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The Seabed Temple Arc 「海底神殿編 Kaitei Shinden-hen」 is the 5th arc of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.[1]

This arc revolves around the Black Bull's mission to the Seabed Temple to retrieve one of the Magic Stones.


The Mission[]

The Black Bulls arrive at Raque for a mission, but most of them decide to have fun at the beach instead. While having fun on the beach the Black Bulls fun turns into a ruckus. When Asta remembers about the mission, Yami Sukehiro shows up and buries them up to their necks in the sand as punishment. He tells them that he has learned that the temple is at the bottom of the sea and that their only chance to get there is during the night of a full moon. He then tells Noelle Silva that she is the only one that can get them there and will have to surpass her limits to do it.

Later that night, while training to control her magic and thinking about how she has to get better, she hears a noise and finds Asta. They talk and decide to train together to help each other out. Asta notices someone is singing, and they discover it is a girl singing on a rock.[2]

The girl notices Asta and Noelle and gladly introduces herself. Noelle introduces herself and Asta and asks why Kahono is here. Kahono replies that she was practicing her singing and that she wants to be an idol. She notices that Asta is injured and heals him with her Song Magic. She then asks to be their friend, to which they agree. She advises Noelle not to suppress her mana too much or she will lose control of her magic. Kahono also tells her that using a good memory to obtain peace of mind works best, but Noelle only thinks about how her family looks down on her.

Noelle decides to continue training and is helped by Asta and Kahono for a few days. On the night of the full moon, Noelle has not yet been able to gain control. Asta tells her to stop thinking and just release all her mana. Noelle tells him that it will not go right, but he replies that he will save her if anything happens. She releases all of her mana and is about to fall unconscious when she hears the Black Bulls cheering her on. She thinks about how the Black Bulls have acknowledged her and manages to gain control of her Sea Dragon's Cradle spell. In her excitement, she loses control of her spell and falls into Asta's arms. She then looks for Kahono, who has left and is looking forward to meeting Noelle at the temple.[3]

Seabed Temple[]

Playing a Game[]

After being unable to find Kahono, Noelle gathers the rest of the Black Bulls in her spell and they head into the ocean. Once they reach the barrier of the Grand Magic Zone, they manage to get through the rough current and witness a beautiful view. A whirlpool magic of mana suddenly appears before them, at which Yami throws Asta, who manages to destroy the whirlpool. They make it to the Seabed Temple. The Black Bulls then head closer to the temple when they happen to see people, who cheerfully greet them. Yami asks the people for their boss with an angry look, and one of the people using an equally angry face tells them that they want the High Priest. The people then guide the Black Bulls to the temple.

When the Black Bulls enter the temple, they are suddenly attacked by a giant fish. Luck Voltia, Magna Swing, and Gauche Adlai easily defeat the fish, and the High Priest gladly greets them and reveals that the fish was made by his Game Magic. The High Priest reveals that he knows what they are after and that they are going to have play a game to get it.[4] After some convincing the Black Bulls agree to play, and the High Priest summons the temple's other priests and then scatters everyone (except Yami) to other locations within the temple, after which he explains the rules. Yami gets angry that he was not included but Gifso tells Yami that he is too strong, which causes Yami to join the priest in watching the battles.

When Asta, Magna, Luck, and Gauche encounter four priests, Gifso tells Yami that his priests are strong but is shocked when the priests are easily defeated.[5] Gifso says that the game is not over yet and that the three greater priests will not be defeated so easily. In the game, Finral Roulacase is hiding from the Hammerhead Shark Priest and tries to escape. Finral realizes that he cannot leave the area, and Gifso sends a monster fish after Finral. Elsewhere Charmy Pappitson is happily eating food when the Dolphin Priest suddenly appears. Charmy is ready to fight but the priest easily puts Charmy to sleep. Elsewhere Asta encounters the Swordfish Priest, who introduces himself as Kiato and reveals that his dream is to be a dancer whom everyone in the kingdom wishes to see. Kiato also reveals that people of the Seabed Temple cannot go to the Clover Kingdom but the High Priest will allow one to go if a priest wins the game. Kiato then starts to attack Asta, and Asta reveals his dream and manages to push Kiato back. Kaito gets excited about the fight, and Asta and Kiato charge at each other.

