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The Spade Kingdom Raid Arc 「スペード王国攻略編 Supēdo Ōkoku Kōryaku-hen[1] is the 10th arc of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Return to the Clover Kingdom[]

The Black Bulls return to the Clover Kingdom and bring Asta to be examined. Owen tells them that Asta is going to live but Asta's right arm is a mystery. Grey asks Owen to examine Gauche, and Owen finds out that Gauche's tissue has been reassembled and comments about how Grey's true magic might not be Transformation Magic. Owen then tells them that there will be a captain's meeting later and that the Black Bulls should get some rest for now.

That night, Asta wakes up and quickly rushes out to try to save Yami. While leaving the hospital, Asta is immobilized by Nacht Faust's Shadow Magic. Nacht says that it is stupid to head out to save Yami since there are two more people that are just as strong as Dante there. Asta says that he has to still go, breaks himself free, and goes to attack, but Nacht easily restrains Asta and explains how a human who cannot defeat him will never be able to rescue Yami. Asta admits that he needs to get stronger, and Nacht says that he likes Asta since he is a good person. Nacht then reveals that he is the vice-captain of the Black Bulls and can use the power of a devil.[2] Asta notices that Nacht has a devil on his shoulder, which Nacht introduces his devil, Gimodelo to Asta. Asta notices that Nacht has the Black Bulls insignia on him and figures that Ncht is tells the truth about being the vice-captain, and Nacht explains how Yami just made him the vice-captain and that no one else knows because he has only even been to the base once. Asta wonders why. Nacht says that he hates Yami, has been undercover in the Spade Kingdom, and knows that Yami will be alright for a little while. Asta says that he does not know if he can trust Nacht but says that Nacht is the only one that he can turn to and asks to be trained, to which Nacht replies that he likes Asta and will train him. Asta wants to train right away, but Nacht refuses since Asta needs to get some sleep and that he wants to attend a meeting tomorrow.

The next day, all the captains, plus Yuno, meet with Julius Novachrono. After hearing the report about what the Black Bulls found how about the Spade Kingdom's plans, Rill Boismortier, Charlotte Roselei, Yuno, Jack the Ripper, Fuegoleon Vermillion, and Kaiser Granvorka discuss about how powerful the Dark Triad are and guess what is happening right now. When Jack gets upset and wants to leave, Nozel and Charlotte get into an argument with Jack about him leaving. Fuegoleon tries to get them to stop, but they are all surprised when Nacht suddenly shows up, with Asta, and comments about how they should hold a proper meeting with them being quiet for a while.[3] The captains prepare to attack Nacht, but Nacht summons four devils to stop their attacks. Julius tells the captains that Nacht is a the vice-captain of the Black Bulls and that he has been spying in the Spade Kingdom all this time. The captains figure that this might be true. Jack recognizes Nacht, but Nacht says that that man is gone.

Nacht then explains the Dark Triad's plan to open a door to the underworld: They are starting the preparation for the ritual now, there are seven gates that need to be opened, and between these gates are ten devils in separate locations that match the Tree of Qliphoth. Nacht notes that the lower level devils are the strongest and if the strongest, Lucifero, were to emerge, then the world would end. Nacht explains how both Yami and Vengeance will live until the last devil emerges, then they will die. Rill wonders why the Dark Triad would do this, to which Nacht replies that they cannot begin to understand the reasoning of the Dark Triad, and that the Dark Triad are paragons of people who harm others for their own benefit. Nacht proclaims that he hates those kind of people the most. Since he cannot defeat them on his own, Nacht wishes to make Asta the ultimate warrior since Anti Magic has that potential, and to build an elite unit around Asta with the potential to defeat the devils for an assault on the Spade Kingdom. With three days before the first gate opens, they will rescue Yami and William along with destroying the Tree of Qliphoth.[4]

Nacht explains how they will infiltrate the castle and defeat the Dark Triad, and also explains what magics the Dark Triad each have. Nacht says that he will select a few individuals for this mission since his magic cannot transport a large crowd, which Jack replies that it obviously that Nacht choose from among the captains. Yuno begs to be let on the mission to, but Jack that there is no way they are taking him since Yuno has already lost once. Fuegoleon tells Yuno that protecting the kingdom is also an important mission. Nacht asks about a member of the Resistance that oppose the Dark Triad that is at Yuno's place and just who Yuno is, which Yuno replies that he is apparently the prince of the Spade Kingdom. Yuno explains the how he was brought to the Clover Kingdom and that Ralph should know about the Dark Traid along with the layout of the Spade Kingdom castle. Jack says that Ralph and Yuno could be a spy, but Yuno says that its no point if he is not the one to save Vangeance.

Yuno says that the captains do not trust Vangeace since the elf incident, but explains how Vangeance has been working harder since that incident. Yuno also explains how Vangeance protected the Golden Dawn during his fight with Zenon and even proclaimed that the Golden Dawn is his pride and dream. Yuno says that they are alive because Vangeance protected them and that they will prove the Golden Dawn is the strongest squad, since they he will be the one to rescue Vangeance. Jack tries to tell Yuno to be quiet, but Sylph tells him to be silence since she is storing mana to take down Zenon. Nacht sees that Yuno does have a chance to fight and agrees to let Yuno join them. Nacht then explains when they will depart for the Spade Kingdom, and that he will send details later. Fuegoleon says that he wants to ask the Heart Kingdom for help, which Charlotte says that they have lost contact with them yesterday. Nacht explains how all three of the Dark Triad had left the Spade Kingdom yesterday and that Vanica may have gone to the Heart Kingdom.

Elsewhere, Noelle wakes up and sees that she is surrounded by Patolli, Fana, Vetto, and Rhya.[5] Noelle notices that others and wonders where they are. Patolli says that they are a the new elf village, Elysia. Suddenly two children appear, which Patolli explains how they are the descendants of Licht and Tetia. Secre remembers how she found a wounded Tetia and used her magic to seal the wound. Secre thinks about how she did not know what happened to Tetia because of what happened to her and is glad that Tetia was able to live. Patolli explains they figured out their reason for staying in this world once they learned of this place. Mimosa asks why they save them, which Patolli replies that they received a divine revelation from Dryad to do so. Patolli says that they were not able to make it in time, but the six were able to not only survive but save the Heart Kingdom too. Noelle says that they were not strong enough since they could not defeat their enemy and Lolopechka was even taken. Noelle asks them to help them to get stronger. Patolli asks if they are even able to get stronger within a short amount of time, which Noelle replies that give up would be harder (which the others agree with her). Patolli then says that they can get stronger using the elves' esoteric art, Ultimate Magic.[6] Patolli takes them to meet Dryad, who trains them to attain Ultimate Magic.[7]

Later Julius manages to contact Gadjah and informs him about the mission to invade the Spade Kingdom, which Gadjah agrees to join them while informing Julius that he and the Clover Kingdom's Magic Knights are training with the elves.

