This unnamed arc is the 11th arc of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.

This arc revolves around the Clover and Heart Kingdoms' alliance against the Spade Kingdom.


Results of Six-Month Training

Inside the Grand Magic Zone, a large structure is being powered by the mana of people to move across the belt. Inside the structure, a soldier comments about how the structure is the moving fortress Candelo and how the people that power the fortress run out of mana so fast. Another soldier says that they only need about half of the people to live to get across the belt and that they must wring out all their mana. Outside of the Candelo, Undine sees the fortress and reports it to Lolopechka. Lolopechka reports that the Spade Kingdom has begun to move towards the Clover and Heart Kingdoms, since they have already taken over most of the Diamond Kingdom. Lolopechka comments about how the Candelo works and that Asta would rush off if he knew about this. Gadjah comments about how the Heart Kingdom mages are so strong, and explains how Asta was able to become strong by just training with them. Lolopechka replies that Asta is an Arcane Stage mage, and explains what kind of person Asta is.

At the moving fortress Candelo, the soldier are moving people into a chamber to replenish their mana supplies when a woman begs for the soldiers to spare a child. A soldier tells the woman that they use the people however they want since they are all useless, but rips the woman's clothes off and says that he will give her the honor of servicing him. Suddenly the Demon-Slayer Sword comes into the fortress while Asta lands on the floor. Asta gets up and calls the sword back to him. A soldier recognizes that Asta is a mage of the Clover Kingdom and says that Asta is an idiot for coming here alone. The soldier says that he will take care of Asta in a flash and attacks with a spell, but Asta easily defeats the soldier with a single swing. Asta then tells all of the soldiers to come at him since he will take them all down in a flash.

In Hage, Lily Aquaria comes out of the church and comments about the weather when she notices that someone is lying on the ground and mumbling Yuno's name.[1]

Back at the fortress Candelo, Asta defeats all the soldiers in the room and tells the hostages that everything is okay now. A woman says that they are the power source of this fortress have nowhere to run to. The woman also says that they never wanted to be part of this war, and Asta wonders who put these thoughts in their heads. The woman says that the Captain of this fortress has an ominous magic power, to which Asta replies that they he will just defeat all the soldiers and come back for them. The woman says that that is impossible since there are too many soldiers, but Asta tells her that it will be okay.

Suddenly more soldiers drops into the room and attack Asta, but Asta easily defeats them all with his Demon-Dweller Sword. Asta then heads up into the fortress and starts to defeat every soldier that he comes across while making his way through. After defeating most of the soldiers, Asta comes across the Captain that notices that Asta has the power of a devil within him. Asta comments about how the Spade Kingdom mages are treating their citizens, to which the Captain replies that the Spade Kingdom's peasants are nothing but trash and that they live to sacrifice themselves. Asta comments about how the Spade Kingdom's civilians are not trash, but notices that something is affecting his body. The Captain says that Asta is trash for not having a shred of mana, and wonder how Asta will handle an attack that he cannot defend against while using a spell on Asta. The Captain comments about how Asta is no match for his high-stage Poison Magic. The Captain says that this fortress is useless without nourishment. Asta pulls out his Demon-Destroyer Sword and undoes the effect of the Basilisk's Breath. As the Captain wonders how Asta is able to dissolve his poison, Asta tells the Captain that to him the Captain looks like the real trash. Asta then uses his Demon-Slayer Sword: Black Divider to cut the fortress in half while commenting about how if the Spade Kingdom wants to pick a fight, then he will smash them all to bits.[2]

Outside of the fortress, Noelle Silva has just arrived along with Mimosa Vermillion and Finral Roulacase. Inside of the fortress, Asta comes back to the where the hostages are at and tells them that he has just defeated most of the soldiers. Asta notices that Noelle, Mimosa and Finral has arrived while comments about how amazing Noelle is. As the three arrive in the fortress, Noelle complains to Asta how much trouble she has moving around in the Grand Magic Zone. Finral notices a beautiful woman and gets excited, but realizes what he is doing and stops it. Mimosa then uses Princess-Healing Flower Paradise to start healing all the civilians that had their mana drained. After seeing all this, the civilians wonder where they are going to go now. Noelle tells them that that will not be a problem since they have sent two mages to where the village is at.

At the Spade Kingdom's village, Luck Voltia and Leopold Vermillion manage to defeat all the soldiers and liberate the village. The two contact Asta and inform him that they are finished on their end. Finral says that they will meet up with them later since he has already marked this place. A woman asks what they plan to do with their village, and Asta tells them that they people can do whatever they want with it since it is their village. Asta also says that they will have to hang on for a little while since Finral will take them to their village, and the villagers thank them. Asta then tells them that they are there to defeat the devil. A woman explains how the Spade Kingdom is currently ruled by a powerful group called the Dark Triad.

In the Spade Kingdom capital, the Dark Triad—Zenon Zogratis, Vanica Zogratis, and Dante Zogratis—have a meeting. They talk about how they have gotten used to the devil powers and that they will now attack since they have fully prepared.[3]

In the Heart Kingdom, Asta, Noelle, Mimosa, Finral, Leopold, and Luck are meeting with Lolopechka who tells them that they all did a good job. Lolopechka explains to them all the know they are occupying the village of Tolon in the Spade Kingdom, and that they have set up a barrier around the village so that she can sense when people with devil powers attack the village. Lolopechka final tells them that they will be able to corner the Spade Kingdom's devil if they keep up this pace, and Noelle thinks about how incredible Lolopechka is. Lolopechka says that that will be all today. Luck asks Gadjah to fight him. Asta and Leopold also want to fight Gadjah, but Gadjah tells them that they have to rest. Asta, Leopold, and Luck say that they are fine. Lolopechka says that she will join in too since that looks fun, much to Undine's shock. Noelle comments about how this is stupid and decides to take a bath. Mimosa decides to join her, and Undine forces Lolopechka to join them. Suddenly someone comes in and tells them that there is an emergency in the Polnfrume Forest: Charmy Pappitson is in the forest. Finral says that he will go, but Asta says that Finral has used a lot of mana today and flies towards the forest on his Demon-Slayer Sword. As Asta flies away, Finral watches and comments about how far Asta has come.