Elsewhere, Noelle encounters the Dolphin Priest. Noelle tries to bluff her way out of the fight since she only has defensive spells but the priest reveals that she is Kahono and says that she was waiting for Noelle to get to the temple.[6] Elsewhere Yami and Gifso witness that Vanessa Enoteca was able to defeat the Anglerfish Priest. Yami says that he should have put money on the bet, while Gifso thinks about how he will be able to win if his son and grandchildren start to get serious. Back in the game, Noelle asks Kahono why she helped her back of the beach, to which Kahono says that while she was practicing her magic, she was also looking for people to bring to the temple to play the game. Noelle replies that Kahono only used her but Kahono says that they really are friends and that she is going to fight Noelle with everything she has.

Kahono then tries to put Noelle to sleep but Noelle counters by putting up a barrier. Kahono switches to an offensive spell to take down the barrier. Noelle attacks but the spell completely misses. Kahono asks what Noelle is doing, to which Noelle replies that she still cannot control her mana. Kahono tells her that Noelle is able to control her mana but does not want to hurt anyone. Kahono then tries to get her to fight seriously for her goal. Elsewhere Asta is battling Kiato and is having a difficult time reading his opponent's movements. Kiato says that Asta's sword is useless when not fighting against magic and tells Asta that he can give up if he wants. Asta thinks that he might lose but then decides to try and mimic his opponent's movements. Kiato says that that will not help Asta, but Asta says that he will mimic Kiato's Butoh Magic with his muscles. Asta then manages to dodge Kiato's attack and counters. Kiato's wonders what kind of reflexes Asta has, while Yami excitedly says that Asta's abilities are far greater than that.

Another Player[]

Elsewhere Luck and Magna are having a difficult time against Gio, who apologizes for what the High Priest is putting them through. Luck notices that the priest has a large amount of mana, and reasons that he is the strongest one. Gio then activates Sea God's Hammer to finish the fight quickly. Luck and Magna charge at the priest, when Vetto and three members of the Eye of the Midnight Sun crash into the temple and decide to join them.[7] Back at Raque's beach Sekke Bronzazza is terrified after having witnessed Vetto defeat fifty Magic Knights. At the temple Luck and Magna witness Vetto crush Gio, and Luck thinks about how Vetto's mana far surpasses Yami's. Gio suddenly gets up and asks Vetto what he is doing here. Vetto tells him that they are here for the magic stone and that he will give everyone despair before stealing the stone. Vetto then sends three other Eye of the Midnight Sun members to search the area. Gio tells Vetto to leave, but Vetto says that the priest is going to have to make him. Gio attacks with his water hammer but Vetto protects himself. Vetto then uses his magic to easily take down Gio along with Luck and Magna.

Gifso is shocked that his son was defeated so easily and that he had never seen a person as powerful as Vetto. Yami decides to end the game to go fight, which Gifso asks who Vetto is. Yami tells him that Vetto is a high-ranking member of a terrorist group. Gifso then tells Yami that they cannot leave because of his magic. Yami decides to break the wall to leave but notices that a member of the Eye of the Midnight Sun has trapped him and the priest in Different Dimension Sphere. Vetto notices that Yami is here and tells Yami to watch as he kills all of Yami's comrades. Yami asks if he can talk to his comrades, to which Gifso says that Yami can. Yami then tells everyone that the Eye of the Midnight Sun is here and that they are have to surpass their limits to face them. Gifso then tells them that he is changing the rules to that they have unlimited amount of time and that they just have to defeat the Eye of the Midnight Sun members to pass. Asta and Kiato decide to postpone their fight in order to combat the next enemy. Elsewhere Vetto wonders who will be his next prey when Luck and Magna suddenly get up and say that they will not be defeated so easily. Vetto gets excited and says that he cannot wait until they succumb to despair.[8]

Magna thinks about how they were able to get back up and wonders how they are going to fight Vetto, while Luck tells Vetto to come and attack them again. Magna wonders what is Luck thinking about, which Vetto suddenly charges. Luck dodges and counter but it does barely anything. Vetto compliments Luck and start to battle with Luck. While watch the battle, Magna think about how he first meet Luck and how wild and strong Luck is. Magna decides to join in and manages to land a blow on Vetto. Luck then thinks back to when he first meet Magna and how Magna is his first friend. Vetto manages to throw Luck on to Magna and says that play time is over. Magna and Luck tells Vetto that they are just warming up. Elsewhere Asta and Kiato are running to Luck and Magna's location, when Asta asks about how Kiato was able to make his moves hard to read. Kiato says that he enters into a trance while dancing. Asta and Kiato then continue on to Magna and Luck's location.

