This unnamed arc is the 10th arc of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.

This arc revolves around the trial of Asta and Secre Swallowtail, the Black Bull squad's mission to investigate devils and Curse Magic, and the Magic Knights training to combat the Spade Kingdom.


Trial of the Devils

Later Julius is with Yami at the Clover Castle, and has called Asta, Secre, Noelle, and Mimosa to them. Julius tells the four that even through the battle is over, that there are still three problems. Julius says that the Magic Emperor is gone, which Yami says that Julius is still alive in front of them. Julius explains how he has lost most of his magical power, along with his influence with the nobles has also weakened. Asta asks why Julius is so young, which Julius explains how he found an artifact that is capable of storing magic and used its magic to store magic in the mark that was on his forehead. Suddenly Julius notices Secre and starts to ask her about what her magic is, which Yami pulls him away from Secre and everyone accepts that the young Julius is the Magic Emperor. Yami tells Julius to continue his story, which Julius informs the others the Clover Kingdom will be destroy by a foreign nation which shocks the others. Julius final says that the final problem is that Asta will die,[1] which Asta wonders why he will die. Julius explains how Asta's power comes from a devil, and how the horns that Asta obtains in his black form is the sign of a curse called Weg. Julius explains how the curse is from someone using the power from the realm of the devils, which Secre explains how she obtained be horns from using a forbidden spell and now she is able to transform into a bird at will now.

Julius gets excited about Secre's magic, but Asta asks him to continue with his explaining his reasoning. Julius apologizes and says that there are currently three countries that surround the Clover Kingdom. The first is the militant nation, Diamond Kingdom, that has a powerful army because of their scholars of sorcery, black magic, and human experimentation. Next is the neutral nation, Heart Kingdom, which they have adapted to their rich natural land to have mastered their own unique style of magic. The last is the demon nation, Spade Kingdom, which they have achieved supremacy by serving the ancient horror that slumbers within the extreme cold of their massive land. Julius also explains how the Spade Kingdom has expanded their influence the Grand Magic Zone, to their kingdom. Julius then explains how their own Magic Knights are currently exhausted and that some of them have turned against them while they were possessed by the elves. Asta says that it was all the devil's fault, which Julius explains how the Magic Parliament will condemn the devil's power and make Asta the scapegoat since he uses the power of a devil. Asta wonders who will run the Magic Parliament, which Julius says that the royal house of Kira is in charge of that.

At another part of the royal castle, Augustus is complimenting Sekke for protecting him which Sekke things about how it was all just a coincidence. Sekke decides to bluff his power, when four mages suddenly appeared and proclaim that they will kill Augustus. The four go to attack Sekke and Augustus, which Augustus tells Sekke to protect him but Sekke thinks about how he is almost out of mana. Suddenly someone uses their magic to shrink the mages spells, which the mages wonder what has happened. The mage says that four are evil and uses his magic to force them to kneel. The mages asks if the king is alright, which Augustus says that he is not alright while calling the mage Damnatio. Suddenly Damnatio get a reaction, and says that he will judge the one that is possessed by a devil.[2]

Days later, Asta and Secre arrive at the courthouse to testify to the Magic Parliament but are handcuffed once they enter the building. As Asta and Secre are brought to the Magic Parliament, Damnatio introduces himself as the chairman of the Parliament along also announcing how they are here for pass judgement on Asta for his crimes. Damnatio informs the Parliament who Asta and Secre are and how they claim how the conflict within the kingdom was the doing of the devil. Asta says that that is all correct, but the Parliament does not believe him. Damnatio then tells Asta that there is only two outcomes to this trial and that Asta is so easy to manipulate that he will be the one to take all the blame. As Asta says that its was all the devil's doing, but Damnatio replies that there was a devil and that they will have to just judge everyone. Damnatio has Marie brought in and explains her reasoning in attacking the kingdom. Damnatio then has the guards attack Marie, but Asta breaks free and rescues her. Asta tells them that he does not acknowledge their sense of justice, which Damnatio replies that they will never see eye-to-eye with a devil.[3]

At Nairn, Theresa and Neige are wondering what happened to Marie when Rebecca shows up to show them a newspaper article about Asta. At Hage, Lily and the orphans are reading the article about Asta while the father is panicking about it. At another location, Gueldre and Revchi are laughing about how Asta is now a criminal. Sally wonders if Asta will be joining them in reconstructing the city, which Rades tells her that he does not know. Rades then wonder why he is doing this kind of work, which Valtos replies that he does not know since Rades decided to tag along even though he wanted to atone for his sins. Jack send a spell at them and tells them to get back to work, which Geuldre complains how Jack had almost hit them. At another location, Mimosa and Klaus notices that article about Asta and wonder if the Parliament plans on having Asta take all of the blame. Mimosa comments about how Damnatio has once judged his own father and how he is the scale of justice for the kingdom, which Klaus comments about what would happen if they went against the Parliament.

