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The Witches' Forest Arc 「魔女の森編 Majo no Mori-hen」 is the 6th arc of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.[1]


Kiten Defense[]

At the invasion the three generals comments about how the Clover Kingdom's defenses are down and that now is a good time to attack. The Magic Knights protecting Kiten quickly put up a barrier and fires spells at one of the general Ragus. Ragus is protected by his men and counters by firing a spell that easily destroys the barrier and some of the Magic Knights. The Diamond Kingdom begin their invasion and Broccos breaks into Kiten. The other two generals Ragus and Yagos rush in following Broccos's lead. Broccos is attacking the citizens, when he is informed that the Golden Dawn has arrived with 14 members. Broccos mocks the Golden Dawn for coming with 14 members when Yuno appears before him. Broccos compliments Yuno for his bravery and charges but Yuno fires a spell that easily defeats Broccos's charge. Sylph starts to yell at Yuno for not using her power more, which Yuno just tells her to shut up. Close by William is watching and comments about how strong Yuno has gotten since he had joined the order. William then tells Langris that they are going to head out too.

Back at the Magic Knight Headquarters Julius, Charmy, and Asta are amazed by Yuno's power. Julius comments about how he wants to send more people out to Kiten, which Yami says that he will head out and that he wants to also check up on something. Asta asks to also head to the invasion but Yami tells him no. Charmy intervenes and says that she will also go to protect Asta, which Yami agrees that they can come. Yami, Charmy, and Asta head out and finds Finral. After scaring the women he was talking to off, Yami tells Finral to create a portal to Kiten.

At Kiten the citizens cheer that the Golden Dawn has arrived to help them. Broccos compliments Yuno at how powerful he is but suddenly Ragus intervenes and tells Broccos that he is going to lend a hand, after sees the sorry state that he is in. Broccos tries to get Ragus to stop but Ragus does not listen and fires a spell at Yuno. Yuno counters with a spell that defeats Ragus's spell and even penetrates the barrier that is around barrier. Ragus is shocked and wonders who Yuno is. Broccos asks if he should lend Ragus a hand, which Ragus says that he will handle Yuno. Elsewhere Yargus is attacking Magic Knight with a spell that they cannot counter. Langris suddenly appears and uses his Spatial Magic to easily counter Yargus's spell and even wounds Yargus. Elsewhere Lotus is watching William and wonders what he is doing after William had spread out tree roots around the city. Lotus touches one of the roots and notices that William is absorbing other peoples magic. Lotus reports to the generals what he had discovered but William is finished collecting mana and creates a giant tree that engulfs Kiten.

Asta, Charmy, Finral, and Yami arrives at Kiten and notices that giant tree. Asta and Charmy are amazed at the tree, which Yami tells them that the tree is the work of William. Yami tells them to help out the citizens and then left to meet up with William. Elsewhere Broccos charges at William for his men that were defeated by the spell. William tells Broccos that he can leave with his men, but Broccos replies that he will not retreat and attacks. William counters by throwing a seed that quickly grows into a tree and defeats Broccos. Lotus suddenly appears behind William and attacks but Yami also appears and counters Lotus's attack. Lotus is shocked that Yami appears hear and decides to retreat with Broccos. After Lotus leaves Yami turns to William and says that they should chat.

Elsewhere Asta, Charmy, and Finral are helping the citizen evacuate when Finral notices that someone is finding one of the Diamond Kingdom's General. Asta recognizes that its Yuno and watches as Yuno defeats the general. Yuno notices Asta and lands while asking why Asta is here. Finral fears that Yuno is going to insult Asta, but is shocked when compliments Asta for getting strong. Asta also compliments Yuno on getting stronger and also says that he will be the one to come out on top. Asta and Yuno continue to talk until Sylph interrupts asking who Asta is. Yuno reveals who Asta is which Sylph is shocked slightly. Charmy also interrupts and gives Yuno some food and thanks for helping her out the last time they met. Sylph yells at Charmy, which starts a argument between the two. Langris suddenly appears and asks what Finral is doing here. Asta asks who Langris is, which Finral reveals that Langris is his brother. Langris then insults Finral which Asta tries to defends Finral but Finral stops him. Langris then starts to insult the Balck Bulls but Finral tells Langris to not make fun of his teammates.

An attack suddenly comes at Langris, who easily counters the attack. Yagos appears and says that he will take Langris's head back with him. Yagos also says that Langris cannot do anything to him, which everyone notices that Yagos has captives. Langris decides to attack the citizens but Asta stops him and says that they will save the citizens. Asta, Charmy, and Finral begin their attacks by launching Asta at Yagos. Yagos tries to attack Asta but Finral warps Asta above Yagos. Asta then takes out his sword and creates a hole in Yagos's spell. Yagos counters Asta's attack but Finral warps Asta again. Asta appears behind Yagos and defeats him. Finral turns to Langris and tells him that the Black Bulls will defeat the Golden Dawn.

