The Apostles of Sephirah 「セフィラの徒 Sefira no To」 are ten elves who are blessed with the ability to open the Shadow Palace.[1]


The apostles are ten elves who represent spots on the Tree of Life monument and hold the special ability to open the Shadow Palace, a magical space between the realm of the living and the underworld.[1] Because they are believed to be divinely blessed, the apostles serve as leaders among the Elf Tribe.[2]

These ten are also more powerful than other elves and Magic Knight Captains.[3]

Five centuries after the massacre of the Elf Tribe, the reincarnated apostles open the Shadow Palace in order to complete the Reincarnation Magic.[1] However, a devil possesses one of the apostles and uses the eleventh magic stone to summon its own physical body from the underworld.[4]

After the Reincarnation Magic is dispelled, only four apostles remain alive.[5][6]


Apostles of Sephirah



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Apostles of Sephirah
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