At the courthouse, Asta tells the Parliament that he is in complete control of his power but the Parliament does not listen to him and just want Asta to be kill before he brings a disaster to the kingdom. Damnatio tells Asta to except his fate and explains what would happen if he manages to escape. Suddenly the Black Bulls burst through the wall and start to explain what kind of a person Asta is and how they will be taking him back. Damnatio tells the Black Bulls what would happen to their reputation if they help Asta, which Yami informs him that their squad is the worst of the worst. Yami also says that Asta and Secre are a member of their squad and that if they plan to harm them, then they will just have to come after them.[4] Secre tells the Black Bulls to leave her and take Asta away, which the Black Bulls tells her that she too is a member of the Black Bulls while Yami puts a robe on Secre. Damnatio explains to the Black Bulls how they cannot help Asta and Secre, and uses his magic to disrupt the Black Bulls spells. Asta counters Damnatio's spell by using his magic to erase the effect of Damnatio's spell. Yami goes to attack Damnatio but Nozel and Fuegoleon Vermillion suddenly show up and block Yami's attack.

As everyone wonders why the two have arrived, Fuegoleon tells them that they have come to deliver a mission from the Julius. Fuegoleon explains how Asta and the Black Bulls are to investigate the devil, outside of the kingdom. Asta is confused about what is happening, which Yami tells him that they are going to take a trip out of the kingdom to prove his innocence.[5] As the Parliament discuss the mission that Julius have issued, Damnatio informs Asta that the scales may have tipped in his favor but he will have Asta executed own the scales tip in the opposite directions.

After the Trial

Once the trials have finished, Damnatio meets with Julius. Julius and Damnatio then discuss about the mission that Julius had given the Black Bulls and what would happen if they failed. Julius tells Damnatio that he has faith that they will succeed, and that one day he is sure that Damnatio's scales will lean in favor of Asta and his friends. Damnatio tells Julius that there are currently more important things for him to do, but he will judge Julius, along with Asta, if the kingdom should tip in the scales. Damnatio then leaves, which Marx suddenly rushes into the room. Marx is shocked by Julius's appearance, but expresses how glad he is that Julius is alive.[6]

Love and Curses

At another location, Sol meets with Charlotte and informs her what Yami had done for them. As Charlotte thinks about how memories she has when she was possessed, when Sol tells her that Yami has arrived. As Charlotte is worried about Yami being there and wants Sol to kick him out, Sol says that she will let him stay this once since he had helped them out. Yami then asks about how she is doing, but then starts to asks about when she was possessed by that magic. Charlotte panics and runs out of the room, out of the building, and then across a river. As Yami watches as Charlotte runs away, Yami comments about how he wanted to asks if she had any leads on the forbidden magic that had affected her when she was young.[7]

After running away, Charlotte stops and sits on a roof top. Charlotte contemplates how she cannot just confess her feelings about Yami. After thinking for a little bit, Charlotte stands up with a resolve. Later Charlotte meets with the rest of her squad, and informs them that she will resign from her position as captain since she has fallen in love with Yami. The squad start to cheer for Charlotte, much to the shock of both Charlotte and Sol. Suddenly Yami and Asta show up, much to the shock and excitement of the Blue Rose squad. The Blue Rose members quickly push Charlotte to Yami, so that she can confess to Yami but all Charlotte does is mumble. Yami tells Charlotte that he already knows that Charlotte hates him, but Asta intervenes and says that he does not think that Charlotte hates Yami. Yami gets angry at Asta for butting in, which Asta explains how Charlotte truly trusts Yami but its hard for her to express how she truly feels. After listening to Asta, Charlotte thanks Asta, while also apologizing to him for what had happened, and then asks Yami to dinner for discuss what he wanted to talk about.