On top of the tree Yami asks William to take off his mask. William counters by saying that he knows that Yami thinks that he is the leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun. Yami says that that is true and talks about how they have known each other for a while. Yami then asks to see William's face, which William agrees too. William reveals that his mask hides a terrible scar that he was born with. William also reveals his past and how he meet and got the mask from Julius. Yami senses that William is not lying and apologizes to William. William is then contact and told that the Diamond Kingdom's forces are retreating. Elsewhere Asta, Charmy, and Finral bid Yuno farewell and leaves through a portal. Finral asks Asta if its okay to leave like that, which Asta says that he will meet with Yuno again someday. Back at Yuno location, Langris meets up with Yuno and insults the Black Bulls. Langris then asks if Yuno feels any embarrassment for knowing Asta, which Yuno replies that he is proud of Asta since they are rivals. Langris asks what they are rivals for, which Yuno reveals that they are aiming for the seat of the Wizard King. Langris laughs and asks if Yuno has any embarrassment, which Yuno counters by saying that he will have to take the seat of Captain of the Golden Dawn. Langris gets angry and comments about how he is not in Yuno's line of sight.

In the Diamond Kingdom Lotus reports what had happened in the invasion. A person comments about how strong the Golden Dawn is and that the old generation of generals still had some use. He also says that now the current ones will take the front stage with Mars being one of them.

The Witches' Forest[]

Looking for a Cure[]

After the invasion, Yami brings Asta back to the castle town to be looked at by a doctor named Owen. Yami leaves them (to go gambling), while the doctor looks at Asta. Dr. Owen uses a spell that allows him to examines Asta's arms like an X-ray machine. After examining Asta's arms Owen tells Asta how bad his arms are, which Finral happens to over hear.

Afterward, Yami, Asta and the rest head back to the Black Bulls headquarters. Yami announces that they are going to have a party to celebrate for getting rid of all their black stars. While everyone is celebrating, Noelle offers to help Asta eat by feeding him, but Asta says that he can eat with his feet which causes Noelle to attack him. After a while, Asta excuses himself from the party, at which time Noelle brings up that fact that Asta is acting weird. Finral tells them Asta's arm can never be healed which depressed everyone. They find Asta alone contemplating about everything he has been through. Asta sudden yells that he will not give up. This causes everyone to cheer up while Vanessa thinks about a place that can help.

The next day Asta wakes up and goes to greet everyone. Only finding Yami, Asta asks where everyone is. Yami responds that he does not know. Asta sense someone and looks out the window to find Noelle and Finral. Asta listens as Finral and Noelle talk about how everyone went to different locations to find a way to heal Asta's arms. Noelle and Finral also talk about how Asta helped them to keep fighting and that they want to do the same for him. Asta leaves the building and starts to cry about how great his teammates are. Inside Yami smiles and comments about how better off they would be if they put this much effort in their normal work. Outside Finral suggest that they go to a place that might help. Noelle declines saying that she has somewhere else to go and he can go wherever he wants himself. Noelle tells him where she wants to go. Finral wonders why she wants to go there and also wonders where Vanessa is. Elsewhere Vanessa arrives at a large door and yells that she has returned, which the door open and a large swarm of bird bring her in.

Elsewhere Noelle and Finral arrives at a home which Finral comments about that the people here might know a way to cure Asta. Noelle then heads in and finds a naked man, which she attacks him. Two women then come into the room, which Noelle greets them as Domina and Mariella. After a brief argument between Domina and the naked man Fanzell, Noelle tells them what has happened to Asta. Noelle also asks if they know of a way to help Asta, which Fanzell says that he does not know but Domina says that the queen of her hometown the Witch's Forest might be able to do something. Noelle asks about the place, which Domina tells her about the Witch's Forest. Finral asks if Vanessa might have gone their, which Domina tells them about Vanessa and her are fugitives of the forest because they left. Domina also says that Vanessa was the most important person to the queen and that Vanessa might not return. Domina then comments about how dangerous the forest is and asks if they still want to go, which Noelle says that they will. Fanzell and Mariella also says that they will go since they helped them gain a new way of life. Back at the Black Bulls base Asta is exorcizing when a portal is created and Fanzell, Finral, Mariella, Domina, and Noelle appear from it. They quickly Asta and head out while telling Asta that they will explain to Asta about where they are going later. At the Witch's Forest, Vanessa meets with the queen. The queen tells Vannessa the her plan have been fallen short because Vanessa had left. Vanessa tells the queen that she only came back to just learn how to dispel ancient curses.

Outside the Witch's Forest Asta and the other arrive, at which time Domina tells them that the Witch Queen canvas the entire forest with her magic and that they will have to use cloaks that she invented to get in. The group then enters the Witch's Forest in two groups. Once inside Noelle spots a golem, which Domina explains what the golems purpose is and how they are protected with the cloaks. Suddenly the men's cloak comes off and they are all swarmed by the golems. They quickly races to the queen's palace and make it to the palace with Finral's magic. Once inside they find Vanessa unconscious on the floor with the Witch Queen standing over her. Asta yells at the queen to leave Vanessa alone but the queen respond by saying the its is her duty to discipline Vanessa for leaving and that it does not concur him. Asta says that he does not care and charges at the queen. Finral creates a portal, which Asta jump through and appears behind the queen but the queen easily defends herself. The queen comments about how Asta does not have any mana, which Asta responds that he maybe a slum rat with no mana but its better than be someone who walks out on their family. Queen then comments about how Asta is the one that Vanessa was talking about and how Vanessa would become the Queen slave if she would heal Asta's arms.

