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The Eye of the Midnight Sun Encounter Arc 「『白夜の魔眼』邂逅編 "Byakuya no Magan" Kaigō-hen」 is the 4th arc of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.[1]

This arc revolves around the kidnapping of children from Nairn and the resulting conflict between the Eye of the Midnight Sun and Clover Kingdom's Magic Knights.


The Blind Date[]

Later Asta is at a blind date with Finral Roulacase and Luck Voltia. When Asta, Finral, and Luck introduce themselves, the girls are not impressed. The girls then introduce themselves as Erica, Ellen, and Rebecca and that they are friends. Finral notices that the girls are losing interest and asks them about their jobs. The girls tell them that they would rather hear about what the boys have done. Luck and Asta reveals what jobs they have done recently, which put the girls off. Finral then thinks about how there is not a normal guy in their group.

Noelle is close by working as a waitress and glad that the date is going poorly. Noelle hears someone talking about the attack at on the Royal Capital. It is Sekke who is on a blind date too. Sekke then orders another drink, so Noelle blasts him with water. Back at Asta's group, Luck and Finral were able to get on good terms with two of the three girls. Asta then tries to break the ice but Rebecca reveals why she is there and that she wants to get back to her siblings. Asta talks about his siblings, and the two get on good terms. A drunk customer then comes over and harasses Rebecca about trying to get a man and comments about Rebecca's siblings. When the customer grabs Rebecca, Asta grabs him and tosses him onto the floor. Rebecca quickly grabs Asta and leaves the restaurant, with Noelle following close behind. After they get away, Rebecca thanks Asta and then asks if he has someone he likes. Asta says that he does, to which Rebecca replies that she is rooting for him but thinks about how she is not going to give up on him. Back at the restaurant, the girls leave because the Black Bulls are nothing but trouble.[2]

Sometime later, Gauche is heading to meet his sister for her birthday after finishing a mission. When he gets there, Gauche is shocked to see Asta playing with Rebecca's siblings and a happy Marie. Gauche attacks Asta and asks why he is here. Asta replies that he was visiting his friend Rebecca and her siblings. Marie tells Gauche to stop picking on Asta her future husband, which shocks Gauche and Noelle who was following Asta. Sister Theresa then shows up to bring Marie back to the church, and Gauche argues with the nun. Theresa still takes Marie back to the church, so Rebecca invites Asta and Gauche to spend the night. Later at dinner, Asta compliments Rebecca about how good her cooking is. Rebecca's siblings Marco Scarlet and Luca comment about how she should go after Asta.

Later that night, Gauche enters the room where Asta is sleeping and uses his magic to try to kill Asta, but Asta dodges in his sleep and wakes up from a slight burn. Asta asks why Gauche is attacking, to which Gauche replies that he will stop Asta from marrying his sister. Gauche then creates a copy of himself and continues to attack Asta. Asta tries to convince Gauche to stop attacking but Gauche continues and even blasts Asta out of the house. Once on the ground, Asta notices that the town is covered in snow, and wonders what is going on.[3]

The Missing Children[]

A Rescue Mission[]

Rebecca then rushes out and says that she cannot find her siblings.[3] Asta hears that other children are missing and wonders what is going on. Noelle comes out and says that she saw all the children head for a mountain. Asta asks why she is here, to which she replies that she was just passing by. Theresa shows up and says that the snow is a spell that lets someone control children with undeveloped magic and that some of the children in the church have gone missing, including Marie. Gauche attacks Theresa, but Asta blocks the punch and then headbutts Gauche, telling him to remain calm. Gauche then remembers that he gave Marie a magic mirror that he can track. Asta, Gauche, and Theresa decide to go get the children. Asta tells Rebecca not to worry, while Gauche tells Noelle to watch the town encase something happens again. As Asta, Gauche, and Theresa fly off on brooms, Asta adds that Noelle should report it to the Magic Knights.