At the Black Bulls base, Nacht informs Vanessa, Finral, and Grey that he is the vice-captain of the Black Bulls and about the mission to rescue Yami and Vangeance. Finral wonders why Nacht has never been to the base, which Nacht tells him that he hates the Black Bulls and that he is only the vice-captain to have more freedom to be a Magic Knight. Nacht also insults all the members of the Black Bulls, which they do not like, and comments about how they should get stronger if they want to rescue Yami, while leaving.[8]

Devil-Binding Ritual[]

Elsewhere, Nacht and Asta arrive at a decreped house with his Shadow Magic, which Nacht explains his magic to Asta, who was curious about it. Once inside the house, Nacht uses his Dark Garden Invitation to send him and Asta to a chamber. Nacht then explains to Asta how Asta is going to perform a devil bonding ritual and explains how it works. Asta steps on to the platform, which cause the devil with in Asta's grimoire to be summoned. The devil comments about it has been a long time since he has been in the physical word.[8] Asta thanks the devil since he has saved Asta multiple times. The devil comments about how Asta is an idiot and that he is going to kill Asta, which Asta replies that he will not let that happen. The devil summons the Demon-Slayer sword and says that Asta will not be able to defeat him, while using the sword to attack Asta. Asta says that he does not want to fight, which Nacht says that Asta has to fight or the devil will take over Asta's body. Nacht explains how the bones around the platform belong to those that have fail the ritual. Asta figures that this ritual is forbidden magic that they should not be doing this, which Nacht explains how this is the only way for Asta to get stronger. As the devil continues his assault, Nacht comments about how Asta will die if he does not attack. Asta replies that he can sense that the devil is not trying to kill him. Nacht comments about how there is no devil with principles, which the devil says that all devils are scumbags. As the devil proclaims that he is going to take Asta's body, Asta says that just because he is a devil, does not necessary mean that they are a bad guy. Hearing this, the devil remembers a woman saying just that.[9]

The devil thinks back to how he was terrorized by the other devils while he was in the underworld. One day he was able to escape the underworld, when a powerful devil threw him at the gate of the underworld. While walking in the human world, the people had feared him and he was attacked by powerful Magic Knights. The next thing he knew, he was rescued by a woman named Richita. The devil wondered why she was not afraid of him, and Richita explained why she is not afraid of him. Richita told him that he could stay with her and even gave him the name Liebe. He found his time with her to be enjoyable. Suddenly one day, Lucifero tried to take over Liebe's body, which Richita managed to stop but at the cost of her life. Before she died, Richita sealed Liebe inside of the five leaf grimoire, to keep him safe.

Angered by the memory of all of this, Liebe proclaims that he is going to kill all of the devils.[10] Asta senses Liebe's feelings and says that he is going to accept those feelings and win the fight. Asta manages to land a blow on Liebe, and Liebe takes control of the other two swords. As Liebe continues his assault, he thinks about how he had trained while inside of the grimoire and was glad that the grimoire had chosen a user. Asta uses all the knowledge he obtained while fighting powerful mages, and manages to attack Liebe while dodging Liebe's assault.[11] Asta manages to win against Liebe. Chains appear around Liebe's neck. Nacht explains how Asta has completed the ritual and that he can now make Liebe his servant. Asta then asks Liebe to be his friend, which Nacht wonders what Asta is doing. Asta explains his reasoning by he wants to create a contract on equal turns, which Liebe agrees to it and even reveals his name to Asta.

As the contract is formed, Nacht compliments them while entering the platform. Nacht then combines with one of his devils and says that the real training will start now.[12] Nacht says that Asta will have to unite with Liebe in order to defeat him, and attack with his magic. Asta enters black Asta mode and counters Nacht's magic but Nacht says that what Asta is doing is not Union. Asta asks Liebe how to use Union, but Liebe replies that he does not know. Nacht says that Asta will have to figure it out himself. Nacht also explains how Union allows the user to add the characteristics of a devil to their magic. Nacht reveals that the devil's characteristic that he is using, is pack and summons multiple werewolves made of shadows. As Asta combats the wolves, he proclaims that he will surpass his limit which Nacht says that he does not like that saying.[13]

Elsewhere, Yuno is training when he notices that Langris is hiding near by. Yuno tells Langris to come out and asks why he is there. Langris replies that he came to help since Yuno would need to fight a Spatial Magic user. Yuno accepts Langris's help since he believes that Langris should have gotten stronger.

Back at Asta's location, Asta and Liebe lose against Nacht again and heal their wounds by eating some food that was made by the Spade Kingdom's Resistance. Asta suddenly gets an idea which Liebe goes along with since Asta gets a good idea 9 out of the 10 times, but it fails. Nacht tells them that it is time to meet up with the others, and Asta realizes that it has been two days already. Nacht says that since it did not work out, they will have to die and uses Dark Prison Hunting Ground to engulf them in shadows. As Nacht starts to attack them, Asta and Liebe think about why they want more power and why they cannot let the other one die. Suddenly a light shines through, which shocks Nacht.[14]

In the Spade Kingdom, Zenon meets with Moris Libardirt and asks about his brother. Moris tells Zenon that his Dante will be fine and that he will also be stronger than before. Inside the tank, Dante thinks about how he cannot wait to fight Asta again. Zenon then asks about the other projects, and Moris tells him that they are doing just fine.

Back at Asta's location, Asta has managed to undo Nacht's magic. Nacht thinks about how Asta can be strong and tells the two that he has lost. Asta is excited that he will be able to join the mission, but Nacht says that Asta cannot go right now since he still needs to fully master his union. Nacht then leaves Gimodelo there to train for more, and tells them they will be waiting for their arrival.[15]

Raiding the Spade Kingdom[]

At the Clover Kingdom capital, everyone prepares for the attack on the Spade Kingdom.[15] Once Nacht arrives, some of the captains wonder were Asta is which Nacht replies that he will come later. Nacht then uses his Shadow Corridor spell to transport the others to the Spade Kingdom.

In the Spade Kingdom, Moris informs Zenon that the Resistance has shown themselves. As the Resistance proclaims that they will take the kingdom back from them, the Magic Knights arrive within the Spade Kingdom castle. Suddenly a huge demon confronts the Resistance, while Zenon proclaims that only the strong are recognized as citizens of the Spade Kingdom. Fuegoleon notices the mana outside and wonders if the Resistance will be okay, which Nacht says that they will be okay. Outside, Mereoleona shows up and attacks the demon while proclaiming that she will help the resistance.[16] Inside the castle, the Magic Knights split up and remember what Nacht told them on how to stop the Advent of Qliphoth. Outside, Mereoleona thinks about how she met Nacht and that she realizes that she can get stronger. They notice that the demon is unhurt, so Mereoleona uses her Hellfire Incarnate spell to increase her power. Mereoleona then uses her Calidos Brachium Purgatory: Abyss spell to pummel the demon into the ground. Inside the castle, Rill and Charlotte confront Vanica, Yuno and Langris confront Zenon, and Nacht and Jack confront Dante.[17]

Zenon notices that Yuno is alive and wonders how, to which Yuno replies that it is because of William's magic. Yuno also proclaims that they will take back William once they defeat Zenon, and attacks Zenon. Zenon blocks the spell, and Yuno thinks about how Zenon uses his Bone Magic as a defense while using his Spatial Magic to disrupt his opponent's mana. Langris then attacks with his Archangel's Crash spell, but Zenon disrupts it with his Spatial Magic. Langris decides to attack with a larger spell, Archangel's Destruction, but Zenon counters by covering the area with his Spatial Mana Domination to disrupt the mana of his opponents. Zenon tells them that they will die without being able to take a single step and attacks. Sylph suddenly appears and proclaims that they are going to defeat Zenon. Yuno and Sylph activate their Spirit Dive and Spirit of Boreas spells. Zenon notices the mana and wonders about it since he cannot disrupt it. Yuno says that he will become the Wizard King and that he will defeat Zenon. Zenon notices that he cannot take control of the mana surrounding Yuno and figures that Yuno is beloved by mana. Yuno manages to break through Zenon's defense and lands a blow.[18] Yuno says that Zenon will be the one to die, while regretting that he has ever meddled with the Golden Dawn. Langris sees this and thinks about how they will be able to stop the Advent of Qliphoth, while also thinking about how they will rescue their captain.