Double Invasion[]

The queen the senses something and thinks about how they have come sooner then expected. Outside the forest two armies approach the forest, one from the Diamond Kingdom and the other from the Eye of the Midnight Sun. The queen shows them the armies, which Asta recognizes both Fana and Mars. Outside at the Eye of the Midnight Sun army Fana is told that Asta and the queen are in the forest, which Fana uses a spell to burn a part of the forest. The queen thinks about how strong the spell was and that she might not be strong enough to defend the forest. Vanessa still unconscious remembers when she meet Yami and then wakes up and sees Asta along with everyone else. Vanessa tells Asta to give her a second and she will get his arms healed but Asta says that he refuses. Asta and Vanessa then get into an argument about healing his arms which Asta says that he still have his last method. Asta undoes his bandages, pulls out his sword, and strike his arms but it only hurts him. Vanessa yells at Asta telling him that sometimes his powers will not be enough, which Asta counters by saying that he does not want to lose any of his teammates and will fight with his arms like this. Asta decides to try again, which Vanessa tells Asta to rely on his teammates sometimes and also accidently reveals her plan about helping her escape. Noelle tells the queen if she heals Asta's arm, then they all will help protect the forest. The queen agrees to heal Asta's arms, while thinking the she will obtain both Vanessa and the anti-mana sword. The queen uses her blood magic to heal Asta's arms, at which point Asta pulls out his sword and says for them to go. Noelle, Finral, and Vanessa attack Asta for his gun-ho attitude, but notices that Asta's body has been reinforced. The queen tells them that she has hold up her end so now its their turn, which Asta responds that he will and also thanks her for healing his arms. Fanzell tells Asta the he is happy that Asta's arms are healed and that he along with Domina and Mariella are going to face the Diamond Kingdom's army, which Asta says that that is fine and to not die.

At the battlefield Fana easily destroys a giant golem. A members of the Eye of the Midnight Sun orders the others to capture the witches. As the Eye of the Midnight Sun members are capturing the witches, Asta arrives and saves some of them. Vanessa tells Noelle to put out the fires, and tells the Eye of the Midnight Sun member that this is her home and she will protect it. Asta tells Vanessa to throw his towards the enemy, which Vanessa does with her magic. One of the mages attacks Asta but Asta easily counters the spell and defeats the mage. Asta continues on and defeats multiple mages including the one that is giving the orders.

Fana suddenly appears, announces that she is going to kill him, and fires a spell. Asta reflects the spell back but Fana fires another spell that destroys the other. Asta is caught in the shockwave but Finral catches him with a portal and brings him to safety. Fana comments about how Asta keeps getting in the way, which Asta responds that he will keep getting in the way. Fana attacks and destroys some of the forest, but Vanessa, Asta, and Finral manage to dodge. Vanessa thinks about how the fire spirit Salamander is the strongest of the spirits, at which points attacks and manages to wound Salamander. Vanessa then says that it's time to go on the offensive, but Asta puts his swords down and decides to talk with Fana. Asta asks why she hate the Clover Kingdom some much, but Fana just attacks. Vanessa saves Asta and throws him into a portal, where he appears behind Fana. Fana tries to counter Asta but Asta easily stops it. Asta tells Fana about how Vetto fell into despair because of his hate and why they can come to an understanding. Fana remembers a human friend of Licht's who wanted to live in peace with their kind and the attack on them too.

Fana reveals her third eye and that she does not believe Asta. Fana then uses a different magic type to reinforce salamander which Asta notices the magic. Fana charges, which Asta responds that he will have to use his finishing move. When Fana get close enough Asta, Finral, and Vanessa are all blown away just from the hear coming from Salamander's body. Asta asks if Vanessa and Finral are alright, which Finral says that he cannot create any more portal and Vanessa says that her strings are be burned almost immediate. Fana charges again but Noelle suddenly appears and protects Asta, Finral, and Vanessa with a barrier. Noelle tells them that she cannot put out all the fires since they keep coming back, and that they will need to get rid of the source. Vanessa says that they now have the advantage but Salamander easily destroys the barrier. Asta, Noelle, Finral, and Vanessa manage to get away. Noelle says that she is the only one that can attack Salamander right, but starts to remember her siblings telling her how terrible she is. Noelle suddenly hears Asta's voice, who tells her that she is powerful and that she can do this. Noelle thinks that Asta is right and also thinks about how she can only fires one of Roar of the Sea Dragon. Noelle fires her spell which Fana tries to block it. The spell easily breaks through the block, which Fana dodges the attack. Fana charges at them which Noelle turns her spell back and lands a hit on Salamander. Salamander is weakened, which Asta compliments Noelle and also says that its now his turn.

