do this his own ways, which Asta says that he will do the same but each start to insult each other.

As Julius announces that start Team B vs. Team C's match, Kirsch comments about how Mimosa has lost herself while being around filth and that he will help release her. Kirsch then uses a spell to cover the entire battlefield while commenting about how the filth should repent within his magic, which Mimosa notices that there are no openings within Kirsch's spell and Zora thinks about how he cannot move recklessly and should wait for the enemies to get into his traps. Asta says that there is only one answer and puts his sword in front of himself. Asta suddenly covers himself in Anti Magic, which shocks Mimosa and Zora. Asta then uses a spell to dispel all the magic on the battlefield, which everyone is shocked by this.[36] After finishing dispelling all the magic, Asta comments about how they should work together and fight. Zora then insults Asta, while Kirsch comments about how what Asta did was not beautiful.

Zora confronts Asta about how he dispelled all of his traps, which Asta replies that Zora will have to think up a plan for them to win. Zora suggests that Asta use his abilities again to win, but Asta reveals that he cannot use it for some time. Asta also says that he wants to win this fight as a team and explains why they are fighting in this exam to begin with. Zora remembers what someone had told him about the Magic Knights and listens as Asta explains who they are up against. Zora replies that he does not want a friendly match with royalty and that he will use Asta for his own objectives, which Asta says that he is fine with that as long as they work together. Zora then explains what he is capable of doing and what he can capable of doing as the moment, while also asking what they should use.[37]

As Team C's location Kirsch is commenting about how his magic was sullied by Asta, which Magna says that he knew that Asta was getting stronger. Magna also says to not underestimate commoners since he is one also, which Kirsch is surprised by this. Kirsch says that he will not be tainted while heading out to take care of Team B and telling Sol and Magna to take care of the crystal. While heading to face Team B, Kirsch thinks about how all commoners are filth because of their meager magic power and how he could never stand on the same stage as commoners. Kirsch then senses where Mimosa and Zora are but wonders where Asta is since he cannot sense him.

Suddenly Asta appears in front of Kirsch, Kirsch uses a spell to attack Asta with. Asta tries to defend himself against the spell, but it easily gets through his defenses. Asta quickly escapes to a cave, but Kirsch senses that it is a trap when he notices trap magic on the ground. Kirsch then uses a spell to dispel the traps and heading into the cave. As Kirsch prepares to attack Asta, he suddenly falls into a pitfall and wonder why since he had gotten rid of all the traps. Zora explains that they built the trap without magic, which Kirsch is shocked that he had fallen into this kind of trap. Kirsch says that he can just fly out of the trap, but notices that Asta is above him. Kirsch tries to attack Asta but Asta's swords dispel his magic. Asta then crashes into Kirsch and knocks him unconscious.[38]

Elsewhere Mimosa confronts Sol and uses her Magic Cannon Flower to blast off the arm of Sol's golem. Sol compliments Mimosa, but then uses the golem's arm to retrain Mimosa with her Dirt Clod Seal spell.[39] Sol tells Mimosa that she is not into hurting women, so she is going to leave her there while she heads out. While heading to another location, Sol wonders about Magna and how far he will be able to go.

Back at the cavern, Zora mocks Kirsch for over-relying on his magic sensing ability which Asta comments about how Zora has no mercy for unconscious opponents. Asta then compliments Zora on thinking up a plan about digging a trap, which Zora comments about how Asta still has stamina even through he dug the hole. Zora then decides to set some more trap and even bury Kirsch alive, which Asta comments about how that is even over kill. Suddenly Magna arrives but stops a distance away after noticing Asta. Magna tells Asta that he is in his certain victory zone and how this will be his revenge for the baptism ritual, then throws a fireball. Asta thinks about how he will be able to hit the fireball and swings at it. The fireballs suddenly disappears and hits the crystal, which Magna explains what had happened.[40] As Asta wonders what to do, Zora tells Asta to buy him 5 minutes, to which Asta agrees.

While unconscious Kirsch remembers when he say a child steal some food, and what he told Mimosa at that time. Suddenly Kirsch is woken up when Sol slaps him on his face. Sol asks Kirsch what happened to all of his gusto, which Kirsch comments about how Sol is a commoner. Sol reminds Kirsch about what the Wizard King told them about putting their social differences aside, and explains why she is fighting in the exam.