Elsewhere, Vanica comments about her disappointment with how neither of the intruders are Noelle. Vanica tells the two that she will see if they are worth having fun with if they can defeat two of the Eight Shining Generals that she has with her. Charlotte attacks with her Corpse-Hunting Briar Trees spell, but the two generals are able to counter it. Vanica comments about how the generals are more powerful thanks to Moris's experiments and her curse. Rill counters the generals' spell with his Souterrain Groundswell and Sirène's Game spells. Vanica sees both captains' magics and comments about how Charlotte is holding Rill back. Vanica then comments about how she wishes to face Asta and Yami, but will hold back since Yami's death will open the gate to the underworld. Charlotte thinks about what she learned about her magic and how she was able to get stronger by using the curse that has restrained her magic. Charlotte then activates her Blue Rose Paradise spell and explains how the spell get stronger, the stronger the enemy's curse is. Megicula comments about what Charlotte has done and how fascinating it is. Charlotte also activates her Queen of Briars spell and proclaims how she is able to use both her blue roses and red roses thanks to everything that she has gone through. Charlotte thinks about how she will save Yami and show him how strong he has become, while Rill thinks about how Charlotte was able to become a captain while not using her true power. Vanica gets excited and wants to fight, but Charlotte says that she will not fight and starts to wrap Vanica with her Briar. Vanica tries to get out of the Briar but the Briar just wraps stronger around her. As Vanica proclaims that they will have the best fight ever, but Charlotte replies that Vanica can die without getting her wish and completely wraps Vanica with her briars.[19]

At Dante's location, Jack attacks Dante with his Death Scythe: Lunatic Slash but Dante easily heals himself thanks to Moris's sorcery science improving his body's regenerative abilities. Dante activates his devil's power and proclaims that only Anti-magic will hurt him. Nacht thinks about how they will have to gamble on Jack's magic since it can cut through anything. Dante says that he has no need for them and uses his Presence of the Demon King on the two. Nacht uses his Unite Mode: Equus to counter the spell, which Dante gets excited about facing another devil possessed. Dante and Nacht then trade blows, which Nacht figures that he will not be able to land a critical hit. Dante turns his attention to Jack and comments about how he does not need him, while attacking. Jack thinks back to who his father was, his father's reaction to learning what Jack's magic was, and when he started to like to cut things up. Nacht manages to protect Jack, but notices that Jack is using his magic to create small blades all over his body. As Dante comments about how Yami was the only captain that kept him entertained, Jack manages to cut through Dante's gravity and get himself up. Jack then slashes Dante multiple times, but Dante says that that is useless. As Dante prepares to use his Gravity Singularity spell, but Jack easily cuts through the spell and manages to wound Dante.[20]

The First Gate Opens[]

Outside the Spade Castle, Mereoleona manages to defeat the demon which the resistance are amazed with Mereoleona's power. Suddenly Ralph appears before the Resistance and informs them about Yuno.

Inside the Spade Castle, Plumede informs Nacht about what has happened to the other two members of the Dark Triad. As Dante says that Jack will entertain him too, but Jack tells Dante to shut up and just die already. Suddenly everyone feels a presence, which they notice that roots are spreading through the spade castle. Nacht unites with Plumede, Unite Mode: Felis, and uses his Heaven's Shadow Second Sight spell to view the site were the Qliphoth Advent Ritual is at, which Nacht notices that Moris is there. Moris thinks about how he was able to use the power of a devil host to transplant the wisdom of the Heart Kingdom into himself and used it to accelerate the growth of the Tree of Qliphoth.

Nacht notices that the gate to the underworld is opening and they have to eliminate Moris, but suddenly two devils appear before him. The devils attack, which Nacht manages to dodge while Jack is sent flying into the wall.[21] Nacht notices that these devils are of the highest order and that they are stronger then he had predicted. Lilith and Nahamah comment about how fun they are having, while Nacht continues to dodge their attacks.

Outside the castle, everyone notices devils erupting from the castle gates. Mereoleona thinks about how the magic feels the same as Zagred's, but her thoughts are interrupted by the demon standing back up. Mereoleona sees this and comments about how the real fight starts now.

Inside the Spade Castle, the Dark Triad notices that gate to the underworld is open and each of them use 100% of their devil's power. Dante pulls Jack towards him and comments about how Jack will continue to fight him a little while longer. At Vanica's location, Vanica confronts Charlotte and comments about how she likes Charlotte and wants her come with her. At Zenon's location, Yuno notices that Zenon's power has gotten stronger and the damage that Zenon has received, is all healed.

Elsewhere, Nacht thinks about how he has to deal with Moris but he cannot do anything until the two devils in front of him is dealt with. Nacht figures that their best move to win is with Asta, and asks Plumede to die with him. At Zenon's location, Zenon tells Yuno and Langris that they will be the ones to die since they will have nowhere to return to.

At the Clover Kingdom, the people notice a demon is approaching and start to freak out.[22] Back at the Spade Kingdom, Zenon explains how two royals of the Spade Kingdom has turn themselves into demon to try to kill each other and were sealed away. Zenon says that the Dark Triad have unseal them and wonders if the Clover Kingdom will be able to protect itself. Outside the castle, Mereoleona notices that the demon is absorbing mana through its wings and that it has gotten stronger.

Back at the Clover Kingdom, Julius figures that he is currently no match for the demon and apologizes Damnatio Kira for needing his power. As the demon charges towards the capital, Kaiser and other members of the Purple Orca show up and stop the demon. As the Purple Orca deal with the demon, The Blue Rose, Green Mantis, and Crimson Lion squads evacuate the citizens. As the demon prepare to fire a blast, Kirsch Vermillion and Nebra Silva use their spells to block the demon's sight. The demon fires a beam through the haze, but Solid's Sea Serpent's Bellow manages to divert the beam. The demon brushes off the Magic Knights holding it back and fires another blast. Damnatio uses his Scale Regulate spell to weaken the blast, which Julius that the chance to block the weaken blast. As everyone is glad that Julius has shown up, Julius thinks about how he has a limited amount of time before he reverts. As Julius and Damnatio attacks the demon together, but suddenly Julius reverts to his child form and Damnatio cannot restrain the demon any more.