In a cave outside the village, Neige—the man who enchanted the children—tells the children that he is glad to have so many new friends. When Gauche's mirror frees Marie from the enchantment, Neige notices and tells her that she needs to be under his control for them to be friends, but Marie replies that that is not what a friend is. Angered, Neige hits her, and Neige's brother, Baro, pulls on Neige's and reprimands him for hitting their merchandise. Baro uses his glasses to analyze the kids' magic power. After noting Macro's low power, Baro throws the boy out of the cave, and then starts to work on extracting the mana from the children.[4]

As Asta, Gauche, and Theresa approach the cave, Asta notices Marco on the ground outside of the cave and wants to head down, but Gauche is focused on saving Marie and tells Asta to let go if he wants to save Marco, which Asta does. Gauche then continues into the cave, while Theresa follows after Asta. Theresa and Asta reach Marco and notice that he is still under the control of the spell. Asta uses his greatsword to undo the spell, and Theresa uses her Fire Magic to warm Marco and heal his injuries. When Asta suggests leaving Marco outside while they rescue the others, Marco is afraid of being left alone, so Asta lends Marco his squad robe, claiming that it will give him courage. Marco then agrees to stay put.

Inside the cave, Baro is delighted over how much mana they have collected and calls for Marie to be next. Gauche arrives just in time and, upon noticing Marie's bruised face, flies into a rage. Gauche shoots at Neige, and Baro orders Neige to fight back. However, Neige's are unable to land on Gauche. Neige then creates snowmen to attack, but Gauche easily destroys them. The brothers are stunned by Gauche's power. Asta and Theresa then arrive. Theresa checks on the children and notices that some of the kids have had their mana forcefully taken from them, which angers Asta. Baro notices that Asta has no mana and mockingly challenges him, but Asta quickly defeats him.[5] Theresa is amazed by Asta but then notices that Gauche is facing Neige. Gauche says that he is going to kill Neige, who tries to stop Gauche by trapping him in snow. Neige is suddenly attack from behind, and Gauche reveals that he created a double of himself with his magic.

Asta then confronts the brothers about what he has done with the kids and then removes that spell on them. The brother then secretly contacts someone for help. Theresa then reveals to Asta that she knows about Lily and also reveals what Lily has said about him. Theresa then asks why the brothers would do this, and Neige says that he just wanted some friends and then asks his brother what to do.

Eye of the Midnight Sun Arrival[]

Sally then arrives, and Baro yells at her for what has happened. Sally tells him to shut up and then tells Asta how glad she is to see him. Gauche quickly attacks but Sally easily diverts it away. Asta tells Gauche and Theresa to be careful, at which point Sally charges at them. Gauche tries to attack again but Sally easily reflect the attack again and counters by grabbing a hold of Asta. Sally then begins to examine Asta, but Theresa saves him with her fire magic. Asta compliments Theresa, who reveals that she was once a Magic Knight and that they are going to try to capture Sally. Baro tells Sally that he can help her if she heals him and gives him money, but he is secretly planning to take the money and run. Sally tests a Dark Magic Tool on him and turns him into a monster. Gauche then takes his sister away while Baro attacks Asta and Theresa. Theresa creates a panther for the children to escape on but notices that it will take a couple of trip for all the children to escape. Baro then attacks Neige but Asta rescue him and tells Neige that he has to take responsibility for what he has done. Asta then continues to attacks but it is useless. Sally tries to grabs Asta but Theresa blocks her and thinks about how she cannot keep this up for much longer.

Elsewhere Gauche is escaping with his sister, who is trying to convince him to go back. Gauche then remembers their past and that he only cares about Marie. Marie punches Gauche and tells him that she hate this side of Gauche and wants him to be the brother that she can be proud of. They then notices Marco and Marie says that she will stay with Marco while Marco says that he will protect Marie. Gauche then heads back, all the while thinking about how he hate Asta. When Gauche returns to the others, Sally tells Asta to give up but Asta replies that he would rather die, which annoys Gauche.