Back at the fight, Asta is trying to defend the crystal but fireballs keep hitting the crystal. Magna thinks about how this fighting style suits him since he cannot fight like how members of the royalty fight. Asta then manages to blocks a fireball and tells Magna to give it his all, which Magna throws even more fireballs. Magna then thinks about how Asta is the reason that he has gotten stronger, and tells Asta that the finals will be him against Luck. As Magna throws even more fireballs at Asta, Kirsch suddenly arrives. Zora then comments about how he is finished as he completes his spell.[41]

Kirsch says that he is going to punish Asta for what he did to his face, which Asta just thinks about how he can take on both Magna and Kirsch. As Asta wonders what to do, Zora tells Asta to face off against Kirsch. Zora then places his magic circle on the crystal, which reflects Magna's fireball back and knocks Magna unconscious.[42] Asta confronts Kirsch and erases the cherry blossom, which Kirsch get angry and says that Asta's Anti Magic is despicable. Kirsch decides to destroy Team B's crystal from mid-air, which Asta thinks about how he will not be able to defend against all of Kirsch spell from when he is. As Kirsch prepares to attack, he is suddenly caught in one of Zora's traps. As Kirsch tries to escape from the trap, Asta manages to reach Kirsch and knock his unconscious.

Sol suddenly appears with her golem and attacks Team B's crystal, but the golem stops before hitting the crystal. As Sol wonder why the golem had stops, she notices that there are vines on her golem. In a flashback, it is reveals that the vines are a spell that allows Mimosa to control and person spells.[43] As the golem reveals Team C's crystal that is hidden within itself, which Asta takes the chance to destroy Team C's crystal. The officials then announce that Team B are the winners of the match.[44]

After the match Asta comments about how Zora can work with a team, Zora thinks about how he did exactly what Asta wanted and then comments about how they would have won easily if Asta did not erase his traps. Zora then explains to Team C how they lost and what they should have done to win the match. Mimosa also confront Kirsch and says that even though commoners can be driven to the extreme by their next, the beauty cannot be taken away. Kirsch tells Mimosa to not look at him, but Mimosa says that he looks more beautiful after the fight then he did before. Kirsch thinks about to Asta and Magna's fight and comments about how it was indeed beautiful. The officials then announce that they will be moving onto the second match of the second round, Team E vs. Team G.

In a flashback it is revealed that Finral and Langris's parents favor Langris more and want Finral to be more like his brother. When their parents introduces Finesse as the fiancée to the next head of the house, Langris is unimpressed by her.[45] After meeting a few times, Finral and Finesse seem to be close with Finesse noticing that Finral is a very kind person and that she sees Finral as the stronger mage. Langris over hears this and thinks about how Finesse believes he is inferior to his brother. Langris also thinks about how Finral had left the Vaude house after cracking under the pressure and that there is nothing the he faces behind in.

During the match, Finral and Sekke manages to locate where Team E is. Langris launches a spell at Team E's crystal, which Finral manages to cancel out Langris's spell with his magic. Hamon manages to find out where Team G's crystal is hidden, which Finral creates a portal to where Team G's crystal is. Hamon and Leopold reach their destination, but Fragil uses a spell to numb both of Leopold and Hamon's senses. Leopold uses Mana Skin to cancel out the numbing effect and use a spell to damage Team G's crystal. Back at Team E's crystal location, Finral is manages to block all of Langris's spells which Langris comments about how long Finral can be on the defensive. Finral launches a new spell of his, which Sekke easily manages to dodge it. Langris notices that it is a homing spell and dodges, which Sekke tries to block the spell. When the spell hits Sekke, Sekke is teleported to the Black Bulls headquarters while Yami is going to the bathroom. Finral explains how his magic works and how he will teleport Langris away since he does not want to hurt him.[46] Langris gets angry because he is forced to use his grimoire, and says that there is not a thing that he falls behind in while preparing to use a spell.

Finral notices Langris's mana and thinks about how it is similar to both Vetto and Fana.[47] Finral then wonders who Langris is, but snaps out of it and says that it is Langris. Finral says that they are brothers even through they come from different mothers, and prepares a spell similar to Langris's. Finral thinks about how Langris will lose himself and says that he may have not shown Langris any that an older brother should have, which Langris interrupts him and calls Finral a coward for running away from home. Langris then tells Finral not act like an older brother and launches his spell, which Finral says that he will stop Langris and launches his spell. As the spells clash, the audience are amazed at what they witness. After the clash, Team E's crystal is destroyed and Finral is wounded on the ground. At another location, Leopold manages to destroy Team G's crystal but the officials announce that Team G are the winners of the match.[48]

The Semi-Finals Matches[]

As Langris stand over Finral, Langris thinks about how people comment about how the two brothers are so different. Langris wonders why Finral is so nice to him when their parents are only kind to him because he is the superior one. As Langris prepares to finish Finral off, Magna, Luck, and Asta suddenly appear and stop Langris.[49] Asta tells Langris that the match is over and asks what is wrong with Langris since he is attack someone from a weaker squad than his own. Julius suddenly appears with Marx and Owen, who starts to heal Finral. Julius tells Langris that he cannot trust a man who goes easy on his comrades, but he cannot trust even more a man who would kill his comrades. Asta reminds Langris what Finral told Langris the last time they met and explains how Finral is a better Magic Knight than Langris is.

