The Hot Springs Training Camp Arc 「温泉合宿編 Onsen Gasshuku-hen」 is the 7th arc of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


The FestivalEdit

Yami forces Asta to take a break from missions. Asta dramatically asks what he has without his missions. Suddenly the others arrive back from their searches to heal Asta. Upon seeing them, Asta and Noelle were shocked by how much they have changed from their searches. After they apologize for not finding a cure for Asta, Asta reveals that his arms are fine with each of them having a different reaction to the news along with them returning to their former selves. Yami then informs Asta and Noelle that a festival is coming up, and Finral says what the festival represents. As they all prepare to leave for the festival, Asta asks Finral to go get some people for him.

When they arrive at the festival, Asta and Noelle are amazed by the festival when they suddenly notice Kiato and Kahono who were brought by Finral. Kiato and Kahono are excited to at the festival, when Asta suddenly opens a bottle from the Witch Queen that heals both Kiato and Kahono. Kiato and Kahono then hug Asta and Noelle, and express how glad they are that they are healed. Kahono comments how they should live this day to the fullest, when she suddenly suggests that they should go on a double date which shocked both Asta and Noelle.

Asta, Noelle, and Kiato each think about what Kahono has planned for this double date, which Kahono thinks about how this is a good chance to steal Asta from Noelle. Asta, Noelle, Kiato, and Kahono then head off to enjoy the festival, which Noelle notices that Asta and Kahono make a good match. Suddenly Kahono asks Asta what Noelle means to him, which they notice a crying girl before Asta can answer her. While everyone insults the crying girl for being a peasant, Noelle walks over to asks what is why the girl is crying. When the girl doesn't stop crying Asta, Kiato, and Kahono put on a show for the girl, which causes the girl to stop cry. The girl then reveals her name as Emma and explains what has happened, which Kahono uses her magic to spread the girls name around. Emma mom then shows up and thanks them for helping her little girl, while also noticing that Noelle is a member of the royal family. The mother apologizes for what has happened, but Noelle just gives a speech about how even though she is a member of the royal family she still will extend her hand to anyone who is in need and that everyone has a right to enjoy the festival. Asta suddenly remembers Kahono's question and says how he likes Noelle, which causes Noelle to blast Asta away. Kahono then comments about the two and then decides to enjoy the festival with Noelle alone.

Elsewhere Asta wonders what is wrong with Noelle for going that, when he overhears some people taking about a beautiful woman. Suddenly a nobleman named Balman approaches the woman for her to accompany him for the night, but gets angry when she ignores him. Before Asta can intervene the woman defeats Balman and his men. Asta recognizes the magic and realizes that the woman is the captain of the blue rose, Charlotte Roselei. Charlotte start to torture Balman and his men for trying to use her as an accessory, which Sol expresses how excited she is for witnessing her power. Asta tries to stop Charlotte before she kills Balman, but runs into Sol which she remembers him. After getting into an argument with Asta, Sol tosses him away and forces Charlotte to wear the dress that she had brought. As everyone expresses at how amazing Charlotte looks, Sol and Charlotte get angry at the men. 

Charlotte thinks about how she can't let the other captains she her like this, but is shocked when Yami shows up and even recognizes her. When Yami comments about Charlotte wearing a dress, Charlotte comments about how Yami is dressed and is shocked by how Yami is practical naked. When Vanessa shows up looking for Yami, Vanessa and Charlotte notice each other and think about how they can't lose to the other. After learning that Yami like woman who drink, Vanessa challenges Charlotte to a drinking contest who is forced to accept by Sol. After Vanessa explains the rules of the contest, the challenge starts Vanessa passes out after drinking while Charlotte reveals that she is a light weight. Charlotte then remembers how her family was cursed and how it was Yami that saved her when she fell for him. Suddenly Yami takes the beer from Charlotte and remind her of what she had told him once, which Charlotte blushes and passes out. The match is declared a draw, which Asta suddenly notices that people are heading to the great hall for the ceremony. Asta looks at Yami, who comments about how they can't be later for this and wonders what to do.

The Star Awarding CeremonyEdit

As the ceremony begins the magic emperor Julius arrives and announces that he will be presenting the awards. Julius also explains that why they hold this ceremony and once finished introduces the magic knights captain minus Yami and Charlotte. Julius begins the ceremony and announces that the Golden Dawn is in first place along with reveals that Yuno is the one that contribute the most. Julius then announces that the squad in second place is the Black Bulls which shocks everyone. The crowd wonders if the Black Bulls cheated, but some in the crowd announces that the Black Bulls helped them and that they are trustworthy. Julius announces that the Black Bulls accomplishments are true and asks if any members of the Black Bulls is in the crowd. Yami launches Asta towards the stage, which Asta lands perfectly fine and greets Yuno. Asta and Yuno quickly start an argument, but stop when Julius announces to the crowd that Asta and Yuno are the top rookies of this year.

