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Aqua Deer 「水色の幻鹿 Mizuiro no Genroku」 is one of the nine squads of the Clover Kingdom's Magic Knights.


Like the other eight squads, Aqua Deer follows the orders of the Wizard King and will act according to his requests.

In the past, under Julius Novachrono's captaincy, the squad was known as Grey Deer 「灰色の幻鹿 Haiiro no Genroku」.[2] Once Rill Boismortier became captain, he changed the squad's color to aqua.[3]

Squad Robe[]

The squad's signature robe is an aqua, fur mantle with a rounded collar. It is split in the middle of the front and held at the neck by a diamond-shaped pendant. The squad's insignia is displayed on the left-hand side.


Aqua Deer is led by a captain with authority over the members of the squad.

Aqua Deer
Former Captains
Former Members


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