Asta and Finral charge at Fana, who defends herself by firing a spell. Asta easily destroys that spell and even remembers the spell. Fana then uses a healing spell, which Asta also remembers and asks if she has a brother. Fana says that she does not have a brother and that she only family would be from her village. Fana says that she is going to kill them, which Asta says that he is going to have to use his finisher before talking to her. Finral asks about Asta's Finisher, which Asta explains what it is. Vanessa and Finral yell at Asta saying that he will not be able to do that without their help. Vanessa uses her magic to sling shot Asta towards Fana. Fana tries to dodge it, but Finral use is magic to create a portal to change Asta's direction and increase his speed. Salamander tries to defend itself, but Asta easily counters it and defeats Salamander with his finisher Bull Thrust. Asta, Noelle, Vanessa, and Finral cheer that they have won, while Fana is in shock that she had lost. At the palace the queen thinks about how powerful they are and that Asta was not all talk. The queen then looks at the Diamond Kingdom's army.

At the Diamond Kingdom's army's location Fanzell is standing against the army alone. A general wonder who Fanzell is and why he would stand against an army alone. Fanzell talks to Mars, if he recognizes him. Mars remains silence but the other general recognizes him as the man who taught them. Fanzell recognizes the other general as Ladros, which Ladros says that he gets to have fun with his old teacher and fires a blast of mana. Fanzell easily destroys the blast and comments about how they are not like they used to be. Fanzell then says that he will have to fix his with his magic and releases his magic. Fanzell asks them to retreat but Ladros responds by saying that they are the ones that should be asking that. Ladros also tells Fanzell that their king is dying and that the king wants the secret behind the Witch Queen longevity, while also reminding Fanzell of the kingdom's motto. Fanzell comments about how he could not stand that way of living and charges. Ladros gets excited about facing his old teacher, but Fanzell charges past both Mars and Ladros.

Fanzell charges at the army, which the army responds by preparing to attack. Fanzell easily counters the spells and defeats some of the mages. One of the mages recognizes who Fanzell is, while another says that they will get a reward for killing him and orders the others to kill him. Fanzell easily defeats some more mages and also thinks about he will have to face both Ladros and Mars soon. One of the mages tries to regroup the other but the army is suddenly attacked from below. The mages charge at the witch below them, but Mariella is with them and others a second attack. A mages tries to regroup the army again but notice that the enemy is attack the cracks with their formation and wonder how they have knowledge of their movements. Mariella suddenly appears and tells the mage that she was once an assassin for the Diamond Kingdom. Mariella thinks about what she had done in the past and defeats the mage while saying that this is her way of atonement. The mage calls Mariella a traitor, which Mariella responds that it does not bother because if it did then the one who saved her would get mad. The army tries to attack the witches again but come across a golem that suddenly explodes. After the explosion Domina tells the witches in her command to attack.

Mars and Ladros are watching the battle from above, at which point Ladros decides to join in and jumps in. Fanzell appears before Ladros and restrains him with a spell. Fanzell asks Ladros to retreat again, which Ladros responds by saying that Fanzell was the one that raised them to be killing machines and that he wants to kill everyone here. Fanzell remembers what Asta had told him once and says that he made a promise to his last pupil to go on living and not run away anymore. Fanzell attacks Ladros but notices that the attack did nothing and remembers that Ladros specializes in reinforcement magic. Fanzell thinks that he needs to hit Ladros with everything he has when Mars suddenly appears. Fanzell thinks about how Mars was the strongest of his students that he had ever taught and uses a spell to distance Mars from him. Fanzell then attacks Ladros with everything he has and thinks about how Ladros did not have an elemental type but has a larger amount of mana. Fanzell also thinks about how they would be in trouble if Ladros learned a powerful long range spell and asks for forgiveness. Ladros yells that he cannot take anymore and then smiles as he says that he will be stuffed. Fanzell back off and notices that Ladros does not have a scratch on him. Ladros tells Fanzell that he gained the power of absorption and expulsion from the military reconstructive surgery after Fanzell left the kingdom.

Ladros then releases his mana, which Fanzell notices that there are multiple magic powers welling up inside of Ladros. Ladros asks if Fanzell brought someone important with his here, and also says that he should run to save them. Fanzell turns and runs, at which point Ladros uses a spell to destroy most of the area. Ladros looks around and comments about how he had gone over bored, but suddenly notices Fanzell and that he had protected someone. Ladros comments about how Fanzell did bring someone important to him here and kicks him away. Ladros picks up Domina and remembers who she is. Fanzell tells Ladros that he has to use his power for good, which Ladros responds by saying he never cared for Fanzell's teachings and that he only wanted to use his power to get what ever he wanted. Ladros then calls Fanzell a coward, which Domina hits Ladros with a blast of mana and says that her husband is not a coward. Ladros throws her up into the air and says that she will kill her first while firing a blast of mana.