Langris gets angry at Asta and comments about how Asta is full of himself for making it this far. Langris then asks permission to fight against Asta, Luck, and Magna, but suddenly attacks Asta with a spell. Asta easily counters the spell, which Langris is upset about. Marx asks if they should stop them, which Julius responds that there is no one to start or stop in battle and says that they will continue.[50] Langris expresses how he never liked Asta since they first met, which Asta says that he feels the same with Langris. Augustus yells at Asta and Langris for fighting without his permission, which Julius stops them both with a restraining spell. Julius tells them that they will be fighting in an official match, and that they will be done preparing the match before their angers calm.[51] At the Black Bulls headquarters, Yami is about to finish Sekke off when Cob shows up and saves Sekke.

Cob brings Mimosa, Sekke, Fragil, and Zora to the battlefield, which Julius explains that this is a match and what they need to do to win. As Julius releases the spell, Asta and Langris head out to meet up with their teammates. Asta apologizes to his teammates about wanting to face off against Langris, which Mimosa agrees too while Zora laughs about the situation and agrees to help. Langris meets up with his teammates, and tells them that they will not be needed since he can do it by his self. As the audience wonder what is wrong with Langris, Marx thinks back when he was talking with Julius about how there might be an unconscious traitor within the Magic Knights and that they will use the exam as a way to flush out the traitor.[52]

As the match begins, Langris launches a spell at Team B's crystal but Asta blocks the spell. Team B decides to use that same strategy as the first match and heads towards Team G's crystal. Langris quickly follows them and plans to destroy Team B's crystal before they can reach his crystal. Asta blocks against Langris's spell and thinks about how he was be able to block the spell. As Asta thinks about how the spell is overwhelming him, Asta is wounded but Mimosa quickly heals him. Langris continues his assault against Team B, and starts to taunt Team B about how he is a true Magic Knight. Asta replies that Finral was saving lives compared to Langris, which Langris interrupts and says that Finral was not strong enough to defeat his enemies. Langris manages to damage Team B's crystal and says that the one that wins is right. Asta remembers when Finral told him that he believes that Asta will become the Wizard King, and says that Finral had acknowledged him and he will win.[53] Marx thinks about how this is no simple match anymore and wonders what is happening with this fight.

As Mimosa heals Asta, she also thinks about how her magic cannot keep up. Mimosa tells Asta that his body will give out before the crystal is destroyed, which Asta replies not yet. Asta thinks about how he can use the black form but that he cannot enter the pose to use it. Asta calls for Zora's help, which Zora appears with a magic circle to block Langris's spells.[54] Zora thinks about the situation he is in and then remembers his dad who was a Magic Knight. Zora then remembers how his dad had died and how it was his comrades who killed him. Zora decides to take not the appearance of the doll his dad had made him, and take on all of the corrupt Magic Knights.[55] Zora comments about how Langris is no Magic Knight, which Langris has his spells move around Zora's magic circle. As Langris's spells hit Zora, a magic circle suddenly appear on Zora. The magic circle then activates and repel the spell back at Langris.[56] As the spell gets closer to Langris, Langris launches another spell that negates the first one.[57] Langris says that Zora's trump card was useless since he is special. Langris also comments about how he is different from Zora and Finral, while firing another spell at Zora. Suddenly Asta appeared in his black form and counters Langris's spell. Mimosa goes to heal Zora, which Zora does not want but Mimosa heals him anyway since they are teammates. Langris asks about Asta's form, which Asta replies that it is the last ditch effect of a commoner. Langris then comments about how everyone is a thorn in his side for trying to stand on the same stage as someone special like him. Asta comments about how special Langris truly is, and how he has always admired people like Langris. Asta also comments about how he does not want to be acknowledged by people like Langris, while also explaining how all the Magic Knights have gotten stronger to fight to where they are now.[58]

Langris tells Asta to shut up, and fires a spell at Asta while also calling him a useless nothing. Asta says that he will burn a nothing's power into Langris's memory, while destroying Langris's spell. Asta lands a hit on Langris, which Langris notices that he cannot use his magic. Asta then uses his Black Meteorite spell to not only defeat Langris but to destroy Team G's crystal.[59] As both team's crystals are destroyed at the same time, the officials announce that the match is a draw.[60] Zara then mocks every member of both teams about their faults. As Asta faints, the other Magic Knights caught him and agrees to fight with all their strength as Magic Knights of the Clover Kingdom.[61]

The officials get on the next match, which Luck has an idea about facing Captain Rill. Rill gets excited about the painting he will create from the match, when he senses a powerful mana source. Team K decides to combine their magic for a powerful strike, which Rill prepares to counterattack. Team K fires the shot, which goes straight through a mountain, but Rill uses a spell to redirect the spell back and destroy Team K's crystal. The officials announce that Team I are the winners of the match, which the audience are shocked about Rill's power.[62] As they move on to the next match, Team P gets excited about the fight. Yuno manages to easily win the match, which the officials announce that Team P are the winners of the match. Julius announces that since the first round of the semi-finals ended with a draw, the next match will be the finals.[63]

The Finals[]