Asta then tries to attack, but Gauche saves Asta from being attacked by Baro. Gauche then attacks both Baro and Sally but it does no damage. Gauche wonders if he should use his trump card but decides to do nothing. Baro then manages to hit Gauche and tries to finish him off but Asta saves him. Asta then says that they are comrades, which reminds Gauche of when he met Yami Sukehiro, so Gauche decides to help Asta out. Asta's second sword appears from his grimoire and Asta decides to use it but it barely does any damage. Gauche wonders what to do when he comes up with an idea to create a double of someone else. Gauche asks Theresa to buy him some time and tells Asta to look in his eye, which has a mirror in it. Gauche then create multiple clones of Asta, who then fires multiples slashes at Baro. Baro and Sally are then defeated, and everyone is put at ease. Baro suddenly attacks but Neige traps him with his magic. Neige tells Asta the he plans to get revenge for his brother but first he has to take responsibility. Neige remember when his brother was nice to him, and then asks if Asta would be his friend, to which Asta agrees. Neige thanks Asta but is suddenly attacked.

A Clash between Titans[]

Asta and Gauche notices the light, and Gauche is suddenly wounded. Theresa tries to shield everyone but it does not work and she is heavily wounded. Asta notices that they guy is the one that rescued his comrade, and the guy introduces himself as Licht the leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun. Asta then notices that Licht has rescued Sally and that he also has a four-leaf Grimoire like Yuno. Licht then explains why they are attacking the kingdom, and attacks Asta when Asta yells at him. Licht then asks why Asta has that grimoire, but Asta does not reply and tries to continue to attack. Licht appears behind Asta and tries to attack but it is blocked by the sudden appearance of Yami and Finral. Asta asks why they have come, to which Yami replies that Noelle had contacted headquarters. Finral notices that Licht is a difficult opponent for having a large amount of mana and the he is also a light user. Asta then tells Finral that they need to get the children and injured to safety, and Yami tells Finral to return once he is done. Yami then blocks another attack aimed at Finral, who quickly exits with the wounded and children. Asta is amazed at what Yami is doing. Yami explains that the weapon he is using is a katana and continues to blocks Licht's incoming spells. Licht then decides to attack Yami from behind but he is easily countered by Yami again.

Yami then asks why Licht and his organization are going the stuff that they are doing. Licht's replies by telling Yami about a powerful group of people that were tricked and killed out of jealousy. Yami does not understand Licht's story and counters by telling him of how he became the captain of the Black Bulls. Licht's then continues with his attacks but Yami easily counters then all. Yami then asks if Licht's is the one that attack Fuegoleon, to which Yami replies that he was the one that attack Fuegoleon when he fell into their trap. Yami replies that that was the only way that they could have won and launches a spell that cuts Licht's cheek. Yami continues to say that he is going to show Licht the real power of a Magic Knight captain, and then tells Asta that he is going to do that same.

Asta tries to says that he cannot do it, but Yami does not listen and just tells him to do it. Licht then uses recovery magic to heal, which Asta and Yami are surprised about. Yami then explains to Asta how he is using ki to counter Licht's spells. Valtos tries to join Licht in fighting Yami, but Licht tells him to capture Asta. Valtos then attacks Asta, but Yami blocks the attack. Yami tells Asta to surpass his limit for him to achieve his dream. Asta then tries to block Valtos attacks but fails which makes Yami angry. Yami tells him to use all his sense, which Asta then gets back into position and concentrates. Asta then manages to counter Valtos attacks and even hit him, which makes Licht angry. Licht uses a whip-like spell to attack both Yami and Asta and even destroy the surrounding area. Valtos congratulates on defeating them, but Yami and Asta suddenly pop out of the rumble.