As the crowd is amazed by Asta and Yuno, Sekke reveals that they are both slum rats and plans to do anything to drag Asta down and hold him back. As the crowd wonders if Asta and Yuno has really earned their stars, which Yuno reveals his mana and attacks Asta which Asta easily counters. Everyone is shocked by how powerful they are, which Julius uses to unity the crowd in supporting the kingdom. As the crowd cheers for Asta and Yuno, Asta and Yuno look on the crowd and realize how far they have come. Julius then continue with the ceremony and reveals that Silver Eagle is 3rd, Blue Rose is 4th, Crimson Lion is 5th, Green Mantis is 6th, Coral Peacock is 7th, Violet Orca is 8th, and Aqua Deer is 9th.

Lil Bowamoltie is shocked that his squad is in last and asks Asta how he had gotten his stars. As everyone cheers for the Magic Knights, the Clover Kingdom's king is about to make his to the stage. Julius then announces the king, who walks out and announces his name as Augustus Kira Clover XIII. After the crowd cheers softly, Augustus shouts at them about how great he is, which Julius asks the king to calm himself. Augustus thinks about how upset he is about the result of the ceremony along with Julius having more popularity them, and thinks about of a way to win back the people's support. Augustus announces to the crowd that they have found the headquarters of the White Night Eye and that they will be launching an all out attack with a new squad the Royal Knights. Augustus then reveals that they will be holding an exam to choose the best magic knight to enter the squad and that once the squad has formed the White Night Eye will fall. As the crowd cheers, Augustus thinks about how he has gained the peoples support after selling Julius's plan but Asta suddenly comments about how the Magic Emperor along with the Squad Captains are more amazing then the king. As Asta continues to talk about how the king is least amazing then the Julius and the captain with Yuno, Augustus orders for them to be put to death. Julius steps in and asks the Augustus to forgiven them since both Asta and Yuno may one day become shield to protect the King. Julius then announces to the crowd that he too has high hopes for the Royal Knights and for the Magic Knights to display their amazing strength. As the crowd cheers for the magic emperor, Augustus curses Julius in his thoughts.

After the ceremony, Julius meets Asta and Yuno and tells them that the Royal Knights exam will be a great opportunity for them. Julius also tells them that even thought they have done great thinks, both of them are still rookies and that they will have to stay humble and push forward since capable and great Magic Knights will come out of the wood work for this exam. Asta and Yuno then leave and discuss how both of them will enter the exam. Asta thinks about how he will have to master that new power first when he suddenly hears someone yells out Leopold's name. Asta and Yuno witness Leopold being punched in the face by the Crimson Lions new captain and calls a piece of shit. She then yells at her squad for being in 5th place and how she should kill them all now instead of letting them be killed during a mission later. Asta then thinks to himself about how he has just walked into a bloodbath.

The Fierce CaptainEdit

The Crimson Lion captain continues to yell at her squad for their place within the ranking. The captain then starts to insult Fuegoleon on how he raised the squad, which Leopold and the squad tell the captain how great of a man Fuegoleon is. The captain yells at the squad that will need to back up what they say with all their being, and that they will be going to train at the hot spring training camp. Asta comments about how that training sounds amazing, which the captain overhears and decides that he will join them. Yuno decides to leave but the captain grabs Yuno and says that he too will be joining them. Leopold then explains who his sister is and reveals her name as Mereoleona Vermilion.

Elsewhere Yami and Charlotte meet up with the others captain, and Yami greets the other captain while having a good laugh at their rankings. As some of the captains get angry at Yami, Lil stick up for Yami for always getting last place. As the others captains leave, Yami says that he will have to drink by myself when Mereoleona arrives. Yami sees that Asta was caught by Mereoleona and laughs about it, when Mereoleona grabs Yami and says that he will also be join their training camp with them. As Charlotte thinks about how Yami deserves this, Mereoleona grabs her and says that she too is joining in. Suddenly Noelle comes in to have Asta say goodbye to Kahono, which Mereoleona grabs Noelle and says that she also is joining them.