At the battle, Vetto tells Magna and Luck that the despair if all that is left for the two. Which Magna and Luck get back up and reply that they cannot be despair since they would be too embarrassed to face Asta. Magna and Luck continue the battle until they are to launch a composite spell at Vetto. Asta and Kiato reach their location and witness Vetto defeating Magna and Luck along with their spell. Vetto then goes in to finish Luck and Manga but Asta blocks the attack. Vetto tells Asta the he is going to inflict ten times to pain that Asta inflicted onto Licht. Asta replies that he is going to take up Luck and Magna's role and then takes out his second sword and attacks Vetto.[9] Gifso is shocked the Magna and Luck's combine spell did not leave a scratch on Vetto, which Yami says that Magna and Luck tries their hardest and that Asta should learn from them. At the battle, Vetto says that he will not come out unscathed after taking an Anti-magic attack. Asta asks what they are planning with all their mana, but Vetto replies that Asta does not need to know and that he is going to defeat Asta like the rest. Kiato notices that his father has been defeated, and thinks about how Vetto's mana is so massive that it is protecting him. Vetto then tells them that when he gets the Magic Stone, he will kill everyone in the Seabed Temple. Kiato tells Vetto that he will never allow that to happen and he along with Asta charge at Vetto. Asta and Kiato attack Vetto but he easily manages to push them back. Asta notices that Vetto is reading their movements and that Vetto is so fast that he cannot read his movement, and then talks when Kiato about how they will not fighting each other seriously before.

Vetto tells them that this fight is bring him since they are both weak. Asta and Kiato tells Vetto that they will show him was they are capable of and attack. Asta and Kiato think that they can win, when Vetto sends them both flying into a wall. Vetto tells them that attacks like that will not work with him, which Asta gets back up and says that he is not down yet. Vetto then tells Asta that he has and begins to explain Asta's weaknesses. Vetto says that Asta's first weakness is that Asta is weak against long ranged attack with no mana and throws a large boulder at Asta. Asta dodges but Vetto closes and attacks, while also saying that Asta is also weak to people who use their mana to enhance their physical strength. Asta tells Vetto that he does not care, which Vetto attacks Asta's arm. Vetto then grabs Asta and tells him that his third weakness is that he never gives up and that causes Asta to get multiple injuries during a battle. Vetto tells Asta to now feel despair but Asta bites Vetto's arm and says something but Vetto does not understand him. Vetto asks what Asta is saying, when his arm is suddenly hit and he drops Asta. Noelle and Kahono appear and tell Vetto that Asta said what do you get from giving up that.[10]

Elsewhere, Gauche is facing a member of the Eye of the Midnight Sun. Gauche thinks about how strong the guy is, while the guy continues to attack Gauche all the while saying that he is going to crush him. The guy manages to corner Gauche and going to finish him off, but Gauche suddenly appears behind the guy and defeats him. The guy wonder who he was facing, which the fake Gauche reveals that he is had transformed into Gauche midway through the fight and that he is Grey. Gauche says that there are still enemies around and that they should go look for them, which Grey agrees. Gauche then carries Grey to a passage when they suddenly notices Charmy. Gauche decides to wake her up, but notice something and suddenly trapped along with Grey. Gauche thinks about how Charmy and Grey are useless and that he will have to find a way to escape himself but suddenly remembers what Asta had said to him once. A Eye of the Midnight Sun member appears and explains that they are trapped within his magic and that they will have their mana drained. Gauche tells Grey what to do, which Grey transforms a boulder into a large piece of meat and Gauche tells Charmy the guy is after her meal. Charmy wakes up angry telling the guy to get away from her food, which the guy notices out terrifying Charmy's mana is. Charmy then uses her magic to slam the guy through some walls defeating him. Charmy then tries to eat the meat but notices that its not real. Gauche then talks to Grey about how they can use his ability to transform objects to their advantages. Grey notices that his mana is drained and says it, which Gauche and Charmy think about how they have never seen Grey's true form. Grey's transformation wears off and Charmy and Gauche are shocked to find out that Grey is really a girl. Grey tells them that its embarrassing and to not look at her, which Gauche says that he will look at a picture of his sister but Charmy tells Grey that she is good looking. Grey replies that she rather die then have people look at her, which Charmy says that she is cute and asks how old Grey is. Grey says that she is 24, which Charmy is shocked that Grey is older and Gauche says that Grey should be happier since Charmy is not the same age as her.[11]

