This unnamed arc is the 11th arc of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.

This arc revolves around the Clover and Heart Kingdoms' alliance against the Spade Kingdom.


Half a Year of Training

Inside the Grand Magic Belt, a large structure is being powered by the mana of people to move across the belt. Inside the structure, a soldier comments about how the the structure is the moving fortress Candero and how the people that power the fortress run out of mana so fast.[1] Another soldier says that they only need about half of the people to live to get across the belt and that they must wring out all their mana. Outside of the Candero, Undine sees the fortress and reports it to Lolopechka. Lolopechka reports that the Spade Kingdom has begun to move towards the Clover and Heart Kingdom, since they have already taken over most of the Diamond Kingdom. Lolopechka comments about how the Candero works and that Asta would rush off if he knew about this. Gadjah comments about how the Heart Kingdom mages are so strong, and explains how Asta was able to become strong by just training with them. Lolopechka replies that Asta is an arcane stage mage, and explains what kind of person Asta is.

The Spade Kingdom's Moving Fortress

At the moving fortress Candero, the soldier are moving people into a chamber to replenish their mana supplies when a women beg for the soldiers to spare a child. A soldier tells the woman that they use the people however they want since they are all useless, but rips the woman's clothes off and says that he will give her the honor of servicing him. Suddenly the Demon-Slayer Sword comes into the fortress while Asta lands on the floor. Asta gets up and calls the sword back to him. A soldier recognizes that Asta is a mage of the Clover Kingdom and says that Asta is an idiot for coming here alone. The soldier says that he will take care of Asta in a flash and attacks with a spell, but Asta easily defeats the soldier with a single swing. Asta then tells all of the soldier to come at him since he will take them all down in a flash.

In Hage, Lily comes out of the church and comments about the weather when she notices that someone is on the ground, who says Yuno's name.

Back at the fortress Candero, Asta defeats all the soldiers in the room and tells the hostages that everything is okay now. A woman says that they are the power source of this fortress have nowhere to run to. The woman also says that they never wanted to be part of this war, which Asta wonder who put these thoughts in their heads. The woman says that the lead of this fortress has an ominous magic power, which Asta replies that they he will just defeat all the soldiers and come back for them. The woman says that that is impossible since their are too many soldiers, which Asta tells her that it will be okay.

Suddenly more soldiers drops into the room and attack Asta, but Asta easily defeats them all with his Demon-Dweller Sword. Asta then heads up into the fortress and starts to defeat every soldier that he comes across while making his way through. After defeating most of the soldiers, Asta comes across a soldier that notices that Asta has the power of a devil within him. Asta comments about how the Spade Kingdom mages are treating their soldiers, which the soldier replies that the Spade Kingdom's peasants are nothing but trash and that their they live to sacrifice themselves. Asta comments about how the Spade Kingdom's civilians are not trash, but notices that something is affecting his body. The soldier says that Asta is trash for not having a shred of mana, and wonder how Asta will handle an attack that he can't defend against while using a spell on Asta. The soldier comments about how Asta first seemed to High Stage mage but he is still no match for his magic. The soldier says that this fortress is useless without nourishment, which Asta pulls out his Demon-Destroyer Sword and undoes the effect of the soldier's magic. As the soldier wonder how Asta is able to dissolve his poison, which Asta tells the soldier that to him the soldier looks like the real trash. Asta then uses his Demon-Slayer Sword: Black Divider to cut the fortress in half while commenting about how if the Spade Kingdom wants to pick a fight, then he will smash them all to bits.

Outside of the fortress, Noelle has just arrived along with Mimosa and Finral. Inside of the fortress, Asta comes back to the where the hostages are at and tells them that he has just defeated most of the soldiers. Asta notices that Noelle, Mimosa and Finral has arrived while comments about how amazing Noelle is. As the three arrive in the fortress, Noelle complains to Asta how much trouble she has moving around in the Grand Magic Belt. Finral notices a beautiful woman and gets excited, but realizes what he is doing and stops it. Mimosa then uses a spell to start healing all the civilians that had their mana drained. After seeing all this, the civilian wonder where they are going to go now which Noelle tells them that that won't be a problem since they have sent two mages to where they village is at.

