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Adramelech 「アドラメレク Adoramereku[1] is a highest-ranking devil connected to the Tree of Qliphoth and resides on the second level of the underworld.[2]


Adramelech has a slender, average-height figure, long pointed ears, and two pairs of horns—one pair are large and curved like a rams' and the others are curved and point upward. The devil's body is clothed in a dark-colored material with small sacs or scales hanging off its arms, legs, wings, and back. It has a long, thin, prehensile tail that curls at the tip.


Like most devils, Adramelech looks down on humans and their abilities.[3][4] The devil is apathetic, opting to warn the humans rather than attack them[2] and later to continue watching Lucifero fight rather than take over when the King of Devils demands it.[5]


After the second gate to the underworld opens, Lucifero takes control of all the lower-ranked devils from the first two levels and pulls them into a large mass, shaping it into a monstrous form for himself around the Tree of Qliphoth.[6] After Asta and Liebe cut through the monster and destroy the ritual, Adramelech appears next to the Resistance, who are celebrating their victory, and advises them to run since Lucifero manifestation is half-complete. The monster's leftover flesh then compresses into a body for Lucifero, who forces the humans to prostrate themselves before him.[7]

While watching Lucifero attack Asta and Liebe for disrupting his manifestation, Adramelech is impressed that someone without magic power could move around in Lucifero's Gravity Magic,[8] and notes that, even incomplete, the King of Devils has overwhelming magic power and physical strength.[3] Adramelech then watches Lucifero fight the Magic Knight Captains. After Lucifero destroys Rill Boismortier's Twilight of Valhalla, Adramelech deems the fight over for the humans.[4]

When Yuno Grinberryall and Mereoleona Vermillion continue to pester Lucifero, the King of Devils demands that Adramelech fight them for him, but Adramelech refuses, choosing instead to continue watching. As Mereoleona's body begins breaking down, Adramelech notes that she has reached her human limits.[9]

Adramelech removes Lucifero's heart

Adramelech pulls out Lucifero's heart.

After Asta and Liebe defeat Lucifero, Adramelech applauds their victory.[10] The devil flies over to their collapsed forms, but instead of attacking them, the devil yanks Lucifero's heart out of his chest. As Adramelech flies away, leaving the humans alone, the devil states that the heart was what it desired.[11] Adramelech flies to Julius Novachrono's office in the Clover Kingdom and meets up with Lucius Zogratis, who has revealed his true appearance and incapacitated Damnatio Kira.[12]

A year and three months later, at Lucius's order, Adramelech leads a group of high-ranking devils along the Clover Kingdom border as a distraction.[13] When Yuno Grinberryall, the Golden Dawns, and the Black Bulls are sent to investigate the activity,[14] Adramelech merely avoids their attacks, but Yuno successfully defeats all the other devils in an instant by himself, which impresses Adramelech. The highest-ranking devil later returns to Lucius's throne room and reports to Lucius on Yuno's improved strength. Having removed Asta as an obstacle, Lucius declares that their next goal is to crush Yuno.[15]

Battle Prowess[]


  • Immense Magic Power: As a highest-ranked devil of the Tree of Qliphoth, Adramelech possesses tremendous magic power and can easily tolerate and float in Lucifero's Gravity Magic.[8]
  • Flight: Adramelech can fly with its wings.[11]



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