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An Anti Magic Weaponアンチ魔法の武器 Anchi Mahō no Buki[1] is a weapon that is imbued with Anti Magic. All Anti Magic Weapons seen so far have been swords, or Anti Magic Swordsアンチ魔法の剣 Anchi Mahō no Ken」.[2]


The user can open their grimoire in order to summon the weapons, having them emerge from the pages on which they are stored in the form of writing. The user can easily bring forth the weapons at will without consuming any magical power, by just opening their grimoire and reaching out their hand to grab the intended weapon.[3][4] In addition, Anti Magic Weapons tend to be covered in dirt and rust, making them seem quite old and in disuse.

Liebe wields Anti Magic swords

Liebe wields the Anti Magic Weapons.

A feature that all Anti Magic Swords have in common is their cutting properties. Anti Magic Weapons are typically rusted and dull, and thus struggle to slice or cut against non-magic targets, sometimes acting as if blunted. Additionally, the user is capable of summoning the Anti Magic swords out of the grimoire and controlling the weapons remotely to attack from a distance, as well as coating them with Anti Magic.[5][6]

Known Weapons[]


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