As the match begins, the fighting splits into two fronts.[64] Noelle and En protect their crystal from Nils and Ruben, while Yuno takes on Rill. As Rill manages to block Yuno's spells, Yuno decides to use his trump card. With the knowledge he obtained with his training, Yuno coats himself with spirit magic.[65] After seeing Yuno's transformation, Rill gets excited and creates a creature. both of them then fire a blast at each other. As both of them clash with each other, both of them enjoy the fight. Asta, who is watching the match, is frustrated that he is not the one battling Yuno. As Rill gets more excited, Rill accidentally destroyed his crystal. The officials announce that since Rill destroyed his crystal, Team P are the winners of the match.[66]

Assembling the Royal Knights[]

As the Royal Knights Selection Exam is finished, Julius stops Zora from leaving. Julius thanks Zora for pointing out the mistakes to those that had lost, since those that want to get stronger will take his advise. Julius tells Zora that he most likely passed that exam and that they will need his magic, which Zora replies that he knows that Julius knows that he is not the real Xerx.[67] Julius replies that it is not a problem since Zora is a Magic Knight, while also calling Zora by his name. Julius also mentions about how there was a Magic Knight like Zora, and how he came up with the star system to properly assess the Magic Knights. Julius also comments about how Zora is disappointed by the way that higher-ups have been behaving. Julius then asks if Zora should put on his Magic Knight's robe, which Zora remembers when he received his robe. Zora tells Julius that he does not know what he is talking about and leaves.

A few days later, Asta is still in a daze which Vanessa points out the reason Asta is in a daze. Magna comments about the results of the exam, which Noelle says that she has passed. Charmy is in a daze about Yuno and comments about how she can only eat about 1/5 what she normally does, which Magna says that is still a lot. Magna and Noelle notice that Asta has not commented about Charmy. Asta just thinks about Yuno, Zora being an impostor, and about Finral's condition. Noelle thinks about the finals, how Zora was an impostor, Finral's condition, and how Langris had incredible magic similar to the members of the Eye of the Midnight Sun.

Suddenly Mereoleona arrives while also breaking down the front door. When Yami comes into the room, Mereoleona gives him a gift from Fuegoleon. Mereoleona then grabs Asta, Noelle, and Luck, while saying that they passed the exam.[68] Mereoleona also says that one more member of the Black Bulls had passed the exam, which is not Magna, but they are not here. Mereoleona then takes the three to the place where the Royal Knights are assembling.

As all those that pass the exam assemble, Mereoleona informs the ones there that she is the captain of the Royal Knights. Mereoleona comments about how they are missing one member, when Zora suddenly arrives. Mereoleona attacks, but Zora reflects it back with Mereoleona easily countering the reflected blast. As Asta calls Zora by Xerx, Zora reveals his true name and that he is also a member of the Black Bulls.[69] Zora thinks about how he will become a true Magic Knight. At the Eye of the Midnight Sun's base, Rhya dreams about his family but wakes up and comments about how it must be time to wake up soon. Back at the Royal Knights, Asta starts to argue with Zora about lying to them during the exam but Mereoleona tells them to quit it. Mereoleona tells everyone that they will be receiving their Royal Knights robes, which Asta does not get excited and continues to be in a daze. Yuno is able to snap Asta back to himself by commenting about how he will be the Wizard King.[70] After everyone changes into their robes, Mereoleona informs everyone that Siren, Cob, and Nozel with also be joining the Royal Knights. As Augustus tells the Royal Knights not to disgrace the name of the Royal Knights, Mereoleona interrupts Augustus and informs the Royal Knights that the Eye of the Midnight Sun's base is at the Gravito Rock Zone along with saying that they will achieve victory over the Eye of the Midnight Sun.[71]

Assault on the Eye of the Midnight Sun's Base[]

As the Royal Knights arrive at the Gravito Rock Zone, Mereoleona informs the Royal Knights about what kind of place the Gravito Rock Zone is. Mereoleona asks Nozel why he had his squad check out this place, which Nozel tells Siren to create a model of the zone. Siren uses a spell to create a model of the Eye of the Midnight Sun's base, and where all the members are located.[72] After figuring out where the leader might be, Mereoleona says that they will split into teams with Asta and Zora being in the same team as Mereoleona. As Zora comments about Mereoleona hanging around commoners, Mereoleona replies that she does not care about social status and that Zora and Asta are here because they are strong. Mereoleona then orders the squad to enter the enemies base.

Inside of the base, a member of the Eye of the Midnight Sun is torturing a woman when Luck comes in and defeat the member. The Royal Knights remember how Mereoleona tells them to run wild in the base and do not lose to the enemy.[73] As the enemies confront both Mereoleona and Nozel, both of them easily defeat the enemies and think about how they will get their vengeance for what they did to Fuegoleon.[74] Elsewhere in the base, Rhya says that he should go confront the enemy while a third eye appears on his forehead.