Elsewhere, Vetto tells Noelle and Kahono that he hopes that they will entertain him. Noelle notices that Luck and Magna have been defeated and wonders how strong Vetto is. Asta says that he is not done yet and attacks, but Vetto easily hits him towards a wall. Kahono uses her magic to soften Asta landing. Kahono notices her brother and yells at him to remember their promise and wake up. Kiato wakes up and thinks about how if he did not use his magic to lower the impact of Vetto's attack then he would not have a head. Noelle is surprised that Kahono has a brother, which Kahono says that does and then they both says that they have the same dream of going to the surface. Kiato and Kahono then attack Vetto using combination magic, which Vetto says that its interesting. Kiato reveals that this magic was born from the their worship of the water god, and also says that is proof of the bond that they share with the people. Kiato also tells Vetto that he will not be able to break it, but Vetto easily rips off Kiato's leg and attacks Kahono's neck. The High Priest tries to save his grandchildren with his magic, but Vetto easily destroys them. Vetto reveals that he has a dream of them crushed and a bond of blood, which the priest wonders what Vetto is talking about. Vetto grabs Kahono's hair and asks what it feels to taste despair, but notices the look in Kahono's eye and says that he does not like it. Vetto decides to rip her limbs off, but Noelle tells him to let her go. Vetto tells her that her words will not stop him, which Noelle thinks that her magic might hit Kahono and wonders if her spell would harm Vetto. Vetto tells Noelle to just watch from their, which Noelle thinks about how everyone has fought with their lives on the line. Noelle then hears Kahono voice saying that its alright to attack and she will win since she can control her mana now. Noelle releases her mana, which the High Priest says that the temple is shaking and Yami comments that Noelle has finally woken up. Vetto wonders where all the mana is coming from, which Noelle tells Vetto that its the final warning and to get his hands off her friend.[12]

Demonic Power[]

Vetto realize the kind of mana that Noelle has and asks if she is royalty. Noelle says that she is and that it does not matter because she is a member of the Black Bulls and is going to make him pay for hurting her friends. Vetto tosses Kahono aside and tells her to attack with her full power because he will direct it back at her. Noelle says that she will put him down and fires a powerful spell that manages to rip off Vetto's arm and even blasts through the wall. Yami says that Noelle managed to far surpass her limits, while the High Priest says that Noelle is a goddess in her own right. Yami also thinks about how Noelle is a far greater offensive magic user then he thought. Vetto yells in pain and remembers what Licht told him once, along with a tragic moment is him life. Vetto reveals that he has a third eye and thanks them for calling him out to here, which shocks Noelle and Yami. Noelle wonders about the third eye and the sinister mana that Vetto has. Vetto then uses Demon Magic to restore his left arm which shocks everyone. Yami thinks that Vetto and the terrorist group is a lot more dangerous then he thought and tells Noelle to run. Vetto says that he is going to give Noelle a taste of her own medicine and uses his demon magic to fire a blast. Asta steps in front and saves Noelle from the blast by cutting through it with his sword. Asta says that they have not given up yet, which Vetto says that they are going to taste true despair from now on.[13]