Mars saves Domina and tells Fanzell that his teaching did reach him because his power is for protecting people. Ladros asks if Mars is double crossing his kingdom, which Mars responds that he is. Ladros laughs and asks what Mars is doing, which Mars responds by asking why Ladros is killing innocent people because their objective is the Witch Queen. Ladros respond by saying that they were defending fugitives from their kingdom and that if Mars lets them go then he will be a fugitive too, which Mars says that Ladros is right. As Ladros prepares to attack, Mariella suddenly appears and tells Ladros not to kill Fanzell. Mariella attacks but Ladros easily absorbs the spell and says that that was not even an appetizer. Ladros attacks and says that he will use it all to kill Mars. Ladros says that he has always hated Mars since Mars was better and was always in his way from reaching the top. Ladros prepares to attack again, but Mars attacks first. Ladros absorbs some of the spell and attacks while saying that his magic will be sent back attack him. Mars, Fanzell, Mariella, and Domina dodge the attack and then Mars use a spell to heal the three. Fanzell asks why Mars is healing them, which Mars says that he is on their side and that they will catch up later once they have defeated Ladros. Fanzell asks how do they get past Ladros' ability, which Mars says that there are two ways. Mars says that they feed Ladros more mana then he can handle, which they will have to use spirit magic or the witch queen's power, or use Anti-magic. Mars and Fanzell continue to dodge Ladros' attacks, which tells Mars that they will need Ladros to follow them to the other side of the forest to try out the theories. Ladros asks what they are talking about and states that his ability will easily over anything they try, which Mars and Ladros close the distance and attacks Ladros.

On the other side of the forest Asta tells Fana to surrender since she is surrounded. Asta also says that her friends and family would be sad if she kept up this nonsense. Fana gets angry and says to not talk about her friends and family while releasing her mana. Fanzell and Mars appears, which Fanzell thinks that they will be able to win with this power while Mars remembers the power. Ladros is chasing them and tells them that running is not going to help them. Fanzell calls out to Asta, which Asta turns and asks why Mars is with him. Fana takes the chance to attack Asta, which Fanzell remembers what Asta had told him about his sword and tells Asta to hit the spell towards him. Asta agrees and reflects the spell towards Fanzell, who uses his magic to redirect the spell towards Ladros. Ladros notices that the spell is to big but is still hit by the spell. Fanzell think about how Ladros' magic has disappeared, while Asta asks what had just happened.

Saving Friends[]

Fanzell and Mars land before Asta, and Fanzell compliments Asta on how stronger Asta has gotten. Asta gets flustered by the compliment but suddenly asks what Mars is doing here with Fanzell. Mars tells him that he is not an enemy and that his name is Mars. Fanzell tells Asta that he will explain everything later, and that its because of Mars and Asta that they were able to defeat Ladros. Fanzell also says that they have to face Salamander now, which Mars thinks about how strong Salamander still is even through it has been weakened greatly. Mars also thinks about how the flames are the same has his but shocked to see Fana. Mars then remembers how Fana used to cheer him up after his training, and how he was the one that had killed her during the final training mission. Mars also thinks about how he was brainwashed by Moris Libardirt and that his body was restricted with her power be transplanted into him. Mars then remembers how he had gotten his memories back during the fight with Asta and decided to save lives from behind the scene as a way of atonement. Mars also thinks about how the kingdom is different from the one that Fana loved since Moris controls it from the shadows. Mars then thinks that all of this does not matter now since Fana is somehow alive.

Mars yells out Fana's name while charging towards her. Asta tries to stop Mars but Mars continues forwards and asking if Fana recognizes him. Fana says that she does not know him and attacks.Mars is shocked to sees Fana and says that he had herd that she had died in an experiment and how the eye on her forehead is controlling her. Fana says that she wants everything to disappear and releases her mana. Finral says that Fana is going to use self-destruct magic, while Vanessa says that everytime is going to be blasted away in a few minutes. Fana fires some fire balls, which Asta easily reflects one while Mars takes a hit. Asta asks what Mars is doing, which Fanzell tells Mars to use his magic to stop her. Mars replies that he does not have to right stop her since he was the one that killed Fana. Asta hits Mars and tells him that its not the time to be saying that kind of crap. Asta tells Mars that Fana only looks like someone that he knows, which Mars tells Asta that he would recognize Fana since she is his precious childhood friend. Asta remembers the ones he cares about and then tells Mars that he cannot die here since he needs to save her. Mars tells Asta that he is right, which Fanzell thinks about how Mars is getting chewed out by Asta even through Mars is the senior and also thinks about how Mars will be able to saved Fana this time. Noelle creates a barrier around herself, Vanessa, and Finral. Vanessa tells them that they will need to use Noelle magic to break through and attack at once afterwards. Noelle thinks about how they are only going to be able to stop Fana with Asta's magic. Asta gets excited and thinks about how his power was useless against Vetto. Both Mars and Asta say that this time they will not let Fana die.