Elsewhere, Noelle, Mimosa, and Lolopechka arrive at Elmora Lake and start to take a bath. While bathing Lolopechka tells them two that she is glad that the people from the Clover Kingdom are kind, since she has thought they were all scary at first. Lolopechka also says that she glad that she was able to become friends with them since she had to act like a princess with her civilians. Elsewhere, Asta arrives at the forest and enter it. Asta manages to find Charmy and notices that she has gotten bigger from all the food that she had eaten. Asta tries to get her to stop eating since that is all she is doing, to which Charmy replies that she does other things than eating while thinking about things about what it is that Yuno is doing right now. At the Golden Dawn base, Yuno has become the vice-captain and is about to head out on a mission when a squad member tell him that they have just received a message from Hage.[4]

Inside the Polnfrume Forest, Charmy warns Asta that anyone who tries to get between her meal will be rammed to death by her sheep and starts to activate her magic. At the village close by the Polnfrume Forest, the village as Charmy summons a gigantic sheep and that she is also attacking with all the gluttonous animals from the forest. A mage that the villagers call Potrof says that he is responsible for creating the inconceivable monster, and that it is his mission to stop her while activating his magic. Potrof has his magic attack the sheep but the plants that he summoned simply passes through Charmy's sheep. Rill Boismortier shows up and tells Potrof to leave this to him since he cannot let the friends he made during his training, attack the village like this. Rill uses a spell to freeze the sheep in place, and also allows Asta to break himself free from the sheep. Asta and Rill then team up and manages to stop Charmy's rampage. As Charmy has been stopped and restrained, Asta compliments Rill about how strong he has become. Rill tells Asta that he gets stronger the more he thinks about the woman that saved him when he was taken over by an elf. Rill draws a picture of the woman and comments about how she is his destined partner. Asta sees the picture and tells Rill that the woman is Charmy, but Rill does not see a resemblance.

The Messenger from the Spade Kingdom

In the Clover Kingdom, Yuno arrives at Hage and thinks about his past in the village along with how he had got his necklace back. As Yuno arrives at the church, Lilly greets Yuno and takes him into the church. Once inside, Yuno meets with a man that Lilly says is from the Spade Kingdom. As Yuno comments about how the Spade Kingdom is the most dangerous country, the man says that he is not their enemy. The man explains that the Spade Kingdom was originally a peaceful country but then the Dark Triad shows up and took over the kingdom while ruling over its people with fear. The man then says that Yuno is a member of the Spade Kingdom's royal family and a prince of the Spade Kingdom.[5]

At the Golden Dawn base, some squad members wonder where Yuno is which another member explains how Yuno quickly finished the mission he was assigned and went to his home town afterwards. They then talk about how amazed Yuno is since he was able to become the vice-captain of the squad after joining the squad 18 months ago. Back at Hage, Orsi Orfai and Sylph are amazed that Yuno is a prince from another kingdom. The man wonder about Slyph, but is amazed that Yuno was able to have the wind spirit serve him after Slyph introduces herself. Yuno says that the man is saying nonsense since why would the Spade Kingdom abandon their prince in the Clover Kingdom. Yuno then asks what the man what is his purpose coming here. The man introduces himself as Ralph and that he has come here to explain everything to Yuno.

Ralph use Trace Mirage to show Yuno when Yuno was born to the point that he was left at the church. Ralph says that Yuno should understand that everything that he has shown Yuno is true. Ralph also explains that the last man that Yuno say was Ralph's father and that his family has served the royal family for generations. As Ralph tells Yuno that there are others that are also waiting for Yuno's return, to which Yuno replies that he is Yuno of the Clover Kingdom.[6]

The Great War Breaks Out

Battlefield: Golden Dawns

Suddenly Yuno gets a call from his squad and is informed that their base is under attack. At the Golden Dawn headquarters, the Spade mages ask their leader, Zenon, if they can go berserk. Zenon tells them that they can kill everyone but the one they came for.[6] Back at Hage, even through Ralph tries to warn Yuno but Yuno still heads off since he is the Vice-captain of the Golden Dawn.

At the base, the Golden Dawn members notice that the intruders are from the Spade Kingdom. As the Golden Dawn members fire their spells at the intruders, but the intruders easily brush off the spells. The Spade Mages comment about how the Clover Kingdom's strongest squad are all weaklings, and that they are members of the Dark Disciples since they are all level zero mages. As Siren Tium goes to attack the Spade Mages, but he is easily defeated by Gaderois Godroc. As the Spade mages begin to defeat the Golden Dawn mages, Gaderois explains how a captain of their army can use 5% of a devil's power, they can use up to 40%, while their leader Zenon can unleash up to 80%. At another location in the base, Zenon meet up with the captain of the Golden Dawn, William Vangeance. Suddenly Alecdora Sandler steps in between them and tells Zenon to stay away from their captain. As William warns Alecdora to not fight Zenon, but Alecdora replies that he will always fight be his side. As Alecdora attacks Zenon, Alecdora easily defeats by Zenon. William uses his magic to save Alecdora and explains that he will not let anyone hurt members of his squad. Zenon uses his Bone Magic to attack, and tells William that this is all for the Spade Kingdom's gain.