At the Spade Kingdom's village. Luck and Leopold manages to defeat all the soldiers and liberate the village. The two contact Asta and inform him that they are finished on their end, which Finral says that they will meet up with them later since he has already marked this place. A woman asks what they plan to do with their village, which Asta tells them that they people can do whatever they want with it since its their village. Asta also says that they will have to hang on for a little while since Finral will take them to their village, which the villagers thank them. Asta then tells them that they are their to defeat the demon, which a woman explains how the Spade Kingdom is currently ruled by a powerful group called the Dark Triad.[2]

In the Spade Kingdom capital, the Dark Triad are meeting. The Dark Triad are a group of siblings called Zenon, Vanica, and Dante, and they talk about how their have gotten used to the power of the Devil and that they will now attack since they have fully prepared.

Problem at the Polnfrume Forest

In the Heart Kingdom, Asta, Noelle, Mimosa, Finral, Leopold, and Luck are meeting with Lolopechka who tells them that they all did a good job. Lolopechka explains to them all the know they are occupy the village of Toron in the Spade Kingdom, and that they have set up a barrier around the village so that she can sense when people with the power of the Devil attack the village. Lolopechka final tells them that they will be able to corner the Spade Kingdom's demon if they keep up this place, which Noelle thinks about how incredible Lolopechka is. Lolopechka says that that will be all today, which Luck asks Gadjah to fight him. Asta and Leopold also wants to fight Gadjah too, which Gadjah tells them that they have to rest. Asta, Leopold, and Luck say that they are fine, which Lolopechka says that she will join in too since that looks fun much to Undine's shock. Noelle comments about how this is stupid and decides to take a bath, which Mimosa decides to join her and Undine forces Lolopechka to join them. Suddenly someone comes in and tells them that their is an emergency in the Polnfrume Forest, since Charmy is hiding in the forest. Finral says that he will go, but Asta says that Finral has used a lot of mana today and flies towards the forest on his Demon-Slaying Sword.[3] As Asta flies away, Finral watches and comments about how far Asta has come.

Elsewhere, Noelle, Mimosa, and Lolopechka arrive at Elmora Lake and start to take a bath. While bathing Lolopechka tells them two that she is glad that the people from the Clover Kingdom are kind, since she has thought they were all scary at first. Lolopechka also says that she glad that she was able to become friends with them since she had to act like a princess with her civilians. Elsewhere, Asta arrives at the forest and enter it. Asta manages to find Charmy and notices that she has gotten bigger from all the food that she had eaten. Asta tries to get her to stop eating since that is all she is going, which Charmy replies that she does other things than eating while thinking about how thinks about what is Yuno is going right now. At the Golden Dawn's headquarters, Yuno has become the vice-captain and is about to head out on a mission when a squad member tell him that they have just received a message from Hage.

Inside the Polnfrume Forest, Charmy warns Asta that anyone who tries to get between her meal will be rammed to death by her sheep and starts to activate her magic. At the village close by the Polnfrume Forest, the village as Charmy summons a gigantic sheep and that she is also attacking with all the gluttonous animals from the forest. A mage that the villagers call Potrov says that he is responsible for creating the inconceivable monster, and that its his mission to stop her while activating his magic. Potrov has his magic attack the sheep but the plants that he summoned simply passes through Charmy's sheep. Rill shows up and tells Potrov to leave this to him since he can't let the friend he made during his training, attack the village like this. Rill uses a spell to freeze the sheep in place, which also allows Asta to break himself free from the sheep. Asta and Rill then team up and manages to stop Charmy's rampage. As Charmy has been stopped and restrained, Asta compliments Rill about how strong he has become. Rill tells Asta that he gets stronger the more he thinks about the woman that saved him when he was taken over by an elf. Rill draws a picture of the woman and comments about how she is his destined partner. Asta sees the picture and tells Rill that the woman is Charmy, which Rill wonders what Asta is talking about.