Yami tells Asta to finish his work with Valtos while he starts to fight Licht serious. Yami releases his mana and charges at Licht. Licht manages to dodge Yami's attack and with a spell, but Yami counter with a flying slash that absorbs Licht's attack. Yami tells Licht to continue his story, which Licht tells him how warped this kingdom is and that they are here to correct the kingdom. Yami tells Licht that he cannot stand him and continues to attack. Asta is amazed about Yami and Licht's battle, which makes Yami angry because Valtos tries to attack him. Yami tells Asta to take care of Valtos, which Asta charges at him. Valtos counters by sends a barrage that surrounds Asta, which Asta tries to counter. Asta thinks about what to do and abandons his swords. Valtos decides to finish Asta off, but Asta jumps through Valtos's portal and punch him. Yami compliments Asta, which Licht's takes the chance to attack. Yami counters by absorbing Licht's spell and wounds him with another spell. Licht compliments Yami and explains why Yami's dark magic is his light magic natural enemy and decides to use his strongest spell to finish Yami and Asta off.

Back at the village church, Theresa, Gauche, and Neige are being healed. Gauche tells Theresa to not die, which Theresa tells him that she will not die yet and gives him the rest of her mana to save the others. Neige and the children give their mana to Gauche and also ask for him to save the others too. Gauche asks Finral to take him back but Finral tries to convince him out of it but it does not work.

Back at the battle Licht has finish charging his spell and is prepared to attack. Yami has created to shield of darkness, but does not think that the shield or Asta's sword will do anything to block the spell. Gauche and Finral arrive at the battle and wonder if they are in the wrong place but then notices Licht. Licht fires his spell but Gauche appears in front of the spell and uses another spell to reflect it back.

Reinforcement Arrive[]

Yami compliments Gauche for defeating Licht, and then walks over to Licht and tells him that his light magic has another natural enemy. Licht replies that he cannot bring himself to hurt Gauche and also says that the truth will come to light when they do not understand him. Yami then tries to restrain Licht with his Dark Magic but notices that three more people have arrived. One of them to get close enough to touch Yami's grimoire. Yami counters with a spell that manages to cut the guy's arm, but the guy heals himself with Light Magic. Another uses Fire Healing Magic to heal Licht. Licht tells Asta and the group that the three are a group called the Third Eye and that all three are stronger than him. Licht also reveals that they are the opposite of the kingdom's clover symbol. Licht introduces one as Rhya the Treachery, who uses Imitation Magic to copy Yami's Dark Magic to attack. Yami complains about Rhya using his magic and counters the attack. Licht introduces another as Vetto the Despair, who uses Beast Magic to destroy Yami's katana. Licht introduces the last one as Fana the Hatred, who use Spirit Magic to attack a complaining Yami. Yami continues to counter the three's attack until three other Magic Knight captains should up to help.

Finral begins to introduce the three captains to Asta and Gauche. Finral first introduces Jack the Ripper the captain of the Green Mantis, a man who boasts about his ability to cut through anything and who likes to antagonize Yami. Finral then introduces Charlotte Roseray the captain of the Blue Roses, a beautiful woman he would like to get close to and who has secretly fallen for Yami. Finral introduces the final one as Nozel Silva the captain of the Silver Eagles, a man with an amazing amount of mana and who does not like Yami because he is a foreigner. Asta decides to join in the fight but Nozel stops him and tells him that he will only get in the way.

Vetto gets excited about facing new opponents and encourages the other two to join him. Rhya agrees to fight for Licht and charges at Charlotte. Jack attacks Vetto with his Slash Magic, which Vetto easily dodges. Vetto notices that Jack is the captain of the Green Mantis, which Jack tells him not to underestimate him. Nozel decides to attack Licht but Fana blocks the attack with her Fire Magic. Everyone notices how intense the battle is, which Licht says that the captains about beat them since they are loved by Mana. Licht then thinks about how they have to get the grimoire that Asta has back but notices that Yami has appeared from above. Licht prepares to counter Yami until Asta suddenly shows up and wounds Licht with his sword.