As Nozel continues to assault the enemies, his teammates comment about how none of the enemy or the dungeon traps are affecting Nozel. Nozel thinks about how Cob is using his Spatial Magic to make so that no one enters the base and how he will not let Licht escape again.[75] Elsewhere, Noelle's team are taking on the enemies which Kirsch comments about how he has casted away his extravagant self but Noelle says that he is still a creep. Noelle also comments about how her teammate Ben Benfunk passed the exam even through they lost to her team. Ben replies that it was only Yuno that they lost too, and that he will have to go all out or he will have to answer to Mereoleona. As Luck defeats the enemies, he comments about how they can boast about it when they get back. At Yuno's team's location, Klaus listens to a members of the Eye of the Midnight Sun about their true forms while Mimosa notices the patterns of the wall. Suddenly Yuno stops and hears something.

At another location, Asta and Zora comments about how the Eye of the Midnight Sun's efforts are all uses when Mereoleona easily defeats their enemies. When a second Asta appears, Mereoleona sets them both on fire. Asta easily cuts through the flame, while the other one use magic to put out the fire and heal himself. The other Asta is revealed to be Rhya, who introduces himself to Mereoleona.[76] Rhya comments about how he would ask out Mereoleona for a drink if she was not royalty, which Mereoleona replies that she will let Rhya drink all the flames of hell as he wants. Rhya says that he has already drunk the flames of hell and launches one of Yami's spells at Mereoleona. Mereoleona easily destroys the spell with a punch and comments about how Yami's spells are more powerful. Mereoleona then uses a spell to set Rhya aflame.

Zora thinks about how Mereoleona is more of a fighter then a mage, while Asta thinks about how he can learn from watching Mereoleona.[77] Rhya quickly escapes from Mereoleona and uses a spell to heal himself. Rhya decides to use another of Licht's spell, which Asta recognizes. Rhya launches the spell but Mereoleona manages to easily counter the incoming spell. Rhya wonders about Mereoleona's movements, which Mereoleona manages to get behind Rhya. Rhya uses one if Gueldre's spell to evade Mereoleona attack, and uses a water spell to counterattack. Mereoleona easily counter the spell and change direction in midair, which Rhya thinks about how Mereoleona's reaction is on par with Vetto. Rhya then uses a spirit magic spell, but Mereoleona easily counters it and continues her assault. Zora thinks about all the rumors that he had heard about Mereoleona and how they all seem to be true. Zora also thinks about how Rhya's magic works and what is overall weakness is.[78] Suddenly Rhya uses Asta's Anti Magic sword, which Zora figures out the condition that Rhya had to do in order to use his Imitation Magic. Rhya remembers how Licht said that Rhya is a kind person, and how he is taking his revenge on human for harming Licht. Mereoleona easily manages to break the sword, which Rhya notices that Mereoleona can manipulate the mana all around her. Mereoleona then launches a spell at Rhya, while planning to finish this fight. As Mereoleona continues her assault, Rhya thinks about how he cannot escape or heal himself. Zora thinks about what one is capable of doing while using Mana Zone, while Asta thinks about how amazing Mereoleona is.[79] Mereoleona tells Rhya that she will continue her assault until Rhya is just ash, which Rhya thinks about how he is done for.

Elsewhere, Yuno takes out some members of the Eye of the Midnight Sun and continues into the base. Mimosa thinks about how Yuno is capable of using Mana Zone.[80] As Yuno continues into the base, Yuno thinks about how he can hear a pulse.

Raid on the Black Bulls[]

A little back in time when the Royal Knights first infiltrated the Eye of the Midnight Sun's base, Gauche, Gray, and Gordon are all sitting together. Gauche wonders why Gray and Gordon are sitting with him, and how something is off because how the rowdier ones at not there. Gauche tells the two that he will handle any mission and that the two can just rest, but both disagree and say that they will join in. Gauche wonders what is wrong with the two, which Gray thinks about how he has to overcome her embarrassment while Gordon thinks about how he want to get closer to the two. Gauche then says that he is going to his room to finish his project and to call him if a mission comes in. Gray replies that being alone it too embarrassing, while Gordon say that Gauche has to stay since they are friends. Gauche just thinks about what is wrong with the two. Gray thinks about how she has to start a conversation and asks Gauche what he is making, which Gauche replies that he is making a figure in the shape of his sister. Gordon says that he makes dolls too, and shows the two the dolls he made, which resemble the Black Bulls members. Both Gauche and Gray think that the dolls are scary.[81] Gauche points out that Gordon is scary and that if he wants to get closer to everyone then he should go easier on the intimacy.

