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Acier Silva 「アシエ・シルヴァ Ashie Shiruva[2] is a noblewoman of the Clover Kingdom's House Silva, one of its royal families. She is also a former captain of the Silver Eagle squad of the Magic Knights.[3][4] After giving birth to Noelle Silva, Acier dies due to Megicula's curse.[1][5]

For Judgment Day, Acier is resurrected by Lucius Zogratis and made into a Paladin.[6]


Acier is a middle-aged woman who had youthful features and a slender build. She has silver hair with mauve hues which is held up in a firm ponytail, leaving a straight clump of hair resting against her forehead. Her round eyes are lavender in color, and are framed by long eyelashes. Her youngest daughter, Noelle, is said to bear a striking resemblance to her mother.

Acier as a Paladin

Acier as a Paladin

While using purified devil power, Acier grows two pairs of horns: one pair from the top of her head point upward with a slight curve outward and a second pair from the sides of her head curve around her head to the front. A halo appears over her head, and lines appear running up her neck to her eyes.


Acier is a strong-willed woman who fiercely fights for the life of a hostage child.[7] This and her interactions with Nozel in the past show that she has a kind heart.


Acier trains Mereoleona Vermillion and never loses to her despite Mereoleona's strength and Acier's elemental disadvantage.[8]

Acier later marries and has four children: Nozel, Nebra, Solid, and Noelle.[1]

Acier stops Vanica

Acier protects Nozel and Noelle from Vanica.

After Noelle's birth, Acier is resting in a secluded residence when Vanica Zogratis seeks her out for a fight. During the fight, Vanica threatens Nozel and Noelle, who are hiding in some bushes. Acier's protective instinct strengthens her magic, and she lethally wounds Vanica, so the devil Megicula curses Acier while Vanica retreats.[9][7]

The curse severely weakens Acier and leaves her bedridden, culminating in her death a year later. It is blamed on Noelle's birth since the curse also keeps Nozel from speaking the truth about Megicula.[10][1] After Acier's death, Megicula is able to share half of Vanica's body due to Malevolent Femcantation.[11]

Acier hugs Nozel and Noelle

Freed from Megicula's hold, Acier hugs Nozel and Noelle.

Sixteen years later, Noelle, with Nozel's help, destroys Megicula's heart, freeing Acier's soul from the devil's hold. Before she passes on, Acier hugs her children and compliments their strength.[12]

A year and three months later, Lucius Zogratis resurrects Acier and makes her a Paladin. On Judgment Day, Acier appears in the Noble Realm, where the Magic Knights are assembled, and confronts her former squad, including her children.[6]



Battle Prowess[]



  • Immense Magic Power: As a royal and former captain of a Magic Knights Squad, Acier possesses an immense amount of magic power.[13] Even Mereoleona Vermillion, the Uncrowned Undefeated Lioness, states that she could never beat Acier even though Acier's Steel Magic has an elemental disadvantage compared to Mereoleona's Fire Magic.[8] Her Magic Power is further boosted after being revived as a Paladin.
  • Devil-Possessed: As a Paladin, Acier is host to an incarnated and purified devil. This grants her incredible magic power, access to the devil's magic, and a nearly immortal body.[14]


  • Grimoire: Acier possesses a grimoire that contained various steel-based spells.[15]


Mereoleona Vermillion[]

Acier trains Mereoleona Vermillion and never loses to her despite Mereoleona's strength and Acier's elemental disadvantage.[8]


  • Acier's favorite things are training junior mages and her children.[2]
  • Acier is French for "steel".
  • Acier has several design similarities to Vivian Blanchard from Tabata's previous work Hungry Joker.
  • In the anime, Acier's headstone misspells her name as "Asie Silver". It also lists her lifespan as 1584–1619, which would make her around 35 years old when she died.[16] However, the guidebook lists her age as 32 years old when she died, and her Character Profile later lists her age as 33 years old.


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