Hot Spring TrainingEdit

Mereoleona then drags then to the Ultim Volcano - Mountain Trail and explains the grand magic zone to everyone. Sol suddenly appears even through Charlotte told her that she is not needed her, but Sol replies that she will head anywhere Charlotte goes. Leopold decides to challenge both Asta and Yuno, and even decides that Yuno is his rival too since Yuno is Asta's rival. Mereoleona suddenly kicks both Asta and Leopold to the trail with the rest of her squad, which they all notice that intense heat once they reach the trail. Yami and Charlotte rush pass the squad and head up the trail, which that squad is amazed by how both captains are not effective by the heat. Leopold figures out how the both captains are using Mana Skin to ignore the heat, which the squad realizes that they can do the same and heads up that trail. Noelle starts to wonder why she was brought along, when Mereoleona suddenly appears and motivates Noelle to try harder.

After a while Asta is left behind and collapses when Mereoleona shows up. Mereoleona tells Asta to go home since Asta doesn't have any mana and that there is more than one path that will help Asta reach his goal. Asta gets back up and says that he won't leave since his dream is built on his accomplishments. Asta suddenly realizes that he has no idea what to do but still tries something and fails. Mereoleona gets angry at Asta and decides to leave him, which Asta thinks about how he was prepared to die back then when that happened. As Asta prepared to toss himself into the magma, he realizes that that is too reckless but suddenly remembers what Mereoleona had told him. Asta starts to thinks about what he is capable of when he realizes that he can sense his own Ki. Asta senses that there is a black-ish force within himself and takes a stance to draw more of the force into himself. As the black-ish force starts to cover his body, Asta is suddenly propelled up the volcano.

Elsewhere on the volcano Leopold, Noelle, and the Crimson Lion squad encounter a Magic Life-form. As Leopold and Noelle argument over who should take on the life-form, Asta suddenly appears and defeats it. Asta quickly leaves and continues up the volcano when he notices Yuno. As Yuno reaches the volcano first, Asta arrives while continuing towards the magma. Mereoleona releases her mana, which cause Asta to change direction and head towards her. As Asta tells Mereoleona to move out of the way, but Mereoleona says that he won't run and hits Asta to the ground. As Mereoleona compliments Asta on discovering a little about himself but also tells him that he still has a long way to go. Asta thinks about how he was able to use his power but couldn't control it. Asta also thinks about how he has to get stronger to pas the royal knights exam. Mereoleona tells Asta that he may enter the hot spring and tells him to strip which Asta is shocked by this.

The Hot Spring BathEdit

As the night comes and the volcano stops erupting, the rest of the Crimson Lion squad arrives at the summit. Mereoleona informs the ones that didn't reach the summit by night that they will take the trail again later and for those who did reach the summit before the sunset may enter the bath. Asta wonders where the spring is, when hot water suddenly appears from the ground. Asta suddenly remembers that they women with them, which Sol suddenly says that no man with see Charlotte's naked body and uses her magic to create a divider. Mereoleona then orders everyone to enter the bath.

As the women enjoy the bath, Mereoleona tries to get Charlotte to drink with her but Charlotte refuses. Sol then helps Noelle wash her hair and even tries to get Noelle to join the Blue Rise Squad, but Noelle tells Sol that she can wash her own hair and that she is already in the Black Bull squad. Sol continues to comment about how the Blue Rose squad works and how she had originally wanted Yuno to join her squad. Suddenly Charlotte realizes that Yami is naked behind the divider and faints, which Sol quickly pulls Charlotte out of the bath. Mereoleona notices Noelle and comments about how Noelle looks so much like her mothers. Noelle asks what kind of a women her mother was, which Mereoleona explains the kind of women Noelle's mother Acier Silva was. Mereoleona also comments about how Noelle has to surpass her mother with her own strength, which Noelle smiles and agrees.

On the men side of the hot spring, Leopold challenges Yuno which Asta decides to join in. Yami tells everyone that they should stop what they are doing and go peek at the women, which some of the Crimson Lion men wonder if it is okay to peek. Yami tells them to quit whimpering and that if they were born men then they must do this. The Crimson Lion are shocked by this, which Yami then tries to recruit Yuno but Yuno declines. Yami gets angry and continues to try to convince Yuno to join in, which Asta steps in and tries to stick up for Yuno. Leopold suddenly remembers his brother and hold he would never try to peek, which Yami tells them that they should not be trying to be like Fuegoleon but to surpass him. The Crimson Lion all agree with Yami that they should peek and start to go, which Yami asks Asta if he will join in. Asta replies that he will not peek since his heart already belongs to someone else, which everyone is shocked by this.




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