Later Yami and Charlotte are having dinner at a restaurant, which they discuss about that curse that Charlotte had been put on her. Charlotte explains how the curse was put on her by mages that had a grudge against her family. Charlotte also says that the curse might be from a Forbidden Magic, and how there is someone in the Black Bulls that is experiencing a stronger Forbidden Magic curse than hers.[8]

Elsewhere Dorothy is helping fix the city, when Noelle shows up and asks about her mother and the devils. Dorothy leaves the rest of the clean up work to her squad, and takes Noelle into her Glamour World spell. After messing with Noelle for a second, Dorothy tells Noelle that her mother Acier was killed by a curse that was cast by a devil. Dorothy also explains how the devil was summoned and that the devil's name is Megicula.[9]

Later, Yami has Asta, Gauche, and Grey accompany Gordon to gain some information about curses from his family. As the four reach the Gordon's family home, Asta, Gauche, and Grey are shocked that they all look similar to Gordon. Gordon's family invites them to have dinner, to which the four agree. As they are having dinner, Asta, Gauche, and Grey have an awkward with Gordon's family. Once Gordon's mother, sister, and grandmother leave, Gordon explains to his father how he wants to help out his friends which his father agrees to it.

Gordon's father, Nathan, brings them to the room that their family has been researching everything about curses. Nathan also explains how he has waited for Gordon to return, because Gordon's magic and talent make him worthy of inheriting of take over the family research. Gordon tells his father that he will not return to the family and says that he just wants to help his friends. Nathan tells Gordon about all the ways that humans can die and that he will teach Gordon all of it, which Gordon wonders what life means to his father. Nathan says that Gordon must experience it for himself and manages to stab Asta. Asta notices that nothing has happened, Nathan explains what he had learned about Asta when he had stabbed him. Nathan then explains how he has converted their family's teachings into helping cure people, but he cannot help Asta when his arms were broken since he had just starts to converse their family's knowledge. The four are shocked that Gordon's father is a healing mage.

Nathan tells the others that he understand their situation and that he will help them. Nathan uses a spell that reveals all the location were the curses in the kingdom are located. Asta, Gordon, Gauche, and Grey notice that a powerful curse is located at their base, which they figure that Henry is the one with the curse. They also notice that a powerful curse is located within the Heart Kingdom.[10]

The Heart Kingdom

Yami informs his squad that they cannot infiltrate the Heart Kingdom, because of the kingdom's trap magic that is at their borders. Noelle tells Yami that Mimosa had been to the Heart Kingdom and that they are currently studying there too, which Yami tells Finral to get on it. Finral is glad that he will have a chance to see his brother at the Golden Dawn headquarters.

At the Golden Dawn's headquarters, Langris is with Finesse and is being informed about everything that is happening. FInral shows up with a gift, which Langris explains how he does not deserve any of this for what he had done. Finral says that is was not Langris's fault, but Langris that he was still saved by his brother and that he had even heard what his brother's squad did at the trail. Finral then tells Langris that he work hard to be acknowledged as worthy of leading the house of Vaude, and that he will make Finesse happy. Finral apologizes to Finesse for making her wait for him and that he swears that he will become a worthy man for her, which Finesse tells Finral to not be long. Langris brings Finral out of the room to talk with him in private. Once they get outside, Langris starts to say that Finral would be able to make Finesse happy when suddenly two members of the Golden Dawn comes across the two. Finral sees that they are women and invites them out for tea, which Langris yells at Finral about how Finral is cursed to be a womanizer and can never make Finesse happy. Finral realizes what Langris had yelled at him about, while Langris walks away and comments about how he will not let his brother find his happiness so easily.

Elsewhere at the Golden Dawn headquarters, Asta and Noelle meet with Mimosa about her time in the Heart Kingdom. Mimosa tells the two that she had studied aboard with her brother in the Heart Kingdom, and explains everything she had experienced while there. Mimosa also explains how power the princess of the Heart Kingdom is and that she sees everything that happens within her kingdom. Mimosa then tells the two that she will help them out by handling the applications to enter the Heart Kingdom, which they thank her for.