As the demon prepares to fire a larger blast, Asta drives his Black Divider into the mass of mana and then unites with Liebe.[23] Asta manages to erase the blast and easily cuts through one of the demon's hands. Asta then tells Damnatio to watch him since he will protect the kingdom with the help of a devil. As the image of a devil appears in the sky, the citizens start to panic but Rebecca Scarlet tells them that the image is Asta and that he is there to protect the kingdom. The other Magic Knights are amazed by the sight. As Asta attacks the demon, Julius notes that Anti Magic is the demon's weakness. Asta cuts off one of the demon's hands and then splits its torso with a slash, which shocks and amazes everyone. As Asta celebrates, Gimodelo appears and worries that Nacht will die, so Asta declares that they are heading to the Spade Kingdom.[24] Asta realizes that it would take too long to fly there, and Gimodelo says that he would need Nacht to preform a long-distance teleport. Suddenly Asta's transformation comes undone, and as he falls, he is teleported to the castle, where Finral and the other Black Bulls are waiting for him.

In the Spade Kingdom, the Resistance takes on the devils while Makusa and Valtos protect and evacuate the citizens. As devils overpower the Resistance, Fuegoleon appears from the castle and has Salamander burn the devils. Fuegoleon comments about how their countries may be different, but their desire to protect their citizens is the same. Suddenly more devils appear and attack Fuegoleon, but Fuegoleon and Salamander deal with the devils. When devils break into the Magic Knights refuge, some members of the Resistance hold off the devils. Suddenly a large lightning bolt defeats the devils without hurting the soldiers. The Spirit Guardians and the Magic Knights that trained with the elves have arrived. Noelle declares that they will not let the devils have their way with this world.[25] They use True Magic attacks to decimate the low-ranking devils. Four mid-ranking devils appear, but Luck's Lightning Battle Fiend spell cuts the devils to pieces. When the Spade Castle starts to burn and freeze, Luck senses that there is somebody they cannot afford to mess with in the castle.[26]

A few minutes before Noelle and the rest arrive, Nacht figures out that he has to separate the devils from Dante before they can take down the Dark Triad. As Jack continues to fight against Dante, Nacht decides to rely on Jack. Nacht uses Unite Mode: Gallus and uses it to stop the devils from moving. Nacht then transports the devils to a different location and traps them within his Dark Prison Hunting Ground spell. The devils get excited and attack with their magic but Nacht is able to dodge it. Nacht tries to attack Nahamah but it does not work, and figures that all he can do is dodge their attacks while trapping them in this prison. As the devils express how fun this is, Nacht expresses how he cannot forgive them and their unjust evil ways.

It is explained that House Faust was a distinguished noble family that had twin sons: Morgen who was a Magic Knight that was loved by others and Nacht who was a delinquent that used his magic for himself. One day, Yami visited the brothers with a mission for Morgen.[27] Nacht thinks about how he and his brother were polar opposite, and how he met Yami since they were similar. Later, Yami and Morgen had become Magic Knights and Morgen would try to get Nacht to join the Magic Knights. After the twins turned 18, their parents brought Nacht to a chamber under the house and explained the family's generation of studying devils. After hearing this, Nacht was overjoyed and figured that Morgen was the black sheep of the family while he fit in. As Yami and Morgen became a dynamic duo of light and dark in the Magic Knights, Nacht threw himself into the study of devils and showed a talent for it. When Nacht attempted to summon Lucifugus, Morgen snuck in and tried to stop it. As Morgen tried to explain the dangers, Nacht declared that he would surpass his limits. As Nacht summoned the devil, he noticed that the devil was too powerful and that it was killing everyone but him. Morgen grabbed ahold of Nacht's wrist and destroyed the bracelet linked to Lucifugus, canceling the ritual and sending the devil back to the underworld. Nacht then held Morgen in his arms, and Morgen explained that this was his fault for not reporting to the Magic Knights. Morgen then told Nacht that his dream was to stand by his brother's side and protect the kingdom's peace as Knights of shadow and light. As Morgen died, Nacht cried out to the gods to save Morgen but realized that no one would come to help him.[28]

As Lilith and Nahamah have pierced Nacht with burning needles made of ice. Nacht thinks about how he will never forgive himself until the day he dies. Nacht says that he is not trying to rectify their evil but he is going to kill them before they can lay a hand on any good people. In disbelief that he would say the phrase again, Nacht proclaims that he is going to surpass his limits here and now. Nacht thinks about how he does not care if he dies and that he has to do something against these high level devils. Nacht remembers when Yami came to him and told him about how Yami is going to make Nacht his vice-captain of his squad. Nacht thinks about how he will destroy evil with evil from the shadows until he dies. Nacht thinks about how all his devils are mid level devils and asks Plumede and Walgner to help him, which the two agree to it. Nacht combine both Plumede and Walgner's powers, which Lilith and Nahamah notice that Nacht's magic has grew. Nacht uses his Monument of Atonement spell to trap the three inside the world of shadows, and explains what is happening to them.

As Nacht seals them, the devils manages to break free which Nacht thinks about how this is impossible. Nacht then thinks about how the devil's magic, Demon Fire Magic and Demon Ice Magic, is capable of burning and freezing everything.[29] As the devils attack Nacht, Nacht screams out which the devils are delighted to hear. As Nacht thinks about how there is no humans that is capable of defeating these devils, Lilith and Nahamah decide to kill Nacht. As Nahamah goes to kill Nacht, Asta arrives and cuts off Nahamah's arm. Nacht figures that Anti-magic is the only thing that can defeat the devils, while Asta asks the devils what they are doing to their vice-captain. Nacht says that Asta is late but know Asta needs to defeat the Dark Triad and leave him since he does not matter. Asta frees Nacht from the Devil's magic and tells Nacht to not tell him that he does not matter since its thanks to Nacht that he has gotten stronger. Asta then tells Nacht to live and witness the strength that he has gotten. Nacht sees Morgen next to Asta and thinks about how he was hoping a new morning would dawn.

Suddenly Asta realizes that a minute has passed and comments about how he has to hurry since he can only use Demon Unite for five minutes. Lilith and Nahamah look at Nahamah's arm and start to laugh, and says that they have been in the underworld for centuries and nothing this entertaining ever happened. Liebe comments about how he never thought he'd run into Lilith and Nahamah in this world. Lilith and Nahamah tells Asta to give them an even better show and attack. Asta easily cuts through their magic, which Lilith and Nahamah surround Asta with their magic. Asta uses his Black Hurricane spell to dispel the magic surrounding him and attacks Nahamah. Both Lilith and Nahamah vanish and fuse with their magic. Lilith and Nahamah asks of Asta can swing his sword and hit them. As Lilith and Nahamah launches attacks at Asta, Asta dodges them all. Lilith and Nahamah wonder which of them will hit him first and if they can kill him. Asta pulls out his Demon-Destroyer Sword and dispels the devils' magic. As Lilith and Nahamah are confused by this, Asta takes the chance to cut Nahamah in half.[30] Lilith forces Asta away from Nahamah and heads over to Nahamah. Lilith comments about how it is a shame that Asta had gotten Nahamah first but then says that now they really will be able to play together. Lilith then fused Nahamah's remains and comments about how they cannot wait to hear Asta's screams since Asta is the ultimate prey. Nacht thinks about how Lilith and Nahamah's power has more than doubled and that it feels that he is going to go insane with how massive their power is. Asta tells Lilith that they are probably incredibly awesome and all but he cannot really tells since he cannot sense magic.