Gauche then says that he is going to the bathroom and asks where it is, which Gordon them him where it is. Gauche wonders by the base shift its rooms around and comments about a rumor that a ghost shifts the rooms around. Gray looks out the window and is scary by seeing a zombie. Suddenly more break into the from door, which Gauche says that it is an enemy raid. When one of the zombie break his Mary doll, Gauche becomes angry. Outside of the base, Sally, Valtos, and Rades appear. While Rades and Sally are disappointed that Asta is not in the base, Valtos tells the two to stay focus on their objective. As Rades comments about how he can get some nice toys, Gauche suddenly destroys some of Rades's zombies. As Gauche, Gordon, and Gray come out of the base, Gauceh comments about how he does not care who came but they are going to fight back harder.

Once Gauche notices who is attacking them, Gauche asks what they are doing here. Rades replies that they were looking for something, when they decided to come destroy the Black Bulls base. Gauche decides to attack with a spell but Sally diverts it with her Gel Magic. Sally says that she was ordered not to kill Gauche, which Gauche remembers that his magic does not work on Sally. Gauche also thinks about how they have to take care of the Eye of the Midnight Sun on their own, since Yami and that other have left.

Sally uses a magic artifact on one of Rades's corpses, to increase it capabilities. As the corpse charges, Gordon uses his poison magic to destroy the corpse. Sally then charges on top of her Sticky Salamander spell, which Grey uses her magic to turn Sally's spell into crystal.[82] Gauche realizes when Grey had done and uses a spell to destroy Sally's spell. Sally then gets excited after seeing what Grey is capable of, which Grey tells Sally not to look at her. As Rades gets excited to face against the three, Rades tells Valtos to summon that. As Valtos summon Rades's No.0 - Michael Caesal, Gauche wonders about it. As No. 0 attacks, Gauche notices that it can use two types of magic. Rades reveals that No. 0 was built with two corpse of former Magic Knight captains.[83] After No. 0 takes down the three, Rades has his other corpses rush to destroy the Black Bulls base. Gordon and Grey thinks about why they are alone and how they were accepted after joining the Black Bulls. As Gauche wonders what to do, Gordon and Grey say not to give up since they will protect the base. Gauche then comments about how he has found something other they Marie that he wants to protect. Rades tells them that guts alone will not be enough, from the reality of their defeat.

Ghost of the Base[]

Suddenly an emergency alarm rings and someone comes out of the Black Bulls base. Gauche asks who the guy is, which the guy replies who is but very slowly. Gauche gets annoyed and asks why the guy is in their base, which the guy also replies very slowly again. As Sally comments about how there was only supposed to be three in the base, Rades says that it make not difference since he will just kill them all. No. 0 then launches another attack at the guy, which the guy easily dodges it by moving the base. As Rades is shocked by this, the guy starts to announce what his name is. Gauche suddenly remembers the rumors about the ghost that is capable of moving the base around and realizes that the guy is the ghost.[84] Rades ridicules the Black Bulls since they cannot do anything by just moving the base around, and has No.0 launch another attack. The guy manages to block the attack by moving apart of the base in front of the attack. Gauche realizes that the guy is able to move the base, just like Gifso at the Seabed Temple.

The Guy calls out Gauche, Grey, and Gordon's names, which Gauche wonders how he now their names. As the guy starts to reveal his name again, the guys remembers when he met Yami who was looking for a base for the Black Bulls. The guys tells Yami that he can have the house since he will be dead soon from his illness, but Yami declines since he does not want to have a bad omen from someone that has died in the home. Yami says that the will just have to live since he will bring people to the base to help counter the illness. The guys thinks about how the members of the Black Bulls are all his precious friends because they help him live, and then reveals his name to be Henry.[85]

Rades says that he does not care who Henry is, since he will just crush him along with the building. Inside of the base, Valtos finds the gem inside Asta's room but cannot get it since Henry blocks him as he rearranges the building. Henry then comments about how he will never forgive anyone who tries to harm any of his friends, while rearranging the base into a giant moving minotaur.[86] As Gauche wonders about how much magic power is needed in order to move the base, Henry reveals that it thanks to all of the Black Bulls that he is capable of moving the base since he has siphoned mana from them all.[87] Henry also says that it is thanks to them that he is able to move around, which Gauche thinks about how Henry is the rumored ghost of the base. As Henry thinks about how he cannot control the base very well and that he cannot get close to his teammates since he will siphon their mana, but still wants to help protect them since that his his dream job while also putting on his Black Bulls robe.

Rades says that Henry cannot make his dream come true against his No.0 and has his No.0 launch an attack at Henry. As the spell does nothing to the base, Henry counters with a spell and manages to knock No.0 into the ground. As Rades tells No.0 to get back up and fight, Sally gets interested in what Henry is capable of. Sally then uses an artifact to increase her magic by tenfold and uses a spell to create a large salamander the size of the base. As Henry has the base punch the salamander, it has not effect one the creature. Sally then uses an artifact to increase her gel's fluidity, and has it cover the base. Gauche, Gordon, and Grey rush to Henry, which Gauche tells grey that she has to do something since his and Gordon's magic will not work. As Grey says that the spell is too big, Gauche uses his magic mirror to create multiple Grey's. Grey uses her magic to convert Sally's gel magic to plant magic. Gordon then uses a spell to destroy Sally's spell. Rades then has No.0 attack Gauche and Gordon but Henry counter by destroying No.0. all four then shout as they defeat the Eye of the Midnight Sun.[88] Rades tells the Black Bulls to not underestimate them. Valtos suddenly appears and says that they are leaving since they have what they came for. As Rades tries to object, but Rades says that he will not accept failure this time.[89] As the Eye of the Midnight Sun leave through one of Valtos's portals, Gauche wonders what they were here for. Gauche then wonders if they are able to fix the base, which Henry replies that that might be impossible.

