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Why are the Demon-Slayer, Demon-Dweller and Demon-Destroyer Swords always covered in dirt?

If someone has asked this before, I apologize, but why is it that the Demon-Slayer, Dweller and Destroyer Swords are always covered in dirt and nobody appears able to clean them? Is it because of the special properties of the Black Clover Grimoire or is it something else?

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• 3/19/2019

The animation

I don't know what happened ... but why did the quality of the animation drop considerably from episode 1? ... even though when I read the comics ... I expected the quality of the animation to be cool ... but the reality was not what I hoped

#thank_you ... I really hope for this anime


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Discussions | Black Clover Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
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• 3/15/2019

Purple orca emblem

Why is there emblem not an orca like seriously it looks more like an eel

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• 3/10/2019


Hope William will return?! He is my favourite character.

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• 3/6/2019
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• 3/1/2019

Royalty, nobility, and the societal failure

We’ve seen that in the kingdom of clover it’s often boasted that magic power is the determining factor of a persons worth but as many can attest such as Rades Spirito and Zora Ideale. No matter how good you are if you aren’t of nobility you have to fight for everything but being of nobility you are instantly given almost everything. So much of the kingdom and it’s people are taught from birth that you are only as good as your societal status

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• 2/25/2019

Demon-dweller and Demon-slayer sword of Licht

How did Licht got the demon-dweller and demon-slayer swords when he possess a four-leaf grimoire?

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• 2/24/2019

Naming for Magics/Spells

Should we use the official VIZ/Funimation translations for some spells and magics that are inconsistent with the article titles, if not all? For example, "Roar of the Sea Dragon" and "Cradle of the Sea Dragon" are translated "Sea Dragon's Roar" and "Sea Dragon's Cradle" which are consistent with the original meaning. There are some cases that could qualify as well, for example "Sea Serpent Twine" is translated as "Sea Serpent's Coils". I've noticed that the official English translations are just differently worded, yet accurate, ways of saying the original Japanese spells compared to the ones used on this Wiki.

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• 2/21/2019

Why are there two different types of tree-based magic when they seem identical?

I see there's Tree Magic and World Tree Magic, but I can't see the difference between them because they seem exactly the same. Can anyone explain it to me more thoroughly than the two pages on the Black Clover Wiki so that I have clarity, please?

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• 2/18/2019

The Great Elven Hypocrisy

As we have learned Licht and the elves were once peaceful happy people but the clover kingdom nobility grew extremely jealous of their magic so they used a magic tool to kill all the elves and take their magic for themselves, and using the reincarnation magic Licht allowed the elves to comeback but their goal isn’t justice or anything like that they decided that if they can’t live in the world then humans can’t either so they want to kill all humans regardless of status just for revenge because they blame all humans instead of just the nobles

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• 2/16/2019

is gauche single?

i need to know whether or not gauche has a romantic partner or not

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• 2/7/2019

Here is what i think asta is the recreation of the real litch.

Just like what we see in the manga the real litch, not the elves in the body similar to litch is actually good and believe in humanity just like Asta. There is also something about asta's sword and grimore belongs to the leader of midnight sun eye

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• 2/6/2019
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• 1/20/2019

William's English voice actor

As many of you know, Captain William's is voiced by Josh Grelle however as I watched toonami last night I noticed that he was being voiced by Jerry Jewell and was credited as being played by Jewell (Lichts VA) does anyone know if this is a permanent change or is this just a one time thing

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• 1/6/2019


I have been both reading, and watching the series, and so far the person that will be the Wizard King is Juno he is a prodigy with his magic, and advances rank too fast for Asta.

This isn’t like Naruto where the Main character has a trump card in the hole that enables him to compete with anybody because Asta doesn’t have one, and no magic to speak of.

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• 12/14/2018

Asta has been announced for Jump Force
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• 11/29/2018

Yuno's father theory

I've been thinking about Asta and Yuno's parents, and I think I have a theory as to who Yuno's father may be. I know this theory has flaws, but I really think I'm onto something here. Without further ado, I think Yuno's dad is Fanzell, ex-military commander of the diamond kingdom. Firstly, Fanzell uses wind powers (same as Yuno). Magic in BC is shown to be hereditary. Noel and Finral's families are examples of this. Given that Fanzell is the only other wind magic user in the series to date, this is either a coincidence or a hint. Secondly, I find their appearances strikingly similar. Look up an image of Yuno's face and then compare it with Fanzell. Their hair is practically identical (save for color), and their face has the same diamond-ish structure. Now how does this fit into the black clover universe, you may ask? Fanzell may have had a child with dominante or someone else before he met her. Fanzell's dangerous position could have caused him move the child somewhere less dangerous, like a certain church on the edge of the clover kingdom. Hage village is very close to the diamond kingdom's borders, and seems like a likely choice. Perhaps he didn't want his child to go through the same thing Mars did. As for why Yuno was with Asta, I have no idea -_-

Well, that's it. I've got a good feeling about this theory, but I could also be completely wrong. Please tell me what you think!

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• 11/2/2018

Vetto Clone

During the whole underwater Vetto fight. Vetto split in two and attacked Luck and Magna at the same time. How did he do that?

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• 10/21/2018
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• 10/21/2018
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