Asta and Mars charges at Fana, which Fana tells them to stay away and fires fireballs at them. Asta and Mars easily counter the fireballs, while Fanzell thinks about how amazing they are and that there is not a lot of time left. Asta thinks about how he has to dispel Fana's magic with his sword, when suddenly both Asta and Mars are burned by the intense heat. Asta thinks about how they will be burned to cinders if they get closer but Mars uses his healing magic to heal both of them. Mars asks if Asta is okay which Asta says that he will make it. Mars then thinks about how he has not met anyone like Asta and that Asta is the embodiment of what it truly means to be a knight. Asta then asks if Mars is okay, which Mars responds that the pain he feels in nothing compared to the suffering that Fana is going through. Asta thinks about how Mars has changed and that Mars cannot be broken with the way that he is right now. Fanzell tells Noelle, Vanessa, and Finral to leaves before the explosion, but the three do not move. Fanzell notices their serious looks and decides to stay too because he believes in them too. Mars is about to reach Fana when Fana says that this is the end. Asta tells her that is it not and uses his sword to dispel her magic. Fana says that their hatred will never disappear, when Mars suddenly hugs her. Mars tells Fana that it's him and apologizes for not having the strength back then. Fana remembers Mars and also the village. Mars also tells her that they have finally met in the outside world and that they should go see it together. The flame disappear along with the eye on Fana's forehead. Fana then tells Mars that they should go she the world together, which Mars starts to cry and hugs her.

Mars then thanks Asta for his help, which Asta replies that its was through Mars's own strength that Fana was saved. Fana asks if Asta is Mars's friend, which Mars says that they are not exactly friends but Asta says that they are friends. Asta goes to ask what was happening to Fana but Noelle, Finral, and Vanessa attack Asta while yelling at him for being reckless. Fanzell comes over and hugs Mars and Fana while saying how happy he is that they are alive. Afterward they asks what happened to Fana, which Fana tells them what had happened to her after the final trial. Mars is angry over what happened to Fana, which Fana tells Mars that there is nothing to be anger over since they were able to meet again. Mars replies that he will never let her go again, which Fana responds by saying that they will be together forever. Vanessa comments that things are getting hot here, which Finral comments how wonderful that Mars and Fana reunion is while crying tears of blood. Asta asks what is wrong with Finral, which Finral replies that he is jealous of them. Vanessa then asks Fana why the Eye of the Midnight Sun is here, which Fana says that a magic stone is here. Noelle says that they have to get to the Witch Queen, but Fanzell says that they have to help the wounded first. Fanzell also thinks that he has to check on Ladros, but he and Asta notice something. Fanzell says that Ladros' magic power had disappeared and then tells everyone to run when an attack comes in. After everyone is wounded, Ladros comes out and comments about how it took a while to absorb at that magic. Fanzell asks what had happened since Ladros' magic had disappeared, which Ladros says that he fooled Fanzell by releasing all his magic. Ladros also asks why everyone uses their bodies as shield when he notices that Mars protected Fana. Ladros fires a blast at them but Asta intervenes and counters the blast. Ladros tells Asta to get lost since Asta has nothing to do with this, but Asta replies that he has everything to do with this since Mars is his friend.

Fana tries to heal Mars but cannot, which Asta tells her to sit tight since he will defeat Ladros. Ladros tells Asta to stop since he knows that Asta is the one with the Anti-magic powers. Ladros says that he understands Asta's pains since he was bullied as a child for not having an attribute to his magic power. Asta tells Ladros to just spit out what he wants to say, which Ladros says that they should team up. Ladros also says that they can stick it to all those that have looked down on them by rise through the ranks of the Diamond Kingdom. Ladros plans to double cross Asta, which Asta responds that he will pass. Asta also says that he will become the Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom, which Ladros says that that is impossible and flies up to get the higher ground. Ladros fires multiple blasts of Mana at Asta but Asta easily counters the blasts. Ladros says that Asta fighting style is useless since Finral is unconscious. Ladros continues to fire blast at Asta which Asta reflects some of the blasts back. Ladros easily absorbs the blasts and tells Asta that reflecting those back are useless. Ladros also tells Asta to give up, which Asta replies that he will never forgive Ladros because he hurt his friends.

Ladros tells Asta that there is no such thing and that there is only those that use people and those that get used. Ladros also says that he has used others to climb his way up and that he plans to use Fana and Mars to further his own position. Ladros continues to fire blasts at Asta and says that he will use Asta as a stepping stone too. A sword is suddenly through into Ladros. Ladros wonders what had happened but notices that Asta had thrown the sword. Ladros notices that his mana is being sucked out and tries to pulls to sword out but notices that he cannot pull it out. Ladros falls to the ground and starts to panic that this is happening to him after everything he had accomplished. Asta tell Ladros that he did not get to where he is by himself and that he had his friends to help him out. Asta also says that his friends are there so we can help each other rise.

Ladros starts to beg for his life and for Asta to pull out sword, which Asta responds by saying that he will not because he cannot take the chance that Ladros will attack his friends. Ladros then says that he will die but Asta says that Ladros will not since he did not hit any vitals. Asta tells Ladros that he will knock Ladros out, which Ladros thinks about how he cannot defend himself since that will wipe out his mana and leave him defenseless. Ladros quickly escapes and uses reinforcement magic to pull out the sword. Ladros then grabs Fana and tells her to bring out her powerful magic, which Fana does not know what Ladros is talking about. Ladros tells Fana to stop acting stupid or he will kill Mars while firing a blast at Mars. Fana tells Ladros to stop which Salamander appears and attacks, but Ladros absorbs it. After absorbing Salamander, Ladros comments about how this is the absolute ultimate power. Asta charges at Ladros but Ladros easily pierces Asta's shoulder from a distance. Ladros comments about how this is the greatest power and how he will kill all those the looked down on him and even take the kingdom for himself. Asta stands back up, which Ladros says that he will have to take care of Asta first and fires a blast at Asta. Ladros comments about how he cannot be careless and will keep firing undefendable attacks from long range until his body is in pieces.