Back at the base's entrance, Yuno arrives and notices that damage that the Spade Mages have done. As Yuno sees this and enters his Spirit Dive,[7] he thinks back to when he and Asta talked about how they would treat their squad mates like family since their bond is the same even through they are not blood related. He also thinks about how his squad mates had treated him better after the elf incident. After thinking about this, Yuno confronts Gaderois and the Dark Disciple admits to killing about half of them. Yuno then attacks with his Spirit Storm spell, but Gaderois easily blocks it and reveals that his Stone Magic has become harder than iron or steel since it has the power of a devil. Gaderois fires stone bullets at Yuno, but Yuno uses his Spirit's Hushed Dance to dodge the bullets and even rescues his comrades. Gaderois sees what Yuno is doing and gets excited about the fight. He reveals that his name is Gaderois and asks what Yuno's name is, but Yuno says that he has no name for a scumbag.

Yuno and Gaderois then clash with each other. While they clash, Yuno asks why they attacked their base which Gaderois only says that the Dark Triad needs Arcane Stage Mages. Gaderois reveals that the Dark Triad has killed their peace-loving king and gave them power. Yuno asks how Gaderois feels when he hurts and kill people, to which Gaderois says that he gets the greatest feeling when he does it. Yuno then uses his Spirit of Zephyr spell and attacks Gaderois, but Gaderois manages to block it. As Gaderois starts to gloat that Yuno cannot beat him, but notices that Yuno spell is eroding his stones. Yuno manages to cut through Gaderois and proclaims that he will shut down the curses of hate.[8]

At another part of the base, Klaus Lunettes and some other Golden Dawns are trying to defend themselves from Foyal Migusteau's Mist Magic. As Klaus thinks about how the mist is causing them trouble with deal with the enemy, Foyal appears in front of him which Klaus attacks with his Blazing Spiral Lance. It turns out that the enemy in front of Klaus was just a mist clone, and Foyal comments about how Klaus will never be able to hit him. Foyal then launches multiple Magic Bullets at Klaus and his allies, which brings down the barriers around them and some of the Golden Dawn members. Foyal tells Klaus that he is a stage zero genius that was chosen by the Dark Triad, and that they will never be able to defeat him no matter how many of them there are. Letoile Becquerel is using her Another Atlas spell to protect herself from the mist magic, and thinks about how her spells are all basically useless against the enemy's magic. Letoile thinks about how William told them that they now have the power of the elves within them and that they will use it to protect the kingdom, but they are not at the elves' level yet even through they manage to make the power their own. As the enemy tells Klaus to just give up since he is to weak to fight anymore, but Klaus replies that his will has not been broken. The enemy tells Klaus to just die then, but Yuno suddenly appears and uses his magic to get rid of the mist. The enemy uses his Sealing Spectral Hands spell to stop Yuno, but Letoile manages to locate the enemy and trap the enemy in her Another Atlas spell. As the enemy is shocked by Letoile's action, Klaus appears behind the enemy which confuses the enemy. As Klaus attacks the enemy with his Blazing Spiral Lance, he thinks about how he has trained even harder when there is someone with talent that appears in his life. After defeating the enemy and meeting up, they notice that there is magic above them.

Suddenly Zenon and William come crashing down from the ceiling. The three notice that William has been defeated. Zenon notices that some Golden Dawn members are still alive.[9] As Klaus and Letoile worry about Captan William, Yuno remembers Zenon from the memories that Ralph showed him. Zenon notices that Gaderois and Foyal are laying unconscious on the floor and comments about how there was no point in bringing anyone who cannot use more than 50% of a devil's power. Sylph tells Yuno to activate his Spirit Drive spell since Zenon is bad news. As Zenon attacks with his Bone Magic, the three notice that there is no room to evade and tries to defend against it. As Yuno manages to defend himself, but notices Klaus and Letoile failed to do so and have been severely injured and knocked out. Yuno thinks about his past that was shown to him and his comrades, and in great anger charges at Zenon. As Yuno clashes with Zenon, he notices that his Spirit of Zephyr spell cannot cut through Zenon's bones as the bones are regenerating faster than they are being eroded. Zenon notices that Yuno is a stage zero mage and says that he will show Yuno 55% of his devil's power. Zenon says that Yuno is not weak but he is just that strong. Zenon then attacks Yuno and comments about how all of this is for the benefit of the Spade Kingdom.

Later Ralph manages to arrive at the Golden Dawn's headquarters, and sees that the building has been destroyed. Ralph enters the building and sees Yuno laying on the ground with a sword pierced through him and Sylph crying on his chest.[10] As Sylph starts to fade away, Ralph realizes that Yuno is dying. Suddenly one of Captain William's spell activates and a large tree appears and heals the members of the Golden Dawn. As the members of the squad are being healed, they recognize the spell and wonder what had happened to their captain. Some of them wonder about their other squad mates conditions, and learn that half of the group including Hamon Caseus and Siren have already died. Yuno, furious and sadden by his failure to save his comrades, proceeds to yell out into the distance.