After hearing this, Lilith releases her magic but Asta is able to easily cut through it. Lilith takes this chance to head above the Spade Castle and creates a gigantic ball of magic. Lilith says that even through Asta would remain unharmed but everyone else will die, and that would hurt him. Lilith through the ball that the castle, which Asta manages to reflect it back by enlarging his Demon-Slayer Sword. Magna Swing and Zora Ideale see this and Magna wonders just how big Asta is going to get.[31] As the ball is reflected back, Lilith merges with it. Asta notices that he has two minutes left and uses his Demon-Dweller Sword to slash the ball. Asta enters the ball and is surround by fire and ice. Asta uses his Demon-Destroyer Sword to dispel the magic all around him, which Lilith wonders just what is Asta. Liebe thinks about how he was the weakest devil on the first level of the Underworld and how he could never have been a match for supreme devils. Liebe remember when Asta thanked him for being here, which Liebe thinks about how that is his line since he can now fight the supreme devil. Lilith wonders just who Asta is since her attacks do not work on him and Asta is able to attack her, even through there should not be anyone like that. Lilith thinks about how all life exists to entertain her, but this is no longer fun. Lilith wonders just what and who Asta is and what is this emotion she is feeling. Liebe expresses how Lilith had never learned what this is and explains that it is called fear.

Lilith remembers how Asta can only be in Unite form for five minutes, and starts to run away. Lilith figures that Asta cannot maintain his state for much longer and that she can win if she can stay away from him. Asta follows her but notices that he cannot catch her. As Lilith expresses what she will do to everyone in this world, Nacht shows up and restrains her. Asta catches up and uses his sword to slash her. Suddenly Asta and Liebe come undone, which they celebrate for defeating the devil.[32] As the devil is defeated, Nacht compliments Asta for completing Unite. Asta smiles and comments about how Nacht is really like Yami, which Nacht uses his magic on Asta and asks how he is like Yami. Nacht then thinks about how Asta is like him a long time ago. Suddenly Asta starts to feel pain and mentions how he cannot use Unite or his black form for 30 minutes now. Nacht thinks about how they have to defeat the Dark Triad to stop the next gate from opening and figures that the other mages will not be able to handle the Dark Triad for 30 minutes since they are using their devils' powers at 100%. Nacht also thinks about how Anti Magic can still be useful and figures what the worst situation is.

The Dark Triad Fall[]

Inside the castle, Jack continues to attack Dante but Dante easily heals himself and explains how his magic has already surpassed Jack's magic. Dante then compliments Jack for lasting this long, which Jack tells Dante to shove it and that he will slash Dante. Dante laughs and says that he will end Jack spectacularly since Jack had entertained him so much. Suddenly a cloud of ash appears and a fireball hits Dante. Magna and Zora appear from the Ash and greet Dante. Dante wonder who they are and comments about how nobodies like them should not be here. Jack notices who Magna and Zora are, and asks why they are here. Dante says that there is nothing here for Magna and Zora, which Magna replies that they are here to defeat Dante and rescue Yami. Dante comments about how there are people with lower magic than him, like Jack, who can entertain him, and how Magna and Zora's mana is too low and they do not appear to be Anti Magic or Arcane magic users. Dante says that it is pointless for both of them to fight him, which Magna replies that he will be the only one to fight Dante. Dante hears this and releases his mana, and tells Magna to quick mocking him and how taking Magna on will not even count as a fight. Magna feels Dante's mana and remembers how he could not go rescue Yami, when Yami was being kidnapped. Magna thinks about how he could not go back and with everything and pretend that being weak did not bother him.

Dante says that he has not intention of using his magic on Magna and that Magna can attack all he wants but once Magna is satisfied, Magna can get lost. Magna says that he will take Dante up on that offer and hits Dante with a fireball. Dante is fine and is unimpressed with Magna's attack, which a chain connects Dante and Magna together. As Dante examines the chain, he suddenly loses mana and notices that he is not at 100% percent anymore. As Magna charges towards Dante, he comments about how powerful half of Dante's mana is and how he could not squeeze out magic like this. Magna thinks about how why he came up with a spell like this, Soul Chain Deathmatch, and lands a blow on Dante's face while wrapping his fist in flames. Dante thinks about how he did not feel Magna first attack and wonders what just happened. Magna explains how his spell combines both their mana together and then splits it equally. Magna says that this is how he fights against ultimate types like Dante, and proclaims that Magna of the Black Bulls will crush Dante.[33]

Six months ago, Magna begs Zora to teach him to get strong since he cannot use the Heart Kingdom's way. Magna explains that he cannot let Luck get ahead of him and that he cannot drag the Black Bulls down. Zora thinks about how Magna and his father are similar and agrees to teach Magna, since they might have a better shot at discovering something new together. Zora brings Magna to his secret base and explains how the Heart Kingdom's Mana Method works, along with how he uses Mana Method. After explaining what it will take, the two begins working on creating a new spell. Magna learns a lot of things but realizes that he cannot use Zora's spell to defeat strong opponent. Magna comments about how if he only had the same amount of magic but suddenly realizes something. Magna talks to Zora about a new array he figured out, which Zora says that it could work but it will take time and patience to make. Magna then starts to work on his new array.

In the present, Magna explains to Dante how the spell works and what would happen if Dante tries to remove the chain. As Jack comments about how a person like Magna cannot use a spell like that, Zora tells Jack that Magna was able to and that Jack should not interfere since it could mess with the spell's effect. Magna manages to land a blow on Dante which cause Dante to cough up blood. Dante then land a blow on Magna's face. Magna comments about how Dante said that Magna could have attacked all he wanted, which Dante tells Magna to shut up and calls Magna a thief. Dante uses his Presence of the Demon King spell on Magna, but Magna says that he can handle it since he has the same amount of magic. Magna lands a blow on Dante's chest, but Dante heals himself and explains how Magna will not be able to defeat him. Dante starts to pound Magna and tells Magna to get on his knees and regret that he had got above himself and defy him. Zora thinks about how Magna will struggle and continue to fight, and that Magna will win this fight. Magna then manage to dodge Dante's fist and pound Dante into the floor with a punch to the face.[34]

As Luck races through the castle, he recognizes a familiar magic. Dante is mad that Magna punches his face and put his back on the ground, which Dante lifts himself up along with chunks of the castle. Magna destroys the chunks which give Dante the chance to craft a sword and attacks. Magna manages to dodge and lands a blow on Dante but Dante slams a chunk of the castle into Magna. Dante expresses how its okay that Magna was able to start the fight on equal terms with his spell, but in the end their original specs are completely different. Dante then proclaims that Magna is not someone who could bring him supreme joy, which Magna thinks about how Dante is right. Magna thinks about how he is not like a noble or royalty, or even a commoner like Luck or Asta. Magna remembers when Yami told him why he had Magna join the Black Bulls. Magna thinks about how he will not lose when is comes to guts and that he cannot stay down.