Back at the village Noelle is with Rebecca and her siblings eating Rebecca's cooking. Rebecca begins to worry about Asta but Noelle reassured her that everything will be fine. Back at the cave Yami compliments Asta for surpassing his limits and wounding Licht. Licht suddenly begins to glow which Vetto reveals that the seal on Licht has been broken. Licht asks Asta why he has those swords which Asta says that the grimoire and swords belong to him. The light within Licht then suddenly starts to expand which Jack decides to attack but his slash is absorbed by the light. Vetto, Lair, and Fana quickly surround Licht and seal him within crystal and then teleports themselves, Licht and Valtos away. Jack, Nozel, and Charlotte thinks about how strong their opponents were and that they have run away. Asta is excited that they have won but falls unconscious from be exhausted.

Traitor Hunt[]

Later Asta wakes up in a room and wonders where he is. Marx tells Asta that he is at the Magic Knights Headquarters and thanks Asta for the hard work. Marx then introduces himself and asks if Asta can help them out with his Anti Magic swords. Marx then compliments Asta for all his hard walk while bringing him to an underground room. Once in the room the Wizard King rushes to Asta asking about the magic of the Eye of the Midnight Sun members. Marx stops Julius, which Julius asks Asta if he can use his sword to help them out. Asta brings out his sword and undoes the spell that is on two prisoners. Marx then activates his magic and begins to asks them questions.

Elsewhere is the Magic Knight Headquarters, seven Magic Knights captains are waiting in a room. The mood starts to get tense between some of the captains while Rill Boismortier tries to lighten the mood. Rill's actions causes two of the captains to get angry at him but makes Yami laugh. William Vangeance then shows which some of the other captains start to question about his whereabouts and motives, but Yami steps in and says that William cannot use Light Magic. Rill tries to lighten the mood again but just manages to upset Yami. Marx then appears with a spell and summons the captains to the dungeon.

Once the captains reach the room, Julius asks the prisoners which captain is the traitor. The prisoners reveals that the Violet Orca captain Gueldre Poizot is the traitor. Gueldre says that he is not the traitor and that the prisoners are lying, but Marx says that the magic that they are under are absolute. Gueldre uses his magic to turn invisible and creates an invisible army to block the other captains. Gueldre starts to escape and thinks about how he was able to become a Magic Knight captain, but is suddenly stopped by Asta. Rill then uses his Painting Magic to restrict Gueldre's movement. Rill then introduces himself to Asta and asks to be his friend. Julius then has Marx use his magic to look into Gueldre's mind. All of Gueldre's illegal activates are revealed and the fact that he help with the invasion. Julius decides to keep this a secret from the public and dismisses the captains. As the captains all leaves, Rhya dismisses his disguise and thinks about how they could not see through his magic.

Elsewhere Julius has Yami and Asta stay behind in order to talk with them about the magic stones that the Eye of the Midnight Sun are collecting. Julius then tells them that they know where one of the stones is at the underwater temple of a grand magic zones. Julius also says that he can only give this mission to the Black Bulls. Yami then remembers when he had gotten his grimoire and when he met Julius for the first time. Julius then tells Asta that his Anti Magic sword will come in handy with getting to the temple. Yami and Asta then leaves, which Yami talks to Asta about how stiff Asta was while also telling how he has faith in Asta.

Back at the village Gauche visits his sister and Theresa. Gauche gets into an argument with Theresa but then tells her that he is glad that she is alive. Gauche then goes to talk to his sister but gets angry when Mary is excited to see Asta. At Rebecca's house Marco returns the robe to Asta. Noelle then talks about Asta's condition which starts into them bickering. Rebecca thinks about how she cannot be by Asta's side on the battlefield and decides to kiss Asta on the cheek as a thank you for saving her siblings. This then causes a big argument with the others.




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