Meanwhile, Vanica and some Dark Disciples are preparing to launch an attack on the Heart Kingdom. At another location, Dante comments about how evil is mankind's true nature and how it makes the world boring for them. Dante then says that it is about time he heads out and wonders what kind of mage Yami Sukehiro is.[11]

Battlefield: Black Bulls

Near the Spade Kingdom border, Asta and Finral bring some food from the Spade Kingdom to the member of the Black Bulls. Finral suddenly realizes that he has to go pick up Captain Yami and leaves to fetch him. After Finral leaves, Asta begins to talk with the rest of the Squad. Suddenly Henry informs them that they are being invaded, and they notice that their base is floating. Dante is outside of the base, and notices that Yami is not in the base and decides to play with the Black Bulls until he shows up. As the Black Bulls attack Dante, but Dante uses his Gravity Magic stop all their attacks. While the Black Bulls are shocked by Dante's magic, Dante is glad that the Black Bulls have another zero stage mage like Yami. Asta then charges at Dante and says that he will be his opponent.[12]

As Asta attacks, Dante has to dodge since he realizes that Asta has negated his magic. Dante launches some trees at Asta, but all of them miss. Dante realize that it must be a spell that can interferes with the natural law that is causing him to miss. As Asta tries to attack Dante, but Dante dodges him and heads into the Black Bulls base. Once inside, Dante realizes that Vanessa is the one that is interfering with the natural law. Asta chases after Dante, but Dante uses his magic to for Asta to the ground. As Vanessa thinks about what Dante is capable of, Dante comments about what Vanessa is capable of. Dante then says that Vanessa is a good fit for him of the Dark Triad. The Black Bulls realizes that Dante is the boss of the Dark Triad. Asta suddenly appears behind Dante, but Dante quickly escapes.

Dante realize and comments about how there is someone in the Clover Kingdom that is possessed by a devil. Asta begins to attack Dante repeatedly but Dante dodges them all even through Anti Magic can hone in on magic power. Gauche then uses his magic to make multiple Asta that attack Dante,[13] but Dante release 50% of the devil's power and uses his magic to distort space to avoid the attacks. Dante then forces Asta to the ground and comments about how they are the same and can understand each other, but Asta says that they are not alike. Dante explains how people are more human when they unleash their darkest emotions. Asta tells Dante that even through he has been swamped by his dark emotions, but his strong heart can control them and do what is right. Dante increases the gravity and comments about how Asta is a strange devil's host.

As Vanessa tries to help Asta, Dante increases his magic power which undoes Rouge. The Black Bull base falls to pieces and the Black Bulls are pinned to a specific place. Dante then uses a spell to create a sword from earth and uses it to pierce through Gauche. As Asta sees this and attacks Dante while unleashing more of the devil's power as he is angry.[14] Thanks to Asta's attack, the Black Bull members are freed from Dante's spell. Asta then attacks Dante, but Dante easily manages to dodge and divert all of Asta's attacks. Dante wonders about Asta's devil and asks his devil, Lucifero, who says that he does not know and that the devil might be a low level one. After listening to Lucifero, Dante thinks that Asta is no match for him and starts to throw boulders at Asta. Asta manages to destroy some of the boulders and charges at Dante. Vanessa sees this all happening and wonders if this is the devil's power in Asta running wild. Vanessa also wonders about Gauche and that he will not last long, while also thinks about how she is completely useless.

As Asta charges at Dante, Dante decides to end the fight by attacking Asta is swords that he has made with his magic. Asta counters the attack by spinning around and destroying the swords. Asta attacks which Dante counters by using his magic to dodge it. Suddenly Asta appears where Dante is at and manages to cut Dante's face, which angers Dante.[15] Dante uses Heavy Infighting to punch Asta repeatedly. Back on the ground as Grey is crying over Gauche's body, she remembers how she had meet Gauche and Marie after her family had treated her so badly that she had to run away from home. Grey thinks about how Gauche was the light that gave her hope, and uses her magic to save his life. As Asta drops from the ground, Dante sees what Grey has done and comments about how there was another Arcane Stage mage within the Black Bulls. Dante proclaims that both Vanessa and Grey become his women, but a dark slash suddenly appears between Dante and the women. Dante then notices Yami floating in the air. Yami tells Dante that nobody messes with his people.[16]

As Vanessa and Grey are glad to see Yami, Dante is also glad to meet Yami. Yami says that he does not care who Dante is but he will be dead meat. Dante compliments Yami on his excellent malice. Dante also says that nobody looks down on him and uses his Presence of the Demon King spell to for Yami and Finral to the ground. Dante sees that Yami is not groveling on the floor and compliments Yami. Yami says that he has learned a lot over the past six months, and combines his Dark Magic with Mana Zone, and activates his Black Moon spell. Dante notices that Yami's spell is erasing his spell's effect within a certain amount of space. Dante then throws a boulder at Yami, but Yami easily cuts it in half. Dante decides to attack Yami in close combat, and creates a sword with his Heavy Infighting Gladiator spell. As Yami and Dante clash, they each figure out what the other is capable of. As Dante is excited by Yami's capabilities, Yami asks if Dante is some kind of stalker. Dante says that he is after Yami since Yami is the key that links this world to the underworld. Yami tells Dante to quit with the crazy talk, but Dante comments about how Yami looks. Dante then thanks Yami, since he is now jealous of Yami for having some many people around him with unique magic. Dante also says that all of Yami's Arcane Stage mages are now his, to which Yami replies that he let them all in the Black Bulls because he likes them. Yami then takes a stance and condenses his mana zone. As Dante attacks Yami from behind, Yami says that he is not giving up a single one of his people to a guy like Dante while uses his Dark Cloaked Iai Slash to cut Dante.[17]

Asta is sensing what his devil is feeling and wonders what is happening when he suddenly awakes up. Asta worries about Gauche but notices that he is fine. Asta wonders about Dante, but notices Yami has cut Dante across his chest. As Yami comments about how his spell never misses, but Dante starts to laugh and uses a spell to heal his wound. Dante says that he never thought that he would be forced to use this magic. Yami and Vanessa notice that Dante is using a different magic then he has been using. Dante comments about how there was nothing in this world that would satisfy him, and says that Yami is going to open up a world that is far more magnificent. Yami wonders what Dante is talking about and how Yami is the key that will link this world to the underworld. Dante explains the Tree of Qliphoth and in order to create it, he would need Dark Magic and World Tree Magic users like Yami and William. Dante also says that when the link is connected, devils will pour into this world and it would create a world to his liking. As Dante laughs about this, Yami says that he will have to take care of Dante right here.