Visitors from the Spade Kingdom

In the Clover Kingdom, Yuno arrives at Hage and thinks about his past in the village along with how he had got his necklace back. As Yuno arrives at the church, Lilly greets Yuno and takes him into the church. Once inside, Yuno meets with a man that Lilly says is from the Spade Kingdom. As Yuno comments about how the Spade Kingdom is the most dangerous country, which the man says that he is not their enemy. The man explains that the Spade Kingdom was originally a peaceful country but then the Dark Triad shows up and took over the kingdom while ruling over its people with fear. The man then says that Yuno is a member of the Spade Kingdom's royal family and a prince of the Spade Kingdom.[4]

At the Golden Dawn's headquarter, some squad members wonder where Yuno is which another member explains how Yuno quickly finished the mission he was assigned and went to his home town afterwards. They then talks about how amazed Yuno is since he was able to become the vice-captain of the squad after joining the squad 18 months ago. Back at Hage, Orsi and Slyph are amazed that Yuno is a prince from another kingdom. The man wonder about Slyph, but is amazed that Yuno was able to have the wind spirit serve him after Slyph introduces herself. Yuno says that the man is saying nonsense since why would the Spade Kingdom abandon their prince in the Clover Kingdom. Yuno then asks what the man what is his purpose coming here, which the man introduces himself as Ralph and that he has come here to explain everything to Yuno.

Ralph use a magic to show Yuno when Yuno was born to the point that he was left at the church.[5] Ralph says that Yuno should understand that everything that he has shown Yuno is true. Ralph also explains that the last man that Yuno say was Ralph's father and that his family has served the royal family for generation. As Ralph tells Yuno that their are others that are also waiting for Yuno's return, which Yuno replies that he is Yuno of the Clover Kingdom.

Attack on the Golden Dawn Headquarters

Suddenly Yuno gets a call from his squad and is informed that their base is under attack. At the Golden Dawn headquarters, the Spade mages asks their leader, Zenon, if they can go berserk, which Zenon tells them that they can kill everyone but the one they came for. Back at Hage, even through Ralph tries to warn Yuno but Yuno still heads off since he is the Vice-captain of the Golden Dawn.

At the Golden Dawn's headquarters, the Golden Dawn members notices that the intruders are from the Spade Kingdom. As the Golden Dawn member fires their spells at the intruders, but the intruders easily brush off the spells. The Spade Mages comments about how the Clover Kingdom's strongest squad are all weaklings, and that they are members of the Dark Disciples since they are all level zero mages.[6] As Siren goes to attack the Spade Mages, but he is easily defeated by one of the mages. As the Spade mages begin to defeat the Golden Dawn mages, one of the explains how an captain of their army can use 5% of the Devil's power, they can use up to 40%, while their leader Zenon can unleash up to 80%. At another location in the base, Zenon meet up with the captain of the Golden Dawn William. Suddenly Alecdora steps in between them and tells Zenon to stay away from their captain. As William warns Alecdora to not fight Zenon, but Alecdora replies that he will always fight be his side. As Alecdora attacks Zenon, Alecdora easily defeats by Zenon. William uses his magic to save Alecdora and explains that he won't let anyone hurt members of his squad. Zenon uses his Bone magic to attack, and tells William that this is all for the Spade Kingdom's gain.

Back at the Golden Dawn's entrance, Yuno arrives and notices that damage that the Spade Mages have done. As Yuno sees this and enters his Spirit Dive form. Yuno thinks back to when he and Asta talked about how they would treat their squad mates like family since their bond is the same even through they are not blood related, he also thinks about how his squad mates had treated him better after the elf incident. After thinking about this, Yuno asks the Spade Mages what they think they are doing which a Spade Mage says that they had gotten in his way so he killed about half of them. Yuno then attacks with his Spirit Storm spell, but the Spade Mage easily blocks it and reveals that his Stone Magic has become harder than iron or steel since it has the power of the Devil. The Spade mage fires stone bullets at Yuno, but Yuno uses his Spirit's Hushed Dance to dodge the bullets and even rescues his comrades. The Spade Mage sees what Yuno is doing and gets excited about the fight. The Spade Mage reveals that his name is Gaderois and asks what Yuno's name is, but Yuno says that he has no name for a scumbag.[7]

Yuno and Gaderois then clash with each other. While they clash, Yuno asks why they attacked their base which Gaderois only says that the Dark Triad needs Arcane Stage Mages. Gaderois reveals that the Dark Triad has killed their peace loving king and gave them power. Yuno asks how Gaderois feels when he hurts and kill people, which Gaderois says that he gets the greatest feeling when he does it. Yuno then uses his Spirit of Zephyr spell and attacks Gaderois, but Gaderois manages to block it. As Gaderois starts to gloat that Yuno can't beat him, but notices that Yuno spell is eroding his stones. Yuno manages to cut through Gaderois and proclaims that he will shut down the curses of hate.