Noelle remembers a story she once heard and thinks about how Vetto resemble the devil in the story. Finral is hiding close by and thinks about how Vetto is stronger then the boss of the Eye of the Midnight Sun and that they should be escaping through the whole the Vetto had made with his power. Noelle asks Asta how he is able to move, which Asta replies that Kahono use her healing magic little by little to heal him. Asta then suggests that they find a way to heal Kahono and Kiato after they defeat Vetto. Asta then compliments Noelle on how powerful she is and to leave the rest up to him. Finral wonders what Asta is thinking, which Vetto asks what Asta can do with his body in that shape. Asta tells Vetto that he will not give up until he achieves his dream. Vetto tells Asta that he will teach him a lesson by getting rid of all the trash. Vetto then uses his magic to attack Gio, Kahono, Kiato, Magna, and Luck, but Vanessa shows up and rescues them all while restraining Vetto. Vanessa tells Asta that his words gave her power too, which Asta tells her thanks. Vetto tells Vanessa that her magic cannot restrain him and breaks free. Vetto then fires a magic blast but Finral wraps the magic back at Vetto who diverts the attack. Finral tells them that he has to try his best too, while wondering why he is going this. Vetto tells them that no matter how many there are, they will not be able to defeat him. Vanessa tells Noelle to user her remaining mana to protect the wounded while telling Asta he has to be the one to attack since his attacks would effect Vetto.

Vanessa and Finral say that they will support Asta while he attacks. Asta then charges, but Vetto attacks with a magic blast. Finral diverts the attack back, which Vetto easily deflects. Vetto thinks about how Finral is diverting all his long-ranged attacks and decides to attack head on. Finral then warps Asta behind Vetto, but Vetto figured that they do that and goes to attack. Vanessa creates a string in front of Asta who uses it to change direction to jump into another portal, to land an attack on Vetto from below.[14] Vetto stated that he's done it and goes for an attack . Vanessa pulls Asta back to them and tells Asta that he is doing a good job, which Asta replies that they are doing the most work. Noelle is amazed by the team work and how good both Vanessa and Finral are. Vetto thinks about how the wound is not healing and that Asta's sword is the only thing that can defeat him. Vetto also thinks about the two who are supporting Asta and how Vanessa is the more dangerous one for magic is hard to see. Vetto tells them that their teamwork is making him sick, and charges while saying that he will not give them a sliver a hope.

Asta continues his assault by attacking and jumping through portals. Vanessa notices that Vetto has gotten their time down, and says that she is going to surpass her limits. Vanessa wonders why Asta is giving her so much strength and that she was right to leave her home to be with the Black Bulls. Vanessa also thinks about how the thread of fate is always in ones own hand and tells Asta to do what he need to do since she will help him, which Asta tells her that he is in her hands. Finral remembers when he was a child and that his brother was always praised. Finral also remembers when his brother was made head of the family and how he just decided to run away from everything. Finral also remembers why Yami chose him for the Black Bulls and thinks about how he will make the Black Bulls the best. Finral tells Asta to trust him and just jump, which Asta says that Finral already has his trust. Asta continues to attacks while jumping through portals, which Vetto asks how long they will be able to continue to attack like this. Finral and Vanessa thinks about how they will not betray Asta trust. Vetto tells them to fall into despair already, which Asta replies that they do not have time for that nonsense while thrusting his sword through Vetto.[15] Vetto yells which Asta, Finral, and Vanessa thinks that they have won. Vetto grabs Asta's arms and states that his attack did not work and he let them hit him so that they will feel the most despair. Finral, Vanessa, and Noelle are shocked, which Vetto repeat the word despair over and over while breaking Asta's arms. Asta replies that its not over yet, which Vetto is shocked.

Noelle, Finral, and Vanessa are shocked, which Vanessa quickly pulls Asta back and thinks about how Asta is not normal and that he will rise to the top. Vanessa uses her threads to keep Asta's in place, which Asta thanks her for. Asta says that he can still fight, which Vanessa thinks that she understands why Asta was not born with any mana. Vanessa says that they will fight again, which Finral replies that they will do it as many times as it takes. Asta quickly grabs his other sword and heads towards Vetto, which Vetto wonders why Asta will not feel despair. Asta tells Vetto that he cannot feel despair since there is someone he cannot lose to and that his promise will not lose to despair. Asta begins the same attack like last time, which Vetto says that they are all insects that he can easily destroy but suddenly notices that he cannot read Asta's moves anymore. Vetto notices that the magic that was strengthening him is weakening and thinks about how he has been fighting while completely relying on magic. Vetto also thinks about how he was the one who lost his weapon and not Asta, and pulls the sword out. Vetto says that its impossible for him to lose to mere humans, which Asta tells him that he has not won against anyone since no one has surrendered to Vetto. Vetto tells Asta to shut up, and thinks about how he has a chill running down his spine since his magic armor and confidence has cracked. Vetto then thinks about how Asta is not a beast like him but a despair-eating demon. Asta then attacks Vetto and tells him that he has lost.[16]