At the castle within the Spade Kingdom, two Dark Disciples are talking about how there might be a Clover Kingdom spy within the kingdom but they just laugh it off. In Dante's room, the spy is looking at some papers when they are confronted by a soldier. As the soldier prepares to attack the spy, the spy disappears. Suddenly the spy grabs the soldier and pulls the soldier into the soldier's own shadow. The spy reappears in the room and begins to leave revealing a Black Bull insignia on their grimoire pouch.[18]

Back at the Black Bulls base, Yami continues to injure Dante which Dante easily heals himself. Dante gets excited and says that he will show Yami that true power of a devil host, to which Yami replies that he will show him the true power of an regular human.[19] Finral wonders if he should help but notices that he would die if he moves. As Dante releases 80 percent of the devil's power, Yami comments about how 80 percent is Dante's limit. Dante explains how devils' hosts cannot use all 100% of the devil's power unless they open a door to the underworld. Dante throws his Gravity Singularity spell, which obliterates everything near it, but Yami dodges it. Yami attacks with his Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash, but Dante counters by warping the area. Yami thinks about what to do, and figures that he just has to get close and attacks. Yami charges, but Dante blocks Yami's path by lifting up some earth. Yami suddenly realizes that Dante can easily heal any cut that he makes and that he will need to attack with power. Yami continues to dodge and block Dante's attacks and manages to figure something out. Dante manages to drop a chunk of earth on Yami, but Yami manages to survive and proclaims that he is going to surpass his limits now. Dante says that Yami will not be able to defeat him. Yami uses his Death Thrust to obliterate Dante's torso.[20]

Dante regenerates his body and explains how his original magic is Body Magic, along with how the devil's power increases his magic to the point where he is unable to die. As Dante transforms into a monstrous form, Dante explains how he does not use his original magic unless he is forced to it. Dante continues his assault, which Yami dodges and lands another Death Thrust. Dante heals himself, and explains how no one is able to defeat him. Asta sees all this and becomes frustrated that he is not able to do anything. Yami says that he is unable to defeat Dante and that he needs Asta's help, which Asta calls forth his sword and gets to Yami's side.[21]

As Dante gets excited about facing the two, Yami tells Asta to follow his lead and the two charge. Dante tries to block their charge but the two break through. As the two clash with Dante, Yami manages to wound Dante but Asta has trouble. Yami thinks about how Asta's Anti Magic is the key to winning this fight, while Asta thinks about how he is holding Yami back and that his training means nothing against Dante. Asta figures that he has to use all the power that is inside of him, even the kind that he does not understand. Asta manages to meet with the Devil and asks the Devil to lend him some of his power since he know that the devil wants to beat Dante to, which the Devil agrees but cannot lead his power unless he take over a part of Asta's body. Asta agrees to it while explaining how he want to first be a person who will come through for Yami before he can be the Magic Emperor.

As Dante launches his Gravity Singularity spell, Asta manages to destroy the spell with the power of the devil that the devil gave to him while proclaiming that this is everything he has right now.[22] The devil explains how this power is more powerful then the dribble that he let to Asta and that Asta is only capable of using this power for 50 seconds, which Asta says that that is long enough. As Asta lands a blow on Dante, Dante notices he cannot heal his arm. Dante forces Asta away along with the arm he cannot heal, then uses his magic to create more arm along with swords for each arm. Yami notices that Dante is being cautious around Asta, and figures that they can win if Asta lands a blow on the Dante with the power that is radiating from his arm. Yami decides to put more into the fight and attacks Dante. Finral watches the fight and notices Asta and Yami are in sync even through that they are moving randomly, and that the two look that they are having fun.

Dante says that he will win and manages to knock the Demon-Slayer Sword out of Asta's hands. As eight seconds remain, Asta calls for his Demon-Dweller Sword but Dante easily blocks it before it reaches Asta. When Asta tries to draw his Demon-Destroyer Sword, Dante stops it, too. As three seconds remain, Dante attacks but Yami stops him with his Death Thrust spell. Dante says that he is indestructible and regenerates while saying that it is over. As one second remains, Yami tosses his katana to Asta, who grabs and imbues it with Anti Magic. Asta then slashes Dante and proclaims that they have won, while Dante falls to the ground.[23] As Asta collapses, Yami catches him and compliments for a good job that he had done. As Finral and Vanessa compliments Yami and Asta, Gauche wakes up which Grey is glad to see that he is okay.