Elsewhere the Witch Queen is watching and comments about how inferior Asta is. The Witch Queen thinks about how she thought that Asta might be her descendant since Asta was able to use that sword. The Witch Queen then raises her hand and says that Asta will show her who and what he really it.

At the battle Ladros wonder how many blast Asta's body can hold up against. Asta suddenly looks up and a black substance surrounds his arm while also withering the grass around it. Within Asta's subconscious, Asta wonder if he had died and starts to complain when someone calls out to him. Asta turn around and notices a large black mass, who greets Asta. Asta freaks out and asks who he is, which mass comments about the greeting and that he is the one closest to Asta then anyone else. Asta says that he has notice to do with the mass, which the mass replies that it does not matter since he now has a body to possess to enter the physical realm. The mass reaches out to Asta, but Asta dodges and asks what the mass is talking about. The mass just tells Asta that he can take care of everything and win against Ladros, which Asta grabs the mass's arm and says that he will win with his own strength. The mass tells Asta to just entrust his consciousness to him since a shrimp like Asta has no chance to win. Asta tells the mass to not underestimate him since he can just climb up and meet him face-to-face. The Mass replies the there are some places that he will not be able to climb up to and to give up, which Asta says that not giving up is his magic.

Asta regains consciousness and stand back up, while the mass has covered his arm along with creating a horn and wing. Ladros is shocked that Asta had gotten back up, while Noelle thinks about how the mass is not magic. The Witch Queen, who is watching, comments about how Asta was able to control the mass and how the Anti-magic within the sword in now flowing within Asta. Asta thinks about how there is a surge of overflowing power within him. The witch queen also comments about how she thought that Asta might be his relative but Asta is a defect with one magic. Ladros tells Asta to get out of his sight and fires a blast at Asta. Asta easily cuts through the blast while charging, which the queen comments about how magic is meaningless towards Asta. Ladros jumps up into the air to avoid Asta, and continues to attacks. The queen also says that the overflowing Anti Magic pursues magic, which Asta changes direction and head towards Ladros. Noelle sees this and thinks about how it looks like a black shooting star. Ladros asks why after everything that he has done to get to the top, which Asta says that he has others to help rise alongside with and get stronger. Asta defeats Ladros with an attack.

The Witch Queen[]

The Power of Fate[]

Ladros is on the ground in a withered state, and thinks about how this is the extant of his ability since all of his magic has disappeared. Noelle thinks about how that fighting style was not like Asta at all and that his current appear is like that. Asta walks over to Ladros, which Ladros tells Asta to kill him. Asta tells Ladros that he is not going to kill him, since Ladros is going to help them with the injured and even apologize to them. Ladros starts to laugh and says that he cannot win against Asta. Asta asks what is wrong with Ladros, Ladros says that his head has cleared up after the magic stone on his head was destroyed. Ladros also thinks about how there is someone like Asta climbing to the top, maybe he can rise to the top with him. Noelle then smiles and thinks about how Asta will always be himself.

The black matter suddenly evaporates, which Asta wonders what that stuff was. Asta thinks about how it was exciting to use that power and that he cannot wait to master it. Asta suddenly notices that he is in pain and asks for help, but notices that everyone is injured. Asta remembers that Mars and Fana can use healing magic and rushes over to see if they are alive. Asta notices that they are alive but they will not be getting up anytime soon. Asta then says that he will just have to drag everyone back by himself, which the Witch Queen suddenly appears and tells Asta that that will not be needed. Asta tells the queen that he has repaid his debt to her for healing his arms, by defeating the Eye of the Midnight Sun and Diamond Kingdom armies. The queen compliments Asta for a good job since she was also not needed on the battlefield. Asta then asks the queen to heal all the injured, but the queen says that their will not be a need for that. The Queen uses her magic to capture everyone except for Asta. Asta asks what the queen is doing, but suddenly starts yelling in pain. The queen explains how her magic works and that she can even control Asta since she had used her magic on him. The queen also says that Asta is going to be answering all her bequests, while making Asta pull out his sword. The queen then decides to heal Asta because it would be inconvenient for her if Asta were to die. Noelle is shocked about how powerful the Witch Queen is and that he power is overwhelming. The queen then comments about how since she cannot wield the Anti-magic sword with her own hands, then she might as well control someone who can. She also says that Asta will work for her for the rest of his life as her sword, and then orders Asta to kill all of his friends.