Exploring the Heart Kingdom

Sometime later, Asta, Mimosa, Noelle, and Finral are all heading towards the Heart Kingdom on a boat. As the boat enter through a fog, Mimosa explains that only those that have permission from the Heart Kingdom may enter the Heart kingdom. As the boat exits the fog, Asta, Noelle, and Finral are amazed as they witness the Heart kingdom. At another location, the princess notices that Clover Kingdom's power of the devil has arrived and comments about how she must have that power.[11]

As Finral and the others wonder were they should dock, a mage from the Heart Kingdom named Gadjah greets them and tells them to just continue on. As they wonder were they can go since they have reach an end to the river, a staircase suddenly appears and the boat continues on. As they are amazed by this, Gadjah reveals to them that the mist barrier and rivers are all controlled by their princess's mana zone. Gadjah also explains how since the beginning of their kingdom's founding, their rulers have pledged their devotion to the water spirit in order to borrowing the spirit's power. Noelle comments about how one princess is capable of protecting a country this massive, which Gadjah says that the princess is capable of for now but the future remains uncertain.

Suddenly Asta is surrounding by water and taken off the boat. As Noelle and Mimosa wonder what is going on, Gadjah tells them that they need something for the sake of their own peace. Mimosa, Noelle, and Finral jump off the boat, and use Finral's magic to get closer to Asta. When Gadjah manages to catch up to Finral, Noelle uses a spell to block Gadjah from harming Finral, which Finral then uses his magic to get away. They notice that Gadjah is not using magic to float, and prepare to battle him. Gadjah also decides to face them, which Noelle wonders what kind of magic that Gadjah is using. At another location, Asta is transported to a large hole. When Asta reaches the bottom the hole, he is greeted by the princess and is told that she requires his devil for the sake of her country.[12]

As Gadjah prepares to attack, Noelle notices that Gadjah uses lightning magic but wonders about the runes that surround Gadjah. Gadjah launches a spell at Noelle, but Noelle is about to dodge it because of her valkyria dress. Gadjah has his spell change direction and chase Noelle, but FInral uses his spatial magic to block the spell. Mimosa also attacks with a spell but misses Gadjah. Mimosa then tells Gadjah to return Asta or they will be forced to fight him. Gadjah thinks about how Mimosa has gotten stronger and how Finral uses his magic. Gadjah tells them that he will show them the difference in their stages and sends that runes around him into the sky. A thundercloud appears in the sky, which Noelle notices that this is bad. Gadjah tells them that humans cannot compare to the abudant massive mana of nature.

At Asta's location, Asta enters his black form in order to face off against multiple waters that are shaped like female swordsmen. Asta then uses his Black Hurricane spell to take out all of his opponents. Suddenly a figure appears with a large amount of water and how Asta's power of negation would be incredibly useful but quite unpleasant. The figure then introduces themselves as one of the four great elemental spirits, Undine, and that she has form a pact with the princess of the Heart Kingdom. Undine traps Asta within her waters, and proclaims that Asta is far beneath a Ninth Stage. Asta wonders what that Ninth Stage means, which Undine explains how they use a system to measure a person's magical abilities. Undine then chains Asta up under the water, and proclaims that the highest rank is Stage Zero.

At Gadjah's location, Gadjah uses the thundercloud to launch a spell at Noelle, Mimosa, and Finral. After the spell hits, Gadjah thinks about how he cannot sense their mana and how the three might have escaped by using Finral's spatial magic. While a portal appears behind Gadjah, Secre reaches Asta and transforms back to a human. Secre says that their power cannot be measured by talent alone, and uses a spell to release Asta. While Undine notices Secre's magic, Gadjah manages to locate were Noelle, Mimosa, and Finral are at. At another location, Mimosa uses a spell to pinpoint were Gadjah is and tells Finral were Gadjah is at. Noelle then fires a spell through Finral's portal and manages to hit Gadjah, while proclaiming that she will not back down before she show what she can do.

At Asta's location, Asta thinks about how he need to control his Anti Magic in order to keep his body from being dragged away. Asta notices that there is a person behind a curtain of water, and that there must be air in there too. Asta then cuts through the curtain, much to the shock of Undine.[13] Once inside the curtain, Asta sees that there is a statue sitting in the chair but thinks about how he had sensed someone before. Suddenly Asta notices someone on a fluffy rug and approaches them. Undine pulls Asta away from the person, and asks the person, Lolopechka, what they are doing. Suddenly Asta and Secre notices that Lolopechka is the princess of the Heart Kingdom.