Yami hands Asta over to Finral, and heads over to seal Dante with a spell. Suddenly Zenon appears and easily captures Yami. Finral notices that Zenon has Captain William and thinks about what the Dark Triad needs to complete their goals. Zenon then picks up Dante and comments about how Dante is a loser even after everything he has said. Zenon notices Asta's power and attacks, but Finral uses his magic to redirect the spell. Zenon says that he would like to take care of Asta, but realizes that it is time for him to leave. As Zenon opens a portal, the Black Bulls try to stop Zenon, but Zenon also counters them all. Asta tries to get the devil to help him out, but the devil tells Asta that he is too weak to use anymore of its power. Zenon then takes Yami through the portal, while the Black Bulls cry out for Yami.[24]

Battlefield: Heart Kingdom

In the Heart Kingdom, Lolopechka is with Charmy, Noelle, Mimosa, and Gadjah, when she suddenly notices that the Heart Kingdom is being invaded by the Spade Kingdom. Lolopechka shows everyone how the Spade Kingdom is invading them, and reveals that Vanica is the one that is leading the invasion and that she possess the power of the devil Megicula.[25]

In the Heart Kingdom, Vanica and Dark Disciples have started their invasion. Lolopechka sees this and notices that five of the Spirit Guardians have been defeated. Lolopechka realizes just how powerful their enemies are and notices that they have to call back Luck and others since she has sent them out to help, but Noelle tells her that Luck and the other will be fine and that Lolopechka should just focus on protecting the Heart Kingdom.

At a different part of the Heart Kingdom, the Dark Disciple Svenkin Gatard tell the Spirit Guardian about it was a let down to fight him. Svenkin then goes to attack some Heart Kingdom citizens, but Luck shows up and rescue the citizens. Svenkin tells Luck to not interfere and just run away, but Luck says that he will not and attacks Svenkin. The attack does not work and Svenkin lands a blow on Luck. Luck then launches a spell at Svenkin, but the spell has no effect on Svenkin. Svenkin says that he possesses Skin Magic and explains how his magic works. Luck tries to attack again, but Svenkin counterattacks and says that everything that Luck does is pointless. Svenkin explains how there is a difference in their power and that Luck should just run away, but Luck says that he will not run from an good fight like this. Luck then asks why Svenkin is attacking the Heart Kingdom; Svenkin says that he is doing for his idol Vanica. Svenkin asks Luck why he is protecting the Heart Kingdom's people; Luck says that he is protecting the people because he is a magic knight.[26]

In a flashback, it is shown that Asta had brought Magna and Luck to the Heart Kingdom for some training but only Luck was strong enough to receive the training. As Luck is trained by Gadjah, Luck wants to learn to do True Lightning Magic but Gadjah explains how complicated that is and just teaches him to use arrays to with his way of fighting.

Back at the fight, Svenkin tries to get Luck to surrender but Luck ignores it and charges at Svenkin. Luck tries to attack Svenkin from behind, but Svenkin blocks the attack by softening his skin. Svenkin tries to capture Luck but Luck manages to escape. Svenkin decides to use his Skin Fort spell to attack Luck, who manages to dodge the spell by jumping all over the place. Svenkin plans to finish Luck off when Luck cannot move anymore, but is surprised when Luck manages to damage him a little and even lift him on top of a roof. Svenkin decides to harden his skin so that Luck cannot dent it, but becomes worried when Luck starts to use multiple arrays. Luck uses his True Lightning Magic spell, Keraunos, to punch through Svenkin. Svenkin figures out what Luck had done before falling unconscious. Luck then thanks Svenkin for a fun fight.[27]

At another location, the people are wondering how the enemy is attacking since Floga was defeated by the enemy. The people are also worried by Leopold since he is out there trying to face the enemy. As Leopold is attacked by the enemy, he wonders were the enemy is attacking from. At the enemy's location, the Dark Disciple Sivoir Snyle wonders how long Leopold can last and that all he has to do is torture Leopold until he is dead. Sivoir thinks about how Leopold will not be able to escape from his spell and how he can easily use his spell to sniper Leopold from far away. As Leopold is hit from another attack, Leopold sees Floga and remember what he said to Leopold while they were training. After being attacked again, Leopold launches a spell but it does not make it. Sivoir snipers Leopold again and comments about how can easily dodge an attack like that easily. As Leopold continues to get attacked, he manages to figure out that the enemy is moving around but the distance between them is not changing. As Sivoir says that he cannot wait until Leopold is dead, but suddenly notices something. Sivoir has his eyes float up and look at the area from above, and finds out that Leopold has put up a large array around the area. Sivoir thinks about how he has to get out of the area but Leopold activates his True Fire Magic spell and engulfs that area that they are in. As Sivoir screams about how much pain he is in, Leopold manages to find him and defeats him.[28]

Elsewhere, Charmy rushes her way to Polnfrume Forest and finds the destroy that was cause by the Dark Disciple Halbet once she reaches the location. As Halbet comments about how all the citizens will die while being in her beautiful presences, Charmy sees the destruction and remembers her time training. Charmy says that she will not forgive Halbet and summons a giant sheep. Halbet says that Charmy's spell looks slow and attacks with her Hair Magic. As the attacks just pass through each other, Halbet comments about how this is what they call Affinity and that there is one difference between their magics. Halbet uses her magic to defend from Charmy's attack, and comments about how her magic can defend her but Charmy's Cotton Magic cannot defend her while land a blow on Charmy. As Halbet continues to attack Charmy, Halbet explains how eating is ridiculous and that all beauty need is nutrition. Halbet also comments about how ugly Charmy is for being fat and uses her magic to wrap Charmy up. Suddenly Charmy activates her Food Magic and comments about how she will never forgive Halbet for what she has done. Halbet wonders about Charmy's magical power, but quickly avoids an attack. Charmy sees that Halbet is avoiding her attacks, and uses an array to start cooking Halbet. After the wolf eats all of Halbet's magic, Charmy uses the power that she had gained from that to pummel Halbet.[29]

Elsewhere, Gadjah manages to defeat another Dark Disciple and thinks about how he has to quickly return to Lolopechka's side.