At another part of the Golden Dawn's headquarters, Klaus and some of the members of the Golden Dawn are trying to defends themselves from the enemy's mist magic. As Klaus thinks about how the mist is causing them trouble with deal with the enemy, the enemy appears in front of him which Klaus attacks with his Blazing Spiral Lance. It turns out that the enemy in front of Klaus was just a mist clone, and the enemy comments about how Klaus will never be able to hit him. The enemy then launches multiple Mana Bullets at Klaus and his allies, which brings down the barriers around them and some of the Golden Dawn members. The enemy tells Klaus that he is a stage zero genius that was chosen by the Dark Triad, and that they will never be able to defeat him no matter how many of them their are. Letoile is using her Another Atlas spell to protect herself from the enemy's mist magic, and thinks about how her spell are all basically useless against the enemy's magic. Letoile thinks about how William told them that they now have the power of the Elves within them and that they will use it to protect the kingdom, but they aren't at the elves level yet even through that manages to make the power their own. As the enemy tells Klaus to just give up since he is to weak to fight anymore, but Klaus replies that his will has not been broken. The enemy tells Klaus to just die then, but Yuno suddenly appears and uses his magic to get rid of the mist. The enemy uses his Sealing Spectral Hands spell to stop Yuno, but Letoile manages to locate the enemy and trap the enemy in her Another Atlas spell. As the enemy is shocked by Letoile's action, Klaus appears behind the enemy which confuses the enemy. As Klaus attacks the enemy with his Blazing Spiral Lance, he thinks about how he has trained even harder when their is someone with talent that appears in his life.[8] After defeating the enemy and meeting up, they notice that there is magic above them.

Suddenly Zenon and William come crashing down from the ceiling. The three notice that William has been defeated, which Zenon notices that some Golden Dawn members are still alive. As Klaus and Letoile worry about Captan William, Yuno remembers Zenon from the memories that Ralph showed him. Zenon notices that Gaderois and Foyal are laying unconscious on the floor and comments about how there was no point in bringing anyone who can't use more than 50 percent of the Devil's power. Sylph tells Yuno to activate his Spirit Drive spell since Zenon is bad news. As Zenon attacks with his Bone Magic, which the three notice that their is no room to evade and tries to defend against it. As Yuno manages to defends himself, but notices Klaus and Letoile failed to do so and have been severely injured and knocked out. Yuno thinks about his past that was shown to him and his comrades, and in great anger charges at Zenon. As Yuno clashes with Zenon, he notices that his Spirit of Zephyr spell can't cut through Zenon's bones as the bones are regenerating faster than they are being eroded. Zenon notices that Yuno is a stage zero mage and says that he will show Yuno 55% of his devil's power. Zenon says that Yuno is not weak but he is just that strong. Zenon then attacks Yuno and comments about how all of this is for the benefit of the Spade Kingdom.

Later Ralph manages to arrive at the Golden Dawn's headquarters, and sees that the building has been destroyed. Ralph enters the building and sees Yuno laying on the ground with a sword pierced through him and Sylph crying on his chest.[9] As Sylph starts to fade away, Ralph realizes that Yuno is dying. Suddenly one of Captain William's spell activates and a large tree appears and heals the members of the Golden Dawn. As the members of the squad are being healed, they recognize the spell and wonder what had happened to their captain. Some of them wonder about their other squad mates conditions, and learn that half of the group including Hamon and Siren has already died. Yuno, furious and sadden by his failure to save his comrades, proceeds to yell out into the distance.

Meanwhile, Vanica and some Spade soldiers are preparing to launch an attack on the Heart Kingdom. At another location, Dante comments about how evil is mankind's true nature and how it makes the world boring for them. Dante then says that its about time he heads out and wonders what kind of mage Yami Sukehiro is.


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