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Allen Fiarain 「アレン・フィアレイン Aren Fiarein」 was a friend of Zenon Zogratis and a fellow member of the Fourth Division of the Spade Kingdom's Mage Defense Force. He was killed by Zenon while fighting a devil.[2]


Allen was a young man with messy, light-colored hair. He wore a dark-colored scarf over his Mage Defense Force uniform.


Allen was a kind man who was willing to stick up for others. He strived to become stronger in order to protect the people of the Spade Kingdom.[3]


Allen defended Zenon Zogratis from some other children who were bullying him. Allen and Zenon became friends and shared the dream of becoming the Commander in Chief of the Mage Defense Force. They trained together for years and eventually were both recruited into the fourth division of the Mage Defense Force.

Zenon kills Allen and devil

Zenon's attack kills Allen and the devil.

During an investigation of a dungeon, their team discovered a devil that had been sealed inside. Even though it killed several of his teammates, Allen refused to give up and desperately attacked it. Zenon took advantage of the distraction and used his strongest spell, hitting and killing both Allen and the devil.[2]

Battle Prowess[]


  • Fire Magic: Allen used this magic attribute to generate and manipulate fire.[3]


  • Grimoire: Allen possessed a spade grimoire that contained various fire-based magic spells.[4]


  • Allen's favorite thing is warm daztato soup and bread.[1]
  • Allen shares many similarities with Asta.
    • Both have similar appearances and lively attitudes.
    • Both joined their kingdom's magic armies in order to become a prominent figure in them: Asta wanting to become the Wizard King and Allen wanting to become Commander in Chief. Both of them stood out as rookies in their squads too.
    • Both are fond of a type of potato typical of their kingdom.
    • Both use a swordsmanship-based fighting style.
    • Their birthdays have inverted digits.
    • The flashback in Chapter 306 where Allen protects Zenon from a bully when they were kids mirrors Asta and Yuno's flashback in Chapter 1. In fact, Allen's friendly rivarly with Zenon mirrors that of Asta and Yuno.


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