Back at the palace, Lolopechka, Noelle, and Mimosa see that four of the Dark Disciples have been defeated. Another Dark Disciple suddenly breaks into the room, and having anticipated his entrance, Mimosa uses Magic Cannon Flower boosted by Lolopechka to dispatch the Dark Disciple. Vanica then walks in and greets everyone. Lolopechka asks Vanica why she is having the Dark Disciples attack the Heart Kingdom's citizens, to which Vanica replies that it is to make Lolopechka fight more seriously.

Noelle tells Vanica that they have dealt with all the Dark Disciples. Vanica replies that the Dark Disciples have not been dealt with, as the Dark Disciple that Lolopechka and Mimosa defeat suddenly gets up. As the Dark Disciple gets on Vanica's nerves, she easily injures him and also heals him afterwords. Vanica explains how she put a spell on her Dark Disciples so that they will revive after they are defeated. Svenkin, Sivoir, Halbet, and another Dark Disciple are revived and ready to fight again. Vanica also tells them that the Dark Disciples will only be defeated if she is defeated, so Lolopechka, Mimosa, and Noelle reply that they are going to take her down.[30] Noelle attacks with Sea Dragon's Roar but Vanica counters with Red Beast and insults Noelle's spell.

Mimosa is attacked by the Dark Disciple, but Mimosa manages to wrap the Dark Disciple with some vines. Mimosa also tells Lolopechka and Mimosa to deal with Vanica while she takes care of the Dark Disciple. As Vanica uses her Blood Magic to cut through the water, Noelle thinks about how Lolopechka told them that the Dark Triad use two types of magic and that they will train to fight against Vanica since she has faced against her before. As Vanica fight against the two, she wonder how Dante and Zenon are doing since they have to obtain the World Tree Magic and Dark Magic users. Noelle asks Vanica what she means, but Vanica replies that she does not have to say anyone to someone so weak. Lolopechka check the information of past princesses of the Heart Kingdom, and finds out information about the Tree of Qliphoth. Lolopechka explains what would happen if the Dark Triad's plan would succeed and asks why Vanica is doing all of this, to which Vanica replies that she wants to face off against all those that survive since weak humans are boring. As Vanica says that they should just focus on the present, Lolopechka says that they have to defeat them since the world is in their hands. Lolopechka uses her Ludic Sanctuary to engulf Vanica above the kingdom. Along with weakening Vanica's Blood Magic, the spell also increases the power of Noelle's Water Magic. Noelle uses her Valkyrie Dress Mermaid Form to land a blow on Vanica.[31] Vanica gets excited and starts to use the power of her devil. Lolopechka uses her magic to help Noelle escape. As Vanica continues to increase her power, Noelle asks if Vanica uses this power to kill her mother, Acier, but Vanica does not know who Acier is and just wants to have fun with Noelle.

Below the Ludic Sanctuary, the Dark Disciple tells Mimosa to give but Mimosa says that they trained just to take down Vanica and her Dark Disciples. Mimosa and Noelle think back to their training, and how Lolopechka not only made them stronger but also opens up to them about how she feels about being the queen. Lolopechka also says that she is afraid to die. Noelle and Mimosa hug Lolopechka and explains how she can truly be herself around them since they are friends. Noelle and Mimosa then comment about how they will absolutely win for the sake of their kind friend.

As Vanica starts to use all of her power, Noelle thinks about how this is what they are waiting for. Noelle thinks about to when they were planning on how to deal with Vanica, and how they will use their trump card once Vanica uses all of her power. Suddenly Secre Swallowtail shows up and uses her spell to seal the devil's power that is in Vanica.[32] Unfortunately the plan does not work, and Megicula takes control and destroys Lolopechka's spell along with binding Secre. Megicula comments about how marvelous with how their plan was a failure. As Lolopechka start to cry out in pain from the curse, Megicula is done for which Vanica agrees with him. As Vanica goes to finish Lolopechka, Noelle stops her. Vanica dismisses Noelle, but Noelle does not care and charges. Vanica comments about the difference in their powers and hits Noelle with a spell, but Noelle continues charging since she has used her Valkyrie Dress to avoid any lethal wounds. Noelle stabs Vanica while commenting that what they are doing should not be forgiven.[33]

Megicula compliments Noelle, but says that that is not enough to kill them. Noelle launches a point blank Sea Dragon's Roar, but Vanica easily counters with a Red Beast spell. Megicula tells Noelle that her attacks cannot do anything. Vanica notices something and asks Noelle for her name. After Noelle says who she is, Vanica tells Megicula that they should not kill Noelle since she has an idea. Vanica explains how she wants to make Noelle stronger by taking Lolopechka hostage, since she did some thing similar to Acier. Vanica leaves with Lolopechka and detonates the devil power that she placed in her Dark Disciples. The explosions cause massive damage across the Heart Kingdom.[34]

Return to the Clover Kingdom

The Black Bulls return to the Clover Kingdom and bring Asta to be examined. Owen tells them that Asta is going to live but Asta's right arm is a mystery. Grey asks Owen to examine Gauche, and Owen finds out that Gauche's tissue has been reassembled and comments about how Grey's true magic might not be Transformation magic. Owen then tells them that there will be a captain's meeting later and that the Black Bulls should get some rest for now.