The Queen decides to have Asta kill Noelle first. Asta walks over to Noelle and as he is about to kill Noelle. Asta stops himself just before he strikes. The queen is shocked by this and wonders how he can do this even though he is unconscious. Noelle says that she will not let the Queen kill her and that she will also free Asta. Queen responds by saying that the magic is bound too deep within Asta for it to be dispelled. Vanessa tells the Queen that she will never defy her and never leave the forest if she stops. However, the Queen tells her that she is going to wipe out everyone here so that such foolishness never happens again. The Queen also tells Vanessa about how fortunate it was having her bring Asta here and that is the reason why she did not stop Vanessa from leaving before. The Queen also say that Vanessa truly gained nothing from leaving the forest and that she only invited death to all those she has brought. The Queen continues to say that Vanessa cannot escape her since they are family and Vanessa belongs to her.

Vanessa remembers when she was young. She was kept in a cage to train her magic to change fate. She also remembers talking to some magical puppets she created about how she will be locked in the cage forever when Yami comes crashing through the cage. Vanessa is shocked to see a man as Yami just asks her why she is in a cage. Vanessa tells Yami that she was kept in the cage by the queen. Yami proceeded to tell her that she can now leave through the hole he had made. Vanessa replies that she cannot leave because staying here is her fate. Yami says that he does not like fate and that he would like to beat fate to do whatever he wants. Yami then turns to leave and then Vanessa asked Yami what she should do. Yami tells her to decide for herself. Vanessa decides to leave with him. Vanessa remembers and thinks about what she had gained from all of her teammates.

Vanessa tells the Queen that she is not her family and that her family is everyone in the Black Bulls. Vanessa thinks about how she is about to lose some of her family and wonders what to do. Vanessa asks if she does have to power to change fate and asks her magic to change fate. Suddenly a new spell appears in her grimoire and a cat made of string appears and jumps to the top of Vanessa head, which the queen calls the red thread of fate. Vanessa thinks about the form the magic has taken, while the Witch Queen wonders if Vanessa's power has awakened and decides to test it out. The Queen has Asta attack Noelle, which Vanessa says to stop and that cat jumps onto Asta. The Queen thinks that nothing has happened and has Asta cut Noelle's head off as a way to punish them. The Queen tells Vanessa that she will be training under her as a way to perfect her magic. Suddenly the Queen notices that Noelle's head is still on her body and wonders what is going on. The Queen repeats her words of them sinning against her which she notices. Asta attacks just below Noelle and the Queen wonders if she has made some kind of mistake. Asta going to attack Noelle again which Vanessa has the cat touch Asta again. Asta stabs Noelle, which the Queen says that its over but suddenly notices that Asta has not stabbed Noelle yet. Asta then stabs just next to Noelle, which the Queen decides to have Asta attack Finral. The cat touches Asta again and instead of Finral being cut in half, Asta misses altogether. The Queen decides to attack the cat but the cat easily dodges by splitting itself in half. The cat touches Asta which causes Asta to undo the spell that is on him. The Queen thinks about how the cat is the power to change fate and what it is capable of. The Queen tells Vanessa that her power has awakened, and activates a spell to try to control Vanessa. The Queen announces that Vanessa's magic is now hers since a magic is perfect for someone like herself, and that fate has become her ally. The cat suddenly touches the Queen and all of her magic is undone, which the queen thinks about how her magic was not able to control Vanessa.

Vanessa tells the Queen that she does not fully understand her magic's power but it will only work for those she has a family bond with, which the Queen does not have. The Queen remembers when Vanessa was young and thinks about she had lost something in her quest to become perfect. The Queen then thinks about how strong they are because they are imperfect. The Queen gets up and walks away while also telling Vanessa that she can do as she pleases. Everyone is glad that Vanessa has won, while the Queen notices that Nero is on her shoulder.

Later everyone is healed by the Queen and inside of the Queen's chamber. The Queen reveals that her earring is the Magic Stone and gives it to them. Asta asks what the Magic Stones are for, which the Queen reveals what the magic stones is use for and who are have truly master them. The Queen also reveals who the Elves where and how they were crushed when they tried to take over the world. The Queen continues by saying that elves where powerful enough to cast forbidden spells and how the members of the Eye of the Midnight Sun might be the descendants of the elves. The Queen also reveals that the swords that Asta wield are the remnants of the magic sword that the leader of the elves once wielded. Asta is shocked by this and faints.

Later everyone is outside of the Witch's Forest and Mars reveals that he is going back to the Diamond Kingdom along with Ladros. Mars reveals that the Witch Queen has given him some medicine that will let Mars take over the King and be able to reform the Diamond Kingdom. Ladros says that he will help Mars and thinks about how he will become someone that Fanzell can acknowledge. Fanzell says that they will look after Fana and tells Mars to not push himself to hard. Mars then tells Fana that he will reform the Diamond Kingdom that she can return to, which Fana hugs Mars and says that she will wait for him until they can see the world together. Mars then tells Asta that he will come and help him whenever he need it since they are friends. Asta agrees and says that he will also come and help Mars too. Vanessa turns to the Witch's Forest and remembers how the Queen had told her how the Forest is her home.

Later Asta and the others arrive back at the Black Bulls headquarters, which Asta reveals to Yami that his arms are healed and that they have obtained a magic stone. Yami compliments them and also welcomes them back, which Vanessa says that they are home.




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