Magic Stages and the Devil's Curse

Elsewhere, Gadjah manages to defends himself against Noelle's spell and thinks about how strong the three are as they work together. Gadjah then manages to find out were the three are and heads out to were they are. Once Gadjah reaches the three, he apologizes for forcing them in a battle to test their magic stage.

Back at Asta location, Lolopechka explains to Asta and Secre how the magic stages work and how fighting a devil requires a of First Stage or greater mage. After hearing about the devil, Asta informs Lolopechka that they came to the Heart Kingdom because they is a powerful curse that may belong to a devil. Undine thinks about how only Gadjah should know about that information and how they have to keep it a secret, but Lolopechka reveals that she is the one that is cursed and that she may one have about a year to live. Undine tells Lolopechka that they were keeping that a secret, but then tells Asta that that is the reason that is why they brought him here to test his magic stage. Undine and Lolopechka says that they want Asta to defeat the devil Megicula since both the Clover Kingdom and Heart Kingdom suffer from the that devil.

Suddenly Lolopechka says that she had forgotten to do something and runs off, much to the surprise to both Asta and Secre. Lolopechka then uses her magic to do multiple tasks around the Heart Kingdom, which Secre notices how well she is about to control her magic around the kingdom. Undine forces Lolopechka to change into her royal clothes, and explains how Lolopechka is an irreplaceable existence to the kingdom. Undine also says that the devil, Megicula, currently resides within that land.

In the Diamond Kingdom, Magna, Luck and Vanessa head into the Diamond Kingdom to scout it out but finds out that a single mage has defeated most of the Diamond Kingdom's soldiers. Vanessa tells Luck to not try and fight with the mage, but Luck replies that he truly does not want to fight him.[14]

At the Heart Kingdom, Noelle, Mimosa, Finral, and Gadjah arrive at the building and are greeted by Asta and Lolopechka. As Mimosa, Noelle, and Finral are amazed about how beautiful the princess is, Finral says that he has to change. Lolopechka asks Mimosa, Noelle, Finral, and Asta that they need their strength, which they wonder why they need their strength. Lolopechka explains how a devil are stronger then Stage Zero mages, and how the Clover Kingdom has been able to develop their own magic that is different from the Heart Kingdom. Lolopechka also explains how people like Asta and Secre, who command unique type of magic, cannot be measured by the magic stage system are called Arcane Stage. Lolopechka tells them that if they help them, then they will share information with them. Noelle says that they have to first asks their superiors and contacts Yami, but he tells them to not bother him since he is in the bathroom. Mimosa says that she figured something like this would happen and decides to contact Marx. After getting in contact with Marx and explains the situation, Julius over hears this and agrees to it.

Asta asks how powerful the devil is, which Lolopechka says that it is most powerful then the devil that Asta faced against. Asta thinks about how he were only able to defeat the devil because they had Lemiel and Licht with them. Lolopechka explains how the devil, Megicula, has made the Spade Kingdom its home, so that it can accumulate enough power to invade the Heart, Clover, and Diamond Kingdoms. Lolopechka says that she wants to attack the Spade Kingdom within six months, and that the Hearts Kingdom's five Stage Zero mages will help train people in order to accomplish that. They all agrees to this, as others also prepare for this.[15]

Magic Knight Squad Captain Meeting

Following the meeting with Lolpechka, Julius requests that Marx gather all of the Magic Knight Squad Captains so they can discuss what they are to do against the Spade Kingdom. Back at the Black Bull's Hideout, Asta and the others return from the Heart Kingdom, where they tell Yami what they learnt while there. While they are discussing things, Magna, Luck, and Vanessa reveal what they witnessed the Dark Triad do while they were in the Diamond Kingdom, and how Luck was too afraid to even want to fight the person that they saw.[16]

The next day, in the capital, all of the Squad Captains, and Owen disguised as Julius to keep the fact that he has been turned into a kid hidden from the people of the Clover Kingdom hidden, make an appearance to show that even after everything that has occurred, they are still standing strong. William Vangeance says that the Magic Emperor is unable to speak due to the a sore throat, soon gives the an introduction to Augustus Kira Clover XIII, with Seke being his servant. When the Augustus comes out, the people are not very frilled to see him. He attempts to make a speech, but it gets interrupted by Yami and Jack fighting each other, who do not even realize what is going on.[17]




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