That night, Asta wakes up and quickly rushes out to try to save Yami. While leaving the hospital, Asta is immobilized by Nacht's Shadow Magic. Nacht says that it is stupid to head out to save Yami since there are two more people that are just as strong as Dante there. Asta says that he has to still go, breaks himself free, and goes to attack, but Nacht easily restrains Asta and explains how a human who cannot defeat him will never be able to rescue Yami. Asta admits that he needs to get stronger, and Nacht says that he likes Asta since he is a good person. Nacht then reveals that he is the vice-captain of the Black Bulls and can use the power of a devil.[35] Asta notices that Nacht has a devil on his shoulder, which Nacht introduces his devil, Gimodelo to Asta. Asta notices that Nacht has the Black Bulls insignia on him and figures that Ncht is tells the truth about being the vice-captain, and Nacht explains how Yami just made him the vice-captain and that no one else knows because he has only even been to the base once. Asta wonders why. Nacht says that he hates Yami, has been undercover in the Spade Kingdom, and knows that Yami will be alright for a little while. Asta says that he does not know if he can trust Nacht but says that Nacht is the only one that he can turn to and asks to be trained, to which Nacht replies that he likes Asta and will train him. Asta wants to train right away, but Nacht refuses since Asta needs to get some sleep and that he wants to attend a meeting tomorrow.

The next day, all the captains, plus Yuno, meet with Julius Novachrono. After hearing the report about what the Black Bulls found how about the Spade Kingdom's plans, Rill Boismortier, Charlotte Roselei, Yuno, Jack the Ripper, Fuegoleon Vermillion, and Kaiser Granvorka discuss about how powerful the Dark Triad are and guess what is happening right now. When Jack gets upset and wants to leave, Nozel and Charlotte get into an argument with Jack about him leaving. Fuegoleon tries to get them to stop, but they are all surprised when Nacht suddenly shows up, with Asta, and comments about how they should hold a proper meeting with them being quiet for a while.[36] The captains prepare to attack Nacht, but Nacht summons four devils to stop their attacks. Julius tells the captains that Nacht is a the vice-captain of the Black Bulls and that he has been spying in the Spade Kingdom all this time. The captains figure that this might be true. Jack recognizes Nacht, but Nacht says that that man is gone.

Nacht then explains the Dark Triad's plan to open a door to the underworld: They are starting the preparation for the ritual now, there are seven gates that need to be opened, and between these gates are ten devils in separate locations that match the Tree of Qliphoth. Nacht notes that the lower level devils are the strongest and if the strongest, Lucifero, were to emerge, then the world would end. Nacht explains how both Yami and Vengeance will live until the last devil emerges, then they will die. Rill wonders why the Dark Triad would do this, to which Nacht replies that they cannot begin to understand the reasoning of the Dark Triad, and that the Dark Triad are paragons of people who harm others for their own benefit. Nacht proclaims that he hates those kind of people the most. Since he cannot defeat them on his own, Nacht wishes to make Asta the ultimate warrior since Anti Magic has that potential, and to build an elite unit around Asta with the potential to defeat the devils for an assault on the Spade Kingdom. With three days before the first gate opens, they will rescue Yami and William along with destroying the Tree of Qliphoth.[37]

Nacht explains how they will infiltrate the castle and defeat the Dark Triad, and also explains what magics the Dark Triad each have.[38] Nacht says that he will select a few individuals for this mission since his magic cannot transport a large crowd, which Jack replies that it obviously that Nacht choose from among the captains. Yuno begs to be let on the mission to, but Jack that there is no way they are taking him since Yuno has already lost once. Fuegoleon tells Yuno that protecting the kingdom is also an important mission. Nacht asks about a member of the resistance that oppose the Dark Triad that is at Yuno's place and just who Yuno is, which Yuno replies that he is apparently the prince of the Spade Kingdom. Yuno explains the how he was brought to the Clover Kingdom and that Ralph should know about the Dark Traid along with the layout of the Spade Kingdom castle. Jack says that Ralph and Yuno could be a spy, but Yuno says that its no point if he is not the one to save Vangeance.

Yuno says that the captain does not trust Vangeace since the elf incident, but explains how Vangeance has been working harder since that incident. Yuno also explains how Vangeance had protect the Golden Dawn during his fight with Zenon and even proclaim that Golden Dawn as his pride and dream. Yuno says that they are alive because Vangeance protected them and that they will prove the Golden Dawn is the strongest squad, since they he will be the one to rescue Vangeance. Jack tries to tell Yuno to be quiet, but Sylph tells him to be silence since she is storing mana to take down Zenon. Nacht sees that Yuno does have a chance to fight and agrees to let Yuno join them. Nacht then explains when they will depart for the Spade Kingdom, and that he will send details later. Fuegoleon says that he wants to ask the Heart Kingdom for help, which Charlotte says that they have lost contact with them yesterday. Nacht explains how all three of the Dark Triad had left the Spade Kingdom yesterday and that Vanica may have gone to the Heart Kingdom.

Elsewhere, Noelle wakes up and sees that she is surrounded by Patolli, Fana, Vetto, and Rhya. Noelle notices that others and wonders where they are. Patolli says that they are a the new elf village, Elysia.[39] Suddenly two children appear, which Patolli explains how they are the descendants of Licht and Tetia. Secre remembers how she found a wounded Tetia and used her magic to seal the wound. Secre thinks about how she did not know what happened to Tetia because of what happened to her and is glad that Tetia was able to live. Patolli explains they figured out their reason for staying in this world once they learned of this place. Mimosa asks why they save them, which Patolli replies that they received a divine revelation from Dryad to do so. Patolli says that they were not able to make it in time, but the six were able to not only survive but save the Heart Kingdom too. Noelle says that they were not strong enough since they could not defeat their enemy and Lolopechka was even taken. Noelle asks them to help them to get stronger. Patolli asks if they are even able to get stronger within a short amount of time, which Noelle replies that give up would be harder (which the others agree with her). Patolli then says that they can get stronger using the elves esoteric arts, Ultimate Magic.


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