Magna says that Dante has no right to complains about how spell and explains what it took to come up with it. Magna and Dante start to trade blows, which Magna says that he is going to defeat Dante. Dante lands a blow on Magna and explains how everything Magna does is pointless. Suddenly Dante's devil power disappears, so Dante asks what Magna has done. Magna explains how they are out of mana and bets that Dante has never faced an opponent that caused him to run out of mana. Dante figures that he lost his connection to Lucifero because his magic has run out. Magna says that Dante cannot use any decent spell now, which Dante thinks about how he cannot use Gravity Magic or his super-regenerating Body Magic. Dante replies that Magna can either, but Magna lands an uppercut to Dante's chin. Dante says that he cannot lose to someone like Magna and lands a blow on Magna's face but Magna withstood it. Magna tells Dante to shut up and punches him in the face. As Luck, Asta, and Nacht arrive, they are shocked to see Magna has won, who yells out in victory.[35] As Magna collapses, Zora catches them and all of them congratulates them. Jack thinks about how he is a different kind of commoner then Magna and comments about how he say something interesting. Nacht is glad that Magna was able to defeat Dante but thinks about how they might be able to do something.

At the portal, Moris is watching the devils come through but notices that Dante has lost, and part of the magic circle disappears. Elsewhere, Nacht informs the that there are still two more Dark Triads to defeat and hands over some recovery magic sweets for Magna to have. They then head out which Dante gets up once they leave. Dante starts to transform, when Jack suddenly comes back. As Dante says that he will crush them all, Jack replies that he will not let Dante ruin Magna win. While the others continue down a hallway, Luck informs them that everyone from the Heart Kingdom is okay which Asta is glad to hear.

At Vanica's location, Charlotte and Rill continue their fight with Vanica who is also fighting with a controlled Lolopechka. Vanica comments about how she knew Lolopechka's magic was amazing, which Rill thinks about how stronger Lolopechka has gotten while being under Vanica's magic. Rill tries to block Lolopechka's magic with his Souterrain Giant spell but Lolopechka easily forces Rill through a wall. As Charlotte says that she will break Lolopechka's curse, Vanica manages to catch Charlotte. Vanica says that Charlotte is going to die and wonders why she just could not enjoy the fight. As Vanica goes to kill Charlotte, Noelle and Gadjah show up and stop Vanica and Lolopechka. Noelle says that she is here just like she promised, which Vanica is glad about.[36] Vanica wonders if Noelle will be able to play with her since she had gotten stronger. Noelle sees what Vanica has done to Lolopechka and proclaims that she and Undine will take Vanica down, which Vanica is glad to see.

Days ago, Dryad informs Noelle says she will have to obtain something else before she can acquire Ultimate Magic. Suddenly Undine appears which Noelle wonders why she is here. Undine explains that she had been weakened by Megicula's Curse-Warding Magic, and that she had entered Noelle's grimoire to regain her strength. The two quickly get into an argument which Dryad has to calm them down. Dryad explains to them how Vanica manifest Megicula, and that spirit hosts can purify malice and destroy devils by using saint stage. Noelle wonders why Undine teach Fuegeleon, Yuno, or even Lolopechka the saint stage. Undine explains how she came to stay in the Heart Kingdom, when she met Lolopechka, and how Lolopechka was to kind to learn any attack spells. Undine then explains how she stayed silent about it because she wanted Lolopechka to remain kind. Undine starts to cry and says that what had happened to Lolopechka is all her fault. Noelle says that what Undine had done was out of kindness and that is not a mistake. Noelle then says that they have the same goal and asks Undine to join her to defeat Vanica and rescue Lolopechka.

In the present, Vanica says that she just taught Lolopechka something that feel good and that she is having a blast fighting Gadjah. Vanica tells Noelle to attack so they can feel good together. Vanica attacks and says that they should enjoy themselves. As Lolopechka starts to cry, Noelle says that this is all Vanica's fault. Vanica tells Noelle to show her something good since she will not forgive Noelle if this ends fast. Noelle tells Vanica to shut up and explains just how intolerable Vanica is. Noelle has entered Spirit Dive and is using her Saint Valkyrie Dress spell. Noelle proclaim that she is going to destroy Vanica.[37] Vanica gets a chill and attacks with her Herd of Red Beasts spell but Noelle is about to counter it. Everyone sees how strong Noelle has gotten, which Vanica expresses how glad her is. Undine tells Noelle to finish Vanica within a minute, but Noelle replies that she will do it in 30 seconds.

As the two clash, Vanica remembers when she faced Acier after she became the host to Megicula. During the fight, Vanica takes Nozel and Noelle hostage which makes Vanica mad and she stabs Vanica in the stomach. Megicula uses his magic on Acier, which Vanica uses this chance to run away.

Vanica says that they should pick up where they left off and uses her Red Beast spell, but Noelle easily destroys it with her Sea Dragon's Roar spell. Noelle says that she will make Vanica pay for doing what ever she wanted and stabs Vanica in the stomach.[38] Vanica gets excited and the fight continues but most of the time Noelle is the dominant one. Afterwards Noelle is standing over a losing Vanica with a blade on her neck and prepares to kill her until Megicula appears and takes over Vanica's body. Noelle wonders why Megicula is here, since the gates are not fully opened yet, to which Megicula explains that it is using a spell to summon itself. Megicula then uses its magic to turn Lolopechka into devil.[39] Noelle tries to free Lolopechka by defeating Megicula but Megicula uses Decaying World spell to weaken all magic in the area. Charlotte tries to weaken Megicula's curse magic, with Rill protecting her, but Megicula easily defeats them by forcing Vanica to attack them.

Gadjah manages to destroy Lolopechka's spell and thinks about how he became the Heart Kingdom's strongest mage in Lolopechka's place, when Lolopechka stabs him in the gut. Noelle worries about Gadjah when her Spirit Dive comes undone, which Megicula sees this as says that they have lost.[40] Gadjah paralyzes Lolopechka for a few seconds and charges towards Megicula. Gadjah thinks about how he wanted to protect Lolopechka more than protecting the Heart Kingdom and decides to convert his very life into magic to that Lolopechka is not responsible for his death. Gadjah manages to use his Apocalypra Astrauza spell on Megicula, which Megicula notices that its Decaying World spell cannot erase it, and its body is destroyed. Noelle decides to finish off Megicula with what is left of her Saint Stage power, but notices a devil's shadow in the dust.[41]

Megicula compliments Gadjah's spell but explains that it has a super high-speed regeneration curse. As Undine falls unconscious, Megicula says that it is the same as their last fight and that this time it is truly over. Noelle says that it is not over yet and uses her Valkyrie Dress spell, but Megicula's Decaying World spell starts to dispel it. Megicula wonders why humans struggle so much and thinks that humans struggle to create new spells, but explains how there is no human alive that can produce a spell that is capable of defeating them with the Decaying World spell. Megicula explains that humans fight for meaningless things, like what Acier, Gadjah, and even Noelle are fighting for, and wonders why humans just do not give up. Noelle thinks about how she wants to give up, but tells Megicula that a human's strength is their will to never give up. Megicula does not understand and decides to end it by using Exploding Life on Lolopechka. Megicula explains that once Lolopechka explodes, all the humans in the castle will be killed and they will fully manifest. Noelle tries to reach Lolopechka, but Asta suddenly appears and undoes the curse with his Demon-Destroyer Sword. Noelle is glad to see Asta, while Megicula wonders what Asta is.[42] As Asta explains how Lolopechka still has curses on her, Liebe notices Megicula and says that they cannot win without using Unite.