Noelle notices that Vetto's mana is gone, and says that we have won. Asta looks at Vetto and asks how he likes him now. Vanessa then pulls Asta back, which Vanessa and Finral hug Asta. Finral and Vanessa tells Asta how he did a good job, which Asta replies that they are killing him. They let go which Finral says that he thinks Asta is crazy for putting his trust in them, which Asta tells him that they are the ones that Yami had brought into the squad before him so of course he would trust them. Noelle tells them that they are forgetting something, which they all compliment her. Vanessa then says that they should celebrate, but they tell her that they have to restrain Vetto. While on the ground, Vetto remembers a moment of his childhood and Licht's dream back then. Vetto also thinks that it was the humans that had taken his hope from him. Vetto then starts to release his mana, which Finral, Vanessa, and Noelle notices. Vetto thinks about how humans are the ones that took him off his path and that he will blow the water temple to the heavens. Finral notices that Vetto is doing the same attack that Licht uses a while back, but comments about how it is more powerful. Vanessa comments about how strong it is as it is burning her threads and that they cannot get close to him. Asta tells them that they will have to just put him down again, which Finral asks what should they do. Vanessa then encourages Finral which he glad accepts.

Finral, Vanessa, Noelle, and Asta prepare to attack Vetto, when Yami suddenly shows up. Noelle stated that Yami was captured, which Yami replies that he had escaped. Elsewhere, the high priest is riding a monster toy and comments about how he is glad that he did not let Yami participate in the game since it would have been boring. The high priest then heads to where Kiato and Kahono are. Elsewhere, Asta comments about how they are strong now that Yami is here and that should put Vetto down. Yami tells Asta that he is more than enough to defeat Vetto since he cannot stay on the sidelines anymore, and compliments them for going a good job. Yami turns to Vetto and thinks about how he was only able to surpass his limits was because he was watching them. Yami releases his mana and states that he was able to grow some more and obtain new spells. Vetto yells out the word despair, which Yami tells him to shut up and that it does not matter how strong Vetto is since his spell can cut through dimensions. Yami then uses his spell which cuts through Vetto's mana and Vetto himself, which Yami then thanks Vetto for taking care of his men.[17]

Game End[]

As Vetto dies, Yami tells him that he had never fallen into despair and also tells Vetto to now go meet his maker. Asta, Noelle, Finral, and Vanessa quickly rush over to Yami and compliment him on defeating Vetto. Yami swings his sword at them and tells them to get away from him. Nero suddenly appears and pecks Asta on his forehead multiple times. Asta says that he was wondering where Nero was, but notices that Nero has the magic stone and compliments Nero for finding it. The High Priest suddenly shows up and hugs his grandchildren while apologizing for what happened to them because of his silly game. The priest then kneels before the Black Bulls and thanks them for defeating the terrorist. The priest also says that he will grant them anything, which Yami says that they will take the magic stone. The high priest is surprised by the stone and tells them that they can have it. Yami says that the priest did not know what the stone looked like, which the priest replies that he did not know about the stone and that he had looked into their minds to find what they were after. Charmy, Gauche, and Grey arrive ready to fight, but they notice that the boss is not there.