Leader vs Leader[]

At the Golden Dawn's base, Yami is annoyed that he has to wait for William since he had did not have Finral to teleport him to the base. Yami also complains about what the Golden Dawn's vice-captain had done to Finral during the exam and how he had to come to the Golden Dawn base for an apology. A member of the Golden Dawn apologizes to Yami, and tells Yami that William is not a person who would teach people to show disrespect to Yami. Yami remembers when he and William fought together, got promoted to captains, and when William showed his face to him.[90] Yami then replies about how should he know what William will do.

At the kingdom's capital, Julius is watching the city when Williams shows up. Julius asks if there is anything wrong, which Williams replies that he wants to thank him for his time while removing his helmet. William then expresses how deep his respect for Julius is, which Julius responds by saying how embarrassed he is to hear all of that. William then explain how he also has another person that he treasures and how he cannot choose between either of them. William says that his two friends will have to choose and suddenly William's scar heals. Williams turns into Licht.[91] Licht thanks Williams, and then introduces himself to Julius, which Julius replies that he did not want that to be true. Julius thinks about how he and Yami were suspicious of William.

Licht introduces himself to Julius, but Julius just thinks about how two soul are sharing a body.[92] Julius asks about the scar on his face, which Licht replies that the scar is a curse that does not effect him. Licht also explains how William understands his hatred of humans and how there is only one way to quell it. Licht informs Julius that he is meeting him to get the magic stones in his possession. Julius comments about how kind William is and how he will win this match, which Licht replies that Julius will die.

Licht says that Julius will take responsibility for all the sins of the Clover Kingdom and launches a spell. Julius easily counters the spell and says that he is not unable to counter Light Magic. Licht thinks about what Julius's magic is capable of while closing the distance. Licht also thinks about how his Light Magic is capable of counter Julius's magic and attacks with a spell. Julius dodges by using his Time Magic to predict the future.[93] Licht quickly get behind Julius and manages to wound Julius. Licht comments about how there is a limit to what Julius is capable of dodging, even while predicting the future. Julius says that it has been a while since he has been wounded, which Licht comment about how there is a limit to Julius's Time Magic. Julius explains how his Time Magic truly works, while revering time to heal himself. Julius also says that even through he was born with magic to steal others futures, he plans to create a future where there is no discrimination.[94] Julius also says that he will not die until his dream is achieve this, which Licht says that that dream will not come true while also attacking. Julius dodges, but Licht get behind him. Julius suddenly gets behind Licht, which Licht thinks about how Julius foresight has accelerated. Licht tries to attack but Julius easily counters it. Julius tells Licht that he can already see Licht's future, and he cannot win against him.

People start to notice the battle, even Marx who wishes to help but does not because he knows that he would just get into the way. Marx decides to inform the captains about the battle, which Yami departs the Golden Dawn's headquarters. In the battle Licht launches spells at Julius, but Julius easily dodges and catches one of the spells. Julius sends the spell and manages to cut Licht by accelerating the spell. Julius appears behind Licht and tries to catch him, but Licht dodges. Licht starts to wonder what kind of person Julius is, and what his grimoire is like. Julius senses what Licht is thinking about and points to his grimoire.[95] Licht is surprised that Julius's grimoire is just a bunch of pages. Julius explains his grimoire and how he began questioning about himself after obtaining it. Julius also says that after walking the path he choose, he ended up as the Wizard King. Licht thinks about how Julius is this world's last stronghold against what they are planning to do. Julius says that he will protect this kingdom and its people and appears behind Licht. Licht dodges and uses a spell to release the seal on his body. Licht then prepares a spell to attack the city, and says that he will punish humankind.[96]

As Yami arrives at the capital, Yami wonders if Julius is alright after seeing Licht's spell. Julius thinks about how much mana Licht has and wonders if Licht plans to unleash it on the citizens. Licht says that he will just kill everyone except Julius and launches his spell. Julius thinks about how he had search for his purpose as a Magic Knight. Julius also remembers how he met Zara, and how Zara is a true Magic Knight. Julius then thinks about how he decided to become the Wizard King in order to change thinks after he had heard that Zara was killed. Julius then thinks about how things have been changing slowly, and how he would let it end as the Wizard King.[97] Julius then uses a spell to protect the kingdom, and erase Licht's spell. As Yami reaches Julius's location, Licht pierces Julius with a light sword and comments about how being the Wizard King is Julius's weakness. As Licht obtains the Magic Stones, Yami confronts Licht while confusing him for William. Licht introduces himself to Yami, while also saying that William is currently asleep. Yami suddenly notices Marx and tells him to go get help. Licht says that Julius is beyond saving, when Valtos suddenly appears from a portal. Yami tries to attack Licht, but Licht leaves through Valtos's portal. As Yami checks on Julius, Julius compliments Yami's spell. Julius also says that he is at ease since the next generation will be able to carry his hopes and aspirations.[98]