Megicula figures that Asta is the Anti Magic user and that he could be trouble. Megicula decides to kill Lolopechka and Vanica to manifest, but Charlotte uses her magic to dispel the curses. Megicula wonders why Charlotte is up, which Rill reveals that it is thanks his spell. Megicula comments about how humans are fascinating and uses the powers of both Vanica and Acier, whose souls it holds, to revive the dead Dark Disciples that are under the tower. As Charlotte and Rill clash against the revived Dark Disciples, Undine saves Asta and Lolopechka from the conflict. Asta explains to everyone that he is useless right now, which Noelle wonders why since he had just gotten here but Asta replies that she has this. Noelle figures that Asta was reckless on the way here and that Asta has done enough. Noelle also thinks about how she gains strength just thinking about Asta and finally realizes that she loves Asta. Noelle decides to kill Megicula first and reenters Saint Stage with Undine.[43]

Noelle charges at Megicula, while leaving Asta to take care of Lolopechka. Noelle is confronted by revived soldiers, which Undine says that they do not have enough power to deal with them. Rill manages to take care of the soldiers with his Master of Valhalla spell, which Charlotte says that she is not done fight and uses her Scarlet-Braided Beautiful Battle Spear spell. As the three charge, Megicula mentions how humans are the ultimate plaything and fuses multiple revived soldiers into larger soldiers that block Charlotte and Rill's spells. Another large soldier attacks Noelle, when Luck arrives and takes care of the soldier. Gadjah then manages to get up and thinks about how he is pretty much dead but is grateful that he can still fight for Lolopechka. Luck meets up with Gadjah and then two clear a path and manage to almost destroy Megicula. Noelle goes for the kill, but Megicula uses their magic to block it and compliments them for being so strong. Megicula prepares to kill Noelle, but Nozel blocks the attack and comments about how he has waited so long for this moment.[44]

Nozel thinks about how he was useless to help mother and that he could not do anything while his mother wasted away. Nozel could not even tell anyone what had happened since he was cursed to remain silent. After his mother had died, Nozel decided to become stronger to face Megicula and even pushed Noelle away. Nozel thanks everyone in the room since he can now face Megicula. Nozel throws everything he has at Megicula, and manages to destroy Megicula's body by having his magic infiltrate Megicula's body. As Megicula's heart still remains, Nozel thinks about how he should have never pushed Noelle away and that they should have grown stronger together. Noelle appears and destroys Megicula's heart while commenting about how Megicula was defeated by the humans who refused to give up. As Megicula disappears, the devil wonder if this is the reason that it was so interested in humans. As Acier's soul is released, she hugs her children and comments about how they have grown stronger. As Acier disappears, Nozel and Noelle start to cry.[45]

As Megicula is defeated, all of the devil's magic is dispelled. Noelle is glad that Lolopechka is alive, while Nozel finds it hard to talk to Noelle, even through the curse has been broken. Rill apologizes to Charlotte, but Charlotte says that Rill does not need to apologize since Rill made it possible for her to fight and that they cannot die yet. Lolopechka rushes over to Gahjah, but Gahjah, Charlotte and Rill suddenly collapse. Lolopechka uses her Aquenelle Lore spell on them, but notices that she cannot heal them. As Asta and Noelle wonders what to do, which Nacht suddenly brings Mimosa, who uses her Ultimate Plant Magic Flower Princess Utopia spell to all three of them. As Lolopechka is glad that Gahjah is alive, which Gahjah finally confesses that he is in love with her. As everyone is shocked by this, Nozel comments about how its because of Yami that Noelle grew stronger and now they have to save him no matter what. Nacht thinks about how they grew stronger than he thought and that there is only one member of the Dark Triad left.

A little while before Megicula is defeated, Langris and Yuno continue to fight against Zeno, who decides to end the fight. Langris wonders what to do, which Yuno asks Langris to buy him a couple of minutes since he will finish Zeno with his next attack.[46] Langris figures out that he will have to defend Yuno, while he is charging his spell, even through Zenon is stronger. Zenon says that he understands what they are capable of and attacks. Langris thinks about how Zenon fights and figures that he can fight against Zenon, while defending against Zenon's attack. Zenon sees this and figures out what Langris is doing. Yuno compliments Langris, which Langris replies that Yuno is an irritating junior. Langris thinks about how he has always hated Yuno, but continues to defend Yuno. Zenon sees that Langris is only defending and figures that they have no spell to defeat him with.

Langris notices that he will not last much longer and tells Yuno to hurry up, which Yuno replies that he is working on it. Langris thinks about how he made the squad the strongest by being there, but Yuno inspires everyone to get stronger. Langris then admits that Yuno is the vice-captain of the Golden Dawn. Zenon says that emotions or tenacity mean nothing to overwhelming power, and manages to wound Langris. Zenon says that he is stronger than both of them, which Langris replies that Zenon might be right but says that he cannot back down. Langris charges but Zenon manages to stop his charge. Langris proclaims that they belong to the strongest squad, which Yuno says that he knew that Langris hates losing more than anything. Yuno prepares to fire his Spirit of Euros spell, which Zenon sees.[47] Yuno fires his spell and manages to pierce through Zenon's chest. Zenon thinks about how powerful the spell was, while Yuno proclaims that they have won.

Zenon thinks about how he was picked on for his magic as a child, but was helped out by another kid named, Allen. Zenon and Allen became friends and rivals, to become the commander of the Defense Force of the Spade Kingdom. The two started to train together, with Zenon rejecting becoming a devil host, and manages to join the Defense Force. When a dungeon is discovered, their division heads in and finds out that a devil was sealed inside. As Allen confronts the devil, Zenon takes the chance to use his ultimate spell to kill the devil, along with Allen. Zenon starts to think that overwhelming power is everything and asks his oldest brother to help him become a devil host.

After thinking about all of this, Zenon tells his devil, Beelzebub, that they should make a deal.[48] Zenon says that he wants a devil's heart, so that the Spade Kingdom can continue existing, and he will give Beelzebub his soul in return, which Beelzebub agrees to. Zenon gains more power, which Yuno notices that Zenon is similar to Zagred. Zenon explains that his strength is more devastating since he now has the heart of a devil. Langris notices that Zenon is now a devil. Zenon uses his Spatial Magic to seal Yuno, and uses his Bone Magic to wound Yuno. As Zenon uses his magic to blast Yuno out of the room, Zenon explains Yuno missed his heart, since he did not want to hurt his comrade, but that was a mistake. Zenon notices that Langris is still standing and decides to put him out of his misery. Zenon attacks, but Finral arrives and saves his brother.[49] Langris asks why Finral is here, which Finral replies that Zenon has kidnapped the Black Bull's captain. As Zenon goes to attack them both, Finral uses his Fallen Angel Flapping spell, to teleport both of them to safety. Finral and Langris think about how each other fights and the two decide to take Zenon on together. Finral wants to end this soon since Langris will not last for long. Zenon figures out how Finral and Langris plans to attack and goes to attack them, but Finral dodges and gets the two behind Zenon. Finral thinks about how defense is meaningless to Langris's magic, which Langris uses his magic to erase Zenon's chest.