Later most of the Black Bulls members are resting in a room. Gauche complains that they have to stay their for a day, which Finral replies that he had used to much mana in his fight. Finral then comments about how he did not know that Grey was a cute girl, which Grey says to not look at her since it is embarrassing. Vanessa tells Finral to stop looking at Grey or she will gauge his eyes out, and tells Grey that she will not make it in the world if she is easily embarrassed. Magna then says that Vanessa needs to learn a bit of modesty, but Vanessa just insults him. Luck just says that he wants to fight again. Charmy says that she is hungry, which someone asks why Charmy's only injury is her empty stomach. Magna then complains about how they were useless, which Luck tells him that that is were there current power it at. The people of the undersea temple show up and start to cheer which the Black Bulls hear. One of them comments about how a day has come where they are thanked. Luck says that he wants to get stronger, which Magna says that he will get stronger then him. Vanessa says that being cheered for is nice, which Grey says that she wants to get over her embarrassment. Gauche just says that he wants to see Marie.

Elsewhere Noelle is visiting Kahono and Kiato, who are being healed. Noelle apologizes to Kahono for not being able to protect her voice. Kahono just thanks Noelle for protecting her home and also says that she has not given up on her dream. Kahono continues to say that she will get healed so she can go to the surface again and for Noelle to come to her concert when she get makes it big. Noelle smiles and says that Kahono better save her the best seat, and leaves. Kahono then notices the look on her brothers face and asks what is the matter, which Kiato says that he is in love. Kiato also says that he will also head to the surface when he's healed and to show Noelle his dance of love. Kahono just thinks that her brother does not have a shot at Noelle.

At another location Yami is holding a funeral service for Vetto, when he notices Asta and asks what he is doing here. Asta compliments Yami on how good he is a using ki, which Yami tells Asta to answer the question or he will hurt him. Asta says that he was exploring since they are leaving tomorrow, and that he had found some flowers where he put them by Vetto. Asta says that he can never forgive what Vetto had done, but also says that something had happened to Vetto that caused him to hate the world. Asta also says that Vetto was the one that was in the deepest of despair. Yami then asks if Asta is a fool, which Asta is surprised. Yami tells Asta to answer the question, which Asta says that he is a fool. Yami replies that its good, and that fool only have to not think things through and just have to chase after their dreams. Yami then pulls Asta's headband over his eyes, which Asta says that he cannot see and that he cannot pull his headband up since his arms are broken. Elsewhere, the people are still cheering for the Black Bulls, which Magna wonders how long they are going to cheer for and Gauche wonders how much energy they have.[18]

The Black Bulls prepare to leave the temple, which Gifso tells them that they will throw them a feast the next time they come. Vanessa asks Charmy if she has the prisoners which Charmy replies that she does. Asta tells Kiato and Kahono to not give up on their dream since there should be magic out there that can heal all of them. Kiato and Kahono both reply that their both will not be giving up on their dreams. Finral then opens up a portal and the Black Bulls head back to their base.

Once at the base everyone is relaxing and talking about how well they did when Gauche points out that Gordan is in the corner. Everyone wonders what is going on with Gordan, when its revealed that Gordan is sad that they had done on without him. Yami comes in and says that he is heading out to report to the Wizard King. Yami also says that Charmy is coming along to bring the prisoners and that Finral is coming to warp them there. Asta says that he wants to go to, which Yami says that he can come along.

Once at the Magic Knights Headquarters Yami thanks Finral and tells him that he can go off on his own, which Finral is grateful for and leaves. Yami meets with Julius and reports what had happened on the mission along with giving Julius the Magic Stone. Julius praises Yami for not losing any members of his order and also remembers people question his decision to make Yami a captain. Yami tells Julius to please stop complimenting him on that stuff and reminds Julius of something that he had told Yami once. Julius then compliments Asta on his achievements and how he is one step close to becoming the Wizard King. Julius then picks up Charmy and asks if she is his child, which Yami tells him that she is not.

Marx interrupts the meeting (via a transmission) to report that the Diamond Kingdom is invading Kiten. Marx shows them a view of the invasion, which Julius notices that the invasion is being lead by three of the Diamond kingdom's Eight Shining Generals. Asta asks what are the Eight Shining Generals, which Yami tells him that they are similar to their kingdom's captains. Marx tells them how important Kiten is, but suddenly tells them that the Golden Dawn has just arrived on the scene.[19]



Changes Manga vs Anime[]

  • In the manga, Charmy, Gauche, and Grey did not participate in the final battle against Vetto but in the anime they help fight Vetto and did not show up when the final battle was over.


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