Licht's Plan[]

At the Eye of the Midnight Sun's base, Mereoleona continues to assault Rhya. Rhya acknowledges Mereoleona's strength and decides to blow himself up and take Mereoleona with him. Asta notices this and uses his Anti Magic sword to stop Rhya. Asta then punches Rhya, and tells him not to throw his life away. Asta also asks Rhya about the revenge and what is it about. Asta then tells Rhya that he wants to hear their story since he will tell his, and that they cannot die until then. Mereoleona confronts Asta, and tells Asta that the Eye of the Midnight Sun does not want to understand them and they have to be crushed now. Asta replies that they could understand each other since they are both the same. Julius thinks about how he wants to create a kingdom without discrimination or hate. Asta tells Mereoleona that he wants to create a kingdom where everyone laughs and smiles together when he is the Wizard King.[99] Mereoleona thinks about how Asta is serious, while Rhya thinks about how Asta is the same as the first Wizard King from long ago. Rhya then comments about how it is too late for them to stop, while Licht and Valtos appear before the stone tablet that contain the Magic Stones.

At the capital, Julius tells Yami that Licht has something else planned since Licht is capable of killing everyone in the kingdom by himself.[100] Julius then tells Yami that he will leave the rest to him, which Yami remembers his time working for Julius and agrees to Julius's final wish. Julius comments about how he was able to meet so many kind of people and see so many kinds of magic, then dies.[101] Yami then gets up and says that they will protect the kingdom.

At the Eye of the Midnight Sun's base, Yuno's group arrives at the center area which Yuno says that he will not lose no matter who they face. Once they reach the room, they notices that someone is floating in it which Sylph notices who it is. At the stone tablet's location, Licht's informs the ones he is with that the Tree of Life Monument will activate once he places the last stone into place. As the others get excited about what is about to happen, Licht's reveals that everything he had told his comrades was a lie and that he find them all disgusting.[102] As Licht places the final stone into the monument, it starts to shine with a light that reach all the way to the Eye of the Midnight Sun's base. Once the light reaches the base, the person that was floating in the center room awakes. Mimosa notices how terrifying the person is and tell everyone that they need to fall back, but notices Yuno is glowing.

Patolli remembers when he saw Licht obtain his four leaf clover grimoire.[103] He later he goes to meet with Licht about how the humans might attack them. Licht explains the humans to him and how the humans are just afraid of them. Licht also says that they are capable of understanding each other. Suddenly a tornado appears, and Licht and a human easily destroy the tornado. Licht then saves the woman who was trapped in the tornado. Patolli notices that Tetia's brther also has a four leaf grimoire like Licht. Later on Licht gets closer to Tetia and her brother, and Patolli wonders how Licht could spend time with humans. Patolli then listens on as Lemiel explains how both the elves and humans are capable of working together.[104] Later Licht and Tetia reveal to everyone that they are going to have a child. During Licht and Tetia's wedding, they are all attacked by Light Magic. As Patolli dies, he notices Licht standing up and casting a spell. Suddenly Patolli wakes up and notices that he looks just like Licht but is in a human body. Patolli also figures out that Licht cast Reincarnation Magic and that he is not the only one who was reincarnated. Patolli then retrieves a grimoire for himself and plans to become Licht in order to revive all the elves and to destroy humanity. Patolli uses the Evil Eye spell to revive Rhya, Vetto, and Fana and plans to recruit humans in order to gather the magic stones and reincarnate the rest of the elves.[105]

As Valtos, Sally, and Rades are confused about what Patolli has said, Rades accused Patolli of fooling them. Patolli tells them that he has marked them as sacrifices for the forbidden magic by giving them their true names, which Rades replies that he has never used that name. Valtos asks about how they were never comrades, which Patolli replies that they were his precious sacrifices to resurrect his comrades. As the members of the Eye of the Midnight Sun begins to die, the Royal Knights wonder what is happening.

Everyone in the kingdom notices that light, which then certain people across the kingdom begin to glow. As people in the Eye of the Midnight Sun's base also begin to glow, Asta asks Rhya what is going on. Rhya simply replies that the time is up for the humans. Elsewhere Mimosa asks what is going on, which Klaus replies for her not to talk to them since she is not one of them, since Klaus, Yuno, and Hamon have become elves. As the revived elves begin to attack the humans, Patolli comments about how it is time for revenge against the humans to begin.[106]




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