Yuno wakes up in a library, which he notices that Zenon has defeated Langris and Finral. Zenon explains that Spatial Magic cannot even destroy a devil's heart and proclaims that he has won. Yuno thinks about how nothing has worked and wonder if he can do anything, even if he gets back up. Yuno wonders if he made a wrong choice, since half his comrades were killed, he forced his way into the unit, and how he trained like his life depended on it. Yuno also wonders if this is all he is worth, since everyone called his a genius and that hope of the village. Yuno then thinks about how he was chosen, acknowledged, envied, hated, trusted, how he suffered loss and he swored. Yuno remembers his vow to Asta and figures that this is not all of him. Suddenly a figure appears in front of Yuno, which the figure says that Yuno is right and that he is Yuno but Yuno has his own strength.

A grimoire appears in front of Yuno, and a light shoots upwards out of the castle. The resistance figure that the light is Yuno, while Patolli thinks about how Yuno's Wind Magic came from Licht and Tetia's child. Yuno gets up and proclaims that he will he save his captain, save the Spade Kingdom, become the Wizard King, and that Zenon is going down.[50] As Zenon wonders why Yuno has two grimoires, Yuno attacks Zenon with his Star Magic. Zenon notices Yuno's magic and realizes that Yuno is the son of the former King and Queen, since Star Magic is one of the three magic of the royal family. Yuno tells Sylph to charge up power inside him since her cannot beat Zenon without it, which Sylph agrees to. Yuno then gets Langris and Yuno to safety, and reassuring them of his victory.

Zenon attacks but Yuno is able to block it with his Quartile Scutum spell. Zenon tries to seal Yuno's movement with his Spatial Magic, but Yuno escapes with his Conjunction spell. Yuno proclaim that his grimoire was created to defeat Zenon and uses his Quartile Hasta spell to put a hole through Zenon. Yuno proclaims that he will prove that his choices were no wrong, which Zenon heals himself and thinks about how he wants to crush Yuno. Zenon uses his Eternal Fangs spell to clash with Yuno, and both thinks about how they are the one in the right and that they will be the one to win.[51] Yuno dodges Zenon's Eternal Fangs spell, using his Conjunction spell, and cuts Zenon with his Quartile Flagellum spell. Zenon heals himself and uses a Union spell to combine his Bone and Spatial Magic, to create his Demon Sword Dainsleif spell. Zenon uses his Spatial Rupture spell to tear space apart and break Yuno's stars, which Yuno thinks about how he cannot regenerate his broken stars right away. Zenon remembers how his oldest sibling wanted to use the power of devils to remake humanity, which Zenon thinks about how this is all for the prosperity of the Spade Kingdom.

As the two continue to clash, Yuno thinks about how its time for his special reserve strike. Yuno attacks with his Spirit of Boreas spell, which Zenon counters with his Spatial Rupture spell but is still wounded. Zenon thinks about how Yuno has not way to destroy the heart of a devil and that its over this time. As Yuno goes to attack with his Saint Stage power, Zenon thinks about how everything is pointless in the face of overwhelming power and attacks. Zenon proclaims that he has won, but Yuno suddenly disappears. Yuno managed to create a new star and appears behind Zenon. Yuno says that they have won and cuts through Zenon with his Saint Spirit of Zephyr spell.[52] As Zenon dies, he wonders why made them so different, which Yuno replies that he does not know since he had not completed his vow to that guy yet. Zenon remembers his vow to Allen and then dies.

Outside the castle, Nacht informs everyone around him that the Dark Triad has been defeated, but then wonders why the Advent of Qliphoth is still advancing. At the castle's front gate, the Spirit Guardians are fighting the devils but notice that more just keep on coming. At the Clover Kingdom, Julius notices that something enormous is about the emerge.

The Second Gate Opens[]

At the bottom of the Spade Kingdom's castle, Moris has defeated Dorothy and comments about how his magic has increased thanks to the power of the devil. Moris then tells Lotus, who betrayed Moris, that he will forgive him if he takes back his betrayal, but Lotus declines. Lucifero reveals that he can talk through Moris and explains that he will be emerging from the next gate that will be opened. Moris also reveals that he modified the tree of Qliphoth and no longer needs the Dark Triad. Moris uses his Modification Magic Operation spell to create a beast from devil pieces and tells them to watch as the king of devils arrives. Lotus thinks about how he cannot run away or die and attacks, but the beast easily counters Lotus. Suddenly Moris hears a noise, which the Black Bulls enter the castle and proclaims that they are here to pick up their captain while also destroying Moris's beast. The Black Bulls bicker about how they caused so much damage, while Lotus and Dorothy are glad to see them.

Moris mentions how Dante had mentioned them, and how it would satisfying to dissect them. Vanessa wonder who Moris is, Gauche tells her that it does not matter since he is in the way of saving their captain. Moris attacks with his Operation spell, which Vanessa notices that Rouge's power is not working. Moris explains that his magic can interfere with intangible concepts and that they are finished the moment he touches them. Grey thinks backs to when Owen told her about her magic, and uses her Transmutation Magic to change the structure of Moris's spell. Moris says that Grey can block them all and attacks with multiple arms. Gauche uses his magic mirror to create multiple clones of Grey, who then uses her Magic Conversion spell to block all the attacks. Moris decides to use Lucifero's Gravity Magic, and uses the Presence of the Demon King spell to attack the Raging Black Bull. Henry thinks back to when Gordan finished his studying and arrived back, which Gordon uses his Modified Poison Curse magic, Curse-Worker's Neighbor on Henry. Henry is now able to choose whose magic power to absorb and uses it to absorb Moris's magic. Henry uses the magic her acquired and attacks Moris, which Moris thinks about how this is impossible. Moris proclaims that he made himself into a higher being and had obtained the talents of the ultimate devil host. Suddenly the other members of the Black Bull arrive, with Asta even attacking Moris. Asta then tells Moris that they do not care, and to give back their captain.[53]

Lucifero Arrives[]

Outside the castle, Mereoleona manages to defeat the ancient demon and tells everyone that its time to clean up the rest. Inside the castle, as everyone heads over to were Yami and William are at, when Lucifero uses the last of Moris's life force to open the second gate. Lucifero explains that he can possess any devil any where, and combines the devils that have escaped to create a vessel for himself.[54] As Lucifero uses his magic, the Black Bulls combine their magic to counter Lucifero's magic and create a Ultra Giant Bull. The Black Bulls then attacks Lucifero's vessel and proclaim that nobody cares that Lucifero is the ultimate devil and to get lost.



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