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Albert 「アルベルト Aruberuto」 is a Division Commander of the Spade Kingdom's Mage Defense Force[1] and the leader of the Resistance,[2] a group of House Grinberryall loyalists who oppose the rule of the Dark Triad.[3]


Albert is an older man with short light-color hair that is swept back, a moustache, and a goatee. He has a scar running from his forehead down across his nose to his left cheek.

Albert wears a dark-colored, high-collard jacket that has light-colored long sleeves and is cinched at the waist by a light-colored belt. His light-colored pants hang over the top of his tall boots. Over all this, he wears a light-colored, hooded cloak.


As a member of the Mage Defense Force and the Resistance, Albert is devoted to protecting the citizens of the Spade Kingdom and is willing to lay down his life in their defense.[4][5]


Seventeen years after the fall of House Grinberryall, Albert and the Resistance send Ralph Niaflem to the Clover Kingdom to recover Yuno Grinberryall, the royal heir.[6]

After coordinating with the Clover Kingdom through Nacht Faust, the Resistance gather atop the clocktower in the Spade Kingdom's castle town, and Albert publicly calls out the Dark Triad as a diversion while an elite squad of Magic Knights invades the royal palace. In response, Zenon Zogratis unleashes a demon to attack, but Mereoleona Vermillion defends the Resistance and the town.[7] Albert is amazed by her magic power and transformation.[8] After she pummels the demon into submission, Ralph reunites with Albert and the Resistance and informs them about Yuno, including his Wind Magic, which surprises Albert.[9]

Resistance holds off devils

Albert and the Resistance protect citizens from the horde of devils.

When the first gate to the underworld opens, Albert senses the nauseating magic power of the horde of devils as they come pouring out the castle's gate.[10] Albert and the rest of the Resistance directly confront the devils, while a team of Magic Knights work to evacuate the citizens. Fuegoleon Vermillion and Salamander also emerge from the castle to assist in stopping the devils; however, the devils' numbers continue to grow and overwhelm them all. Reinforcements arrive from the Heart Kingdom.[11] After watching the Magic Knights decimate the horde of low-ranking devils with True Magic, Albert is shocked by the strength of a group of mid-ranking devils who emerge from the castle. Once Luck Voltia defeats those devils, the castle is engulfed in burning ice.[12]

Albert, the Resistance, and the Spirit Guardians continue fighting the constant flow of devils from the castle.[13] When a beam of light shoots up from the castle's grimoire tower, Albert recognizes it as Yuno[14] due to House Grinberryall's special magic lineage.[15] After Mereoleona defeats the demon, she joins Albert and the others in fighting the devils.[16]

When the second gate to the underworld opens, Albert watches in horror as the devils' bodies from the first two devils are all pulled into one giant monstrous form that destroys the castle. As Lucifero begins manifesting himself through the monster, his Gravity Magic presses down on the surrounding area, forcing the humans to lie down, and Albert recognizes the devil as the one Dante Zogratis had.[17] The Resistance is confused when they see the remnants of the castle transformed into a giant bull-shaped building and fighting the monster, and the members grow frustrated that they cannot help more in defending their own kingdom. A tentacle threatens to smash the Resistance members, but Mereoleona and Fuegoleon combine their attacks to incinerate it. Albert is surprised that they can move in the gravity and worries as the monster's growing power also increases the gravity.[18][19]

Albert stares in shock after Asta and Liebe's United attack, Infinite Slash Equinox, slices through the monster, stopping Lucifero's manifestation and eliminating the crushing gravity.[20] When half of the monster tips over and threatens to crush the people beneath it, Yuno fires Spirit of Euros, destroying enough to save them.[21] Albert and the Resistance then gather around Yuno, but their celebration is interrupted by Adramelech who points out that Lucifero's manifestation is half-complete. Albert watches in horror as the leftover pieces of the monster swirl together and compress into a body for Lucifero. The King of Devils then forces the humans to all prostrate themselves.[22]

Battle Prowess[]


  • Unnamed Magic: Albert uses his magic to create slashing attacks that are capable of injuring low-ranking devils.[5]


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